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18 Jul
People buy 4 things and 4 things only. Ever.

Those 4 things are
2. Money
3. Sex
4. Approval/peace of mind.

If you try selling something other than those 4 things you will fail.
People buy aspirin always. They buy vitamins only occasionally and at unpredictable times. Sell aspirin.
Being valuable and useful is all you ever need to do to sell things. Help people out. Send interesting posts. Write birthday cards. Record videos sharing your ideas for growing their business.
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24 Jun
Thread of my mircoeconomics lectures. Economics is usually taught from a Western perspective, so love using Nigerian examples.

Unfortunately, they are Msc level so most people won't be interested aside from a few of the economists/people interested in learning economics
Lecture 1 is an introduction to microeconomics; why do we do what we do? Why do people buy cars that they can't afford? Why do companies rent jets when their profits are squeezed?
Microeconomics tries to offer a scientific explanation for 'money miss road behavior''

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14 May
It would actually be wicked if I didn't write this thread as there has been so much noise about potential cures and remedies.

When a substance is suspected to be a cure for a certain disease, 'bench research' or lab research is carried out.
This is the R&D phase in a lab with cells in a dish. It is painstaking work. When I was awarded the MEXT Scholarship to study stem cells in Japan this is what I was doing.
Walking from Tokyo Eki to Shimbashi everyday (because no money for transport), resuming at the lab, putting on my white coat.
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4 Apr
An #COVID19 patient in ICU will be sedated, paralysed and intubated.

The drugs used to facilitate this process of rapid sequence intubation need to be given in exact quantities.

If a doc isn't experienced at doing this,patient will definately die.
Its very different intubating a sick patient in a ICU compared to a well patient just needing routine surgery.

You have a more narrow choice of drugs and the chances of it going wrong are way higher.

Wrong choice dose of drugs by doctor and the patient can die.
If the intubation process becomes difficult, which is not uncommon, the doctor may need to cut the patients neck in a very specific way as a last resort.
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30 Mar
Samsung alone is richer than Nigeria. Talk less of South Korea.

Samsung was ranked as the 14th largest company in the world in 2018. It saw $225 billion in sales, $41 billion in profit, $293 billion in assets and a market cap of $326
Did you know that South Korea was POORER than Nigeria when we gained independence in 1960? They made abt $3.9bn, Nigeria was making $4bn.

Now South Korea with its population of <50m, makes over $1.2tr ;FOUR TIMES Nigeria's GDP & is the world's 6th largest exporter
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29 Mar
I find it so interesting when I see classic economic principles operating in healthcare markets.

The law of demand and supply has been demonstrated beautifully in the market for ventilators will explain in this thread
The law of supply and demand is a theory that explains the interaction between the sellers of a resource and the buyers for that resource.
The theory defines what effect the relationship between the availability of a particular product and the desire (or demand) for that product has on its price.
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29 Mar
This is one of the major issues I have with healthcare commentary in Nigeria.

We want exactly the same look, feel, aesthetic and standard in healthcare as the UK NHS. But this is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve.
The UK NHS spends over $200bn on providing healthcare to 60m citizens. Nigeria's budget is barely up to $30bn, for 200m citizens.

And 70% of our budget is spent paying back our loans.
We travel to the UK and ask 'why can we built this in Nigeria?'. The answer is simple. Nigeria is a poor country.

But being poor; that's not the worst or most destructive thing. The worst thing is the fact that Nigeria is a poor country that doesn't know it is poor.
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7 Mar
For the avoidance of doubt.

Medical dr. Started a business as soon as I graduated.

Started a business which soon turned into a multi-million dollar business operational in several countries.
After five years in business helped seed and build a venture capital fund working under Mr Bode Agusto one of Nigerias best finance/economic minds. Invested in some of the countries most exciting technology start ups and helped them grow. Companies worth $80m under management.
In that time,I wrote a book on healthcare economics and various articles analysing the economy.

I have given abt 8 ted talks around the world. Take courses at the business schools of Cambridge University,Colombia University, University of Michigan and IESE.
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1 Mar
Difference between an accountant and a CFO #thread

Because most people don't know the difference.
An accountant is like the pathologist in a hospital. After the patient has died. He takes the body down to his dark room at the bottom of the hospital and works out why the patient died.
A CFO is like a family/primary physician. More in the business of prevention.

The primary physician sees patients before they are sick and advises them that if they continue smoking/eating fatty food, they are likely to get sick.
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22 Feb
Macroeconomics actually turned into a series of EIGHT videos featuring Kanye West,Hushpuppi, Alhaji Aliko Dangote (because I don't go anywhere without my uncle)
and the CBN Governor.


Macroeconomic and the world of Finance; an intro
Video two on the LEAST favourite topic on Naija twitter. Savings. But as my bro @afalli points out.

Its an important component of growth whether you pipu like it or not.

Next up. Investments and financial markets.
What do you look for when you are trying to figure out whether a project is worth investing in?

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17 Feb
99% of runs girls are broke, living from hand to mouth with expensive handbags, but empty bank accounts.

But I discovered a few women in Abuja, that have seemed to tapped into an alternative 'runs' market. I will call it the 'mummy economy'.
Many wives of big men need a degree of business savvy to under stand how to leverage business opportunities.

Some simply don't have the skills to contribute meaningfully on boards, make investments or use their networks to create wealth.
This is the problem that the mummy economy solves.

Young educated women usually with MBA's, develop an almost daughter like relationship with these 'mummies'. Then assist them with sophisicated investments, social & impact/charity work, corporate structuring & know how.
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23 Oct 19
Kodak makes the list of companies that failed to see the future

Source: Value +
BlackBerry phones were so addictive that people were calling them crackberries.

Where is research in motion today??
The way Netflix eclipsed blockbuster in front of their korokoro eye will be studied for years to come
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9 Oct 19
How to improve your critical thinking

1. Express yourself in different mediums
2. Talk to a six year old
3. Understand and challenge your biases
4. Ask people to explain thier thought process
5. Expose yourself to new content/content creators
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9 Oct 19
There are four paths to becoming a millionaire, but most Nigerians only focus on one!

This CNBC article, outlines four very different ways to get to $1m. #Thread

The saver investors path is actually the easiest way to become a millionaire according to the article.

This involves simply being disciplined, understanding financial instruments and saving your salary, then using your savings to invest.
Learn more about how to do this here:

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8 Oct 19
Top ten states by WAEC pass rate in 2019

1 Abia
2 Anambra
3 Edo
4 Rivers
5 Imo
6 Lagos
7 Bayelsa
8 Delta
9 Enugu
10 Ebonyi

Keynote Address at 25th Nigerian Economic Summit Dinner, Abuja
07 October 2019
Shared Responsibility: Building and Sustaining a Strong Economic Future for
By Atedo N. A. Peterside*, CON
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17 Sep 19
Improving skills like:

1. Public speaking
2. Writing
3. Negotiation
4. Basic accounting
5. Investing
6. Marketing
7. Team working
8. EQ

Will help you in almost every line of work.
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9 Sep 19
How to enjoy online classes a #thread of tips that have worked for me

1. Set aside time: its online, but its still school. Respect your online learning environment like you are in a classroom and set aside time that you can concentrate undistracted
2. Use the widest screen you have. Some classes I take on my laptop, but others I take in our home cinema. Widescreen changes up the learning experience 🤗
3. Use discussion boards. I use discussion boards to talk to my professors and colleagues.
Great way to get the social experience of uni without having ro travel. Some of my colleagues I chat to on whatsapp.
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7 Aug 19
Will actually go on & tell the story of the worlds first air ambulance because its pretty interesting & holds some important lessons for innovators & disruptors today.

Kindly RT
In 1917, Flynn received an inspirational letter from Lieutenant Clifford Peel, a Victorian medical student with an interest in aviation.
The young airman and war hero suggested the use of aviation to bring medical help to the Outback. Shot down in France, he died at just 24 years of age and never knew that his letter became a blueprint for the creation of the Flying Doctor Service.
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28 Jul 19
1. The article starts by commenting on a piece of research from Princeton university which concluded something that REALLY frightened the life out of me.
2. It showed that the very notion that a person grew up poor, makes others view them as less intelligent/capable. 

REGARDLESS of how intelligent they actually are.
3. I then quoted the Economist. Another heart sink. ☹

"The easiest way to be successful and wealthy in life is to be born to the right parents".
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20 Jul 19
Male doctors throughout history have claimed that high sex drive in a man is 'normal' whereas in a women its 'abnormal' or less likely.

Dr Thomas Sydenham, who lived from the mid- to late-1600s claimed that continuous sexual desire in women was a mental illness.
Weirdly his orginal paper in 1600 was no unlike the threads that male doctors put together today.

However, it was far more destructive to women then.
Women with symptoms like 'excessive vaginal lubrication and erotic fantasizing' were diagnosed with a mental illness called hysteria
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19 Jul 19
Attend Harvard without leaving Ojuelegba; 10 online courses from Harvard University

Attend The London School of Economics and Political Science without applying for Visa

Get an MBA from Warwick University, take your exams in Nigeria

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