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Power without accountability is a speeding car with no brakes. Destined 2 crash destroy stuff & kill people. BiGLiE : BREXiT : SloMoJAN6 #WhoWatchesTheWatchers?
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Dunno who needs to hear this. I don't know how captured state is on matters of security.
That's Heritage Foundation speaking. If we don't want Govt on a holy mission to mimic the CNP/Oil/Evangelical supremacists in US,
Find out who's getting paid.
Follow the money.
1/ ImageImageImageImage Can't read anymore.
Keen to see others analysis of brain breaking crap.
The projection linguistics, a central principal of schitzo- fascists👉 lie factories on TuftonSt climaxed here with audacious shitfuckery of THAT quote as prelude to alleged idea vomitus
of a paid compliant. ImageImage
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The 'perfect conditions' for a Govt Economic policy of forced Disaster Capitalism.
Sabotaging British economy is a criminally negligent fraud upon British Businesses & people. For their own pathological gains of power control & profits for inner circle supporters
#SpellItOut @AdamPosen explained 4yrs ago the fundamental facts about the basic foundational principles of economics that dictate REALITY of leaving SM&CU & DAMAGE "Brexit" (the choice to exchange our UK/EU free trade market for
#EconomicSuicide 👇
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Anyone else getting bored with the #toryliealgorithm?
@DominicRaab @BBCr4today
(wtf this Q was is another matter)

N.R Justice Sec
Do you think If we make Misogyny a hate crime more men will go to prison? (i know🥸)

D.R Yes.🙄 (#nda2silence♀️Spad) #ToryLieAlgorithm
See also:
BJ & TM : We have seen no evidence of successful Russian interference in UKPolitics to influence Brexit

Mi5 & SiS /Russia Report: We haven't seen evidence of successful Ru interference in UK politics for Brexit.

ISC: Did you look?

Sis: No
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👇👇👇 this looks significant.… Considering...…
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Marcus Tullius Cicsero
106BC- 42BC
Roman Philosopher

If alive today would have been a Remainer 🙃
Hated Brexit
Appalled by Populism
Disgusted by the arrogance, deceptions & perfidy of Tories
On twitter.
Champion social justice
Speaking truth
Seeking justice
Demanding Better

1/ On Brexit Consequences.
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About the beginnings & interconnectedness of what happened here in the UK & USA #RussiaTrumpBrexit & how far back the same people & same grift go?
Lets start when we started waking up to the fact something really bad had gone down.
Because we were sleeping⏰
👇 1. / Framing.

This was when we woke up.

Start 👇Here.
One of my favourite threads from 2017
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100,000 Americans die every year. Because of these traitorous now bankrupt Russia colluding fuckers.

Next time you see @KateAndrs on TV with here 'opinions'

Remember she represents everything that destroyed the BBCs reputational decline since 2015.

1/ 2/
Kate the Children's TV News Gun Lobbyist.🙄

Lobbying UK in anticipation of Brexit for the NRA that Britain really needed 2nd amendment rights too.

(In 2016, Gun Deaths were 30,000 a year)
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City of London Corporation

Why does nobody talk about the unchecked power they have? If ever there was a central plank to the argument as to why we need a written constitution... This is it.
Ht @McFlavour7
The medieval, unaccountable Corporation of London is ripe for protest | George Monbiot…
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Think this may have something to do with Raabs about face and Erik Prince going AWOL on his Company.

Remember Erik Prince was having meetings with Cummings recently. Re prince.
H/t @scuffsy