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LIVE NOW: Press conference -…
AIM (American Indian Movement) and East Phillips community members occupy the Roof Depot site in South Minneapolis until demands are met

Demands are to halt demolition to stop arsenic plume pollution from spreading.…
LIVE NOW: Mike Forcia from the American Indian Movement says it is a "racist process" and the 50th anniversary of 1973 Wounded Knee occupation will be commemorated at the Roof Depot.
Opponents of the Roof Depot project are demanding a moratorium on encampment evictions, and other policy shifts from city officials. LIVE NOW…
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Today in downtown #Minneapolis and across the U.S., #RiseUpForPeltier events are happening for the international day of solidarity with Indigenous political prisoner #LeonardPeltier. Peltier's supporters say he was wrongfully convicted in 1977 of killing two FBI agents. 🧵… ImageImageImage
Last Fall, the Leonard Peltier 'Walk to Justice' went from Minneapolis, the birthplace of the American Indian Movement (AIM), which Peltier co-founded, all the way to Washington DC with the purpose of raising awareness around Peltier's case. [Videos] ↕️…
As #AIM started their 1,103-mile walk to DC last year, Unicorn Riot spoke with Kathy Peltier, #LeonardPeltier's youngest daughter, who said "There was false affidavits, and ballistic testing didn't match, and so he is innocent even after 46 years." ↕️
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On the Blue Line south from downtown, I sat across the aisle from a loud rider switching rapidly between at least 3 conversations:

* a fellow traveler who thought they should be on the green line, the noisy on wanted to take blue line to 74
* a relative past or present
* himself
all 3 were argumentative -- the one with himself dominated his ramblings about his mistakes, why he's stupid or smarter than his other self. He explained he used to work at Cub and know food. He has to eat a sandwich, to which other self accused him of poison.
On the platform to go home, a friendly @MetroTransitMN employee announced northbound was delayed at 38th due to a medical situation.

I talked w/an artist Herb about geopolitics & slavary. He was spoke English but bits of Mandarin, Spanish, & Hmong. He is from Mich. & homeless.
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Happy New Year to everyone except @MayorFrey.
Here's a brief message from the people you just tried to kill.
While you are ringing in the new year at midnight, celebrating, several people are still displaced after Friday's eviction of The Quarry encampment.
@MayorFrey @MinneapolisPD and @CityMinneapolis unhoused 9 more #minneapolis residents in below-freezing temperatures. Upwards of 100 cops & city workers blocked off the area with crime scene tape & militaristic crowd control tactics, and bulldozed residents' homes & possessions.
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New Documentary on Late Sixties Civil Unrest is a ‘Rosetta Stone’ for Decoding the Modern Day Police State #RiotsvilleUSA #Riotsville #Documentary… Military police with bayone...
Sierra Pettengill’s new documentary “#Riotsville, USA” still invokes striking parallels between the late 1960s and the George Floyd protest uprisings in 2020. In 1967, the U.S. Army built a makeshift town on a military base.…
A mock urban center sporting fake liquor stores, pawn shops, and turned-over cars, it was made to simulate a real “ghetto” and the riots that raged in city streets that summer. It was created to train officers in responding to civilian uprisings. They named it “#Riotsville.”
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NEW: Criminal Intel Files Show Facial Recognition, Warrantless Surveillance in Minnesota
A little-known multi-agency drug war group runs thousands of facial recognition scans and other surveillance operations… Documents show capabilities of North Central HIDTA Investiga
We found over 37,000 requests for support, connecting at least 233 law enforcement organizations in MN and beyond. Documents obtained via a series of public records requests from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) provide rare insight into police intelligence gathering.
Many drug and other task forces as well as more routine law enforcement operations within the region receive intelligence from investigators within the Criminal Intelligence Division (CID) and Criminal Information Sharing and Analysis (CISA) units.
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This mornings rant is for ppl that keep losing ppl.

Or, ppl that keep losing ppl & there never seems to be time to process all the death, or for the people that constantly live in grief since they were young cause people are always dying.

And for Olivia E. #mourning #death
Olivia passed away the other day. Some sent me a screen shot on a story about someone saying goodbye. Apparently it happened last week.

Like all of us I rush to her social media “no way” I think. Looking for an obituary cause we live far from home now. #Minneapolis
My mind floods - which isn’t about Olivia - it’s about losing many friends and chosen family to these common killers 1) fetanyl 2) suicide 3) homicide.

My bias tells me it’s surely 1 of the 3. B/c I’ve lost more ppl to the top 2 - around 15-20 to be exact. #suicide #fetanyl
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I almost never title my paintings, but 30 seconds ago I sort of impulsively decided to name them all before the art crawl in NE MPLS this weekend…

Wanna help?

If I post a pic of a painting, will you tell me what it’s called?

If I get a few likes/yesses, I’ll get started. 🙏
I mean, yeah, I could call it “urinal plumbing,” but what else you got?
This one is duct taped into the frame, but that’s not relevant information.
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Saturday night in Minneapolis. Once again, I witnessed several fights and assaults outside the Gay 90s and Augie’s where just the night before three people were shot.

This has been the location of multiple fights, assaults and shootings the last several months downtown.

While recording one fight, I was caught in mace deployed from police - THEN shots were fired just a few blocks down on Hennepin outside the Saloon.

Other fights broke out that I just didn’t feel safe approaching given how volatile the energy was on the streets.

The city felt out of control - having just come out the previous night that left 10 people shot within 12 hours...

I almost hadn’t felt this much disorder since the riots; the atmosphere was just incredibly chaotic as other crime broke out in Uptown and Dinkytown.

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On October 6, the City of Minneapolis evicted three encampments of unhoused people, leaving 100+ people without tents & blankets as SWAT teams forced residents in Near North, Van White, & Cedar-Franklin to leave their tents & city workers bulldozed & threw away their belongings.
#Minneapolis: Many unhoused people violently evicted from the Near North encampment last week had settled there after they were forced from the large Powderhorn Sanctuary encampments in the Summer of 2020. 🧵…
↕️ As mutual aid in the pandemic was increasing for the unhoused in Minneapolis during the 2020 Summer, law enforcement evicted Powderhorn East Encampment, leaving dozens displaced & ~20 arrested.

We heard from residents & volunteers after the eviction:…
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Getting ready for #APA next month? The convention is in #Minneapolis, the homelands of the Dakota people — where thousands of Indigenous peoples still live & thrive

Doing a land acknowledgement? Cool. What's even cooler is supporting local #Indigenous communities. Here's how🧵 Image
Put actions where your land acknowledgement is this @APAconvention by providing tangible support to the Native American & Indigenous peoples of Minneapolis & greater Minnesota. I'll keep adding to this, but here's a few ideas to get you started:
Donate & spend your money at one of the many Indigenous organizations & businesses along Franklin Ave. It's where the American Indian Movement (AIM) began & is now known as the American Indian Cultural Corridor…
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A couple leftists have claimed the cops made up the account of molotovs being thrown

We've obtained footage of the first one thrown here
A second was thrown at a car, but appears to have not ignited

We'll post the names (and hopefully mugshots) of the 8 arrested later
Abigail E. Skapyak, a former DoJ intern arrested for rioting in Brooklyn Center (near #Minneapolis) in 2021 was among those arrested

Previous post on her-
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It’s all-electric (boogie woogie woogie woogie). Monthly membership rates start at $0, to $30 for hardcore car-sharing aficionados. The first all-renewable-energy municipal car-sharing network in the nation launches in #StPaul-#Minneapolis.… #carshare
Found ya ya right lovely little bugger. I’m a coming for ya!
This ain’t the spot. This is Target’s 🎯 charging station…
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We are #live from #Minneapolis for the play "In the River" commemorating the toppling of the Columbus Statue at the Minnesota State Capitol in 2020…
Learn more about the public performance here:…
The performance and the audience is now on the move.
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@MayorFrey signed Emergency Regulation 2022-7 immediately lifting the City’s mask requirement established in Emergency Regulation No. 2022-1, which has been in place since January 5, 2022. #Minneapolis
Yet,in local "news"articles it states "The City of Minneapolis will continue to uphold mask mandates for City employees and City-managed buildings. Visitors and employees in City-managed buildings will still be "required" to wear a mask.
Exactly what are "City Managed Buildings" enforcing?
Emergency Regulation 2022-1 is hereby rescinded and has no continuing applicability or effect!
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Today closing arguments in the federal trial for the other 3 officers involved in #GeorgeFloyd's killing were made. The jury deliberations to start tomorrow.

The impacts of Floyd’s death spread to millions across the world struggling against anti-Black racism. [A thread]
"People for the first time saw what many people refused to acknowledge, which is that we've built a system that brutalizes Black people in the manner that we saw #GeorgeFloyd." Jaylani Hussein of @CAIRMN - speaking during a car protest in January 2022. /2
In June 2021 Unicorn Riot went to Frankfurt & Berlin to show hear how the murder of #GeorgeFloyd impacted European countries. Germany is significant because it had the 2nd largest #BlackLivesMatter mobilizations in the world following the Floyd killing. /3…
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We are #LIVE in #Minneapolis covering a rally in solidarity with #Portland where six people were shot and one killed on Saturday night during a protest in support of Amir Locke…
The person who was killed on Saturday in Portland was known as T. Rex. Comrades of hers say she took part in a lot of mutual aid work, and made people laugh and smile.
"If people want the protests to stop, then we need some fucking justice, that's gonna be the thing to make the protests stop. Driving into protests with cars isn't gonna make us stop, coming and showing up with guns to try and scare us isn't gonna make us stop, we will grow.."
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On NYE last year, prison abolition advocates from across #Colorado demonstrated outside Englewood Federal Correctional Institution, joining in the int'l annual tradition of bringing cheer to prisoners inside and ringing in the new year with them.…
FCI Englewood had one of the highest outbreaks of Covid-19 per capita in the federal prison system, 13% of the inmates were infected as of December 30, 2020 (118 inmates), and over 100 prison staff were also infected.
Political prisoner #EricKing was one of the inmates who was infected. Local advocates highlighted the outbreak, while also showing solidarity for all those inside, particularly King.
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Breaking: Cortez Rice, a #Minneapolis BLM activist has reportedly been arrested in Wisconsin on a warrant out of Hennepin county (Minneapolis) for "communications with jurors"

The arrest appears to be in #Waukesha, where he is in custody listed under 'extradition'
Cortez Rice became well known for his claim he had people taking pictures of the jury in the Rittenhouse case

The reported warrant in Hennepin would suggest his involvement in tampering with a different jury there.
Not sure which jury he is accused of communicating with.

According to Chaz Neal, a registered sex offender and an associate of Rice, the warrant was issued on Thanksgiving, before any movement on the Kim Potter case.
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Some interesting comments from today's Fed Beige Book on both housing (investors, lot shortages, market normalizing) & labor market tightness (namely continued wage spike).
#Atlanta Fed housing commentary on investors
#Atlanta Fed commentary on tight job market
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We are #live in #Minneapolis for a rally and march in response to the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse.…
"It was made about race when colonizers came here, it was made about race when Black people were forcefully disconnected from our homeland, so don't say we are making this about race, it was about race before I was born!" -- Speaker at rally
"You know that the system is rigged, and you're gonna tell me it's not!" -- Speaker at rally
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A protest outside the residence of Judge Regina Chu demanded justice for #DaunteWright & transparency in the trial of ex-officer Kim Potter, calling on the judge to allow video & audio in the court during Potter's manslaughter trial-slated to start Nov 30.…
Daunte Wright was 20 when he was shot to death by former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter during a traffic stop on April 11, 2021. Body camera video released, showed Potter shooting Wright with her firearm as she was yelling "Taser!" / #Thread 🧵…
Kim Potter was fired & within a few days charged with second-degree manslaughter. She was booked into jail, bonded out within a few hours, & had law enforcement acting as personal security at her barricaded home in the immediate aftermath. / #Thread 🧵
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BLM/Antifa showed up at the home of a Judge in #Minneapolis over her decision to not allow cameras into the courtroom during the trial of Kim Potter in the shooting of Duante Wright.

George Floyd's nephew Cortez Rice even went up to the door they believe she lives to intimidate the judge over her decision.

He's also sharing the address all over facebook
Slight Correction- It looks like they may have gotten the wrong address
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Last year on this night 646 people were mass arrested by an expansively policed kettle as they took part in a post-election 'People's Mandate' protest that shutdown Interstate 94. Watch the November 4, 2020, protest & police action in our 6.5 hour stream:
The first of the 646 arrestees from Nov 4, 2020 were brought to the dt Mpls jail-when space ran out, authorities began processing arrests on I-94.

Each protester's ID info was written onto a whiteboard which they were asked to hold for a highway mugshot.…
The start of one of the thread's from last year, November 4, 2020, when police kettled & mass arrested 646 protesters on Interstate 94 in #Minneapolis. #Thread 🧵
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