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It’s all-electric (boogie woogie woogie woogie). Monthly membership rates start at $0, to $30 for hardcore car-sharing aficionados. The first all-renewable-energy municipal car-sharing network in the nation launches in #StPaul-#Minneapolis.… #carshare
Found ya ya right lovely little bugger. I’m a coming for ya!
This ain’t the spot. This is Target’s 🎯 charging station…
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We are #live from #Minneapolis for the play "In the River" commemorating the toppling of the Columbus Statue at the Minnesota State Capitol in 2020…
Learn more about the public performance here:…
The performance and the audience is now on the move.
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@MayorFrey signed Emergency Regulation 2022-7 immediately lifting the City’s mask requirement established in Emergency Regulation No. 2022-1, which has been in place since January 5, 2022. #Minneapolis
Yet,in local "news"articles it states "The City of Minneapolis will continue to uphold mask mandates for City employees and City-managed buildings. Visitors and employees in City-managed buildings will still be "required" to wear a mask.
Exactly what are "City Managed Buildings" enforcing?
Emergency Regulation 2022-1 is hereby rescinded and has no continuing applicability or effect!
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Today closing arguments in the federal trial for the other 3 officers involved in #GeorgeFloyd's killing were made. The jury deliberations to start tomorrow.

The impacts of Floyd’s death spread to millions across the world struggling against anti-Black racism. [A thread]
"People for the first time saw what many people refused to acknowledge, which is that we've built a system that brutalizes Black people in the manner that we saw #GeorgeFloyd." Jaylani Hussein of @CAIRMN - speaking during a car protest in January 2022. /2
In June 2021 Unicorn Riot went to Frankfurt & Berlin to show hear how the murder of #GeorgeFloyd impacted European countries. Germany is significant because it had the 2nd largest #BlackLivesMatter mobilizations in the world following the Floyd killing. /3…
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We are #LIVE in #Minneapolis covering a rally in solidarity with #Portland where six people were shot and one killed on Saturday night during a protest in support of Amir Locke…
The person who was killed on Saturday in Portland was known as T. Rex. Comrades of hers say she took part in a lot of mutual aid work, and made people laugh and smile.
"If people want the protests to stop, then we need some fucking justice, that's gonna be the thing to make the protests stop. Driving into protests with cars isn't gonna make us stop, coming and showing up with guns to try and scare us isn't gonna make us stop, we will grow.."
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On NYE last year, prison abolition advocates from across #Colorado demonstrated outside Englewood Federal Correctional Institution, joining in the int'l annual tradition of bringing cheer to prisoners inside and ringing in the new year with them.…
FCI Englewood had one of the highest outbreaks of Covid-19 per capita in the federal prison system, 13% of the inmates were infected as of December 30, 2020 (118 inmates), and over 100 prison staff were also infected.
Political prisoner #EricKing was one of the inmates who was infected. Local advocates highlighted the outbreak, while also showing solidarity for all those inside, particularly King.
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Breaking: Cortez Rice, a #Minneapolis BLM activist has reportedly been arrested in Wisconsin on a warrant out of Hennepin county (Minneapolis) for "communications with jurors"

The arrest appears to be in #Waukesha, where he is in custody listed under 'extradition'
Cortez Rice became well known for his claim he had people taking pictures of the jury in the Rittenhouse case

The reported warrant in Hennepin would suggest his involvement in tampering with a different jury there.
Not sure which jury he is accused of communicating with.

According to Chaz Neal, a registered sex offender and an associate of Rice, the warrant was issued on Thanksgiving, before any movement on the Kim Potter case.
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Some interesting comments from today's Fed Beige Book on both housing (investors, lot shortages, market normalizing) & labor market tightness (namely continued wage spike).
#Atlanta Fed housing commentary on investors
#Atlanta Fed commentary on tight job market
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We are #live in #Minneapolis for a rally and march in response to the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse.…
"It was made about race when colonizers came here, it was made about race when Black people were forcefully disconnected from our homeland, so don't say we are making this about race, it was about race before I was born!" -- Speaker at rally
"You know that the system is rigged, and you're gonna tell me it's not!" -- Speaker at rally
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A protest outside the residence of Judge Regina Chu demanded justice for #DaunteWright & transparency in the trial of ex-officer Kim Potter, calling on the judge to allow video & audio in the court during Potter's manslaughter trial-slated to start Nov 30.…
Daunte Wright was 20 when he was shot to death by former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter during a traffic stop on April 11, 2021. Body camera video released, showed Potter shooting Wright with her firearm as she was yelling "Taser!" / #Thread 🧵…
Kim Potter was fired & within a few days charged with second-degree manslaughter. She was booked into jail, bonded out within a few hours, & had law enforcement acting as personal security at her barricaded home in the immediate aftermath. / #Thread 🧵
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BLM/Antifa showed up at the home of a Judge in #Minneapolis over her decision to not allow cameras into the courtroom during the trial of Kim Potter in the shooting of Duante Wright.

George Floyd's nephew Cortez Rice even went up to the door they believe she lives to intimidate the judge over her decision.

He's also sharing the address all over facebook
Slight Correction- It looks like they may have gotten the wrong address
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Last year on this night 646 people were mass arrested by an expansively policed kettle as they took part in a post-election 'People's Mandate' protest that shutdown Interstate 94. Watch the November 4, 2020, protest & police action in our 6.5 hour stream:
The first of the 646 arrestees from Nov 4, 2020 were brought to the dt Mpls jail-when space ran out, authorities began processing arrests on I-94.

Each protester's ID info was written onto a whiteboard which they were asked to hold for a highway mugshot.…
The start of one of the thread's from last year, November 4, 2020, when police kettled & mass arrested 646 protesters on Interstate 94 in #Minneapolis. #Thread 🧵
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~0-[Converting the police to a Public Safety Department, and being subject to the supervision of the Mayor would make the Public Safety Department purely political and serving the Mayor, when in fact they need to be serving 'the People'.] #BackTheBlue #VoteNoOn2 #DefundThePolice
~1- [This a direct attempt to politicize the function and create another barrier between the People and the Servants who are supposed to serve the People (not the Mayor).] #BackTheBlue #VoteNoOn2 #Minneapolis #DefundThePolice
~2- [A key question is this: How would this amendment strengthen law enforcement and the judicial system by keeping criminals off the street and support the Peoples' 4th amendment right to be secure in their homes, their persons and their papers?]
#BackTheBlue #VoteNoOn2
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Some new data & market commentary on who's buying land from our 3Q-2021 land broker survey. Build-for-rent operators snapping up 15% of raw land in #Florida & outbidding home builders on deals across many markets. Couple charts & market commentary to follow...
Here's the chart where we asked land brokers if they've observed build-for-rent operators outbidding home builders on land deals in their market. 46% said 'yes' when we rolled it up nationally, and as high as 77% in the Southeast.
#Phoenix land broker: “A lot of speculators in the build-for-rent space that are tying properties up & going through entitlement process, then flipping the property for an increased price. Equity requirements for the build-for-rent projects are getting larger.”
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“They came and walked up on us and said they’ll ‘Trayvon Martin our little Black asses.’ His exact words.” A Downtown 100 youth retelling an encounter with @MinneapolisPD

NEW -- Part 4 in the Series: 21st Century Jim Crow in the North Star City…
As explained in Part 3 of this series—Minneapolis’ Downtown Dark Alliance—a program called SafeZone began with cutting-edge surveillance technology when Target donated 30 cameras to the city, & grew into a citywide public-private surveillance state.…
#Minneapolis: The Downtown 100 Initiative (DT100), an extension of SafeZone, is essentially a criminal registry compiled of downtown’s top ‘livability crime’ repeat offenders. #Thread 🧵
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Just published September home builder survey results (sales, prices, costs, communities, etc.). Big themes: 1) Supply chain, supply chain, supply chain. 2) Monthly price hikes no longer the norm. 3) Some of the hottest markets sounding toppy. Market commentary to follow…
#Austin builder: “No end in sight for labor & material issues. Told by logistics guy last week that his company believes it will take at least a year to get the supply chain back to working.”
#Austin builder: “Availability of windows has limited closings this year & availability of appliances has caused closings to slide to a later month. Availability of paint is stressing Q4 closings & causing even more bunching toward late in the year.”
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Just got this mailer from the @MinnesotaDFL senior caucus (not a senior, thanks)!
•Why is the DFL taking an anti-public safety position on questions 1+2?
•Why aren’t #ward9 voters being told to vote for their endorsed candidate, @ChavezForWard9?!

#yeson2 #noyesyes ImageImage
2/ I also don’t appreciate any @MinnesotaDFL caucus telling me I should vote for @Jacob_Frey after #GeorgeFloyd was lynched in my community and how gun violence survivors are treated in #Minneapolis. HE DIDN’T WIN THE DFL ENDORSEMENT!! @SheilaFTP @kateknuth @MayorPerry4Mpls
3/ I’m sure @annapoetic @cmlisagoodman and @LineaPalmisano are lovely people but they’ve done absolutely nothing for gun violence survivors. How is this a #publicsafety ballot again? #endgunviolence #forevershelley #minneapolis @DflSe
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No matter what Ilhan Omar, Squad members, and Progressives tell you, the fact is they are moving to DEFUND THE POLICE.

In #Minneapolis, they are doing so on the ballot.

They don’t have a plan for the day after. They are trying to obscure this reality with fluffy language.
Here’s a look at the language to defund the police, take away the mayor’s role in public safety, and give new sweeping powers to the #Minneapolis City Council — all of whom are on record in support of defunding the police.
If you ask me, voters should clearly understand if the police department will be shuttered this December.

Any plan to form a public health conscious public safety force (whatever that means) would need funding.

There is no mechanism to fund their fantasy. It is a train wreck.
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The #Minneapolis Federation of Teachers 59 is promoting an event by 'Yes 4 Mpls.'

Yes 4 Mpls was seeded with $500,000 from Soros' Open Society Foundation to push for the abolition of the #Mpls Police Department. Those $$$$$s managed to get the initiative on the November ballot. Image
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Our favorite topics:
#Quarantine / #Isolation (laws / guidance)
(A Thread, as promised, to remake my pinned tweet.)
Last year was the intro into a new reality.

I am going to post some links, some links I post will not have any description because the overlords do not like definitions. (The newspeak dictionary is not complete yet.)

First up, while no one was looking Gov Tim was deciding 👇
"Placing Children At The Center of Government" was a great idea.

He executed EO19-34 (rescinded 11-05) and rebuilds his Children's Cabinet.
He also established his Children's Cabinet "Advisory Council" which per law can obtain funding from private 👇…
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Land is the most important yet least transparent part of homebuilding. To help, here’s commentary from land brokers across the country per our July survey. Top themes: 1) Builders going further out for deals. 2) Bigger land deals are back. 3) Development delays & lot shortages.
#SaltLakeCity land broker: “You can't get all the lots you need even when you overpay.”
#SanAntonio land broker: “Getting a vaccine approved took less time than getting land entitled.”
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From Washington, DC to #Minneapolis, it is unacceptable to have shootings (anywhere including) in the heart of major cities.

We need to give the police the tools they need to fight crime.

Politicians like Ilhan Omar who call to defund the police are playing a deadly game.
The DC Police Chief would make a much better DC Mayor than @MurielBowser.

Bowser thinks cleaning up the streets mean painting it yellow with #BLM.
Robert Contee, the DC police chief has a very promising political future. These off the cuff remarks are what people need to hear.
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“After eliminating parking requirements, monthly rent in the average #Minneapolis studio apartment fell from $1,200 to less than $1,000.” #AB1401…
“As the leader of one of the state’s largest parking authorities, Park #NewHaven, I’ve come to learn a lot about parking. Our business model rests on the notion that parking is better when shared & the cost of parking should be borne by people who want to drive.”

A good policy.
“Zoning laws have the opposite result. They impose the cost of parking on nondrivers — and on all of us. Zoning mandates on parking make the cost of construction — and housing — more expensive."

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Motorcycle crash at Lowry and Penn Ave N, sounds like CPR was started. Scene taped off and responders now requesting reconstruction.
. Image
This was a hit and run. A chaplain was paged.

Suspect vehicle late 90s to early 2000s white Ford Explorer, front end damage to driver's front bumper, with a bike strapped on the roof, bike has possible neon wheel.
The victim has been identified in this fatal crash as Caleb Tyrone Hutchins, 26. Police say he was intentionally run down.

Suspect Quantelize Deyshawn Jerell Welch, 31, is in custody and charged with 2nd Degree Murder Without Intent - While Committing a Felony.
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