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10 Aug 19
OFGEM - the UK Government's energy regulator - are the biggest obstacle to making full use of #Scotland's #renewable #energy resources.

Energy policy is reserved to the UK Government, so there's absolutely nothing the Scottish Government can do about #Ofgem.

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Here's a BBC article where Ofgem have supposedly given the "green light" for the first ever grid connection to Shetland.

(Believe it or not, we're in 2019 and the UK has never bothered to connect #Shetland to the National Grid.)

Unfortunately, approval for the grid connection to Shetland is conditional on the UK Government funding a wind farm project there, which will in turn be conditional on being able to transmit power to the National Grid.


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3 Nov 18
Scotland outperforms UK in reducing emissions

Well done Scotland :)

(Flag up to @HelenArmet & @NewsOrkney)
There is a part that says Scotland is "lagging on cleaning up transport", but these figures are from 2016 - the British Government takes forever to collate the data - so they're already out of date. We've made significant progress since then.
The big environmental gain for Scottish transport is the project to electrify the majority of trains in the Central Belt. That's almost finished, with full operation expected at some point in 2019. I'll be very interested to see the transport emissions report for 2020.
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23 Oct 18
It's not time to panic, but if I had repeat prescriptions for critical medication, I'd be checking my calendar to see if any of them fell due around the end of March 2019. Then I'd be asking my doctor about a one-off extra long repeat to shift that date.
For example: if I had a prescription that repeated every 8 weeks, and one of those repeats fell due at the end of March 2019, I'd ask for my next repeat to cover 12 weeks before going back to my normal 8 weeks.
That way, I'd end up collecting my 8 week repeat prescription at the start of March, and then again at the end of April. If the UK's borders did seize up at the end of March, the British Government would have a few weeks to do something about it before I ran out of medication.
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16 Oct 18
Oh, you're looking for advice?


Devolve Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy in full to Scotland. We'll *show* you how it's done.

@claireperrymp @beisgovuk @NicolaSturgeon @WingsScotland #CleanGrowth #GreenGB
First point: we can give tidal turbines a level playing field by funding their development properly. Wind turbines got research funding, grants for pilot installations, Renewable Obligation Certificates, Feed-In Tariffs and Contracts for Difference.
Tidal turbines only got research funding and grants for pilot installations like the one in the Pentland Firth. Then the Conservative Party at Westminster cut them off at the knees:
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