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1/ #ZEPAK #analiza

Dziś w nawiązaniu do obietnicy poniżej 👇 analiza @ZEPAKS
#energetyka #GPW #akcje

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#energetyka #GPW #research #investing
@Zepaks 2/ Na początek kilka informacji:
- podjąłem się analizy jako challenge mema @dingoromuald, którego komentarz (2 mld PLN EBITDA'23) vs. MCap (ok. 1 mld PLN) wydał mi się na tyle absurdalny, że postanowiłem sam to sprawdzić;
- analiza jest wyrazem mojego własnego postrzegania spraw
@Zepaks @DingoRomuald 3/ - nie gwarantuję, że jest ona wolna od wad i błędów, choć starałem się dołożyć staranności, aby konkluzje były oparte na danych, faktach i racjonalnych założeniach;
- jestem otwarty na ich krytykę i dyskusję w temacie;
- jednocześnie zachęcam do własnego researchu i analizy!
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We are LIVE tweeting this panel discussion with @AHuitfeldt @anuahsa .@MathiasCormann @SantiagoCafiero @amitabhk87 and @IlaPatnaik.

Stay tuned for updates!

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue #TerraNova
Watch it LIVE here:

.@IlaPatnaik: The next industrial revolution cannot be based on #fossil questions. The question is how can we meet the #SDG goals while shifting to a greener economic system.

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Oh dear
2028hrs @AlboMP blows his bags abt the retired chief of #Energie Security Board, technically derelict & bereft #economic parasites much like South Australia’s @SAPowerNetworks, who talked💩about what we shld do when the wind doesn’t blow/🌞doesn’t shine

💥@Greens #auspol ImageImage
.. the people who engineered Australia’s internationally embarrassing (well let’s face it hideous & shameful) Santos/ @WoodsideEnergy “gas #transition” to fully #Renewable #energy (oh sorry net-renewable - ie. traded off agst false credits & offsets - in 28 yrs) are dogs #auspol ImageImageImageImage
DON'T fool WITH US you zombies: here's the @WoodsideEnergy declaration-of-war on the human race - enthusiastically supported by SmegMo & Bilbo Baggins' at December's @IPCC_CH #auspol
(@CA_Latest)(Bill Hare now on UN #Greenwashing guard-dog committee)…
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The final version of our paper
"#Storage requirements in a 100% #renewable electricity system: extreme events and inter-annual variability"
is now published in Environmental Research Letters 🎉
Joint work with @QvistStaffan…
@IOPenvironment #energytwitter
Regarding 100% renewable electricity systems, prolonged periods with persistently scarce supply from wind and solar resources have received increasing academic and political attention. Our article explores how such scarcity periods define energy storage requirements.
We contrast time series analysis with system cost optimization model, based on a German 100% renewables case study using 35 years of hourly time series data ➡️ Much more data than in usual energy system analyses
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"I believe IPTC can be a powerful catalyst in the transformation of commitment to action," says Nasir K. Al-Naimi, SVP Upstream of #Saudi @aramco at the International Petroleum Technology Conference #IPTC2022
"We know the world needs us now, perhaps more than ever, to ensure the #energy transition leaves no nation behind," says Nasir Al-Naimi of @aramco at the International Petroleum Technology Conference, held at Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre #IPTC2022
.@Aramco is among the lowest #oil producers in terms of #carbon intensity, Aramco's chairman Yasir Al-Rumayyan says at the International Petroleum Technology Conference #IPTC2022
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#Energy cooperation can be part of improved #Israel-#Turkey ties, but it should take a more climate-friendly & regioanlly-inclusive shape compared to past attempts to export Israeli natural gas to Turkey. @GabiAMitchell & I spoke with @MenekseTK @arabnews…
2. When #Israel & #Turkey reconciled in 2016, natural gas export from Israel to Turkey was presented as a major benefit for Israel. However, negotiations didn't yield results due to differences on prices, geopolitical hardships related to pipleline route & lack of mutual trust..
3. Since, #Israel consolidated its strategic ties with #Greece & #Cyprus, warmed ties with #Egypt and is cooperating with these & others via the #EMGF, in which #Turkey isn't a member. Israel isn't likely now to shift direction & seek export via Turkey at the expense of others...
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"As pressure to clean up #corporate environmental performance mounts and companies increasingly look to shed dirty assets, how do we ensure we’re not just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic?"…
"We need an equitable wind-down of fossil fuels and the funding that supports it."
"According to 2 recent reports from @GoldmanSachs, the cost of developing #FossilFuels has surpassed the cost of #renewable energy projects. '(...) This year will mark the first time in history that renewable power will be the largest area of #EnergyInvestment,'"
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Have you ever asked yourself ‘what is the role of #hydrogen in climate neutrality🐢?’ We’ve spent the last 11 months trying to piece together a picture from the wealth of research and analyses out there. Below highlights from our recent publication 12 Insights on Hydrogen?📺1/8
In European 1.5C scenarios, hydrogen and hydrogen-based products are most useful in industry🧑‍🏭and transport ✈️🚢, with a potentially large role in the power sector⚡️. Building heat🏘️sees minimal hydrogen. 2/7 Image
More recent global scenarios confirm industrial importance but see less H2 in transport than EU studies due to lower FCEV 🚗expectations. Power sector is again a wildcard and depends on alternative LDES pathways or nuclear revival. Still minimal role for H2 in building heat. 3/7 Image
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Olaf Scholz is elected new chancellor of #Germany. How can quality of relations between Germany and #Russia change?

Roads lead to... St. Petersburg!
#Scholz: "#Hamburg and #StPetersburg are twin cities and twin ports".

Scholz's "Petersburg connections" and the SPD.
Thread 🧵👇 Image
#SPD in #Hamburg has strong ties with #Russia and, in particular, with #StPetersburg. In 2012, Henning Voscherau became chairman of BoD of South Stream Transport AG, #Gazprom's project to build the South Stream gas pipeline bypassing #Ukraine, which was never implemented. #ONGT Image
Scholz was in contact with politicians and businessmen from Petersburg. He visited city more than once, including in 2016 to participate in German-Russian forum "Petersburg Dialogue". In summer of 2017, when Hamburg hosted #G20 summit, Scholz met with Russian President #Putin. Image
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We have published an English summary of our hydrogen report:…
Key messages:
Hydrogen is necessary for #climateneutrality, but needs to be used in an efficient manner. Only #greenhydrogen produced from #renewable power can be produced sustainably.
Blue hydrogen is currently discussed as a bridging technology. In our opinion, it is not sustainable due to residual GHG emissions, insufficient short-term #CCS capacity and the risk of #fossil infrastructure lock-in. Therefore, it should not receive public subsidies.
Stringent certification is necessary to minimize the environmental footprint and social issues of hydrogen. This is both true for imports and European production.
An additionality criterion for renewables can ensure that green hydrogen does indeed reduce carbon emissions.
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Have you read the @LancetCountdown’s new report on health and climate change? Check out @UHF_groups’ key takeaways 🧵👇
1) Climate change is impacting weather, #ecosystems, and human systems. This poses a threat to human #health. For example, young children, older people, and marginalized communities are more susceptible to health risks associated with high temperatures and #heatwaves.
2) High temperatures can reduce the frequency and duration of physical activity. Without #exercise, people are at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other #NCDs.
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Exclusive: energy plant paid £800m a yr by taxpayer for generating electricity classed as #renewable is biggest CO2 emitter in UK, 3rd highest in Europe. Analysis may spark debate about classing of #biomass as renewable #ClimateAction #Drax…
Electricity bill-payers were "in effect paying to increase carbon emissions to the atmosphere" 🌏 said Duncan Brack, a policy analyst who has authored a report questioning #biomass policy #climate
Drax claims to have reduced its emissions by 90% since replacing coal with sustainable biomass, calling Ember's interpretation of the figures "completely at odds with what... UN IPCC say about sustainable biomass being crucial to delivering global climate targets"
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1/ U.S. #energy policy is in serious need of a rethink. Energy policy is not just climate policy, it's #economic policy and it's #foreignpolicy. Our European allies' dependence on #Russian gas supplies is geopolitical malfeasance.…
2/ For decades, the U.S. was reliant on energy supplies from the Middle East, which dictated our foreign policy decisions in the region. The #shale revolution provided a brief, decade-long reprieve from the mercy of #OPEC.
3/ But rather than use our energy abundance as a geopolitical and national/economic security tool, we are ceding power back to those whose national interests are not aligned with those of the U.S.
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What are the economics of increasing variable #renewable energy (VRE) sources and electricity #storage in electricity markets?

@WPSchill and I try to explain it in the @AnnualReviews of Resource Economics 🧵:…

#energytwitter #econtwitter

Wind and solar photovoltaics (PV) will be the main sources of electricity by 2050, accounting for almost 70% of global electricity generation, according to the @IEA Net Zero 2050 scenario.…

2/20 Image
Wind and PV are variable: they only produce when the resource is available.

Solar always produces more in summer than in winter and only by day peaking at noon.

Wind is more location-specific, e.g. it produces more in winter in Germany and in summer in California.

3/20 Image
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Overview some emerging tech sectors, niches which become major trends in next 5-10 year with growing thousands startups unicorn and great companies.
Check the thread 👇

#startups #tech #innovations #investors #fintech #financial #setcoingroup #TrendingNow #investments
Autonomous shipping
Autonomous trucking
#Blockchain real estate
Cannabis breathalyzers
Commercial space launch
Digital freight brokerage
Election tech
Food service robots and machines
Ghost kitchens
Indoor mapping
Short overview each niche 👇
Industrial workplace safety
Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN)
Smart packaging
Sports tech
Supersonic travel
Warehouse management tech 👇
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Overview some emerging tech sectors, niches which become major trends in next 5-10 year with growing thousands startups unicorn and great companies.
Check the thread 👇

#startups #tech #innovations #investors #fintech #financial #setcoingroup #TrendingNow #investments
Autonomous shipping
Autonomous trucking
#Blockchain real estate
Cannabis breathalyzers
Commercial space launch
Digital freight brokerage
Election tech
Food service robots and machines
Ghost kitchens
Indoor mapping
Short overview each niche 👇
Industrial workplace safety
Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN)
Smart packaging
Sports tech
Supersonic travel
Warehouse management tech 👇
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We released a report yesterday w/ @350Montana & @GridLabEnergy on "Affordable & Reliable
Decarbonization Pathways for
Montana." Here is a short thread...
First, report is here:…

Second, Exec summary is here:…

Third, More can be found @350Montana:…
We performed five scenarios for the MT #grid. Long-story-short, the MT grid can run #reliably without #coal or #naturalgas & become 100% #renewable by 2035. MT still needs import/exports w/ other regions; but exports far more than imports. Image shown is 2050.
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Econ 101:
1- When oil prices rose to $147 in 2008, and natural gas prices exceeded $14, #renewable energy did not expand much. Why? (same 2011-14 for oil)
Higher oil and natural gas prices are God's gift to democrats and environmentalists then. What happened? #oil #OOTT
2- Similarly, as governments and environmentalists pushed renewable energy and #ElectricVehicles forward, prices of several metals went up substantially and continued to increase. Was this a surprise? Probably to them.

But will this cost increase limit their growth?
3- We already know for sure that shortages of computer chips are delaying the production of all kinds of cars, including #ElectricVehicles.
- The chip shortage will hit electric trucks hard since they have already started the production & many were expected to come online soon.
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#Solar Energy Theme :

There were very lesser investors who were aware or interested in this theme few years back.

Reason - Wealth destruction in Moser baer & Indosolar.

These companies expanded their capacity with the help of huge borrowings.

Later on, they couldn't compete with Chinese imports and were unable to service their debt.

Lesson learnt - Never over-expand without knowing the risks.

Now, India has set some ambitious targets for #Renewable Energy which makes it more interesting.

Now, let's understand cost percentage break-down of a solar power project :

- Solar Panels : 50-60% of the total cost.

- Solar Inverter : 10-15% of the total cost.

- Mounting Structure : 5-10% of the total cost.

- Balance of System : 5-10% of the total cost.

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Our new report – Between hope and hype: a hydrogen vision for the UK – unpacks the offer of #hydrogen, examining where it does and does not add value for #climate, jobs, and levelling up. Ahead of the Hydrogen Strategy, it sets expectations for UK Gov. ⬇️…
The UK must focus on #GreenHydrogen for climate leadership – fossil-based ‘blue’ hydrogen is not zero emissions and should not be classed as ‘low carbon’. Public funds and support should only be used to develop zero emissions fuel & technologies. [2/9]
Scaling green hydrogen requires parallel rapid growth in renewable energy – tapping offshore wind potential – as well as electrification, efficiency & circular economy. These measures should be central to any zero-emissions strategy, regardless of the role of hydrogen. [3/9]
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There's a saying that there are two types of problems - good and the bad ones. Let me give you an example on both. Larry Fink, CEO of @blackrock, the largest asset manager globally, recently told that (1/20)
in order to reach global #sustainability goals, all companies will have to change their business models and adapt to the #climate-compatible operations. This is a good problem to have because by the time we reach this point, (2/20)
the progress towards full #sustainability will already be significant, and momentum will be strong.
However, we can't create this good problem without a concrete plan (3/20)
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In 5-15 years at the end of the economic cycle, when $SPY $DIA $QQQ $VTI $VOO is 2-4x higher than it is today, will you even remember all of the people calling this a bubble?

My Oct chart shows the 8 year resistance that I said could become a floor if Dems won... it has. #stocks ImageImageImage
I also see people calling for a bubble in $EEM $VWO #emergingmarkets.

Emerging markets just broke out.





OF 👏

A 👏

14 YEAR 👏

BASE 👏 Image
You're not in a #bubble if #stocks are just starting to break out, or haven't even done so yet.

Are some stocks too expensive? Yeah.

Are you in a global #stockmarket bubble? NO

Find the right places to be.


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As Josh Lynham in the #WestWing once exclaimed "We've got the big MO!"

That's right the momentum on #climate action & the transition to #renewables is now becoming too hard to ignore. And this week has been HUGE.

Let's start domestically: On Mon the NSW Government @Matt_KeanMP kicked off the week with a 12GW #renewables & 2GW storage by 2030 announcement, backed by a policy mechanism & transmission. The most significant RE policy since @MrKRudd expanded the RET…
Then on Tuesday the Tasmanian Parliament passed their 200% #renewables target through the lower house of their parliament. This is truly world-leading. No jurisdiction in the world that I can find has set a 200% #renewables target.

#taspol @GuyBarnett…
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A recent article by Sovacool shows a better correlation between use of renewables and low emissions per capita than between use of nuclear and low emissions. As a result, everyone is yelling. Here is some light in the storm. Thread.
First, the article without the paywall, thanks @martiskainen :
Sovacool published and retracted a similar paper a few years ago and is against nuclear power (thanks @OskaArcher) :…
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