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6 Apr 20
Wojciech, [Apr 6, 2020 at 12:35 PM]
“Hi All, I'm reading All your posts for a long time, mamy articles and general situation around the world. I have my own theory. I think that virus im specifica places + 5G are connected to each other. First, puppet...”…
...mastera infected Wuhuan to better understad virus behavior. Then they infected hotspot areas with lot of tourists and travellers, so they van spread it around the world. I think they knew this virus won't be enough. But they scared people and that...
...and that was the goal. Now they are using fear, group od infected people+5G, which gives the same results like the virus. Some people will be sick due to the virus, some because of 5G, this will create a chaos and make impossible to find a cure as it..
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22 Mar 20
“Folks, please read this This is FIRST HAND Information - I am the source.
Yes. You’re going to see military camps being set up. Why? Well, everyone knows there aren’t enough beds in the ICUs. Ever watch MASH? That’s what’s happening..
..Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals. (And testing centers).
Yes. Those military camps require GASP people in military uniforms and military vehicles... it’s kinda how they get transported and set up.
Yes. They will be staged at arenas, ball parks..
...Walmart parking lots. Would you rather have them where there is only one road in and one road out?
Yes. Some of the vehicles will have odd looking equipment mounted on the top. NO they aren’t weapon systems. They are spotlights and commo gear...…
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5 Aug 19
If everytime some nut job pulls the trigger or deep state pulls a false flag you infringe on our right of self defense, @realDonaldTrump they will keep doing it until we are left with nothing. Red flag takes away due process and they will decide all white guys are a threat.
Fascist Democrats already claim that white men are all racist even if we don’t know it and we have “white privilege” even though our kids are put behind everybody else’s kids for scholarships, school admission and jobs. Of course they will say we are crazy
In less than 1 year Maryland has used its Red Flag law 788 times, folks. Nearly a thousands times Since Sept 2018 citizens have been denied due process having their rights taken. Their names may never be cleared there’s no real way to reverse this action.
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