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Tabligh Jamat (proselytizing or conveying group) is a Muslim missionary and revival movement and they put forward the slogan 'O Muslim, Be Muslim'.…
@noconversion Allah has sent prophets in different times for tabligh and in the absence of prophets, the responsibility is believed to have been devolved upon the tabligh.

This implies that:
1. Tabligh thinks they are bigger than Allah
2. Tabligh thinks they are bigger than Prophets
@noconversion Tabligh Jam'at was founded in 1926 by Muhammad Ilyas al-Kandhlawi (1885-1944) in north India as an offshoot of Deobandi movement

Deobandism is a conservative Islamic orthodoxy that follows a Salafism. They seek to emulate the life and times of Mohammed

Liberals support them
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⚠️ ATENCIÓN: veo con preocupación una aumento en las consultas por efectos adversos de inhalación y contacto con Cloro, detergentes, alcohol y agua oxigenada.

El uso excesivo y/o indiscriminado puede promover la aparición de afecciones respiratorias, cutáneas y oculares.
Algunas personas están limpiando con cloro varias veces al día sus casas, aún cumpliendo la cuarentena. Esto no es necesario si no hay contacto con el exterior o si se toman las medidas preventivas para ingresar a la vivienda. La limpieza debe hacerse garantizando la ventilación
La dilución del cloro es muy importante, cloro a concentraciones altas no desintegran más virus que la dilución recomendada al 0.1%
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#COVID19 #coronavirus

Professor Philip Nolan, Chair of the NPHET Irish Epidemiological Modelling Advisory Group (IEMAG) said:

“We know what an unmitigated epidemic looks like, we are not on that track.”
#COVID19 #coronavirus

Professor Philip Nolan, Chair of NPHET IEMAG:

“The model reveals that before restrictions were in place, daily growth rate of confirmed cases was at 33%. This has fallen in recent days to around 15%. But it is still growing and needs to fall further.”
#COVID19 #coronavirus

Professor Philip Nolan, Chair of NPHET IEMAG:

“It takes time to see the impact of our efforts in the numbers. It will be another 7-10 days before we have a reliable picture of how effective our collective efforts have been.”
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So. My very last file for @TelegraphWorld is a short news piece about Viktor Orban's emergency #coronavirus powers which leave him able to 'rule by decree' and should worry absolutely everyone. Here's why.

@TelegraphWorld There's is a pretty good account of the issues here from Kim Lane Scheppele in Hungarian Spectrum - but in essence the legislation leaves Orban free to over rule Hungarian law on a whim - worth a read /2…
@TelegraphWorld What is important is the BACKDROP to this move by Orban, who has spent the last four or five years turning Hungary into a client-state where the checks and balances (judiciary, free media, indepenent civil service) have been winnowed away /3
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@stevesilberman⁩ ⁦⁦@nycjim
I’d like to hug you
But it just caint be
You’re gonna give your 🦠 to me
Coronavirus is killing us night and day
Just stay at home, you won’t fade away
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Thread: A global tour of what's working in the fight against #COVID19 #coronavirus.

Democracy is no barrier to success, but failure to invest in fundamentals is. #Germany gets the award for all-round excellence.…
GERMANY: Best prepared health care system overall - widespread testing not only of symptomatic / old / hospitalized. Close to the best ratios of intensive care beds, doctors and nurses per 100,000 people. Clear and calm leaders. Gatherings of more than 2 banned.
TAIWAN - SCREENING MASTERS: Began checks of international arrivals Dec 31, 2019. Hospitals testing for virus in January, national command center open January 20. Border controls began Feb 6. Temperatures taken as people enter public buildings, helping avoid full lockdown
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"The #COVID19 pandemic is straining health systems in many countries.
The rapidly increasing demand on health facilities and #healthworkers threatens to leave some health systems overstretched and unable to operate effectively"-@DrTedros #coronavirus
"Previous outbreaks have demonstrated that when health systems are overwhelmed, deaths due to vaccine-preventable and treatable conditions increase dramatically"-@DrTedros #COVID19 #coronavirus
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Clinical Update: Most patients require a ventilator due to respiratory failure, which happens when the body is unable to: 1) exhale enough carbon dioxide or 2) breathe in sufficient oxygen. In any ICU, there’s usually a mix of these patients. But #COVID19 patients are different:
With nearly a month of experience, we’ve seen that COVID patients almost exclusively end up on ventilators due to a lack of oxygen NOT an excess of CO2 (hypercarbic respiratory failure). We’ve been able to delay, and in many cases avoid, a ventilator with the following approach:
Patients with #coronavirus who are hypoxic (oxygen saturation < 93%) on 6 liters of supplemental oxygen are placed on a non-rebreather. If hypoxia persists, patients are moved to negative pressure room, and high-flow oxygen is used (up to 60 liters).
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#China is legally responsible for #coronavirus damage & claims could be in the trillions

Article 6 of International Health Regulations requires states to provide expedited, timely, accurate & detailed information to WHO about potential health emergencies…
As one of the 194 states party to the legally binding 2005 International Health Regulations, China has a duty to rapidly gather information about and contribute to a common understanding of what may constitute a public health emergency with potential international implications.
The legally binding International Health Regulations were adopted by the World Health Assembly in 1969, to control six infectious diseases: cholera, plague, yellow fever, smallpox, relapsing fever, and typhus.
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🚨Outbreak of #COVID19 in a #WA choir suggests that #coronavirus can be *transmitted via microscopic aerosols*, in addition to much larger respiratory droplets from coughs or sneezes.

Of 60 members: 2 died, 3 in hospital,45 tested positive/have symptoms.…
Friends, all previous guidance was that this enveloped #coronavirus spread via respiratory droplets (secretions from your nose via cough, sneeze, touch).

Aerosols can come through normal talking (singing makes MORE), meaning it spreads MUCH more easily.

Prior guidance was based on #SARS, a close relative of this #coronavirus. Unfortunately, new #facts now suggest #COVID19 spreads more easily.

Masks likely will be needed to 1) decrease the release of aerosols, and 2) decrease exposure to aerosols.

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1/Flowers and gardens, learn the hidden symbolism.
What does a 'flower' represent, What does 'Deflower' represent.
Think Children
Think Slaves
Think Sheep
Are actors/Stars freaking out b/c they cant get children not just 4 adrenochrome, but 4 sacrifice? #SpringEquinox #EASTER
2/Easter Pagan/Satanic Holiday celebrations require human sacrifices. Spring Equinox male or female 4 fertility rituals oral, anal, vaginal orgies followed by #GoodFriday which is Male only mirroring Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.,Then #Easter day male or female blood sacrifice
3/Are they trying to figure out where the children are & how to get them somewhere else?
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Thread: l’ #inflazione da " #stampa" di #moneta

Ancora oggi, in piena crisi #coronavirus, non manca lo scienziato di turno de l’inflazioneh bruttah kattivah se si stampa moneta.

Ritengo sia importante approfondire questo punto per sfatare tanti luoghi comuni.

In realtà, in circostanze del genere, neanche i monetaristi più duri e puri dovrebbero temere l'inflazione, tanto che il primo a parlare di #helicoptermoney fu proprio Milton Friedman.

Andiamo con ordine.

Secondo i monetaristi l’inflazione “è un fenomeno monetario”, il che, francamente, vuol dire tutto e nulla.

In sostanza, semplificando, i monetaristi affermano che l’inflazione dipende dall’eccessiva offerta (=”stampa”) di moneta.
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Could Trump's order for ventilator production from an automotive plant be cover for generator production needed in unlocking hidden Tesla Science, Tech and Medicine?

Here's why I think that answer could be yes...

Let's start with Storytime, get comfy 🍿
I saw a decode tweet today, (see next) which really connected many dots that were missing for me. So, I thought it'd be fun to sort of weave in my own research from some of my recent threads, along with this tweet to create a more detailed picture here of potential habbenings...
I'll highlight the sections that I'm diving into as we go, so refer to the pic of the decode for reference. Some sections may need more than one tweet to provide sufficient details...

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(1/) If the NY lockdown has been effective at reversing #coronavirus growth, be on the lookout for net new hospitalizations to gradually shrink to ~0 by the end of the first week of April. But, beware of potential new biases in the hospitalization data.…
(2/) In my latest post, I give some signposts to look out for to see (hopefully good) news in the data this week. You should also look out for evidence that we need more social distancing measures, like it net new #COVID19 hospitalizations stay above 1,000 per day.
(3/) #NY is still the epicenter of the US's #COVID19 crisis, but by #stayinghome and using data to make policy decisions, we can turn the tide and #protectNYC. Thank you to all the medical professionals working to keep us safe and healthy.
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Sticking with my prediction for #coronavirus timeline... adding more predictions:

1. by April 15th: Bay Area goes back to work, restaurants open w/discussed measures (testing, temperatures taken, masks)

2. by May 1:LA follows

3. by May 15: NYC follows

we learn to manage CV
4. Startups, restaurants & big cos that were vulnerable shutter (i.e. too much debt, bad margins, bad management)

5. unemployment stimulus gives individuals 100% of their salary for 12+ months--the poor are NOT impacted financially this time! HUGE WIN

6. We find a cure in Q4!
7. Stock market digests all of this in Q2 and the bifurcation occurs: intelligent money goes all in on best-run companies (Disney, Amazon, Facebook, etc.) & out of challenging ones (retail, energy)

stock market...
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.@realDonaldTrump says @Humana and @Cigna is going to waive our cost for anyone with the #CoronaVirus.
.@realDonaldTrump corrects the reporter from #FakeNews @Bloomberg when he accused him of threatening to Quarantine New York.
.@realDonaldTrump tells @Yamiche to be nice and don’t be threatening. You people are always looking for them I gotcha moment.
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There are some really innovative projects out there using things like smartphone location tracking to monitor the #coronavirus pandemic. This raises important questions about surveillance powers, & when it’s acceptable to sacrifice privacy rights for the good of public health. 1/
If there is evidence that a certain approach to tracking people based on smartphone data can significantly improve our response to the pandemic (above & beyond other strategies), then the public health benefits probably outweigh the privacy rights we give up. 2/
But the thing that concerns me is that in the midst of a pandemic, people may be more willing to sacrifice privacy & digital rights, even if we have no evidence that it improves our ability to contain the virus. (Just like we saw after 9/11). 3/
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“Who let the SARS out?”

@HousatonicITS goes live at 8pm est.
Highlights: #Covid19 is NOT the real name of the virus. Political reasons forced the CHANGING of the name. The REAL NAME of #coronavirus #Covid_19 is...
Correction: I should say “concealing” not “changing”.
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1. Important analysis and conclusion by a Chinese expert: the #CCP could already have the #coronavirus strain as early as Sep 2019!
Main points:
1) Although a #CCP expert was using the fact that American scientists were able to develop a #Covid19 vaccine within 40 days to..
2... suggest that the #virus originated in the US, there is nothing strange for the US to develop mRNA-1273 vaccine in 40 days because for mRNA-1273 vaccine, it is normal.
2) However, the fact that Chen Wei, the Chinese military’s top epidemiologist and virologist, developed...
3...a recombinant vaccine brings about the real question. It needs 5 months to develop a recombinant vaccine. The production date of Chen Wei's vaccine was February 26, 2020. This means she already had the virus strain as early as last Sep...
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Recovery numbers for March 29!

An increase from total US 3224 recoveries to 4435! An even bigger increase of 1211 in new recoveries from yesterday’s new recoveries of 753!
Of the total 4435 recoveries, 3572 reported are from NY.

Of 1211 new recoveries today in the US, 846 are from NY.
Improvements in recoveries March 28 to March 29:

NY: 2726 to 3572 recov
WA: 124 to 296 recov
TX: 11 to 69 recov
TN: 0 to 52 recov
AZ: 3 to 13 recov
AR: 19 to 28 recov
KY: 2 to 64 recov
ND: 16 to 18 recov
SD: 26 to 29 recov
Guam: 0 to 7 recov
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Nelle ultime settimane:

- Ha detto che il #Coronavirus è una "fantasia" inventata dagli organi di stampa;
- Ha parlato del #Covid19 come di un "piccolo raffreddore";

(Non basta un tweet per descrivere cosa ha fatto #Bolsonaro, ci vuole un thread.)
- Si è opposto al lockdown imposto dai governatori di alcuni stati brasiliani;
- Ha definito gli Italiani "un paese di vecchi". Non una, due volte;
- Ha affermato, senza alcuna evidenza scientifica, che "i Brasiliani hanno naturalmente gli anticorpi contro il virus";
- Ha invitato i brasiliani a tornare al lavoro, dicendo che è "un'isteria" chiudere spazi pubblici e attività commerciali;
- Ha partecipato a numerosi eventi pubblici, salutando e toccando i suoi sostenitori;
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Sending tweet as cyber version of the truck:
“O thou that art far from anger, abundant in mercy & righteous in deed, accept our daily prayer
Remember Lord, the captives of thy people, & bring them again in peace to their dwelling place
Remember Lord, the afflicted & distressed”
“Praise the Lord”

“Praise the Lord Praise the Lord
And Bless His Holy Name
Cuz he don’t ever change
He’s the one, he’s the one
It don’t matter what you’ve done
He wants to love you just the same”

#Gospel #Bluegrass #Jesus

“Oh shame is a prison
As cruel as a grave
Shame is a robber
And he’s come to take my name
Oh love is my redeemer
Lifting me up from the ground
Love is the power
Where my freedoms song is found”

“Ain’t No Grave”
Molly Skaggs and Bethel Music
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The #Coronavirus is acting like an unwelcome Olympics for scientists, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, techies, leaders, parents, and ordinary heroes of every kind. Setting records in every event.
You can almost feel humanity getting smarter. The most capable among us are forming lasting connections. Sharing best practices. Learning shortcuts. Building a working trust. Creating tools at blazing speeds.
One way to imagine the future is that the economy will lose trillions of dollars and we will never get it back.
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😱OMG....the Trump Administration not only downplayed the seriousness of the #CoronavirusPandemic (despite warnings since January), they gave #China *nearly 18 tons* of key medical supplies—including VENTILATORS.


h/t @File411
Here’s the official @StateDept memo revealing that the US donated 17.8 TONS of crucial medical supplies, including”masks, gowns, gauze, and RESPIRATORS” in February.

Meanwhile, Gov @GavinNewsom says #California got BROKEN ventilators.🤬

Here is Pompeo’s original tweet, along with a screenshot in case he deletes it.

At the same time that Pompeo gave #China crucial medical supplies, he and Trump were warned of the serious threat of the #coronavirus to the US and downplayed it.🤬

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