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Oct 29, 2021 24 tweets 6 min read
1/ It’s our 1st year anniversary today! 🍰🙏🎊

We wanted to make today’s tweet special so that we can share this moment with all of you. Please read on and also check out our anniversary post below 👇… 2/ Launching Nine Chronicles has been one of the most exciting, challenging and heartwarming chapters of Planetarium. We kicked off the mainnet last year, full of enthusiasm to create a gaming network that could be powered by the players and can never be shut down.
Aug 2, 2021 11 tweets 6 min read

Yes, we are stepping into the big league. $NCG is making its debut on the #Ethereum network, and we're launching the ERC-20 token in partnership with @SushiSwap!… @NineChronicles is an open source, #decentralized RPG network powered by the community.

As a fully decentralized game, there are no servers, and every player is a node with full access to the code and data of Nine Chronicles.