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0/ Strong finish to the week in the #cryptocurrency and #blockchain space. Partnerships, funding, mainnet/testnet launches, interviews; that's just some of it!

Below, a 23-part thread covering the latest from the budding #crypto industry over the past day or so. Enjoy!
1/ 🙋‍♂️#Crypto spot and futures trading platform @ErisX_Digital announced two additions to its board of directors: @EthereumJoseph (CEO & Founder, @ConsenSys; Co-Founder, #Ethereum) and #fintech entrepreneur, Chris Conde!
2/ 📢 @HelloICONworld [ $ICX ] published a write-up detailing their strategy to expand the #ICON public #blockchain ecosystem!

There's plenty planned for 1H19, including the launch of a DEX, DID #smartphone app, and Tokyo-based #dApp launchpad.…
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Starting a MEGA #niTROn2019 twitter thread here to keep things organized and provide you an update.

#Tron $TRX #BitTorrent $BTT #Ethereum $ETH #Bitcoin $BTC

2 days of updates, all in one thread; this one.

Be sure to RT and share for others! @JustinSunTron
1st 90 minutes of the Event (Intro, Justin Sun, Jordy COO of BitTorrent and 3 Exchange Representatives) 📽️📺 VIDEO OF INTRO & FIRST ACTS

#niTROn2019 #TRON $TRX

The price of #TRON $TRX is CLIMBING fast after hearing the professional thoughts and plans for the TRON NETWORK.

#niTROn2019 is off to a good start! #niTROn

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0/ Back from an amazing week in Hobart* to bring you a 24-part thread covering the latest from the #crypto space over the past day or two!

*S/O to @TasFireService & @NSWRFS for bravely fighting a near-month-long fire that's now burnt out 28,000+ ha of World Heritage-listed land.
1/ 🛰️ Leading #Bitcoin infra. #tech provider @Blockstream has launched its Blockstream Satellite API Beta.

Paying via the #LightningNetwork testnet (i.e., for free), users can broadcast data via Blockstream's satellite network. No #Internet needed!…
2/ 🛑 Ethereum's #Constantinople upgrade was postponed due to a potential vulnerability discovered by #blockchain security firm @Chain_Security relating to EIP1283 (i.e., cheaper gas costs for SSTORE operations). Next course of action to be explored during Friday's core dev call.
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Important turning point in the life of #ethereum's constantinople hard fork:…
A brief explanation follows, will take a few tweets.

In a smart contract transferring value to a recipient can be accomplished via the CALL operation. It is possible to configure this operation to send gas to the recipient.
If no gas is specified, then a fixed stipend of 2300 gas is sent. The recipient can be another contract. Solidity’s “transfer()” feature uses this.
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1/ Over the last year, several of us have worked in our spare time to design and build a grants-DAO/Guild called 👹 Moloch 👹. If everything goes as planned, Moloch will launch in 1 month at @EthereumDenver.…
2/ First things first - THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT. It probably won't work. Most attempts at solving coordination problems fail miserably. That said, *if* it does work, it could be one of the coolest things to happen on #Ethereum to date.

And if it fails we can always try again 🤓.
3/ We decided on Moloch—not a particularly family friendly name—because we find ourselves inspired by the rationalist text "Meditations on Moloch", in which Moloch is posed as the God of coordination failures. We must summon defeat Moloch.…
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Crypto Markets & Development

2013: Frenzy & Over-Promise
2014: Crash & Under-Deliver
2015: Consolidate & Ship
2016: Lift & Refine for Adoption

2017: Frenzy & Over-Promise
2018: Crash & Under-Deliver
2019: Consolidate & Ship
2020: Lift & Refine for Adoption

2021: Frenzy...
Naturally, this is an over-generalization, and I’ll be curious to hear peoples’ most poignant objections.
The most notable network to ship in 2015? #Ethereum.

I think we’ll see some cryptonetworks of similar import ship in 2019.
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#Ethereum is about to undergo the #Thirdening - a reduction in issuance of new $ETH to miners from 3 ETH/block to 2 ETH/block, or a reduction of 33%. It will happen at block 7,080,000 as part of the Constantinople hard fork, which is estimated to be January 16th.
That's a bit like the US Federal Reserve saying, "we're about to reduce the number of new dollars we print next year by 33%." This is one step along the way to #Ethereum's eventual plan to have <1% annual issuance, as Proof of Stake and Serenity roll out. #Thirdening
When an asset's supply goes down (fewer miners selling newly-mined $ETH), assuming demand is the same (or higher), prices trend up. This is obvious when looking at $BTC price mapped against the #halvening, a similar event in $BTC where block reward halves, next one is May 2020.
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#Bitcoin's software has been running for 10 years…

⚡87.6K hrs
⚡3.6K days
⚡370m TXs

To mark history, we’re launching our first interactive feature: #BitcoinAt10. The story of bitcoin, told by its builders:

Magic Internet Money Wizard? Rollercoaster guy?

Take the red pill to explore CoinDesk’s list of the decade's best bitcoin #memes. (Or don't. Honey badger don't care...)

READ: #BitcoinAt10

Don’t let the bearwhale get you. HODL to ride out the Flippening...

Can't make sense of the sentence? We list the 12 best #crypto words of the decade. Think of it as yourr #hyperbitcoinization guide.

READ: #BitcoinAt10
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1/ After examining #Substratum's #BCH and #LTC crowdsale wallets and finding major discrepancies, I decided to take a look at the #ETH wallet. For reference, Substratum reported 17,778.25 ETH were collected during the ICO process.…
2/ After compiling all of #Substratum's crowdsale wallet into a spreadsheet, I identified the tx below as the first crowdsale participant who received 55,000 #SUB in exchange for 10.1 #ETH.…
3/ Similarly, I was able to identify the address below as the last participant in the ICO. This wallet received a whopping 122,202 #SUB in exchange for 12.220246405 #ETH. Why this wallet received ~10,000 SUB/ETH? I don't know.…
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0/ What a start to the week in the fast-paced world of #crypto and #blockchain!

Below is an 18-part thread featuring the best bits from the past day or two. Let's get you up to speed, shall we?
1/ 🤑 #Ethereum-/#Web3-focused #crypto startup @ParityTech has received a $5M "scalability, usability and security grant" from the Ethereum Foundation!

Will help Parity fund its work on Casper, sharding, light clients, dev tools, QA, audits and more.…
2/ 🔛 Big announcement by the team from @RepublicOrg [ $REN ] - a dark pool exchange protocol for trading large volumes of #crypto - announcing the release of public Darknodes.

Submit a 100,000 REN bond to the Darknode Registry and you're good to go!…
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$ETH has been leading the #crypto market of late, likely in anticipation of the Constantinople upgrade in mid-January which will cut supply issuance by 33%.
2/ When it's showing up as a @binance announcement, it's fair to assume the information is starting to get baked into $ETH's price:…
3/ Notable that the market's not seeing red at the mere mention of a hard fork, too.

Instead the focus is on the supply-inflation cut + upgrading #Ethereum over time.

Shows me that we have more informed market participants & the daytrippers are long gone.
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0/ On a day that marked the 10th anniversary of the #Bitcoin #blockchain, the #crypto ecosystem has been ripe with updates and releases.

Below, I've pieced together a 15-part thread filled with developments from the past day or two. Hope it proves helpful!
1/⌛️ #Mimblewimble-based privacy #cryptocurrency BEAM (@BEAMprivacy) is scheduled to launch on mainnet today at 14:00 GMT!

The wait is over! Find out all about the release in the following announcement.…
2/ 🗣️ @NEOErikZhang (Co-Founder & Core Developer, @NEO_Blockchain) shared that NEO's developers are on the verge of completing a slew of improvements re its dBFT consensus algorithm.

A release before next month's #NEOdevcon2019, perhaps?
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@zaoyang 1/ So stateful scripts don't allow fully parallelizable verification per block because due to race conditions. Two txes in the same block may result in reads/writes from the same contract storage in ways that cannot be predicted from static analysis.
@zaoyang 2/ The more dapps are invoked and the more complex dapps become the worse the problem gets. So without sharding state, ETH verification is more-or-less limited by CPU processing speed.
@zaoyang 3/ So what's in store for CPU scaling? Well, it turns out the Dennard scaling is mostly over (and that's what made Moore's law possible). CPUs won't be expected to become exponentially faster like they were before.
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If you were in #crypto before it was called “crypto,” chances are you got your start as a #Bitcoin nut.
People diverged from there:

- Some stuck to only #Bitcoin (maximalists)
- Some ventured a bit and came to love a few other #cryptoassets (mostmalists)
- Some ventured to explore the full world of programmable value, often with #Ethereum as the gateway (polycoiners)
What’s fascinating to me is #mostmalists and #polycoiners largely all still love Bitcoin as an economic and technological system, even though many have had falling-outs maximalists.
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Extremely informative/critical thread on #Ethereum. The highlights are the Proof of Stake criticisms (tweets 14/15/23 and linked articles).

POS is key. ETH needs POS to moon. POS is praised as it is more "green" than POW. Its true importance lies in how it reduces ETH supply.
POS would impact ETH supply as follows:

- 10 mln ETH would be staked (~10% of supply).

- Inflation would drop from 4.4 mln to 0.5 mln ETH /year.

- Validators wouldn't need to sell as much ETH to cover costs.

Goodbye miners' dumping.

All as bullish as it gets. IF successful.
It is unclear where does the 10 million ETH estimate come from and how is the 5% staking interest decided.

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People claim PoS is very superior to PoW, and cliam #ethereum has so much dev power, yet they can't pull off PoS after 4.5 years!?
#Ethereum no yet going PoS is a laughing stock. They know it's dumb. They know it will destroy the network. They don't want to exit their scam yet.
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1/ #Ethereum's Constantinople fork is coming on block 7080000, around January 16, 2019. Constantinople will reduce the block rewards from 3 to 2, decreasing new $ETH supply accordingly.

On the long run, this is decidedly bullish.

2/ The block rewards reduction was decided on Aug/31 => should have been priced in.

However, exact timing was unknown. Implementation was initially delayed to end of January, and the date (or block, to be precise) was only agreed upon on Dec/7.

3/ Some believe the current outsized $ETH bull run (outsized in relation to $BTC, which has only bounced "mildly" off the lows) is due to the Constantinople fork. It should be noted price spiked on the 7th yet then kept dropping for eight days after the block (date) was decided.
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I am calling the cryptobottom of 2018. This bottom is marked by an epic amount of fear, uncertainty, and doubt from our friends in the 4th and crypto-5th estates.
What I've witnessed among the chattering class the past few weeks in response to @ConsenSys 2.0 is a rather typical tune: the alarmed, the eulogistic, and the gleeful.
We have been on the receiving end of an epic amount of conjecture and preemptive paranoia --- filled with damning rhetoric about situations journalists and bloggers don't have real data for, actual insight into, or understanding of.
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1/ $ETH came to market as a security, but a big part of what's protected #Ethereum from regulators recently is the amount of innovation happening atop the platform.
2/ Strong innovation protects against heavy-handed regulation, as regulators work to avoid stifling ingenuity in a world that relies on it for economic growth.
3/ #Cryptonetworks that also launched their token as a security, but have little being built atop their platform, won't have the same protection as $ETH.
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0/ Plenty happening in the frenetic world of #crypto and #blockchain!

Below, I've gathered 20 events that caught my eye from the past ~24 hours. Hope you learn a thing or two!
1/ 🌊 @WavesPlatform [ $WAVES ] secured a $120M funding round to launch its private #blockchain platform and system integrator, #Vostok [ $VST ].

3% of $VST will be airdropped to holders of $WAVES tokens. Second funding round scheduled for early 2019!…
2/ 🦁 @Brave Software, an innovative privacy browser combined with a blockchain-based digital advertising platform, joined @AdLedgerOrg, a non-profit R&D consortium building and implementing the #blockchain standards for #digital advertising.…
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1/ $ETH is down to $82. Down 94% from its January highs. Cheap? Buying opportunity? Did prices drop more than fundamentals? How did that happen? Let's take a look.
2/ #Ethereum serves two purposes.

A) ICO launching platform.
B) Platform to develop an ecosystem of Decentralized Apps.

ICOs are half dead. The SEC has been killing them. But the SEC is simply accelerating the inevitable, as most ICOs were either scams or money grabs.
3/ What happened is simple to understand. ICO promoters caught the fragrance of easy money and embarked on an unbridled $ printing race, by coming up with the most ridiculous ideas they could muster. Both the general public and venture funds gobbled these ideas enthusiastically.
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0/ We're finishing the week with a head of steam!

Keep reading for a 26-part thread covering the latest happenings in the #crypto/#blockchain space from the past day or so.
1/ ⭕️ @Opera has launched its #crypto-enabled Android mobile browser!

Includes a built-in #cryptocurrency wallet, support for #Ethereum/Web3, and interactivity with dApps such as @AxieInfinity and @CryptoKitties. What an achievement!
2/ 🔃 @MakerDAO's $MKR and $DAI are now live on the @Wanchain_org [ $WAN ] mainnet!

The Dai #stablecoin will utilize Wanchain's cross-chain functionality, allowing for #bitcoin [ $BTC ] to be exchanged for Dai in a decentralized manner.
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0/ The level of daily activity that takes place in the #crypto and #blockchain space never ceases to amaze me.

Below, a 22-part thread full of project announcements and other ecosystem events from the past ~24 hours. Enjoy!
1/ 🚀 @DharmaProtocol- and @CompoundFinance-powered @Bloqboard introduced its 'Offers to Lend' feature!

Now, lenders can offer to lend $BAT, $DAI, $REP, $WETH and $ZRX in a P2P-manner from their @MetaMask_io wallet. Can be done in under a minute!
2/ 🙋‍♂️ Hong Kong-headquartered @CryptoCom appointed Tyson Hackwood (@tysonius) to its leadership team as senior vice president and head of global merchant acquisition.

Previously, Tyson led @PaypalHereAU and @Braintree's Asia-Pacific region. Big hire!…
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0/ We've hit the ground running this week in #crypto- and #blockchain-land!

Below is an 18-part thread to help you stay up-to-date on what's been happening over the past 24 hours. You're welcome!
1/ 📽️ Firstly, big congrats to those who shot and uploaded the #devcon4 presentations!

All now up on both #YouTube and @SlidesLive. Featured rooms: Spectrum (Main Stage), Prism (Side Stage), Radiant Orchid (Breakout Room) and Ultra Violet (Breakout Room).…
2/ 🇪🇸 @RestartEnergyio [ $MWAT ] - the world's first market-ready #blockchain energy trading platform - has continued its franchise-driven expansion into Spain, announcing the acquisition of a second regional Type B franchise (this time in Valencia).…
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