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Gas prices are above 500 Gwei again.

LocalCryptos isn't celebrating

Here's why:

High network fees hurt the underserved the most. They're a further blow to communities that are already excluded financially from the rest of the world.

(source: @etherscan)
Let's talk about Venezuela.

As far as we know, more Venezuelans use LocalCryptos than any other #Ethereum DApp. LocalCryptos is the most popular $ETH decentralized application among Venezuelans.

However the way Venezuelans use LocalCryptos is different to the rest of the world.
Venezuelans are in a dire situation. The bolívar has already lost 85% of its value since January, and it is constantly losing more of it every day.

We're not making this up. The bolívar loses value EVERY SINGLE DAY… (cont)…
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AMM LP Accounting:

Volatility buffer is the amount of leeway the ratio can change before IL exceeds revenue.

Unless it's a Stablecoin-ETH pairing, I usually pull liquidity and bail if I see either of the volatility buffers approaching zero.

#uniswap #Ethereum $ETH 🔹
In a bull market, I'm actually more worried as an LP about IL than I am in bear markets!

In bear markets, I just sit and collect fees waiting for it to go back up again... bull markets I still get $$$, but IL is devastating!
Stablecoin-ETH from my XP: don't worry about IL, the fees are consistent, volatility favors me, and fees will always catch up or exceed IL on a bigger timeframe.
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Why are developers describing tiny Polkadot as the ($400 billion) Amazon Web Service of blockchain?

Scan 30 bullets about the worst kept secret in the next-generation blockchain.

• Discover why Warren Buffet’s #BerkshireHathaway owns more #Polkadot than you.

• The truth about why Bitcoin coders jumped ship to rack-up crazy hours coding Polkadot. Ever heard of the “sharp knife” theory?

• Why never compare Ethereum to Polkadot (even if #Ethereum leads the $9 billion #DeFi boom)
• The world’s most powerful blockchain scaling strategy: is this the code to finally unshackle 4 billion internet users from privacy abusing Google?

• The often overlooked feature that can see #Polkadot 10X before the next scandal bursts into the headlines about crypto forks!
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1/ My original @SushiSwap token analysis was based on an inflation rate of 100 $SUSHI minted per block.

But there is a proposal to reduce this to 50 SUSHI for the first two years, with continued reductions thereafter:…
2/ The proposal looks set to pass tomorrow, with 94.36% of votes currently in favor.

How will the proposed reduction in inflation impact the rate of inflation?
3/ The token supply will climb more slowly, reaching under 400m $SUSHI after 2 years.

(Note that the official proposal cites a value of 463m. I'm not sure what's causing this disparity - possibly different estimations of #Ethereum's block rate).
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1/ Your daily dose of $SUSHI 🍣🍣🍣

Because what else a #defi degens would needle in their veins on a Wednesday morning.


2/ The first and the last of $SUSHI dev fund and deployment multi-signature wallet voting is almost at its end.

Six hours to go, but voting is trickling down.
3/ 6 out of 9 members of this upcoming wallet can confirm transactions as Sushi the unregistered organisation
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Here;s my #crypto portfolio
#1 #bitcoin 22% ideal number is 50% of my portfolio, less now because other investments have gone up and I have not significantly rebalanced yet.

Lending about 40%, trading account about 20%, cold storage 40%.

Continually add more, long term hold
#2 $usdc 14%
This is almost all lent out. I use Blockfi, cryptodotcom, and Yearn for earning yield on my stablecoins. Not much extra after that though since I just invested in 2 token sales, and bought a little dip action.
#3 #ethereum 13.5%
I keep adding to this position and am very bullish on its future.
Lending most of it out via Blockfi, cryptodotcom, and Yearn Vaults and earning a nice bit of extra $eth as a result.
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The correction in Bitcoin and Ethereum are close to having filled all the gaps on the week day only charts (seems to work).

Here is BTC Image
Here is ETH... Image
And here are all the big corrections after the last having.. 25% to 35% on a closing basis seems to be expected and normal. Image
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Much wow right now, maybe too much nom nom...

...or maybe that's a senile OG talking after getting mercury poisoning just looking at the @SushiSwap buffet.

Some thoughts on #DeFi's ongoing food frenzy 🧵
For those getting queasy or blistered fingertips, you don't have to farm every food you see, or even farm at all 👇

There are many ways to contribute to the #Ethereum, #Bitcoin, #crypto & #DeFi cause(s).

Placeholder, for example, has worked with a number of #DeFi teams over the last few years and have strongly advocated for users, suppliers, and governors *earning* yields.

But we don't farm.
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#Bitcoin’in veya takip ettiğiniz herhangi bir altcoin’in güçlü bir performans sergilemesi için #onchain bakımından da güçlü olması gerekiyor.

Diğer taraftan, zincir üzerindeki temeller/veriler kötüleştikçe #Bitcoin veya altcoin’lerin görünümü de kötüleşiyor.
Glassnode adında bir site var.

Burası #onchain analizi yapıyor ve ben de çok beğeniyorum.
Burada GNI adında bir uygulama var.

Bilimsel teknikler kullanarak, çok sayıda blockchain verilerini ölçerek, sentezleyerek çıkarımlarda bulunuyorlar.
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Here is why I am bullish on #ethereum
1 - ETH has the biggest network effect of any smart contract platform by far
2 - ETH is the home of #defi, the majority of dapps living on ETH
3 - Ethereum is the home of stablecoins
4 - Ethereum has more developers than any other chain
5 - Ethereum is the second biggest Grayscale bag meaning institutions love ETH
6 - Ethereum is being used by some of the biggest companies in the world like Microsoft and Ernst and Young
7 - Ethereum is at the forefront of enterprise adoption
8 - Ethereum will disrupt stock markets, bond markets, real estate markets, forex markets, and derivative markets
9 - Ethereum has not one, but about a dozen layer two scaling solutions being deployed
10 - EIP 1559 will introduce fee burning making ETH potentially deflationary
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1/15 We’ve been getting a lot of questions from the @OrchidProtocol community about our journey. Here’s a quick snapshot.
2/15 The Orchid team are Web1-3 OGs and #opensource advocates. I worked @SunMicrosystems in the 2000s & co-founded @PanteraCapital, @saurik built Cydia, core to the iPhone jailbreaking movement, @brianjfox is the author of GNU Bash shell, & @classygustav was an #Ethereum core dev
3/15 In 2017, disheartened by Web2 business models incentivizing companies to track and sell our data, we began a mission together to restore the Web's original promise. Our vision is of an Internet where users can explore and access information freely.
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1/ #Ethereum 2.0 promises to introduce a #PoS algorithm which is solving the infamous NoS attack. NoS (nothing at stake) attack, while never executed in practice, is heavily used by bitcoiners to undermine the theoretical foundations of PoS.
2/ The eagerly expected Ethereum PoS solution now running on testnet for several months forked on Friday when the majority of the nodes got stuck because of a bug.
3/ It turned out that this critical bug occurred in a component using the Roughtime protocol. The network of servers supporting Roughtime is operated by the likes of Google and Cloudflare thus unveiling a huge centralization problem in the ETH 2.0 PoS design and implementation.
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ethereum will retain dominance in this early, exploratory, meme/retail market.

but i have near-ZERO confidence that it remains the heart of crypto. i predict this will be empirically obvious by the next bull run.


"specialization breeds optimization" — @rphmeier

nb: i mostly write this shit for myself. have made a bit of an effort to compress for twitter, but if you can't be bothered to parse it, i don't actually gaf.

i tag projects to increase reach and feedback to boost my own mental models.
one of the most important questions in designing base layers is –

- what functionality runs at the base layer?
- how much does each function cost?
- who decides on these changes?
- who decides when and how these changes are rolled out?
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BREAKING: #China will launch the next stage of DCEP (central bank digital currency) pilot projects in 28 cities and provinces. HUGE SPEED UP, details below 👇thread

Thank @IvanOnTech @mattysino @CryptoGodfatha @boxmining
#Crypto #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #Ethereum #BTC Image
The Ministry of Commerce of #China just issued the “Comprehensively Promote the Pilot Plan for the Innovative Development of Service Trade” file. China plans to carry out DCEP (digital RMB) pilot projects in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region;
the Yangtze River Delta (around Shanghai); the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, plus the central and western regions where conditions permit.
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We have been looking to provide a broad overview on blockchain governance from both theory and practice in our newest paper. Still the cutting edge in human coordination. Here an intro thread & blogpost 👇
1) Blockchains and DAOs extend a new era of organizational design driving distributed innovation systems, that span open-source communities, platforms and open organizations - pushing the institution firm out of the center of prominence
2) Blockchains function as neutral, shared databases, on which crucial components of distributed innovation systems depend - architectures for collaboration & evaluation – facilitating the networking of peers, without the market power costs of centralized operators
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1/ Shoutout to @SkaleNetwork for hosting @Terra on their panel “Bringing Crypto Mainstream”! As requested, here is the video and some highlights from our CEO @d0h0k1 on #DeFi moving forward:
2/ #Interoperability - “One of the things that we’re pushing at Terra is to have our stablecoins available on multiple chains. We announced Terra stablecoins on @Solana earlier this year.”
3/ “What would be great about having multiple stablecoins living together is 1) it gives exposure to developer ecosystems on various communities 2) all of these stablecoins are going to have first class citizen rights in all of our different #fintech and payments assets.”
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This is going to be an mega thread where I lay out the bullish case for and also demystify 's price calculation which does not use standard supply/demand mechanisms.

So grab a coffee and take a set. Class is about to begin. Image
Before diving into the math I want to take a step back and talk about general trading/investing philosophy.

At the most basic level my philosophy is to look for trades/investments that offer asymmetric reward opportunities. That means opportunities where the reward... significantly outsized versus the risk being taken. The immediate follow up rule is to DYOR so you can be confident in the trade/investment that you are about to me.

This is the exact philosophy that lead me to getting fully involved and invested in #Ethereum.
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Today I'm polishing up the demo app for SpaceMVC.

It's basic and allows you to manage a student roster for a hypothetical class.

Over time it's going to become a real software dev course and there will be #crypto rewards as you complete exercises.

You'll have to get someone further along in the course to sign off that you completed the exercise. That will unlock the tokens.

The tokens are useful inside our community and they'll be used a bunch in the app itself. Also it just feels nice to earn something.
I also have some ideas how we can insert real world value into these tokens over time. Very open to your ideas also.

For kids it could be a program similar to the Pizza Hut Book-It program. Go through some lessons, earn some tokens, go use the tokens at participating sponsors.
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The #Ethereum #DeFi space is blitzscaling but can be confusing to a newcomer. To help drive education we have created a glossary, The ABCs of DeFi, to explain the jargon in tweet-sized bites. Adoption through understanding, understanding through simplicity
Arbitrage - The act of taking advantage of a mismatch in market pricing.

Ex: On exchangeA a user is willing to sell tokenX for $5. On exchangeB, a user is willing to buy tokenX for $6. An arbitrager would purchase the $5 tokens on exchangeA and then sell them on exchangeB
Auction - There are 3 kinds of auctions within the Maker protocol: Surplus Auction, Collateral Auction, and Debt Auction. The actors that bid on these auctions are called Keepers. These auctions serve to incentivize Keepers to maintain the stability of the protocol
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When $BTC rallies, trolls point and laugh at $ETH.

When $ETH rallies, trolls point and laugh at $BTC.

But both miss the point: $BTC & $ETH feed into each other.

Been watching this dynamic play out since Q1 2016.
$BTC rises relative to $ETH? That means more $ETH can be bought with each $BTC...typically leading to an $ETH that rises in USD and BTC-terms, once $BTC pauses.
Since $ETH is more illiquid & higher risk than $BTC, it tends to overshoot $BTC's gains in a bull market, ultimately ending up higher than it started in $ETHBTC terms...

...then allowing more $BTC to be bought with $ETH, and so the cycle continues.
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Why #Ethereum 2.0 is not a substitute for #Avalanche (#AVAX), and why #ETH 2.0 could be catastrophic in general.

The Difficulty Bomb on ETH 1.0 will eventually make ETH on the 1.0 chain unspendable, completely robbing long-term holders and anyone not paying attention. Many people could lose money this way.

The "One-Way-Peg" disincentivizes adoption of ETH 2.0 by ensuring that ETH 1.0 will always tend to have the superior price. Why exchange 1.0 coins for 2.0 coins if they can be exchanged at any time?

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Trying to make sense of this explosive #DeFi growth? 📈

My top 10 dashboards for tracking the health of #DeFi 👇🏼
1. Track the explosive growth of #DeFi users over time with this dashboard by @richardchen39:…
2. Understand basic #Ethereum metrics using this dashboard by @alex_kroeger:…
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Un rapidín sobre el gas en la red #Ethereum, el fee que se paga por cada transacción. En brevess la explicación larga.

Por ahora este para que se entienda qué joraca es el famoso GAS.

Ej: transacción básica, envío de wallet a wallet, consume 21k unidades de gas. (Dependiendo d tipo de transacción que sea, de la cantidad y tipo de operaciones q la transacción haga, puede usar + gas)

Para saber cuánto te va a costar una transaccón en #Ethereum, este cálculo:👇🏾
El costo de 1 transacción en #Ethereum se mide en gwei por cada unidad de gas, siendo 1gwei=0.000000001 Eth

Dependiendo del nivel de uso de la red, el costo de cada unidad de gas (en gwei) varía. A mayor congestión de la red, más caro 👇🏾
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The time for the crypto rally seems fast approaching...

#Bitcoin $BTC is getting ready hopefully to break the small wedge...
Which is also the break of the larger wedge...
But this time it might be lead by #ethereum which is also about to break out...
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