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Today in #Chainlink 🔗

@synthetix_io exchange of synths is now live on the Layer 2 @optimismPBC network using Price Feeds powered by @chainlink!

Users can now exchange $sUSD, $sBTC, $sETH, and $sLINK with 50x lower fees than the Ethereum mainnet…
"This is a tremendous milestone for @kwenta_io and the broader @synthetix_io ecosystem, representing an opportunity to demonstrate the full potential of Kwenta for the first time"

Begin trading synths on L2 today 🔥…
"We are excited to announce that @yaxis_project will integrate #Chainlink Keepers on the #Ethereum blockchain to automate key protocol functions, including regular yield harvesting & rebalancing of funds when switching between yield farming strategies"…
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#ethereum is just getting started!

The use cases for this asset are only just beginning, and the future is going to be insane!

In 2017 the big use case for Ethereum was fund raising. ICO mania was rather short lived, but established a major use case for ETH.

Many said it was a 1 trick pony, but ETH quickly proved the haters wrong.

Since 2018 we have seen the following
- The rise of defi, with an explosion of new apps in 2020
- NFTs were born years ago but remained niche until early 2021 when they exploded
- stablecoins have grown immensely in importance, 10X growth in a year
- Gaming has been exploding recently, it will be much bigger!
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Last week, @banklessDAO and @indexcoop released the $BED Index

33.3% $BTC
33.3% $ETH
33.3% $DPI

I think the $BED index will be the best performing index of all time 📈🚀

🧵here's a thread on why👇
The $BED Index is an asset that tracks the #bankless thesis:

Non-sovereign SoV monies and permissionless financial applications are the👏entire👏point👏of the crypto revolution

The $BED index gives you precise, upside exposure to this new paradigm
$BTC and $ETH are the *only* crypto-monies that this industry has.

In order to be a crypto-money, you must be:
- A layer 1 asset
- decentralized, trustless, permissionless
- credibly neutrality in monetary policy

No other assets check these boxes.
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🧵 Vosotros elegisteis este hilo: Las apps que vendía a los pubs 🕺🏻

Año 2014: Mis conocimientos sobre la creación de apps habían llegado a su límite, ya que @mobincube_es aún no permitía incluir sonidos para hacer apps de pedos.

Así que el camino a seguir era vender apps.
Tiendas, ayuntamientos, asociaciones, discotecas.... Ese era mi público a partir de entonces y me decante por los empezar con pubs y discotecas, lo que conocía perfectamente después de dedicar años como cliente 🍻

Cree una plantilla, una app genérica.
💡 La idea era sencilla, usar la plantilla para vender cuantas más apps mejor, solo debía cambiar el icono y ciertos detalles, vendería la misma app a todos los establecimientos.

En aquella época no se exigía mucho: ubicación, galería, programación y poco más 👇🏻
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What key 8 difference between permissioned #blockchain #setcoin & public blockchain #bitcoin?
Check the thread 🧵 👇

#investing #Finance #finanstwitter #cryptotrading #cryptocurrencies #cryptocurrency #cryptoart #defi #altcoin #CryptoNews #ethereum #Dodgers Image
1. #ESG Compatible with limited energy usage to deploy and run ledgers and nodes.
2. #Scalability: much faster validation, and transaction execution;
3. Generating income from real sector #assets;
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#fintech #banking #cbdc #CryptoTownEU #DigitalCurrency #NFTgaming
4. Advanced #identity system for #digital #assets owners #validation;
5. Facilitating #green & #cycling economy transition
6. Diversification between income of green buildings, #renewables, #smartcities, #agtech, vertical farming, technology sector private equity assets
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Full validation #ethereum node synced (pruned mode) running @ErigonEth in a @Raspberry_Pi 4. I guess this is game over for the "it is impossible to sync a full Ethereum node" narrative. Congrats to the team for developing such an amazing client. 👇 Image
Again, this is a full validation node, so it verifies all blocks and executes all transactions that ever happened in the Blockchain. And all this is done with a <200 € hardware set up.
Some data:

Device: Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB RAM (ARM64)
Disk: Crucial MX500 1 TB
USB Case: ASM1051E chipset

OS: Ubuntu 20.04.2 ARM64
Erigon: 2021.07.2-alpha
Erigon params: --blockDownloaderWindow 32768 --storage-mode= (pruned)

Sync time: 17 days
DB Size: 434 GB
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Let's revisit these metrics now that it's been a month. @OlympusDAO $OHM
RFV sits at just under $20m, up over 3x in about a month
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#ethereum will be under going the so called "Triple Halving" as part of the ETH 2.0 upgrade. This is a highly significant economic event for the asset which has serious implications for the price of ETH in the coming years

First let's understand how much Ethereum is mined every day right now.

Daily block rewards paid out to miners are currently around 12,800 ETH a day…
This means that every day there is 25.6 million dollars a day worth of sell pressure for Ethereum! And because we are in a proof of work system miners are constantly selling, dumping on the market. Why? Because miners run a cash business. We are in a mine and dump economy for ETH
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1) My third thread aims to jot down some thoughts on the “conflicting” views that are often presented in crypto’s primary and secondary market. Quoting “A New Era of Financial Market Behavior” by @ashwathbk
2) There are so many misunderstanding elements for primary& secondary investment/trading. Newbies are often jealous about how primary market participants getting 100x ROI with many of them still at their book value which is a useless metrics to chase.
3) They often forget there is a significant opportunity cost component within the primary market opportunities. You might be locking your money for several years and slowly getting them back across the time horizon.
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An incredible financial shift is taking place before our eyes with institutional money steadily flowing into the market.

If you zoom out and actually understand what is coming then you will know this decade will be insane for #crypto #bitcoin #ethereum

A recent survey by Fidelity shows that 90% of institutions plan to have exposure to crypto by 2026. That is INSANE.…
"institutions" represents a very broad group.
Here's a break down of money by group (non exhaustive list)
Hedge Funds 4 trillion
Sovereign Wealth Funds 5 trillion
Central Banks 9 trillion
Asset Managers 34 trillion

Even a fraction of this money entering crypto is HUGE!!!
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+++ For those who are new to Fantom, this is a comprehensive thread on what #Fantom is, what the next-gen Layer-1 chain has to offer and how to enter the quickly growing #DeFi ecosystem of $FTM +++
What is Fantom? $FTM is a fast, high-throughput open-source smart contract platform for digital assets and dApps. Its aBFT consensus protocol delivers unparalleled speed, security, and reliability. It competes with $MATIC, #BSC, $SOL, $AVAX, $ONE & $DOT.
The $FTM mainnet is up & running and already today delivers what ETH 2.0 anticipates for 2022: Proof-of-stake, 4.500+ tps, very low txs fees (0.003$) & smart contracts. It’s time-to-finality is sub-1 second. It is the fastest & cheapest chain out there at only $0.45bn market cap.
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We are delighted to announce #neon, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (evm) scalability solution built on @solana. Neon lets developers take advantage of the #Ethereum and #Solana ecosystems, as easily as deploying to existing eth Layer 2 scaling solutions. /1
As fans of both #Ethereum and #Solana, we believe scaling transactions and reducing cost is critical to unlocking the next revolution in blockchain adoption. Neon’s decentralized cross-chain solution gives developers flexibility when building dapps and unlocks liquidity /2
Today Neon is live on the #Solana testnet, check out to learn more, and get started programming at /3
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Stock Market Cycles

• Euphoria
• Greed
• Denial

Using Crypto as a case study

(Short Thread)👇🏽 Image
• Stock Market

I recently spoke about the importance of protecting gains.

Simply put, it’s because the market isn’t rationale and goes through very distinct stages.


👇🏽 Image
• EC10

@DCX_EC10 is a prime example, losing 52% of its value since May 7th.


You May still be up, yes. But is the fall finished? Probably not.

I’d never try catch a falling knife. Buy winners in an uptrend and don’t dollar cost average into losers. Image
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1/10 🧵thread on how I launched my NFT with a custom smart contract and minting webpage.
(For those that don't know, I'm 12 and still at school 🏫).
2/10 Background: started coding early around 5/6 years old. Dad is a programmer and got me started with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. Built really really simple web pages with Bootstrap components and did lots of inspect element on websites to see how they are built. 🕵️‍♂️
3/10 Completed @freeCodeCamp JavaScript course before my 10th birthday. Moved onto @codewars, currently ranked 4kyu but find them too difficult, can manage 7kyu. Will continue with @codewars until I hit 1 kyu 🥊.
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One reason of many why the Hinman Deposition is a BIG DEAL:

Excerpt of Hinman Speech:

“And putting aside the fundraising that accompanied the creation of Ether, based on my understanding of the present state of Ether, the Ethereum network and its decentralized structure,
current offers and sales of Ether are not securities transactions.”

Hinman met with a founder of #Ethereum 1 week before the speech and again afterwards.

1) Putting aside the fundraising is a BIG ASIDE;

2) What did the founder say that helped form his “understanding”;
3) @Ripple’s lawyers will have him walk through his “understanding” of decentralization;

4) have him admit he communicated his understanding to market participants which created the standard within the market;

5) show that #XRP’s decentralization meets that understanding; and
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#Bitcoin bros. Now is the time for you to show you are the best #cryptocurrency community in the world! We've seen way more #Ethereum based money coming into than #BTC based! You can beat $ETH right?……
Oh, and you may get a tax write off, or free coins!
The biggest #Ethereum #USDC send we've seen hit so far was $10,000,000. The biggest #Bitcoin #BTC send was $704,000? $BTC

The #ETH guys are winning hard so far!
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Top industries #Ethereum is in the process of disrupting
1. Banking

Moving $$ around the world is a logistical nightmare for even banks themselves

A simple transfer has to bypass a complex system of intermediaries before reaching a destination

The whole process is inefficient, and people are racing towards a better solution
2. Art/Collectibles

The art industry has already begun adopting blockchain & tokenization as a way to increase access to the art market & reduce tx costs

NFT’s are used to certify ownership of art, allowing for artists to create a unique signature for each piece of art sold
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What is a #DAO and what are the predictions that will impact lawyers (aka opportunities and growth!) - a thread. #legal #lawyers #law #crypto #blockchain #legaltech Complete research briefing at
DAO - decentralized autonomous organization. This is a new type of company type (e.g. LLC), in which there is no leading member of the organization that has a majority rule and no human-based active decision making.
DAOs - operate through a series of smart contracts with extremely limited human interaction. This means the business can run without a traditional business structure.
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0/ In Today’s Delphi Digital, $AXS Shorts In The $SAND, #Ethereum’s Asymmetric Gas Trends.

For the full analysis, check out the report 👇…
1/ Quick Market Update-

🔹 $BTC and $ETH are heading back into the range low as sellers chose violence in every session today.

🔹Crypto sweethearts $AXS and $SAND had another monster day, but have retraced a decent chunk of their moves since.
2/ AXS has been the star of the crypto market and pushed the entire category of NFT gaming tokens forward. $FLOW, $SAND, $CHZ, and $ENJ, all gaming tokens, are up double digits this week.

Despite the hype, shorts have been piling up on SAND and AXS perps across exchanges.
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Here are 7 reasons that I remain mega bullish on #ethereum, why I continue to cost average in, why I continue to buy oversold dips, and why I will hold my ETH until the multi trillion market valuation comes... at which point I will be staking and making sweet passive income!
1 Ethereum ETFs are here, and will only become more prevalent. Canada and now Brazil have approved ETH ETFs. There are multiple ETH ETF applications sitting with the SEC in the USA. Approval of which will unleash a tsunami of money onto ETH.…
2 Ethereum is the king of innovation in crypto, with the biggest dev lead. The release of multiple layer two implementations really underlines this. Uniswap, the biggest DEX on ETH, has just announced their integration of Optimism for scaling. This kills the ETH killers.
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Today, we announced that ShapeShift is decentralizing.

Unorthodox, but it is the only way to maintain fidelity to the most important principles of crypto; specifically, self-sovereignty over money.

Without that principle upheld, we’re all just LARP’ing.

A thread…
ShapeShift has been a centralized company for 7 years.

We pioneered the self-custody revolution, enabling people to trade assets without counter-party risk.

It has always been our goal to protect users, while making self-custody easy and fun.
We have investors, a board, an exec team, corporate entities, bank accounts, an HR department, a beautiful office overlooking the mountains to the west, paid “our taxes,” and like proper conformists we even followed all OSHA workplace signage requirements in our break room.
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1/ Welcome to #DeFi Wednesday.

Scaling wars begun have. After high fees and congestion of 2021, everyone and their cow is out there to make a better EVM - #Ethereum Virtual Machine - blockchain. But how far the 7 years old EVM architecture can still take us?

2/ For those, who hate reading threads on Twitter (which I know if all of you) and who enjoy long reads, my research is also available in the blog post:…

Good for getting sleeep at night.
3/ The first question we need to ask "why EVM?" There are nice highly scalable blockchains like @NEARProtocol, @solana and even @EOS_io out here. They provide more modern architecture than EVM and can do much better throughput and disk use.
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The following is an analysis of indicators that present facts that the bull market is still going from charts and data. I worked very hard on this for you guys, take some time to go through it. If you enjoyed this, please like and retweet to spread the message! Follow for more ty
1. The Golden 51%-49% Ratio shows a pullback. If the indicator's correct then my thesis that we're still in the bull market stands until the start of Oct. This indicator will be invalid if the thesis is wrong. This indicator has not failed. Yet. Indicators work until they don't. Image
2. Bitcoin search has not topped 2017 yet. My conclusion is that covid lockdowns have now made it hard for people to communicate (those not in the loop online and only watching Netflix, naruto, gaming, working at home etc) Normal gossip will take the frenzy up a notch for normies Image
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Harmonik formasyonlarından Crab ve Deep Crab formasyonuna bakalım.
#Kriptopara #Bitcoin #Altcoin #Teknikanaliz #Ethereum Image
Daha önce yazdığımız harmonik formasyonlarda olduğu gibi Crab formasyonu da XABCD hareketlerinden oluşur. Adını şekil olarak benzemiş olduğu yengeçten alır.
Crab formasyonunu basitçe inceleyecek olsak bile çok fazla detaya bakmamız gerekecek sırasıyla bakalım.
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