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The key thing here is not the hack itself - it's the fact the Bancor team had the ability to freeze funds. How many other "decentralized" DApps have a built-in kill switch that's centrally controlled?
Starting a thread here of "decentralized" DApps/exchanges etc. that have a centralized kill switch or control. Let's start with @KyberNetwork ... looks like they can halt the network, per…
Correct me if I'm wrong, but does this code not allow the owner of the MakerDAO contract to mint new coins? Source:…
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Is some taking bets on this exact time getting flooded on the #ethereum network?
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1/ Ethereum Price Analysis $ETH #Ethereum #ETH #Blockchain #Crypto

I made this yesterday, but didn't get a chance to post until today. Still should apply, not much difference in price action.
2/ Similar to the Bitcoin chart that I posted prior. There is an uptrend that is present on $ETH from late June to July 5th (the day before me writing this; it is 5:00 a.m. July 6th).
3/ Of course the golden circle represents a breakdown south of this localized uptrend on the chart making the uptrend officially invalid.

However, this does not mean that we are now in an uptrend. Price appears to be consolidating for the time being.
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I was wrong about the #ETH price two years ago, because I saw this, and other weaknesses, in its very design. It simply doesn't work.

Marketing false claims is getting harder to maintain.
We've seen a slow shift in #Ethereum's marketing strategy.

World computer -> unstoppable code -> rich statefulness -> ICO platform -> dapp platform -> etc.

Now it's, "ethereum has the most devs" or "solutions will be found to its problems, because it has the most developers."
It doesn't matter the quantity of devs you throw at the problem, as some over-exposed $ETH hedge funds will tell you (especially if the "blockchain devs" can't launch their little pet products).

It's *quality* over quantity, on a basic design that works.
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Today we're at #FOSD, talking about the future of software development with influential individuals in the fields of #MLonCode, #QuantumComputing, and #blockchain technologies.

Follow this thread for live tweeting!
Amazing talk by @KentBeck on how hundreds of thousands of developers could collaborate.

Moving from text transformations to tree transformations. Let's move away from "lines", which come from punch cards, and evolve into something that scales better.

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PSA: If you think the #EOS launch was chaotic, wait until #TRON launches in a couple of days... I also happened to have reviewed the entire $TRX codebase.
My eyes hurt.

They should rebrand to "TRON: the Frankenstein of crypto." Learn more 👇
Justin Sun loves bashing on #Ethereum, which is hilarious, since the majority of Java-Tron's codebase is based on the EthereumJ library - one of the most buggy implementations of the Ethereum protocol. They tried to hide this, but failed:…
Unsurprisingly, the highly marketed Tron Virtual Machine is a FIFO implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which makes sense given the use of EthereumJ, but once again it was announced as an original and miraculous piece of software.
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A thread on devs + daily active users (DAUs) 👇

- #Ethereum code school CryptoZombies trained 208k+ users and is growing by 30k+/mo
- Truffle has 580k dls, up 56% last 3 mo
- MetaMask has >1m users
- GitHub lists 14k $ETH-based repos and 220k commits
- 1500+ dapps are in dev

- ETH does more tx and active addresses than BTC
- No, batching doesn't make up the dif in tx
- Of the top 100 tokens by MC, 94% are built on Ethereum
- EEA boasts 500+ members
- Brazil, Canada, Zug, Chile, Dubai, and Estonia are experimenting w/ government apps on Ethereum

On the topic of daily act addr (DAA):

Value transfer is a use case and those *transacting value daily* are DAUs you morons.

Fundraising with $ETH = MOE.

By DAA, Ethereum has as many or more users than BTC.

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Great analysis of the Canadian Securities Administrators new guidance on ICOs and securities by @Osler_Law. Summary:

- Most ICOs/SAFT (utility tokens) are securities
- Same approach as SEC
- No new regs: existing secutiries rules apply
- Enforcement coming

Read comments below👇
"Most token offerings are subject to Canadian securities laws and that regulators will continue to take enforcement action against projects and businesses that engage in token offerings without complying with applicable securities laws"

BTC maximalists who remained untainted 😎
- regulators are monitoring the crypto-asset space
- understand commonly used token offering models (...) adopted to minimize Canadian securities laws.
- SAFTs, air drops from foreign jurisdictions
- nonetheless be subject to Canadian securities laws

Can't hide from mounties!
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1/ Great post about on- vs off-chain governance!

One contention:

I’m not certain exit costs from blockchains are low.

To explain we need to define two types of exits:

1. Individual user exit
2. Group exit by forking
2/ In individual exit, costs are lower but not necessarily “low”.

There needs to be another option. And that option needs to hold enough of the fundamental properties that you value to exit.

And what about network effects?
3/ In a potential future where an SC protocol like #Ethereum hosts 1000s of apps, exiting may mean exiting the entire ecosystem.

Interoperability b/w chains may lower this cost and the cost is lower still for non-SC “currency only” chains, but the cost is not necessarily “low”.
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I don’t think people understand how complicated something like @AugurProject actually is or how challenging an engineering effort it is to build on #ethereum. Here’s an explanation
First, to start, I’m not bullshitting you. We’ve shipped production vuln free code before on Ethereum like the original augur sale smart contract which handled 1M ETH. We’ve been writing contracts on Ethereum since before solidity was even a language.
I also wrote/tested Numerai’s smart contract which is one of a few apps on Ethereum in production. Serpent caused its troubles, after having serpent audited we found a bunch of severe vulnerabilities and had to rewrite the entire contract suite (which was done very rapidly)
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Some interesting comments from SEC Chairman Jay Clayton during talk about #cryptocurrency regulation at Princeton. #ClaytonCrypto #Ethereum #Bitcoin

1. SEC is starting from the principle that DLT has incredible promise
/2. SEC are still trying to wrap their heads around this -- "where does our jurisdiction begin?"
/3. However, they need to enforce regulation to actually prevent regulation from becoming too severe due to the immense risk of fraud in crypto
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1/ #Ethereum is noticeably soft while many of its "next gen" competitors are showing strong bounces after brutal falls.
2/ #Ethereum's softness also clear in the context of the top 10. In stark contrast to how this bear market started, where $ETH was one of the most resilient assets.
3/ To be fair, #Ethereum is still down less from its all-time high than its aforementioned "next gen" competitors.
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1/ Put together some informal thoughts on smart contract platforms for friends that I figured I should share. Clearly, this market is #Ethereum’s to lose.
2/ The reward, however, for any smart contract platform that can achieve #Ethereum levels of success is significant. Makes the expected value of investments potentially positive, even if low odds.
3/ #Ethereum has a “feature gravity advantage” over the upstarts, and a proven willingness to move fast and avoid ossification. So long as scale doesn’t make things a quagmire, such flexible governance will suit $ETH well going forward.
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Lo que sabemos del #Petro hasta ahora, en los próximos tweets:
- Token será representado con el acrónimo $PTR
- Emisión máxima sería de 100.000.000 de $PTR
- Preventa comenzó ayer 20 de febrero y terminaría el 19 de marzo
- Venta pública pautada para iniciar el 20 de marzo
- Preventa estaba pautada en #Ethereum con un token ERC-20
- Maduro y manual oficial del comprador afirman que la preventa será en #NEM
- Hay contratos de ICO en ambas cadenas, Ethereum:…; y NEM:…; No se sabe si son oficiales
- El registro para el ICO es engorroso y presenta problemas
- Maduro afirmó que $735 millones han sido invertidos en el ICO, no hay manera de confirmar pues aceptan transferencias bancarias
- Miembros de @NEMofficial aseguran no haberse reunido con el gobierno, como éste indicó
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Here's a sneakpeek to helping protect people on Twitter from #ethereum scams that have recently become big profit.
Finding soooo many holy shit. Only 7 accounts in this whitelist too :/
And another...
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1/ My vision with #prologcoin is as follows:
Imagine a standard Prolog environment with a command line prompt.
And then you share a state with your peers. This state is an implicit endless growing query.
2/ From this query it follows that if it is true, so is any subsequence of it. The goal is then to support full validation on certain subsequences (e.g. your wallet can be fully validated.)
3/ If we use Mimblewimble as the base (economic) transactions, we can also prune this query further (following the special axioms that Mimblewimble transaction cut-through gives us.)
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1\ Have you heard this reasoning? "#Ethereum is better than #Bitcoin because it can do more." => "The EVM is Turing-complete and Bitcoin Script isn't, so Ethereum is a better cryptocurrency." => "Bitcoin's creators were too early/stupid/blind to make Bitcoin Turing-complete."
2\ This is a blatant misunderstanding! To a non-technical person, Turing-completeness and being able to compute anything is *obviously* better. But programmers know that Turing-completeness is Pandora's box: you don't know what it contains and you can't close it once opened...
3\ ...Turing-completeness is like a nuclear explosion. Once the threshold density/temperature is breached, fission fuel self-ignites and explodes. The hard part isn't blowing past the threshold, but staying as close to it as possible: energy => criticality => balance => control.
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1/ So you want to start developing smart contracts on #Ethereum and learn about #Solidity? Here is a useful list of tutorials, courses and interactive lessons to get you started 🚀
2/ Build your own zombie crypto-collectables game with @loomnetwork’s free interactive code school 🧟‍♂️
3/ Learn how to use Truffle 🍰 (@trufflesuite) by setting up a Pet Adoption 🐕 smart contract…
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What coin is better and would be bigger than bitcoin in the next 2 years . The thread starts here . Please retweet and the first post and follow to show appreciation
#Bitcoin #Ethereum #Litecoin
1. While the information presented in these tweets has been researched and is thought to be reasonable and accurate, any cryptocurrency investment is speculative in nature
2. No information, forward looking statements, or estimations presented herein represent any final determination on investment performance
I do not guarantee any rate of return or investment timeline based on the information presented herein.
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1/17 I keep track of my portfolio on my Excel file. It gives me flexibility and ability to customize any data I need to evaluate my investment. Today I want to show you how to import @CoinMarketCap data into Excel and setup auto-update.
$btc #bitcoin #altcoins #crypto
2/17 We will use CoinMarketCap API and import them to our Excel. Once you have real time coin data on your Excel you can start creating your own tools to evaluate your investment. If you portfolio consists of several coins like mine, it is easy to lose track.
3/17. I won’t dig into customization this time. I leave it to you to explore. Here is one example:
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Thinking to ICO your business? Here are 30 learnings what we collected @Zipperglobal, while preparing our token plan #ICO #Ethereum #Devcon3
1. Tokens will change the world. Tokens will disrupt governments, banks, corporate monopolies, charity, dictators, environment, research…
2. Think BIG. Tokens go well with big scalable ideas, and are terrible with small ideas.
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