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Hand-lettering artist, prolific tea-drinker. Sending positivity into the world through art and sunny Yorkshire vibes. More on IG @ now.then.sunshine
Oct 18, 2022 14 tweets 4 min read
Someone asked me the other day what my favourite thing was that I’d created. (This was hard because I'm rarely 100% happy with anything I make and will pick holes in my work until the cows come home😂)

A mini🧵 After some thought, I realised that my favourite creation isn’t a card or print - and not even really to do with art at all. It’s a colouring book I made in 2019 to help improve children's mental health.
Sep 15, 2022 89 tweets 20 min read
There are very few people I’d do this for. But it seems I’m on the train to London to join a very long overnight queue with my dear old Mum.

Here comes a rolling thread about #TheQueue Image My Mum absolutely loves the Queen and is the owner of many a commemorative item (plates, tea towels, spoons, mugs, cake tins). She spent her honeymoon in London for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. She spent all night queuing to see the Queen Mum’s coffin, before working the next day.