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26 Oct
In her weekly letter to readers, our editor @tbottomly discusses news, opinion and how the editorial board works: (1/13)
@tbottomly One of the most persistent complaints I receive is that we are biased. (2/13)
People can see bias in word choice or the framing of issues. Readers might also see bias in photo choices, story placement or whether a subject receives news coverage or not. (3/13)
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16 Oct
Voting is easier in Oregon than any other state in the nation, according to the latest analysis by a team of political scientists tracking the issue. (1/7)
“Oregon, which has one of the most progressive automatic voter registration processes and mail-in voting, maintains the first position as the easiest state in which to vote,” the researchers wrote in a summary of their findings. (2/7)
The other top states for ease of voting are Washington, Utah, Illinois and Maryland. Oregon, Utah and Washington all have permanent vote-by-mail processes. (3/7)
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22 Sep
At least six men across Oregon have been accused of intentionally setting blazes during a disastrous wildfire season that has burned more than a million acres, killed at least nine people and annihilated homes, entire towns and beloved natural areas. (1/7)
None of them have ties to left- or right-wing groups or appear to have been motivated by politics, according to police and court records reviewed by @Oregonian. (2/7)
Only one of the accused fire starters, a southern Oregon man with a history of meth use, is accused of damaging more than a dozen homes and endangering people’s lives. Prosecutors say another man in Lane County caused hundreds of acres to burn near a sleepy timber town. (3/7)
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21 Sep
After eight years of fighting wildfires, Solize Ortiz has learned to work with the challenges and dangers of her profession. The Oregon firefighter has been in smoke so thick it’s nearly impossible to breathe, and at times she’s unable to make out the faces of others. (1/14)
“Sometimes you can only see silhouettes,” Ortiz said. “You start to recognize how people walk and their mannerisms. That’s usually the best way to identify people on your crew.” (2/14)
She’s learned to gauge danger -- like when a flaming tree is about to crash to the ground, and in which direction. (3/14)
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18 Sep
Henry Kirim had ducked out of his Southeast Portland apartment to search his car for a missing bank card when a strange man rushed into his ground-floor unit, closed the door and locked it. (1/13)
Kirim’s 12-year-old son remained inside. (2/13)
Kirim fumbled for his house key, thankful he had it on the same ring as his car key, and raced to open his apartment door.

“I was so scared,” he said. (3/13)
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17 Sep
Officials have yet to identify the cause of the 170,000-acre Holiday Farm fire that ripped down the McKenzie River valley starting Labor Day. (1/9)
But residents told @Oregonian that the blaze was preceded by a power outage, a loud explosion and a shower of blue sparks from an electric line near milepost 47 on Oregon 126 – the exact location where state officials have pinpointed the start of the fire. (2/9)
Kris Brandt, like many who lived among the area’s Douglas fir forests, could hear the towering trees snapping all around him as roaring winds raced downriver for hours. (3/9)
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14 Sep
Fire raced up the hill Wednesday night, gaining momentum toward Blair Road in Scotts Mills, as several dozen men worked on building a fire line. (1/11) Image
“We probably had 20 to 30 people in there hand-falling timber,” said Mike Craig, who was operating an excavator at the time. “We were just ripping everything out of the ground and pushing it into the fire to make it contained.” (2/11)
Craig watched as flames licked the blade of a bulldozer that plowed toward the fire, the man in the cab silhouetted by the blaze. He snapped a photo with his phone, capturing a dramatic moment in the fight against the Beachie Creek fire. (3/11)
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6 Sep
Portland protest declared riot soon after it begins in SE Portland (live updates) Image
Police blocked hundreds of people from marching to a Southeast Portland police precinct then quickly declared the gathering a riot after people threw three incendiary devices toward police.

Photo by Dave Killen

#PortlandProtests Image
Portland police and state troopers worked together to force the crowd gathered near Ventura Park to leave. Police used tear gas for the first time this month.

Photo by Beth Nakamura Image
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5 Sep
100 Days of Protests in Portland: How one of America’s whitest major cities became the center of the national conversation over systemic racism and police brutality Image
In Portland, demonstrations against systemic racism & police brutality have stretched for 100 straight days, sparking cuts to the city police bureau, night after night of violence by law enforcement officers and protesters, presidential condemnation and national attention.
The ongoing unrest may alter the city’s reputation for years to come.

But the arc of #BlackLivesMatter demonstrations in Oregon’s largest city has varied markedly from June to July to August before reaching their 100th day Friday.
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3 Sep
Three days of legislative hearings on the crisis at the Oregon Employment Department culminated Thursday with emotional testimony from several people who described months of frustration waiting for their jobless benefits. (1/7)
“I’ve spent hours upon hours on hold. But my situation, just like so many others, is not being resolved,” said Belindy Bonser, a Jackson County resident, who said she had been waiting for benefits since May and had her car repossessed. (2/7)
“Something has to happen. Someone has to act,” said Bonser, her voice breaking with emotion. “Because this is unacceptable. You guys were elected to represent us and we need you more than any time I’ve ever seen constituents needing their legislators.” (3/7)
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1 Sep
Protesters march to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s residence Monday, throw ’birthday party,’ demand resignation (live updates) Image
The Portland Police have declared the protest a riot.

The demonstration quickly turned destructive as some in the crowd lit a fire in the street, then placed a picnic table from a nearby business above the fire to feed the blaze.
People broke into a ground-floor dental office took items including a chair, also added to the fire, and office supplies. Several windows were damaged.
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31 Aug
Justin Dunlap, a lighting designer at Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall for the last 16 years, was looking for something to do after the coronavirus shut down the downtown Portland performance center. (1/14)
The 44-year-old soon got hooked using his Samsung Galaxy s10 and selfie stick to livestream the city’s nightly summer protests on his Facebook page. (2/14)
But what became an artistic outlet for Dunlap turned into evidence for Portland police homicide detectives Saturday night as Dunlap caught video of the gunfire that left Aaron “Jay” Danielson, dead on Southwest Third Avenue, near Alder Street. (3/14)
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30 Aug
Trump event draws hundreds to Clackamas mall ahead of planned Portland rally (live updates) Image
UPDATE: A person was shot in downtown Portland. We are working to confirm more details.
Portland police confirm the person shot has died. They are sending homicide detectives to the scene.
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28 Aug
In his speech from the White House to the Republican National Convention Thursday night, President Donald Trump said that if Joe Biden wins the election in November, Democrats “will make every city look like Democrat-run Portland, Oregon.” (1/10)
If you heard that message from another city, you might be scared. What if your city did look like Portland? What would that mean? Should you be worried??! (2/10)
Our @lizzzyacker put together a list of a few things you may see in your city or town, if it begins to look like Portland. (3/10)
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28 Aug
NAACP, Black youth organization hold ‘March on Portland’ Friday afternoon (live updates) Image
Participants are gathering outside the Oregon Convention Center for the "March on Portland," which begins at 1 p.m. The event is put on by Portland’s NAACP chapter and the Black youth organization Fridays 4 Freedom. (photos by @killendave) ImageImageImage
Marchers are now headed to Revolution Hall. Image
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25 Aug
Six months ago this Friday, the governor announced reality had finally hit Oregon: After months of the epidemic raging in China, the first person in the state had tested positive for COVID-19. (1/14)
Since then, Oregon public health officials have reported more than 25,000 known cases and more than 400 coronavirus deaths, marking a grim and ongoing chapter in the state’s history. (2/14)
But Oregon has fared far better than many others -- ranking 45th in the number of overall infections per capita and 43rd in the number of deaths per capita since the pandemic began.

Why? (3/14)
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22 Aug
Downtown Portland braces for opposing rallies at noon Saturday near the Justice Center (live updates) Image
After about an hour of the increasingly tense standoff, no police were present.

Early on, Portland police asked the groups via LRAD to remain peaceful and “self monitor for criminal behavior.” By around 12:30 p.m., police asked the groups to separate.

Photos by Brooke Herbert ImageImageImageImage
Our reporters on the ground have heard the sounds of tasers, seen paintball guns being fired and smelled mace.

There has also been several items being thrown back and forth including rocks and smoke grenades.
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21 Aug
Portland protests continue for 85th night: Here’s what you should know Image
A group of protesters gathered outside of the ICE building again tonight. Federal officers pushed them away using flash bangs, smoke devices and pepper balls.
Federal officers appeared again and used pepper balls to push crowd away.

Portland Police just declared the gathering as an unlawful assembly.
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20 Aug
Portland protests continue for 84th night, block traffic from SW Macadam (live updates) Image
The protester gathering at the ICE building was just declared an unlawful assembly by the Feds.
Federal officers moved to the front of the ICE building and are now firing pepper balls at the crowd of protesters.
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19 Aug
Demonstrators gather for 83rd night of protests, march to Multnomah Building (live updates) Image
Protesters set two dumpsters on fire and broke a window of the Multnomah Building.

A few pieces of burning paper were tossed inside the broken window. One didn't take but the other caught before going out.

Portland police declared a riot and rushed the group away from the building. Our photographer on the ground saw two arrests during the rush. ImageImage
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15 Aug
Portland protests against police violence, racism continue on 79th night Friday Image
The protesters left Peninsula Park about 10 min ago and appeared to be headed to the Portland Police Association building on Lombard.

They were met by a group of officers on Lombard and Ainsworth who are blocking the street. ImageImage
After a brief standoff, protesters changed plans and headed east on Killingsworth toward the North Precinct. But they were met by another group of officers at Mississippi, several blocks away from the precinct.

Photos from a bit early by @bethnakamura ImageImageImage
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