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It’s Wed. morning and Day 24 of the Proud Boys trial LiveBlog starts shortly. I’ll be live-tweeting here and on Lawfare: We’re in the middle of cooperating PB Jeremy Bertino’s direct testimony.
First, I’ll show a couple video exhibits that came in yesterday. (Yesterday’s thread began here:)
Here’s the crowd of PBs in front of Harry’s bar in DC on 12/12/20 (the Million MAGA 2 march). You get an idea of why Oath Keepers called the PBs a “force multiplier.” When camera pans left you catch a glimpse of Harry’s.
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Day 13 of the Proud Boys trial LiveBlog starts shortly. I’ll be live-tweeting here and on Lawfare: Day 12 started here:
Yesterday morning, the govt introduced some potentially weighty exhibits whose force I couldn’t gauge until I downloaded them last night. (Hard to hear audio files from media room.)
In this podcast just 7 days before J6, Nordean (pictured below) says: “When police officers or govt officials are breaking the law what are we supposed to do as people? Discourse? Debate? No. You have to use force.”
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Good morning! The pathway to Day 13 of the Proud Boys seditious conspiracy trial is lit! Proceedings start at 9 am ET. Catch up on where things stand with my report below.
Today we are expected to end around 3 pm ET today due to a scheduling issue with a juror but there could be a raft of motions that lawyers will address after jurors are excused.
The Daily Kos live blog link is up and proceedings should begin soon. Judge Kelly is not yet on the bench.…
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This may be over-optimistic, but I'm going to treat this as Day 1 of the Proud Boys trial, and start the official live-tweeting now. You can also view this stream on Lawfare here:… /1
Judge Kelly told the attys to be here at 9am and the jury to arrive at 9:30am. This will be the 3d seditious conspiracy trial to arise from J6, from the 2d seditious conspiracy indictment. The 9 Oath Keepers so charged were tried in 2 batches--one ongoing--.../2
simply because of logistics. (No courtroom big enough for all 9.) As you know, 2 OKs were convicted of that top charge in the first trial: E. Stewart Rhodes III and Kelly Meggs.
In this case 5 Proud Boys are charged in this 10-count indictment: /3
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President #Biden ignores question on why #classified documents were found at his think tank | Jan 10
- the classified documents that were found at the #PennBidenCenter for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in #Washington, D.C.…
'Storm Joe #Biden's homes', #Trump tells #FBI after classified documents found in private office | Jan 10
- "When is the FBI going to #raid the many homes of Joe Biden, perhaps even the #WhiteHouse? These documents were definitely not declassified."…
#Trump Wildly Speculates #Biden Gave #Classified Docs to #China Before Adding Denial No One Asked For: 'I Certainly Wouldn't Do That' | Jan 10
- #Not a good situation for our Country to be in!”
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What is stealth technology?The first step of stealth technology is that it must conform to the principle of parallel design,In order to reflect electromagnetic waves in another direction,This is only the first step in stealth technology. #Aircraft #Fighter #F22 #F35 #J20 ImageImageImageImage
The second step of stealth design is to design the edge and transverse gap of the wing in zigzag shape, and use radar wave absorbing materials.This is to deal with the diffraction phenomenon of radar waves.Only su57 has no such design. ImageImageImageImage
The third step is to use the S-shaped curved inlet to shield the engine, because the exposed engine seriously damages the stealth capability.Only su57 has no such design, and its engine is obviously exposed. ImageImageImageImage
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An extremely effective argument the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia isn't making here, but could: Um, did you see what we tried to do to the Trump inauguration protesters a few years ago?
Felony rioting charges for non-violent protesters who were kettled in a public street and DIDN’T storm the U.S. Capitol.…
This was back when wearing a mask was evidence of your involvement in a criminal conspiracy:…
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There were two #antifa riots in Portland on Inauguration Day. The evening riot outside the @ICEgov resulted in 7 arrests. Around 150 antifa came in riot gear & brandished batons & rocks. Police seized guns, batons & knives from rioters. #PortlandRiots…
Gregg Tully was charged w/felony riot, reckless endangerment, attempted assault & more at violent Portland #antifa protest. He's exec dir of @pasaprimates. Last year, he wrote an op-ed w/UN Messenger of Peace @JaneGoodallInst. All his charges were dropped.
Justin William Bowen, 25, was arrested for the fourth time at the BLM-Antifa #J20 violent protest. He was charged w/reckless endangering, attempted assault & more. He was immediately bailed out & his charges were dropped. #PortlandMugshots #PortlandRiots
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On 20 Jan., #antifa in Portland launched a coordinated attack on the headquarters of @ORDems to protest Inauguration Day. Responding police confiscated knives, batons, a crowbar & incendiary devices from antifa. 8 out of around 150 were arrested.…
Arrested at the violent #antifa #J20 Portland riot:

Jean V. Paris, 18, & Alyssa Hartley-Davis, 18, both of Albany, Ore., were charged. They were immediately released without bail and their charges were dropped by morning.
Kai-Ave James Douvia, 22, is accused of using a pry bar in the #antifa #J20 attack. He’s a former Evergreen State student & is charged w/felony riot & more. He was arrested at violent protests last year but all those charges were dropped. #PortlandMugshots
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Yesterday at the #Colorado Capitol, a solitary #Boogloo Boi stood with a sign that read:

"The two party system is killing America."

I can confirm he is Boogloo based on the facemask (a Boogaloo "thick red line" flag) in combo with the Hawaiian shirt. ImageImageImage
Antifa press called him a "fascist."

I'm uploading the interview now.
"They've been in power for over 150 years, all we've seen is a reduction in freedoms regardless who has the presidency or legislature. They're the same. And by design. They want to create factions."

Words from a Boogaloo Boi who attended the Denver Capitol #J20 event yesterday.
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About 200 demonstrators gathered at Revolution Hall and are now marching in the streets of SE Portland for a #J20 protest.
Protesters are tagging the Democratic Party of Oregon Headquarters and smashing windows.

(photo from slightly earlier)
Here are some photos of the damage. A few arrests have been made on the scene.
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THREAD: Sunrise Movement: The Riotous Left's Pot-Banging Brats. My new #FollowTheMoney column spotlights the screaming banshees who've trained 3 years in 400+ hubs o foment "mass civil disobedience" & "direct actions" under cover of "climate change."…
The @sunrisemvt is run by Occupy Wall Street alum & Green New Deal zealots under @SierraClub umbrella. Sierra Club provided five-figure initial seed grants to Sunrise + DC office space. Other original donors: Rockefeller Foundation & Wallace Global Fund.
Sierra Club's top donors include George Soros & Michael Bloomberg. Wallace Global Fund is big donor to Soros-subsidized Tides Center, Color of Change cancel culture guerilla warriors, and far-left legal policy groups Alliance for Justice and the Brennan Center for Justice). /3
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Recent reports of a dual seat #J20 variant sighting, in the context of China's earlier claim that a dual seat variant is under development, confirms that the J-20's sensor fusion is subpar - otherwise there's no operational reason to put another seat! But, a dual-seat variant ...
... also suggests that China's is confident about the fighters low observability, notwithstanding the narrative in the Indian MSM based on a misinterpretation of the former CAS' remark that @IAF_MCC Su-30MKI could detect a #J20, he never claimed a Su-30MKI could engage a J-20!
To engage an adversary fighter with a missile you need a weapon grade track which the @IAF_MCC Sukhoi radar would not be able to obtain because of the J-20's LO. Adding a second seat would compromise the J-20's LO to some extent.
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The 'only' profile where Chengdu #J20 'Mighty Dragon' will enjoy a measure of #stealth in coming years. Dev & validation of tactics indicates focus on frontal quarter BVR ingress with LR slashing attacks, beaming max 30 deg till A-pole (PL-15), beyond which LO falls dramatically
Buddy & Swarming BVR engagement tactics being developed between groups of J20s to exploit cooperative stealth behaviour for active/passive observation and LR engagement of variety of A-A tgts. A kill box of 200 x 200 km likely to have 4-6 J20s to exploit large NEZ of the PL15
A J20 'wolf-pack' will be supported by wide area intel & full spectrum early warning vide space, air & land based assets as part of a well laid kill chain. J20's tactical use will be best exploited in pre mapped engagement zones as part of PLAAF's 'Large Area' engagement doctrine
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Had missed this: Rizwan Qureshi, who co-led the prosecution of Trump inauguration protesters, conceded that the U.S. Attorney’s Office for DC overreached when charging so many protesters they conceded hadn’t destroyed any property. #J20… Image
Some background on the #J20 trials, an instance of prosecutorial overreach by DOJ that received far less attention than it should have at the time.…
Here’s what Qureshi said in closing arguments in a trial in which the government conceded they had no evidence that any of the defendants had actually destroyed property… Image
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Aaaaannnnd the #J20 trials are over. Government has dismissed charges against remaining 38 defendants. After charging more than 200 people with felonies, they got one single felony guilty plea. Pretty epic failure!
DOJ charged more than 200 Trump inauguration arrestees with felonies. They secured one single felony guilty plea.…
After "an 18-month nightmare," @MAWebermann tells me it's "hard not to feel cynical about the enormous amount of power that prosecutors have to overcharge people, disrupt their lives, and then drop cases before having to face any consequences in court."…
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#BREAKING: Federal prosecutors just filed notice that they are dismissing charges against 38 Trump inauguration protest defendants who had been facing decades in prison after being mass-arrested at #J20 protests. Report coming soon.
Our new report breaks down today's #J20 legal news, which likely represents a decisive end to the troubled case in which federal prosecutors had been fighting tooth & nail to convict anti-Trump protesters based on a wide-reaching conspiracy theory…
We've been doing our best to cover the #J20 case since the events of January 20, when hundreds of people took to the streets of DC for a militant street march demanding "No Peaceful Transition" for the new Trump administration:…
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DC Superior Court is resuming session for the day shortly. On the 3rd floor around 9:30 AM, Chief Judge Robert Morin will be ruling on pre-trial matters for two upcoming Trump inauguration protest trial groups.

#J20 #J20trials
Last week, Chief Judge Morin ruled that prosecutors @USAO_DC violated the ‘Brady Rule’ by withholding evidence helpful to the defense. Today he will decide how to ‘sanction’ the prosecution.… #J20 #J20trials
Judge Morin has suggested he may forbid the govt from continuing to use an undercover Project Veritas video of a protest planning meeting. New filings from the defense last night claim dozens of more Project Veritas videos were hidden from defense by US Attorneys
#J20 #J20trials
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Court has resumed in the second #J20 Trump inauguration protest trial being overseen by Judge Kimberley Knowles. So far, jurors haven’t come into the courtroom yet, as Knowles has heard arguments over defense requests for a mistrial and motions for judgement of acquittal
The defense early this morning renewed their request for a mistrial. Counsel stated they had received partial information in response to their subpoena to ‘Matt’ from Project Veritas but they don’t have time to properly research this information to inform their arguments at trial
Yesterday, attorneys for each defendant had argued to Judge Knowles as to why all charges should be dismissed. Today, under her obligation to view evidence “in the light most favorable to the govt,” Judge Knowles allowed all but a few of the charges to remain.
#J20 #J20trial
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The second trial stemming from the mass-arrest during protests against Trump’s inauguration is continuing this week in DC Superior Court. So far today, two prosecution witnesses have testified.

The first witness to testify today was Laurel Hassberger, a forensic technician who recovered several objects from the scene of the mass arrest at 12th & L on #J20. Assistant US Attorney Qureshi did a “show and tell” type presentation of several recovered objects to the jury.
This portion of testimony was basically identical to Hassberger’s appearance in the first trial. The prosecution dramatically presented several objects such as hammers, goggles, & crowbars. When cross examined, Hassberger admitted she pulled no fingerprints or DNA from the items
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Police witnesses expected to continue testifying today in the 2nd Trump inauguration protest mass arrest trial. Our latest report brings you up to date on the trial, which began this week:…

#J20 #J20trials
Jurors in the 2nd #J20 trial just finished hearing from Officer Ashley Anderson, who was working in a DC Police “civil disturbance” mountain bike unit during Trump inauguration protests. The defense finished their cross-examination which began yesterday afternoon. #J20Trials
Officer Anderson was asked by defense counsel to clarify what she meant by her testimony that protesters were “throwing explosives”...she admitted this comment referred to fireworks.
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NEW: Last week, a class action lawsuit was filed against @DCPoliceDept and @ChiefNewsham over the politically targeted mass arrest of the anti-fascist anti-capitalist march during Trump's inauguration on January 20, 2017… #J20
A similar lawsuit was filed by the same attorney, Jeffrey Light, on January 20th immediately after the mass arrest, but was later withdrawn on procedural grounds.… Now, many #J20 defendants with their charges dismissed could potentially join on to the suit
.@DCPoliceDept officials named in class action suit:
-Asst. Chiefs Lamar Greene & Jeffrey Carroll
-Former Asst. Chief Robert Alder
-Cmndr. Keith Deville
-Lt. @paulniepling
-Sgt. Anthony Alioto
-Officers Howden, Washington, Rock, & Thau…
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Court in first of #J20trials now on short break. Prosecution continues to call witnesses today, all cops so far. Jury has now heard from arresting officers for each defendant. No arresting officers' testimony appeared to include particularized probable cause for those arrested.
Testimony of each arresting officer basically went "I was told to show up and arrested them, i showed up and arrested them. Yes these items shown by prosecutor are their property." (Very loose paraphrasing here)
Assistant attorney Kerkhoff from @USAO_DC had each arresting officer confirm personal property of defendants (bandanas, backpacks, medic kits, etc). However, upon cross-examination by defense, several officers testified they did not recover items themselves, & dont know who did.
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