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#Dune Shams-ud-din Muhammad Hafiz Al Shirazi (c. 1320-1389) was a Persian spiritual poet. He was called Lissan Al Ghaib [Tongue of the Unseen] because his poetry was so touching that it felt otherworldly🧵 Image Ralph Waldo Emerson and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe both translated Hafiz. Emerson said of Hafiz: "Hafiz is a poet for poets" and Geothe said "Hafiz has no peer".
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17 October 1961 In Pictures
60 years ago, Algerian imigrants in France were demonstrating in Paris, within hours, the French police arrested around 11500 people. Many bodies were found floating in the River Seine. Elie Kagan was 33 years old, his camera captured the terror🧵 Kagan supported Algeria's quest for independence. Having suffered from racism himself because of his Polish Jewish origins, he stood in solidarity with Algerians.