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At the dawn of the new year, I'm realizing a never did a rundown of the top five posts from the blog in 2021. It was really guest writers who kept the thing afloat, as we can see with the 5th most read piece from 2021: Howard Zhou on China
Coming in at number four, I look at Baron Harkonnen's exceptional tactical victory on Arrakis, and his subsequent strategic failure, in #Dune
Number 3 is a piece showcasing the, uh, "angry" part of my moniker.

This still plea is still in effect in 2022, btw.
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#SpiderManNoWayHome is a welcome reminder, after a brutal 18 months, that movie theaters can still create a kind of grand cultural happening that simply can’t be replicated on Netflix.
The rate of change in a century-old sector of the entertainment industry has been stunning. Major studio films like #Dune and #HalloweenKills were refashioned as simultaneous HBO Max or Peacock releases. Image
The domestic box office was much improved from the dumpster fire that was 2020, with total revenues expected to top out at roughly $4.4 billion. However, it’s down approximately 61% from pre-COVID 2019.
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☀️Como citar duna na sua redação ENEM — A Thread ☀️#ENEM2021 #ENEM #DUNE
1. Crise hídrica ☀️
Em duna o povo nativo do planeta fictício Arrakis precisa reutilizar a umidade de seus corpos, através de trajes especiais que reciclam os fluidos corporais. Em Duna a água é um recurso extremamente precioso e na vida real a mesma coisa acontece+
Já que existem lugares no Brasil em que a água limpa é um recurso escasso e as mudanças climáticas também tem contribuído para tornar a água um recurso cada vez mais precioso no mundo.
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Ran another session of our #Dune RPG campaign and my players are super conscious with everything they are doing.
It's so much fun seeing them expecting weird things happening without knowing what's happening in the background!
So far, they infiltrated the palace of their rival house and a special facility, but on the surface not much has happened!
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In einem #Dune von Aldous Huxley (falscher Autor!)[1] wäre das Halluzinogen Illusion und Herrschaftsimstrument, bei Frank Herbert ist es, Fluch und Segen zugleich, Voraussetzung für die Prinz-und-Prinzessin-Story. Ein "Öl", Intrige sind der Antrieb. Der Film _Kin-Dza-Dza!_
verfährt anders.
Auch hier bilden, wie in _Dune_ (von Herbert!), Wüste und Sand den U-Topos, den Un- oder Nicht-Ort. Der Held und sein Sancho Panza in _Kin-Dza-Dza!_ ist aber einer aus dem Noch-Sowjetischen Betrieb. Gesellschaft selber ist das Halluzinogen. Herrschaftsintrumente sind unberedbar,
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1 - Hello, darlings. Welcome to #Threadtalk! This edition we're taking an interstellar trip to Arrakis to review the costumes of #Dune (2021).

Like before, featuring minimal to no spoilers. A focus on fashion and its relation to fashion history, plus bit of... spice. 🪐 Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica in blue sheer material and
2 - Now, I came to this film as a DUNE novice, so you can imagine my surprise when, at the very beginning, folks were talking about levels of fancy dress!

Turns out, over 10K years in the future, rich folks still gotta keep up appearances. So let's start with House Atreides. Oscar Isaac as Leto in DUNE (2021) wearing a black military
3 - At this point in the far future, AI is out. So clothing is back to being made by hand. And that's absolutely reflected in the choices by designers Jacqueline West & Bob Morgan.

For Leto, we see lots of black, 1940s inspired military I'm sorry what this man is omg I need air Oscar Isaac dressed in all black monochrome fatigues in DUNE
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🦟Dans l'univers de #DUNE, on se déplace en #ornithoptères et beaucoup les connaissent seulement de par cette œuvre (livre ou adaptation).

Comme exemple de #biomimétisme datant de bien avant que le biomimétisme ne soit à la mode, penchons-nous sur cet aéronef futuriste.

📖De tout temps les hommes ont voulu voler tel les oiseaux ou Icare ... non, arrêtons avec les poncifs (faux pour certain) et revenons plus sérieusement au sujet.

Le terme #ornithoptère désigne

Un appareil volant au moyen d'ailes battues, comme un oiseau ou un insecte.

#LéonarddeVinci (1486-1513) aurais conçu le premier #ornithoptère, mais vers 1250, le Roger Bacon écrit une 1ʳᵉ description technique connue du vol d'un ornithoptère dans "Secrets de l'art et de la nature", le nom Ornithoptère (de Ornithos, Oiseau et Ptéron, Aile) serait de lui.
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If you don't want to hear #Dune spoilers, stop here. Because here come my thoughts. 1/
First, Denis gave us a miracle. 2 and 1/2 hours of visual and acoustic bliss. I could SMELL the melange. All the shortcomings of the previous adaptations were addressed, with interest. Can't imagine better casting for these characters.

Now, here's everything he fucked up. 2/
Critically important scenes were cut for the sake of runtime.

The dinner scene in Arrakeen, with all the local dignitaries, including the water traders and smugglers, would have gone a very long way to explain the political minefield the Harkonnens left Duke Leto. 3/
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68.01/ Week sixty-eight, Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 67 below
68.02/ This is right in my wheelhouse: scholarship laden pop-culture analysis. This is of #Dune

68.03/ #Dune is an incredibly flawed book that's nonetheless fascinating. Also, as a kid I thought the (pseudo) Arabic was Hebrew. e.g. "Kwisatz Haderach" which I eventually recognized from Midrash (from last week's parsha! God "shortened Eliezer's way"):…
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Javier Bardem is a brilliant Stilgar #Dune
The bit where the Sardaukar are getting marked with blood from people strapped upside down on a sort of pyramid is.. very disturbing.
Oh it was in the trailer apparently. Feels quite Giger-esque
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2018 > #Écotopia : bienvenue dans le futur désirable via @USBEKetRICA #LaMethSci
2008 > Utopies et dystopies écologiques via @Cairninfo #LaMethSci
13/09 > #Dune, un roman écologique précurseur ? via @futurasciences #LaMethSci
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#Dune Shams-ud-din Muhammad Hafiz Al Shirazi (c. 1320-1389) was a Persian spiritual poet. He was called Lissan Al Ghaib [Tongue of the Unseen] because his poetry was so touching that it felt otherworldly🧵 Image
Ralph Waldo Emerson and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe both translated Hafiz. Emerson said of Hafiz: "Hafiz is a poet for poets" and Geothe said "Hafiz has no peer".
A ceramic tile shows a likeness of the poet Hafiz (Credit: De Agostini/Getty Images) Image
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I have seen Timothée of Arabia caress the spice-laden sands while having messianic visions of a blue-eyed Zendaya in a desert perfume commercial and reader, on the whole, it was magnificent. A few thoughts on #DuneMovie 🧵
Herbert's story turns the Star Wars-style hero's journey and the white savior story on its head, subverting readers' expectations of a heroic superman by writing a mid-20th century critique of empire and imperialism, as @use_theforce_em has argued…
Villeneuve seems to be following the overall narrative arc of Herbert's novel closely, as he sets up Paul's inevitable fall as a failed messianic/imperial leader. The film ends just at the point when Paul begins his journey into megalomania that will end in imperial autocracy.
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To Dune!
Spicing up my life…
Well, I thought that was pretty stupefying. Like Lawrence of Arabia, only with giant worms. What's not to like? #Dune
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I went to see #Dune with ecosystem scientist @ymalhi and we chatted about the deep science of Frank Herbert's world on the podcast. We do go into the sandworms. A quick taster: 1/
(Image: Warner Bros)
Frank Herbert was way ahead of his time. In making the link between living things and the planetary system of Arrakis, Herbert anticipated what James Lovelock did with #Gaia 2/
But Herbert was probably aware of the work of Soviet biologist Vladimir Vernadsky whose book The Biosphere (written in 1926!) argued that life is the geological force that shapes the Earth. Vernadsky is a Russian legend but less known in the west 3/
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While this article on #Dune only scratches the surface of the book and it's themes, the author rightfully frames it as a personal reflection on the book by a Muslim, rather than an analysis of what Herbert was trying to achieve by mentioning religion in it.
A few observations:
One thing that stood out from the article is the idea of offense. That the use of some "Islamic" terms may be contentious if not condescending and insulting to Muslims, such as Auliya, and I'm imagining many others as well.
I feel this contention is a bit shortsighted; many of these concepts are not exclusive to Islam.Auliya is abtemr used in Arabic Christian workz. Phonetically it's a familiar term, in Dune it's used for something entirely different.
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As the new #Dune premieres in London I’ll share a lil story. I’m the actor in this article whom James McAvoy quotes-pretty bonkers in and of itself. What tickles me about *his* story is that our respective recollections of our encounter are very different in sweet, powerful ways.
About 20 years ago, as a lead actor in a series on the then Sci-fi Channel, I was invited to a screening —with my co-star Ben Browder— of a Dune miniseries. Ben & I sat together. I fidgeted a lot; sorry Ben. Undiagnosed ADD and PTSD made screenings at the best of times torturous
This screening was looooong. I was struggling to stay focused until, I kid you not, in the last three seconds— ok maybe three minutes of this 2, 3 or 4 hour portion—a young man came on screen, walking through a door, chest heaving, eyes ablaze, not uttering a line of dialogue
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66.01/ Week sixty-six, Oct. 16-22, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 65 below.
66.02/ The #NFL games have not gone my team's way so far, but we have a Scorigami, and that's ALWAYS good. LAR 38 - 11 NYG
66.03/ I plan to save these pictures of a Talmud class being held in the London Underground during the Blitz to remind myself that I've had it pretty good in my life. Pretty good. (h.t. @DBashIdeas)

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Cinefoxx's Quick Guide to #Dune
Written by Kevin & Nara
Art by Pascal Blanche

~ A Thread Image
Sebelum menonton Dune (2021) pada tanggal 13 Oktober nanti, Cinefoxx telah membuat sebuah rangkuman seputar Dune (Mulai dari dunianya, politik, serta karakter-karakternya)

Latar belakang Dune: Image
Bene Gesserit & The Spacing Guild Image
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📺 44.


Agradezco que lo nuevo de Josh Thomas haya tenido un tono general más cómico que Please Like Me, aunque también tiene momentos que duelen. Una pena que se haya cancelado, ojalá siga creando cosas tan guays Los personajes protagonista...
🎞️ 74.


Con la segunda dosis lo único que me apetecía era ver musicales. Y qué guay, qué bonito, qué canciones más buenas, un flipante Richard E. Grant... ojalá más películas coming of age así. La tenéis en @PrimeVideoES Image
@PrimeVideoES 🎞️ 75.


Realmente esta versión de Cenicienta es UNA EXPERIENCIA. Quién me iba a decir que escucharía a Cenicienta cantando Let's Get Loud, a Billy Porter como hada madrina.... Entretiene y la BSO es muy top. La tenéis en @PrimeVideoES Image
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Endlich habe ich #Dune im Kino gesehen. Wow! 🤯

Ich hatte das Gefühl, den Anfang von etwas Großem zu erleben. #Thread mit meinen Eindrücken: Was ich toll fand (viel!), was kritisch, und ich habe SEHR viele Gedanken zu den nordafrikanischen Einflüssen und dem Cast of Color.

Disclaimer: Ich spreche vor allem über den Film an sich. Vor Urzeiten habe ich mich mit den ersten Bänden der Dune-Reihe beschäftigt und die alten Adaptionen gesehen, aber die Erinnerungen sind schwach.

Die Neuverfilmung ist mein Anlass, sich wieder mit dem Franchise zu

beschäftigen. Wie gut der Film als Buchadaption taugt, kann ich also nicht sagen, das müsst ihr wenn dann von Fans hören.

Okay: Erst einmal liefert Regisseur Dennis Villeneuve wieder ein Werk der Extraklasse ab. Ich liebe sein detailreiches Erzählen in "The Arrival", den

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#Dune (ꜱᴀɴꜱ ꜱᴘᴏɪʟ)
Alors que sort une nouvelle adaptation par Denis Villeneuve, je me dis que j’ai rodé les #livres et les #adaptations en tout genre.
Un #thread #découverte de ce monde exceptionnel et ses adaptations.
[Mes avis sont personnels pas universels]

Dune c’est le premier livre une série de 6 constituants le #CycleDeDune.
Cette épopée SF de Franck Herbert est l’histoire d’une dynastie au cours de plusieurs millénaires. Arakis surnommé Dune est une planète source unique d’#Epice, ressource essentielle aux déplacements spatiaux Collection Pocket Dune Franck Herbert
Thèmes abordés larges : géopolitique, colonialisme, écologie, religions, conservation des cultures minoritaire, clonage, transhumanisme …
Univers à rapprocher : Berbère, Judéo-Chrétien, Musulman, Perse, Germanique, Chinois, Grecque, Bouddhique, Afrique centrale, Slave, ...
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#Dune es una de las sagas de ciencia ficción más influyentes de todos los tiempos 🚀

Su primer libro lo publicó Frank Herbert en 1965. Hoy 56 años después, sus aficionados estamos de enhorabuena.

Y no solo por la nueva película de DUNE… ¡también por los cómics!😋
Hace unos años @DuneAuthor y @TheKJA pensaron en hacer una adaptación de #Dune ... ¡en forma de novela gráfica! 📖

Habían escrito ya varias secuelas y precuelas de DUNE pero este proyecto era difente

Con él podrían plasmar una visión mucho más personal de este universo.
Llevar al cómic los personajes, los giros de guion y los maravillosos paisajes galácticos de la obra original era un sueño.

La única condición era ser fieles a la obra original de Frank Herbert

Y así fue como nació el proyecto de DUNE: LA NOVELA GRÁFICA🙃
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¡Hoy se estrena #Dune ! La película de Denis Villeneuve basada en la obraza de Frank Herbert🎥

Nosotros ya pudimos ver la producción en su preestreno y resumimos la experiencia con un: "¡Guau!". 😱

¡Un espectáculo mesiánico como Atreides manda!😬

Hablando de DUNE👇🏼
Si salís flipados de la #DuneMovie te recomendamos la lectura de la novela gráfica de @TheKJA, @DuneAuthor, @carlotazanahori y @allenraul.

Una visión de DUNE que te enamorará. ¡Qué nos coma un gusano de arena si no es cierto!😜

📎 Lee una previa👉🏼
Y si esto te parece poco... ¡EL ARTE Y EL ALMA DE DUNE está en camino!

Un libraco con todos los detalles del proceso creativo de la película 🎬

El ARTE Y EL ALMA DE DUNE se pondrá a la venta el próximo 22/10... ¡y la preventa ya está abierta!

¡Resérvalo ya, por Arrakis!📅
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