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5 Feb
"If the Administration moves to a chained price index, by 2030, the poverty line for a family of four would be $691 lower than it would be using the existing inflation index."
-Subcommittee on Government Operations Chair @GerryConnolly
@GerryConnolly "The Administration cannot solve the nation’s poverty problem by simply lowering the dollar amount that defines poverty and claiming victory. The Administration’s efforts disregard the hardships that those experiencing poverty endure. " -Chair Connolly
@GerryConnolly "Given the critically flawed assumptions baked into the proposal, it is no surprise that OMB received over 57,000 comments and counting, most in opposition to lowering the inflation index for the Official Poverty Measure." -Chair Connolly
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25 Oct 19
Today, @USATODAY published an op-ed authored by the Staff of @RepCummings. Here is a thread of excerpts from the op-ed.

As current and former congressional staff of Chairman Elijah E. Cummings, we had the great honor and privilege of working with him for more than two decades.
Whether in a hearing room full of Members of Congress or in a quiet conversation with staff, his example motivated us to become our best selves in the service of others. He was genuine.
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24 Oct 19
#THREAD: In honor of our forever Chairman @RepCummings, we are sharing some of his most powerful moments of the 116th Congress that embody: Pain. Passion. Purpose.
One of @RepCummings’ top priorities was always the rising costs of prescription drug prices and it was his first hearing as Chairman. He told a mother, whose daughter tragically died when they could not afford the price of insulin, "you are not alone."
@RepCummings Chairman @RepCummings was a tireless champion for voting rights. During his second hearing as Chairman about #HR1, he shared that the last words from his 92-year-old mother were: “do not let them take the vote away from us.”

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29 Aug 19
BREAKING: After Committee inspections of #DHS immigration facilities found serious problems, #DHS abruptly blocked further staff visits.

@RepCummings requests #DHS provide meaningful access to the identified #ICE and #CBP facilities.

@RepCummings .#DHS testified at an @OversightDems hearing that they welcomed the Committee to visit immigration facilities and would engage in a dialogue about “improving the standards that exist.”

Last week, Committee staff conducted bipartisan site inspections of these facilities.
@RepCummings At #CBP facilities, Democratic and Republican staff heard many serious allegations.

Detainees expressed that toddlers—and even one infant—were being fed burritos rather than age-appropriate food and parents were not given a sufficient number of diapers for their children.
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15 Jul 19
“Today, the Committee was scheduled to hear testimony from #KellyanneConway, Counselor to the President, about her repeated violations of federal laws.” -Chairman @RepCummings
“This is the second time in three weeks our Committee has attempted to obtain her testimony. We invited her to appear voluntarily at a hearing on June 26, but she refused.” oversight.house.gov/news/press-rel…
“The Committee then voted to authorize a subpoena to compel her to testify here today. In defiance of that subpoena, Ms. Conway is again refusing to appear.” oversight.house.gov/news/press-rel…
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12 Jul 19
“Today, we will examine the #TrumpAdmin’s inhumane policy of separating children from their parents at the southern border.”- Chairman @RepCummings
“I use the word inhumane for a reason. Separating children from their mothers and fathers causes lasting damage that may endure for the rest of their lives.”
“The #TrumpAdmin adopted this child separation policy intentionally—purposefully—as a tactic to deter people from coming to the United States and seeking asylum.”
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11 Jun 19
“I rise in strong support of this resolution. Ladies and gentlemen, the Trump Administration is engaged in one of the most unprecedented cover-ups since Watergate.“ -Chairman @RepCummings
“And it is not just about #Russia. It is so much broader than that. This #coverup spans across numerous investigations, and it extends from the White House to multiple federal agencies of the government to completely separate outside parties.”
“Administration officials now question the fundamental basis for Congress to conduct oversight. They object to Committee rules and precedents that have been in place for decades under both Republican and Democratic leaders.”
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15 May 19
"That terrifying trauma shook Charlottesville and the nation two years ago, but did you know that it does not appear in the 2017 FBI Hate Crime Statistics Report?' -@RepRaskin
"None of the violence which took place on television before a horrified nation even made it as a statistic into our national record of hate crimes."
"Not the horrifying murder of Heather Heyer, which galvanized America against resurgent violent white supremacy, nor the at least 30 other assaults committed by the neo-Nazis and Klansmen who converged on Charlottesville."
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2 Apr 19
"This resolution relates to our investigation of the #TrumpAdministration’s decision to add a citizenship question to the census. It authorizes me to issue three subpoenas"- Chairman @RepCummings
"(1) for a deposition of John Gore, a senior official at the #DOJ; (2) for documents withheld by #DOJ; and (3) for documents withheld by the #DepartmentofCommerce."
"As we all know, last year #WilburRoss, the Secretary of Commerce, decided to add a citizenship question to the census, even though his own #CensusBureau warned that the question “harms the quality of the census count.”
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2 Apr 19
“Today, we are considering a resolution relating to the #securityclearance process at the #White House—a process that is supposed to protect our nation’s most closely guarded secrets. “ – Chairman @RepCummings
“This resolution would authorize me to issue a subpoena for the testimony of Carl Kline, who served as the White House Personnel Security Director under the #TrumpAdministration.”
“Yesterday, I sent a memo to all Committee Members providing information from a detailed, on-the-record interview with a #whistleblower who currently works in the #WhiteHouse.“
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14 Mar 19
"Today, the Committee will hear testimony from #SecretaryRoss about preparations for the #2020Census" - Chairman @RepCummings
"The Constitution requires our government to conduct a census every ten years. The Constitution also requires us to count every person."
"The latest Census begins next year, and significant challenges have been raised by the #GAO and others about whether it will be ready."
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13 Mar 19
“The Committee is holding this hearing on transparency under the Trump Administration during Sunshine Week. #Sunshine Week is the time each year when we focus on the need for greater transparency in our government.” – Chairman @RepCummings
“In 1966, Congress enacted the Freedom of Information Act #FOIA so the American people could better understand the decisions being made by their government. It is critical to understanding who is influencing those decisions and how those decisions will affect their daily lives.”
“In 2013, when I was the Ranking Member of this Committee, I worked with our Republican Chairman at the time, Representative Darrell Issa, to introduce a #FOIA reform bill.”
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27 Feb 19
"Today, the Committee will hear testimony from Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney and one of his closest and most trusted advisors over the last decade." - Chairman @RepCummings
"On August 21, Mr. Cohen appeared in federal court and admitted to arranging secret payoffs of hundreds of thousands of dollars on the eve of the election to silence women alleging affairs with #DonaldTrump. " - Chairman @RepCummings
"Mr. Cohen admitted to violating campaign finance laws and other laws.

He admitted to committing these felonies quote, “in coordination with, and at the direction of” #PresidentTrump. " - Chairman @RepCummings
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29 Jan 19
"Welcome to the first hearing of the Committee on Oversight and Reform for the 116th Congress. " - Chairman @RepCummings Opening Statement
"I know we are taking on a lot today, but I truly believe this is one of the most important issues facing our constituents, and it is one that demands immediate attention!"
"Today, we will examine the actions of #drugcompanies in raising #prescriptiondrugprices in the United States, as well as the effects of these actions on federal and state budgets and on American families."
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24 Jan 19
News Alert: Chairmen @RepCummings announces Subcommittee Chairs and Full Committee Vice Chair for the 116th Congress!
Full Release: oversight.house.gov/news/press-rel…
Congratulations to @RepStephenLynch who will serve as the Chairman of Subcommittee on National Security!
Congratulations to Rep.@GerryConnolly who will serve as the as Chairman of Subcommittee on Government Operations!
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13 Dec 18
.@GerryConnolly “Today, as one of their last acts in the majority, our Republicans are holding their latest partisan hearing to air unsubstantiated allegations against the Clinton Foundation.”
“So, let’s look at these latest allegations. On our next panel two private individuals, both Republicans will explain how they submitted a complaint to the IRS and FBI against the #Clinton Foundation.”
“They have already conceded that they are not whistle blowers. Instead, they are would-be plaintiffs in a lawsuit looking to make money.”
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2 Nov 17
BREAKING: @OversightDems File Federal Suit Against Trump Administration for Withholding Documents on #Trump Hotel. medium.com/oversightdems/…
.@RepCummings: #Trump Hotel is a glaring symbol of the Trump Administration’s lack of accountability. #UnCheckedTrump
#Trump Hotel is a daily reminder of how Republicans in Congress have failed to do their job. #UnCheckedTrump
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14 Jul 17
.@RepCummings: #POTUS #Trump - If you don’t have anything to hide – let the #TrumpRussia investigations do their job. Period.
.@RepCummings: This is not some witch-hunt. This is a fight for the soul of our democracy. #Flynn #Russia #POTUS #Trump
How many of #POTUS #Trump's advisors have been linked to #Russia? #Manafort
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