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Yesterday, the Joint Finance Committee killed a budget proposal to spend $1 million to reach hard-to-count residents about the census. Here’s why this is an irresponsible and negligent act, and why funding #2020census efforts is vital for the health and life quality of Wisconsin.
Several hundred federal assistance programs rely on data derived from the Census to guide the geographic distribution of funds to states, counties, cities, and households. In 2016 alone, Census data informed the allocation of over $12.6 Billion from 55 programs to WI residents.
Federal programs with funding distributions based on census include transportation (such as highway planning and construction) and social services programs (such as the medical assistance program, federal direct student loans, and SNAP). More here:…
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CENSUS 🤓 ALERT: The @uscensusbureau is giving #2020Census updates on data confidentiality & outreach to hard-to-count groups. Here are the agenda & slide deck links for May 2-3 public meeting of National Advisory Committee starting at 8:30 a.m. ET👇…
2. Live stream of Day 1 of National Advisory Committee’s meeting at @uscensusbureau HQ👇

@uscensusbureau 3. White people were most likely of all racial groups to respond themselves to last year's test run of #2020Census in Rhode Island's Providence County. These preliminary results are not surprising, says @uscensusbureau's Albert Fontenot.

Full slide deck👇…
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An early account of today’s arguments about a census citizenship question at SCOTUS.

I’ll thread more reaction from others as it becomes available. Also will post the transcript once it becomes available (probably a little after 12:30).

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Well, now the minority staff of the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform has gotten in the game of spreading census history that’s misleading where it’s not outright false. Mini-thread 👇#2020Census @BrennanCenter
This statement in their new report? False in many of its particulars, and dangerously misleading in its ultimate suggestions.
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📌On June 8th, Steve Engel head of the OLC at the DOJ, invited Barr to lunch after he rec’d Barr’s unsolicited memo criticizing the Mueller probe.

📌Did the WH decision to hire Barr influenced by private chats he had about his legal views on Mueller’s investigation?

📌Steve Engel served on the Trump campaign transition team and is a Kav pal.

📌McCain was the sole GOP senator to vote against confirming Engel to lead the DOJ’s OLC citing his role in the controversial torture memos under the GWB adm.

“I cannot ... vote for any nominee who in any way has supported the use of enhanced interrogation."

“Mr. Engel reviewed & commented on this memo, which attempted to justify interrogation techniques that violate the Geneva Conventions and stain our nat’l honor,”
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Only in U.S. is it controversial to have a citizenship question on the #census—one we’ve had consistently since 1820 (and census still asks it today on the annual American Community Survey):
Even the UN—the left’s favorite model institution—recommends a citizenship question in its manual on how to conduct a census.

Countries like Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico all ask. Are they problematic?
On 4/23 #SCOTUS is hearing arguments on the citizenship question for #2020Census—common sense and the Constitution say the question should be allowed.
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Growing up, my parents told me I was white. I checked white on college applications. But that was at odds w/ my life experience. As I got older, I realized my story wasn’t unique. I explored these questions of identity in my latest for @latimes… #2020census
Roughly 3 million people of Southwest Asian, Middle Eastern or North African descent live in the United States, according to an analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data by @emsimani. No county is home to more of these communities than Los Angeles, with more than 350,000:
MENA/SWANA communities have been lobbying the census to make a change for years + have asked for their own race box on the census. Many of the services people rely on are tied to funds from the census. They say being lumped under white does them a disservice.
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"Today, the Committee will hear testimony from #SecretaryRoss about preparations for the #2020Census" - Chairman @RepCummings
"The Constitution requires our government to conduct a census every ten years. The Constitution also requires us to count every person."
"The latest Census begins next year, and significant challenges have been raised by the #GAO and others about whether it will be ready."
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The top Trump official behind the #2020census #citizenshipquestion is being questioned in Congress today.

Stand by for a THREAD on the 10 am ET House @OversightDems @GOPoversight Committee hearing w Commerce @SecretaryRoss, who oversees @uscensusbureau👇…
2. I’ll be in the hearing room. How you can watch live starting at 10 a.m. ET👇

3. While we wait for hearing to start at 10 a.m. ET, an earlier thread on Commerce @SecretaryRoss' past testimony to Congress on #2020census #citizenshipquestion👇

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To understand the #2020census, there's a lot of census history & policy to digest. In case you missed my #NICAR19 panel, here are corrections to mistakes I've (almost) made in my 2 years on the #2020census reporting beat to help you sort through the noise👇
2. It is not accurate to say that the U.S. census has not asked about citizenship status since 1950👇
3. Since 1970, a sample of households have been asked about U.S. citizenship status on a smaller Census Bureau survey. It was known as the long form of the census, which was replaced by the American Community Survey after the 2000 census.
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📌Friday is the day the grand jury indictments come down!

📌Investigators looking into lawyers’ contacts with Cohen after FBI raids

📌Brennan Predicts Mueller Report, & More Indictments On Friday & added, if a DonJr is indicted Trump would likely fire him.

“This Fri is better than next Friday b/c next Fri is the 3/15, which is the Ides of March,"

“& I don't think Mueller will want to have that dramatic flair when he delivers what I think are going to be are his indictments, the final indictments as well the report."

The Trump administration’s efforts to fast track transfer of nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia enjoyed the assistance of a lobbying firm Prime Policy Group (PPG), that represented Ukraine’s then pro-Russian government. #Manafort #Stone #Black
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BREAKING: A second federal judge has issued an order to block Trump administration plans to include a #citizenshipquestion on the #2020census.

U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg of California rules adding question was unconstitutional & a violation of administrative law👇
2. The #citizenshipquestion has already been halted by an earlier ruling by a judge in New York. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hold a hearing about New York ruling on April 23. This latest ruling out of California will likely be appealed to #SCOTUS👇…
3. What's significant about this latest #citizenshipquestion lawsuit ruling out of California is that by finding the Trump administration's decision to add question to be unconstitutional, it covers legal ground not touched by the NY ruling by U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman.
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BREAKING: Federal judge in California grants sweeping 126-page ruling blocking citizenship question from the #2020Census.

Background from @CourthouseNews:…
"In short, the inclusion of the citizenship question on the 2020 Census threatens the very foundation of our democratic system—and does so based on a self-defeating rationale." U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg

The ruling is here:…
Notably, unlike Judge Furman's ruling in New York, Judge Seeborg found the citizenship question unconstitutional in defiance of the Enumeration Clause.

It's a far more sweeping victory for the challengers.
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ICYMI, just checking off the “White” and/or “Black” boxes won’t be enough to answer the race question on the #2020census👇
The #2020census is going to ask white people in the U.S. where they're really from👇…
"We can't just be black as African-Americans. We are black from Africa. We are black from the Caribbean. We're black from everywhere," says Niat Amare of @AfricanServices Committee in New York City.…
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Meanwhile, there's a very good chance that, later today, #SCOTUS will grant the Solicitor General's petition for "certiorari before judgment" in the #2020Census case—and set the (expedited) case for an expedited merits hearing.

It'll be the first such grant since August 2, 2004.
"Cert. before judgment" (bypassing a court of appeals) is only appropriate "upon a showing that the case is of such imperative public importance as to justify deviation from normal appellate practice and to require immediate determination in this Court."…
Here, the "imperative public importance" is the timing of finalizing the Census by June. That said, a grant of cert. before judgment is not necessarily a sign that the Solicitor General is going to win; it's just an (appropriate) sign that the Justices understand the urgency.
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A federal judge ruled in favor of Trump admin to ask #2020Census respondents if they are US citizens. Big blow to the Libturds!
A 2nd source here...not much coverage, wonder why? LOL…
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BREAKING: Judge rules against Trump admin plans to add #citizenshipquestion to #2020census, setting up a likely Supreme Court fight. A win for plaintiffs represented by @NewYorkStateAG @ACLU @NYCLU @arnoldporter, ruling is expected to be appealed to 2nd Circuit by @TheJusticeDept
@NewYorkStateAG @ACLU @NYCLU @arnoldporter @TheJusticeDept 2. Here's the full opinion by U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman against the Trump administration's plans to add a #citizenshipquestion to the #2020census👇…
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BREAKING: HUGE win in #2020Census citizenship question case. The Court says Secretary Ross violated federal law in attempting to add a citizenship question to the #2020Census and enjoins him from adding the question. 1/x
Powerful words from Judge Furman in holding that addition of citizenship question to #2020Census is unlawful: "Secretary Ross violated the law. And . . . [he] violated the public trust." 2/x
At the very outset of his opinion, Judge Furman makes clear just how important this case is: "Given the stakes, the interest in an accurate count is immense. Even small deviations from an accurate count can have major implications . . . for the country as a whole." 3/x
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BREAKING: Judge Furman blocks the citizenship question to the #2020Census on the grounds that it violated the Administrative Procedure Act.
"The Court’s Opinion is, to put it mildly, long."

No kidding. It runs 277 pages.
Tl;dr: "Secretary Ross violated the public trust."

Story coming, and I'll make the ruling available as soon as it's uploaded. Here's an important passage of it.
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NEW: Fresh on the job as @NewYorkStateAG, Letitia James reminds Judge Furman that an order staying civil litigation during the shutdown doesn't apply to the #2020Census case.

It applies only to SDNY, not Main Justice, which has this case.

Here's her two-page letter:…
That was quick.

Judge Furman strikes order staying #2020Census case as entered in error on the docket and inapplicable, for the same reasons AG James stated.

Now, we wait for the ruling.
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Closing arguments in the #2020census case are about to begin.

Watch my feed for updates on the hearing and my coverage on @CourthouseNews.
Judge Furman has entered the courtroom. The attorneys introduce themselves.

“Some of you tried hard not to be there, but welcome back nonetheless,” Furman says, in a veiled swipe to the government’s bids to stop the trial.
Matthew Coangelo starts arguments for @NewYorkStateAG by contrasting an “ordinary case” and this one.

* Secretary’s decision “whitewashes” the reason for the change.
* Decision contradicted by subject matter experts
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BREAKING: Judge Furman skewers @TheJusticeDept's "latest and strangest effort" to "halt the orderly progress of this litigation," in their flurry of attempts to pause the #2020census case.

Here's how the latest benchslap begins.
"What makes the motion most puzzling, if not sanctionable, is that they sought and were denied virtually the same relief only weeks ago — from this Court, from the Second Circuit, and from the Supreme Court itself."

A Sisyphean effort, Furman suggests in passage below.
Furman notes the DOJ didn't allege harm in letting the trial run its course.

"That is for good reason, as the notion that they — or anyone else — would suffer 'irreparable harm' without a stay is laughable," he wrote.

Read the whole scathing thing here:…
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NEW: The government renewed its bid to stay the #2020Census case until the Supreme Court takes up the matter in February 2019.

Judge Furman witheringly shot down their last attempt.


Reminder: Only two of the nine justices - Gorsuch and Thomas - signed onto a dissent calling to block extra-record discovery in the case.

Even Kavanaugh didn't go that far. The majority's order limited the matter to temporarily blocking Wilbur Ross's deposition.
Analysis: Census is supposed to go to print by June 2019.

It’s in the DOJ’s best interest to gum up the gears of justice to preempt a ruling blocking the government’s addition of a citizenship question before then - even with longshot motions resoundingly rejected last time.
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NEW: Internal Trump admin email shows @TheJusticeDept discussing the possibility of changing current legal protections that keep census info confidential & that sharing individuals' responses w law enforcement, national security officers may "come up later for renewed debate"👇
2. This June 12 email to acting civil rights division head, John Gore, from his then-chief of staff Ben Aguiñaga was filed Friday w San Francisco fed court by @AClaudeCase, one of #2020census #citizenshipquestion lawsuit plaintiffs' attys w @manatt @LawyersComm @PublicCounsel.
3. Issue came up after @RepJimmyGomez, D-Calif., asked if @TheJusticeDept under Trump administration agrees w this 2010 Obama-era DOJ memo confirming the Patriot Act could not force @CommerceGov secretary to release individuals' confidential census info👇…
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