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🚨 BREAKING 🚨: Today, Chair @RepMaloney released a memo detailing new findings from @OversightDems' investigation into the Trump Administration’s illegal efforts to add a citizenship question to the #2020Census.…
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.@uscensusbureau writes: " #2020Census data show the US population is much more #multiracial and more diverse than in the past"
What REALLY happend = 2020 survey Q? change. New fill-in-blank Q?s on ancestry/origins. If your ancestries span >1 continent 👉🏽 you are multiracial
I am stating simply bc twitter= not much exposition space...
#2020Census introduced new fill-in-blank Q?s on ancestry/origins. If your ancestries span >1 continent then👉🏽 @uscensusbureau's new processing regime possibly considers you "multiracial".
My critique of this... (2/n)
My critique of this: USCB's crosswalk equivalency* of: ancestry👉🏽race is an extreme conflation of sociology concepts. They overthrow the usual notions of (a) race= how you choose identify (#nope); and (b) race = how society or your community see you (also #nope) (3/n)
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Louisiana voters supported by NRAF have filed a lawsuit challenging the state's malapportioned congressional map after a legislative deadlock.

In other words, the LA Legislature has failed to pass a fair congressional map—and LA voters are making sure that’s done.
#2020Census showed that Louisiana's congressional districts are no longer balanced to meet the federal “one-person, one-vote” requirement which requires congressional districts to have substantially equal populations.
So, Louisiana voters are asking a state court to establish a process to ensure that a new congressional map is in place ahead of the 2022 elections this fall that reflects the state’s population changes and creates fair districts composed of a roughly equal number of people.
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Quality of the #2020Census data -- a session on race and ethnicity coding.

Census follows the OMB 1997 standards, does not set the standards: 2 categories of ethnicity, 5 categories for race (AIAN, Asian, Black/AA, Native American/Pacific Islander, White) + "some other race"
The race and ethnicity questions help understand how people self-identify, so research into these is necessary to understand how the U.S. population evolves (more multiracial, more diverse than measured in the past)
There were some proposals to start offering "Middle Eastern / North African" (MENA), but they did not make it to the #2020Census.
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🚨 #ncpol Reminder: the #2020Census release has legislative boundaries that do NOT align with NC's current districts. We used crosswalks from @nhgis to make files for:
- NC congressional districts
- NC House
- NC Senate

Download at…
For detail on how we did it, see: "Step 2"…
Stata code available for download here:…
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Largest population losses in NC counties:
Robeson: -17,638
Duplin: -9,790
Edgecombe: -7,652
Columbus: -7,475
Halifax: -6,069
Because of changes to #2020Census questionnaire, may see some declines in population identifying as a single racial group ("alone"), but see growth in groups "in combination" (more multiracial identification)
Can't do an exact comparison to 2010 for race/ethnicity -- advise caution -- because of changes in questionnaire and how responses were coded. #Census2020
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#HappeningNow: Watch today’s 1PM ET news conference for the #2020Census redistricting data release on Census Live. Tune in now or follow this thread as we live tweet some of the results.

“The data we are releasing today meet our high data quality standards, and I am proud to present them to the American public.” – Acting Director Dr. Ron Jarmin
“This past decade’s 7.4% population increase was lower than the previous decade’s 9.7% increase and was, in fact, the second lowest percent increase ever. Only the 1930s had slower growth.” – Marc Perry, Senior Demographer, Population Division
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Disclosure Avoidance for the #2020Census...
Yes. It's rly dense material. Let me summarize it for you:
Good news! but also bad news.
Here's my thread...
First, some recap: #DifferentialPrivacy is process that Census chose to distort #2020Census data tables. DP adds "random noise" to (actual) pop counts 👉🏽They do this to frustrate any1 who'd want to "sudoku solve" the age, race, & who's-related-to-who... in your neighborhood. 2/7
The GOOD news: Setting the data accuracy "budget" higher (announced in June) allows Census more accuracy (better than prev'ly discussed) for most counties & cities (all but the smallest). And almost-OK accuracy for other geogs of concern (AIAN areas, lege districts). 3/7
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My office stood up to the Trump administration every time it tried to trample the rights of New Yorkers and Americans across the country. 
We worked tirelessly to challenge this administration's illegal attacks — and we successfully stopped some of its most dangerous ones.
We successfully:

✅Protected #DACA and the right of #Dreamers to live here.

✅Preserved the integrity of the #2020Census & stopped the citizenship question.

✅Defended access to the Trusted Traveler Program.

✅Guarded the health coverage of millions who depend on the #ACA.
➡️Took dozens of legal actions to protect the environment, including over 70 actions in 2020 alone.

➡️Stopped attacks on the #USPS and attempts to undermine our election. 
➡️Protected women’s constitutional right to an abortion and reproductive care.

and so much more.
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🚨 BREAKING CENSUS NEWS: The Trump administration pledges it will stand down on reporting #2020Census numbers—including, but not limited to, citizenship numbers—in a significant victory for our lawsuit challenging the rushed count. 🧵👇 @BrennanCenter
The “we”: the relentless coalition of @BrennanCenter @LawyersComm @lathamwatkins @NatUrbanLeague @LWV @BAJItweet @NAACP @CityAttorneyLA @sliccardo @Chicago @CountyofLA @GRIC_Official and the Navajo Nation, who have been fighting, 24/7, since the summer on this case.
The basic details…
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1/ If ever there was a year to celebrate our wins, 2020 is definitely it! 🧵
First up: Construction finished on our latest affordable development of 46 affordable homes for low-income elderly families!
2/ The opening of O’Connor Way also creates two new employment opportunities on our property management staff. Take a sneak-peek photo tour of the building here:…
3/ This year we organized the South Boston Neighborhood Aid Network to provide emergency help to residents in need + connect them with local service providers for ongoing assistance.
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Based on the new population projections released by Census Bureau today, New York would lose two congressional districts rather than one - but we will have to see how numbers from a very unusual census bear out. #fairmaps #2020Census
Based on today’s estimates, CA, IL, MI, MN, OH, PA, RI, WV all would lose a congressional seat (in line with what has been expected for some time).

AL would keep its current seven seats, but just barely (6210 fewer people and it would lose a seat). #fairmaps
AZ, CO, MT (just barely), NC, OR, would all gain a congressional seat. Florida would gain two and Texas would gain three. #fairmaps
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❗️BREAKING SCOTUS has announced it will take a wait-and-see approach to Trump’s proposal to manipulate the #2020Census results by excluding undocumented people. In short: Big gamble, wrong on the law, VERY bad policy.

Unpacking this new development in the 🧵👇 @BrennanCenter
The full Exclusion Memorandum Opinion is here:…
Back in July, President Trump issued a Presidential Memorandum—known as the “Exclusion Memo”--stating that it would now be US policy to exclude undocumented people from the census head count used to divvy up seats in the US House.…
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BREAKING: The Supreme Court has overturned a lower court ruling on Trump’s census memo, leaving open the possibility for Trump to try to exclude some unauthorized immigrants from a key count that shapes the next Electoral College map…
2. Here's my write-up with @NinaTotenberg on what the Supreme Court's ruling in the census case means:…
@NinaTotenberg 3. FWIW, @LeahLitman predicted that the Supreme Court would punt on the census apportionment case after a lower court did the same thing in the D.C.-based lawsuit over Trump's memo because it found the case "not ripe for review"…
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NEW: The Census Bureau — using government records and not the #2020Census results — estimates that the U.S. population as of April 1 was somewhere within the range of 330.7 million to 335.5 million people Low: 330,730,000; Middle: 332,601,000; High: 335,514,000
2. The U.S. population may have grown by as much as 8.7% since 2010, according to the Census Bureau's Demographic Analysis estimates based on gov't records.

My write-up on what these estimates mean for the #2020Census results, which are *not* out yet:…
3. People who died from COVID-19 before Census Day (April 1) were taken into account when the bureau worked on these estimates, said Eric Jensen, the bureau's senior technical expert for Demographic Analysis.
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NEW: The Trump administration has filed an emergency request asking a federal court to reconsider or put a hold on an order for the release of internal #2020Census documents by Dec. 14 in the Nat'l Urban League-led lawsuit over the admin's schedule changes… PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Def...
2. Trump admin signals it may make an emergency request to the Supreme Court to block the lower court's order for the #2020Census document release. Admin says it does not have enough time to fully review and redact the documents the lower court has ordered for release by Dec. 14. Given the exigencies of the...
3. It's worth noting that in that lower court ruling, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh noted that the Trump administration has had months to gather many of these documents and that "time is of the essence" now bc evidence gathering for this case ends on Jan. 7
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Why "small" numbers can have a big impact when you're talking about the census:

After the 2010 census, North Carolina lost the last seat in Congress to Minnesota because of a difference of nearly 15,800 people.

After 2000, Utah lost to North Carolina because of 856 people.
2. So, after leaked documents revealed "processing anomalies" affecting more than 1,000,000 records for the #2020Census around the country, why did the Census Bureau's statement emphasize that these anomalies "affect less than seven-tenths of one percent of records"? As the Director and senior ...
3. In 2010, then-Census Bureau Director Robert Groves called the 15.8K difference between North Carolina and Minnesota "the largest discrepancy in half a century," according to the bureau's official transcript:… The next state in line was,...
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NEW: There are a number of open questions about #2020Census data quality raised in the @USGAO's latest report on the potential impact of COVID-19, plus the Trump administration's last-minute schedule changes that cut short counting and processing time…
@USGAO 2. COVID-19 forced delay of the count of people experiencing homelessness, which could result in misrepresenting where these populations were living on Census Day (4/1). @USGAO says bureau has not explained how it plans to document how that could impact data products' accuracy. The Bureau told us that the...
@USGAO 3. The #2020Census door-knocking in August into early September was conducted under Trump administration pressure to finish counting early using pay bonuses to field workers and other procedures that were not tested beforehand, so how they could affect data quality is unknown. By early September, the tim...
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NEW: Leaked documents obtained by House @OversightDems confirm President Trump’s attempt to alter a key #2020Census count may be undermined by inconvenient timing regardless of how #SCOTUS rules, but data release dates appear to be edging closer to Jan. 20…
@OversightDems 2. Pay attention: Census Bureau's projected delivery dates for the #2020Census count Trump wants to alter appear to be creeping closer to Jan. 20, meaning apportionment could happen under Trump.

L: from Nov. 19 (…)
R: from Nov. 27 (…) 1/26/211/23/21
@OversightDems 3. A big factor for the timing of congressional apportionment process: whether or not the Census Bureau uncovers more "processing anomalies" it needs to fix over next few weeks, which could delay schedule more. From page 7 of leaked Nov. 19 slide deck (…): If new anomalies are identi...
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Time for oral argument in the case challenging the Trump administration’s attempt to exclude undocumented immigrants from the apportionment base. #2020Census
Roberts starts off by noting that SCOTUS expedited the case based on the understanding that a decision was needed by 12/31 to enable the Census Bureau to meet statutory deadlines. Asks if that deadline is still operative. #2020Census
Acting SG Jeffrey Wall says the Census Bureau is not on track to meet 12/31 deadline because of delays but holds out the possibility that some data might be available in January (i.e., before Biden takes office). #2020Census
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Supreme Court arguments over #2020census results starting now. Administration starts out arguing to toss the case rather than rule now.
Chief Justice Roberts jumps in with first question about the deadline. SG says they're not currently on pace to meet the end of year deadline.
SG Wall says the Commerce Department may still be able to get information to the president in January (possibly before Biden takes over on Jan. 20)
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Today, we're going to the Supreme Court to continue our challenge against President Trump's attempt to politicize the #2020Census and exclude undocumented immigrants from the congressional apportionment.

We won't allow this president to put politics above the law.
Hoy, vamos a la Corte Suprema para continuar nuestro desafío contra el intento del presidente Trump de politizar el #Censo2020 y excluir a los inmigrantes indocumentados del reparto del Congreso.

No permitiremos que este presidente ponga la política por encima de la ley.
The Constitution & Census Act are crystal clear — every person residing in the US during the census, regardless of legal status, must be counted.

The president is trying to politicize the census to deny immigrant-rich states, like New York, our fair representation in Congress.
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Census Bureau officials say that the Bureau will not be able to get apportionment numbers to the President until at least January 26 - and possibly later. #2020Census #fairmaps…
A second effect of this: It would mean that the block-level data needed for redistricting won’t come out until later as well (normally it’s delivered to states mid-Feb to March 31). That will delay redistricting in many states. #2020Census #fairmaps 2/
Census Bureau Director Steve Dillingham’s statement today about the discovery of anomalies while processing census data. #2020Census #fairmaps 3/…
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Now that Trump lost, I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane, look in my files, and find all the op-eds @CommonCause wrote & placed about ethical failures & corruption in the Trump administration and campaign over the last four years. I found ‼️44‼️ of them.

Let's review...
1. @KHobertFlynn was quick out of the gate to explain why @jeffsessions was a bad & dangerous Attorney General pick in @usnews:…

2. Cheri Quickmire of Common Cause CT had similar things to say:…
3. Then there was the question of what role Sessions played in Trump's racist immigration ban:…

4. Common Cause KY went after McConnell's opposition to a commission to investigate Trump's Russia ties & influence in the 2016 election…
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