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28 Oct
The community has repeatedly and consistently demanded cuts to PPB. But as other city services have been slashed, Portland continues to fund the unaccountable cops attacking us in the streets.

It is long past time to actually listen to community demands.
Extremely nervous about where things are at now...

Fitting that @AmandaFritzRN may once again utterly ignore the will of the people as her time on council comes to a close:

Lol just heard someone open testimony with a "Fuck you Ted Wheeler". Nice

Big mood
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28 Oct
So the PNW Community Action Network received an email from sweatyigloo@protonmail.com, so let's be crystal clear that Boogaloo leeches are 100% unwelcome at our events.

Accelerationist chuds in Hawaiian shirts fantadizing about civil war not welcome (a short thread)

Being anti-state or anti-police does not mean we share fundamental values.

We aren't on the same page and we will not allow Boogs to latch onto movement work when they are not remotely in solidarity with said movements.

It is such a gross thing that these pathetic actors try to use #BlackLivesMatter demonstrations or other movement-oriented mobilizations to try to grasp at some legitimacy.

No. Not welcome. GTFO

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18 Oct
Not even outside the intro yet and we had to take a sec to encourage y'all to read @chick_in_kiev's incredible new book: Culture Warlords.

6 pages in and Talia Lavin is already powerfully capturing why uncompromising antifascist work is so essential From Culture Warlords:  [But the effect of these ideas when
One critical point she makes early on... those on the far-right are not exceptional. They do not represent some special evil. They are just people.

This is why we must not give these ideologies any space; for they will use it to spread.

Shut. It. Down.
Also appreciate the honesty from Lavin about the rage & hate this work has surfaced for her.

Another liberal myth to quash... not all hate is the same. Not all hate is bad. Sometimes it is a natural & motivating response to bigotry and violence that must be smashed to bits
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31 Aug
Day 1 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

We are collaborating with Spencer Sunshine (@transform6789) to release this resource for practical ways to engage in this critical moment

To fight fascism, we must first understand fascism!


#40DaysOfAntifascism An overhead illustration of...
Day 2 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

2. Find collaborators

We can only do this work together! Sharing notes, checking work, avoiding duplicate efforts & supporting each other during these difficult times is critical!


#40DaysOfAntifascism Protesters standing togethe...
Day 3 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

3. Keep an eye on the local far-right

A critical part of antifascist work is keeping tabs on far-right figures. Knowing where they are & what they're planning is key to community defense

#40DaysOfAntifascism A pair of giant binoculars ...
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30 Aug
Tensions are rising as Trump supporters thought it was wise to attempt a multi-hundred vehicle caravan through the streets of Portland creating a traffic jam and riling local residents. Predictably, they've turned to assaulting Portland residents. Tonight's gonna be a long one.
Deleted the photo just posted of the gunshot victim from above due to there being too much visibility of the victim's face. We will post more as more information comes out.

This was predictable.
This was preventable.

The most aggravating thing about it is that we all know that.
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11 Aug
Critical follow up from @_jlevinson and @MrOlmos regarding the alleged pipe bomb attacker Garrick Fernbaugh:


Former Red Frog partner Shannon Monihan has confirmed that video from @_WhatRiot indeed shows Fernbaugh

Def worth nothing that Shannon Monihan and Red Frog want nothing to do with Garrick Fernbaugh at this point... [Fernbaugh was a brand ambassador for Red Frog Team, a femal
Monihan confirms that Fernbaugh is indeed the person in @_WhatRiot's video. We have also received confirmed reports coming from other individuals close to Fernbaugh that it is him in this video [At OPB’s request, Monihan reviewed the video of the momen
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8 Aug
We aren't leaders, but we are momentum experts.
The momentum is back!
Dang PDX, you beautiful honeybees, let's go!
PPB: bUt WhY WoUlD tHeSe vIoLenT aNaRchisTs bRinG sHieLdS if NoT fOR tHe CRIMEZ?!

*ahem... exhibit 141727 of 8172549*

Our new favorite absurdist art project: the creative rapscallion on the faux LRAD relentlessly heckling PPB

(not all heroes wear capes)

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18 Jul
Day 50 of the PDX Uprising!
Did you know 50 is the "golden" anniversary?
Nightly thread starts here!
Before we start tonight (cuz we're not actually out yet) let's talk about tomorrow 7/18:
Called for by a bunch of groups including @PNWYLF and @RisingPDX and @DirectActionPDX and Femmes Strike Back.
Peninsula Park
Of course you'll be in a mask!
@alyssapariah about to speak at Peninsula Park Fridays4Freedom event!
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8 Jul
To begin with, we believe in a diversity of tactics. The following reflections and tips are just a modest contribution to the ongoing conversation about safety, strategy, and how we can collectively be most effective. So here goes...

1. The feds are lashing the fuck out
2. They believe the outrageous misinformation about protesters and leftists
3. They don't appear to care how local police are seen and they will do what they have to to keep protesters away from federal property

4. They'll escalate rapidly if they think their lives are in danger (because of #2), and they will not bat an eye about it
5. there are other locations for protesting police brutality and state repression that are not the justice center and are nowhere near federal property

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1 Jul
Portland police just released tear gas or smoke into a crowd and an occupied trimet bus.
Hearing it's smoke and pepperspray. Both have no place on our streets or busses. It seems like the union hall is a sensitive spot for the police. That escalated extremely fast.
This is the thread for tonight now. Our folks on the ground didn't sign up to send us messages though so this isn't going to be a complete account.
Police are escalating on Lombard. The crowd is strong! People in apartment buildings nearby are cheering the protest.
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22 Jun
If you've ever googled your name and seen filthy digital doxx sites like whitepages.com show your name, address, phone number, email, family members, etc, this thread is for you...

Fuck these sites, but there are ways to fight back

Folks are trolling Multnomah County inmate search and using legal name as a starting point to doxx and harass folks. There are a variety of steps to take here for privacy...

First, know that these sites scrape from things like USPS, voter registration, property listings, etc
First step is to guard your fundamental info... consider a PO box or UPS "permanent address" box and use it everywhere. If the zip is the same as your physical addr, this permanent addr can even be used for voter registration.

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13 Mar
🚨PDX Resource List!🚨

Please put local resources 👇 in the replies! (We'll start!)

Let's take care of each other. #WeGotThisPDX
The Oregon Food Bank has a map with places that give out meals, groceries, and other necessities. oregonfoodbank.org/find-help/find…
.@laughingplanet is giving free meals to kids who qualify for meals at school
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2 Nov 19
THREAD: We need your help! An extremist event organized by The Walkaway Campaign (Brandon Straka and Dinesh D'Souza) is scheduled for Tuesday, November 5th, at the Melody Event Center in SE Portland. 1/10 #WalkAwayFromPDX
Over the last week, we’ve repeatedly reached out to the Melody Event Center directly over the phone as well as through email, Instagram, and Facebook. They have made it clear they have no intention of canceling this event. In fact, they hung up on us yesterday. 2/10
This event will be used to unite local, violent far-right activists as well as fascist groups with larger national networks.

This is exacly the type of event that brought us Unite the Right, the infamous 2017 rally that resulted in the murder of Heather Heyer. 3/10
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13 Sep 19
Short thread: A number of you have asked us what we're doing this weekend. For us this weekend is about community support and ongoing #EverydayAntifascist work.
Like many of you, many of us will be #AUnitedFront at the Timbers game on Sunday. The #EverydayAntifascist work the @timbersarmy has been doing with other clubs in the MLS is absolutely inspiring: wweek.com/news/2019/09/1…
But we're also going be doing a lot of reading and sharing articles, funny comics, and ideas for antifascist things you can do between actions. Because, while getting out in the street is a very important part of antifascist work, it's not the only antifascist work to be done.
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