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I see one #NYCFC supporters section regular here at today’s fascist rally, who’s welcomed by @templados12 , a supporters group to which @NYCFCHelp gives the benefits of official status.

2 regulars were at Charlottesville, including this guy.

Past time something is done about it
For the record, it’s fascist activist Gabe Brown, a regular in the #NYCFC supporters section and half the far right rallies on the east coast . Bout time the people welcoming him, and the club that gives their supporters group official status, clean up their own mess
Here’s Gabe at Charlottesville. Behind him, marked in blue, is the neo-Nazi who murdered Heather Heyer. Here he also is w the fascist skinheads welcomed in the @nycfc supporters section until I & others publicly shamed the club into banning (some of) them. Some are still welcomed
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Hi @MLS!

You’ve found yourself in a real situation, haven’t you? It must be difficult. You have supporters’ group with Anti-facist/Anti-racist “Antifa” flags, and you don’t want to upset the supporters of your teams that might find that offensive.
@MLS I don’t blame you, entirely. Our current president and his administration have normalized racism, facism, and white supremacy. He said that at a Nazi rally in Charlottesville there were fine people on both sides. This is just one small example.
@MLS People of color are being attacked and killed, locked up in cages, made to feel afraid, etc. And there are many of us that find this rhetoric and his and his followers actions unacceptable, so we’ve decided to show that we will not stand for it.
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Short thread: A number of you have asked us what we're doing this weekend. For us this weekend is about community support and ongoing #EverydayAntifascist work.
Like many of you, many of us will be #AUnitedFront at the Timbers game on Sunday. The #EverydayAntifascist work the @timbersarmy has been doing with other clubs in the MLS is absolutely inspiring:…
But we're also going be doing a lot of reading and sharing articles, funny comics, and ideas for antifascist things you can do between actions. Because, while getting out in the street is a very important part of antifascist work, it's not the only antifascist work to be done.
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Regarding negotiations between SGs and @MLS, which may or may not just be an effort to buy time and draw out a response:

”every people deserves the regime they are willing to endure”

SGs should not concede regarding these issues. In this instance SGs have the moral high ground.
If there is not a better plan determined and communicated by SG leaderships around MLS, the SGs should walk out of the stadiums at the 33rd minute. Upon leaving, go to local pubs. Support local businesses. #AUnitedFront #walkout33
By being present at the beginning of the match, GA seats are filled, creating greater impact when the SG walks out en masse
Pop smoke at the stroke of 33rd minute. Drummers leave. Capos leave. SG leaves. Non-participants will trickle down, but the section will be empty #walkout33
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For those around #ProRelforUSA #AUnitedFront #ReformUSSF

The concerns about MLS owners & USSF, etc. favoring (white supremacist) fascists and European Christian right politics are unfortunately more valid than many had thought it was.

There are reasons why it's the case structurally. Some of it has to do with single entity structure but there are broader things that take from the sports business concentration issue (and monopoly in general).
The first is that with some failures in the last major anti-monopoly push (and the only modern one that worked), pro sports promotions were able to use market power to sting competitors in their own sports (or force mergers).
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#AUnitedFront The fight with MLS over the inclusion of the word “political” in the Code of Conduct has drawn a lot of attention. While we’ve recently focused on the banning of the Iron Front symbol, in reality the issue is much larger and potentially more insidious. (thread)
#AUnitedFront The word “political” is inherently arbitrary, and our fear has always been it will be used to ban other ideas — especially in a league where some clubs have refused to acknowledge Pride nights and where calling for an end to gun violence can be deemed “political.”
#AUnitedFront We wanted to take an opportunity to reflect on some of our work over the past few years. How many of these could potentially be considered “political” under today’s intepretation of the Code of Conduct?
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"...and the hits keep coming..." FCC's owner Linder was also an early supporter of "Citizens for Community Values" a group which sought to deny a transgender teen hormone treatment. (1/2)… #AUnitedFront
FYI as a former transgender teen who got hormone treatment, this is unconscionable. as a young transgender woman, my life would have been considerably different had i not had hormone treatment at a pivotal age. FCC's onwer is garbage. Pure utter hate. #AUnitedFront.
and by "considerably different" there is a good chance i wouldn't be here to write this now as i would quite possibly have committed suicide rather than go without treatment. that's how bad my gender dysphoria was back then.carl linder iii is one & the same as trump #AUnitedFront
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Back to putting MLS owner's political actions on blast for all the world to see. Remember when the video of Donald Trump saying he grabs women's genitalia surfaced? Well FC Cincinnati owner Carl Linder III gave money to 2 Trump super-PACs right after. (1/6) #AUnitedFront
According to this BizJournal article:… as well as the Federal Elections Commission FCC's owner gave to "Keep America Number 1" & "Future45" (2/6) #AUnitedFront
"Keep America Number 1" responded to the "grab 'em by the pussy" tape with the following statement: " "We are completely indifferent to Mr. Trump's locker room braggadocio." FCC's owner gave them $50,000 after that tape surfaced (3/6). #AUnitedFront
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#AUnitedFront For those of you who are new to the story and are wondering: what's the deal with the iron front flag?How did we get here? Here is a brief history. (Thread)
#AUnitedFront As a supporter group, the TA has been anti-fascist since well before the Timbers were in MLS. Our history has long been one of inclusion and anti-discrimination.
#AUnitedFront We have had anti-fascist banners, signs and symbols in the stands since USL days. Our clubhouse is named the Fanladen in a conscious nod to @fcstpauli, another explicitly anti-fascist club in Germany.
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