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Dec 1, 2021 28 tweets 12 min read
How do you file your @IncomeTaxIndia returns in India without @UIDAI, when you live abroad? It's a saga, and like all good stories, there are several back-stories.
We are in December 2021.
So here is a year-end saga from January 2021 🧵 In Dec 2020, I suddenly remembered I had to file my taxes. Contacted my kind CA. Obviously, instead of partying in pajamas, I was working on my income-expense document. Thankfully, the date was extended to Jan 10, 2021. That's how my first blessing for the New Year went to my CA.
May 11, 2021 9 tweets 4 min read
Yesterday, my Maa—a Hindu woman who fasted every Tues "for Ganpati" all thru her 32 yrs of marriage, until Papa passed away—observed her one day of #Ramzan fast, for the 16th consecutive year.

She put to use her food photography skills—learnt over many shouting matches with me— ...neatly arranging her #Iftar spread to share pix with her Muslim friends.

She began teaching at a kindergarten school in a predominantly Muslim + Punjabi neighborhood (Kurla), when I was in high school. Her colleagues fasted.
She joined them, on what she learnt as the most...
Aug 6, 2019 9 tweets 4 min read
Dear @rpfwr1 while this man might have broken rules, here are few Qs:
Are there ambulances outside every railway stn?
How long would it have taken for a stretcher to fetch this woman in labour?
How many personnel have been trained to handle critical situations on rly platforms? Let me tell you how ill equipped authorities are to handle such situations on rly platforms:
A man once fell under a train. Nobody knew what to do. Because I had undergone #FirstAid training, I checked for his vital stats, under the train.
It was 15mins before authorities came.