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11 Jul 20
1/2 Although the ZanuPF propaganda is that a hard lockdown is being considered to combat the spike in #coronavirus infections, police special training to arrest unrest, stopped in March due to #COVID19, is being hurriedly resumed next week to contain

#ZanupfMustGo ImageImageImageImage
2/2 The hurried resumption of the special training at Shamva Battle Camp to deal with #31July2020, has caused consternation among @PoliceZimbabwe ranks. Officers don't want the training & are unhappy they must carry cutlery, bedding, water buckets & toiletries!

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11 Jul 20
1/4 As momentum gathers for the people's #31July2020 action to restore constitutionalism & recover the economy to save Zimbabwean lives & livelihoods, the jittery regime is mobilising @PoliceZimbabwe to train officers in brutality. Below is an example in Bulawayo!
2/4 The best legal way is to exercise your ss 58, 59 & 61 rights in your area. Take Glen Norah A, B & C in Harare. They have one police station with 21 officers. If Glen Norah demonstrations & sit-ins are at its shops & offices, the 21 officers can't use brutality!
3/4 Another Harare example is Waterfalls. It encompasses Parktown, Zindoga & Mainway Meadows; all with one police station that has less than 30 officers & no cars. If Waterfalls residents demonstrate at shops & sit-in at public offices there, 30 #ZRPs won't manage!
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26 Jun 20
1/24 CRISIS IN ZIMBABWE: why ZanuPF must go

Initially I had intended this to be an article. But concerns shared with me via DM about downloading issues, and the convenience of a focused and tweet-specific duscussion & debate, persuaded me to do a thread, as I have done before!
2/24 While some may see ZanuPF as a political party, it has never been one. I did not have this view before 2000, but since then I have come to understand that ZanuPF is a system or culture steeped in the military; with a tainted history, a troubled present, with no future!
3/24 The fact that ZanuPF is not, and I would say has never been, a political party, in the traditional sense of the term, has far reaching implications on why it must go. Before developing this further, some preliminaries on important assumptions underlying this intervention!
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25 Jun 20
1/9 Congratulations to Malawi's Tonse Alliance for winning the presidential election & to Malawians for once again expressing their will which will undoubtedly count, this time. Clearly nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. There are huge lessons for Zimbabwe from Malawi!
2/9 Four factors explain how Malawians reversed the 2019 theft of the presidential election:
*Opposition unity;
*United support for the opposition by a cross section of Malawian voices;
*A transparent, fearless & independent judiciary; and
*A professional & apolitical military!
3/9 In Malawi's election, the military was with the people & the law; in Zim's election the military was against the people & the law. General Sibanda was right two days ago about the corruption of some bosses, but the most cancerous corruption in Zim is having a ZanuPF military!
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10 Apr 20
1/4 "How Mike Auret tried to stop Gukurahundi as Mugabe went on a rampage against Ndebeles"
By @DumisaniMuleya

This obituary by Dumisani Muleya on Auret who died on Good Friday is a must read. It dispels ZanuPF myths & lies about #gukurahundi!

2/4 "Edison Zvobgo secretly told (Cephas) Msipa after the (#ZanuPF Central Committee) meeting (held in Harare on 31 December 1982): the decision was simply that let's massacre Ndebeles".
3/4 "Mugabe, who had denounced the bishops after their unrelenting pressure as "sanctimonious prelates" and "foreign agents", had also indicated in one of their meetings that the Ndebeles were resisting his rule because they didn't want to be ruled by a Shona leader".
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30 Mar 20
1/10 The countdown to the lockdown is over but the govt remains clueless about how to fight the #coronavirus. This is because it's in denial & ignorant about how the virus is spreading in Zim. To the govt, the lockdown is about "keeping up with the Joneses"; everyone is doing it!
2/10 Sadly, but not surprising, the govt is treating the lockdown as a law and order operation. Yet it should be a medical lockdown defined & visible by medical interventions to stem the spread of the #coronavirus backed by measures to safeguard livelihoods & protect the economy!
3/10 Evidence of govt's ineptitude is scandalous. For example, @MoHCCZim, the presumed lead agency in the fight against the #coronavirus, has started the first day of the lockdown with an update that govt has done only 194 #COVID19 tests to date & that no test was done yesterday!
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28 Mar 20
1/5 A lockdown for its own sake by decree is not how any country has fought the #coronavirus. A lockdown must be a set of SPECIFIC MEASURES to flatten the #COVID19 curve to stem the spread of the virus & protect the people & the economy. Mnangagwa's decree lacks such measures!
2/5 Livelihood issues aside, most Zimbabweans live in the townships, rural areas, compounds & on the farms in spaces that are so crowded that social distancing & isolation to stem the spread of the #coronavirus is not possible without specific & organised govt interventions!
3/5 Mnangagwa decreed the lockdown when nurses & doctors are on strike & yet he said nothing about what govt has done or will do to resolve that. It's just wrong to decree a lockdown to fight the #coronavirus when nurses & doctors, the key responders in the fight, are on strike!
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26 Mar 20
1/8 "Private sector to setup testing, isolation facilities"
#Herald 26/3/20

Ordinarily this headline would inspire the nation. But no. Like command agriculture, it's not the private sector but only Sakunda; a corrupt fuel cartel that benefits only a few!…
2/8 The four health facilities identified are in low density suburbs & have limited bed capacity to cater only for a connected few. Sakunda say the initiative is national but are refurbishing three facilities in Harare & only one in Bulawayo. How about the other eight provinces?
3/8 What's disquieting about the initiative, triggered by a palpable fear of #COVID19 among the #ZanuPF elite, after the fatal treatment of Zororo Makamba at Wilkins Hospital, is the phoney claim that it's complementing govt; when its clear Mnangagwa's administration has no plan!
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29 Feb 20
1/21 #NovemberInFebruary
"For keen students of Zimbabwean history, this February is threatening to replace November as the month of momentous events!".
29 January 2020

Strangely but tellingly, some took this metaphoric tweet as a prediction of a military coup in February. Ok!
2/21 The words of the tweet speak for themselves, despite the misplaced but understandable attempts to squeeze blood out of them. Zimbabwe is at the crossroads. The country is pregnant with change. Something is afoot. But there's no telling what it is or when it will be born!
3/21 I used the November metaphor to capture & convey the gestalt of the moment. Besides its sacred Shona myths, November has historical significance in Zimbabwe as the month of momentous events. The pioneer column of Cecil John Rhodes moved on King Lobengula in November 1893!
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9 Feb 20
1/8 "Matabeleland Collective collapses over Gukurahundi"

The so-called #MatabelelandCollectve died on arrival because it was neither about Matabeleland nor a collective; but a scam to cover up Mnangagwa's #gukurahundi atrocities to escape accountability!…
2/8 If the collapsed #MatabelelandCollective was not a Mnangagwa scam, like #Polad is, it would have ensured that the bambazonke Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.2) Bill, 2019 includes extending the life of the National Peace & Reconciliation Commission (#NPRC) beyond 2023!
3/8 The 25 amendments in Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No.2) Bill, 2019 bring back provisions sought by Mnangagwa, Patrick Chinamasa & Paul Mnangagwa in August 2012 but rejected by the ZanuPF politburo. Also on that day Mnangagwa rejected the #NPRC!…
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9 Jan 20
1/7 On 31 July 2018 the military got @ZECzim to invent an illegal route to transmit & collate the results for the presidential election. The irrefutable evidence of the route is on pages 67-68 of #ZEC's Report on the 2018 elections prepared in terms of s241 of the Constitution!
2/7 The prescribed route to transmit, capture & collate the results, which was violated by @ZECzim, is in ss 37C(4) & 65(7) of the Electoral Act. Malaba also cited this route in his judgment. The route is PEREMPTORY: the law says "shall", and Malaba wrote "must", be followed!
3/7 The Electoral Act peremptorily provides that results for the presidential election "shall" & Malaba interpreted this to mean "must" be transmitted from ward centres to constituency centres for collation. But @ZECzim diverted the results to Harare for illegal collation there!
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31 Dec 19
1/24 Compatriots, much as I would like to, sadly I'm unable to wish you a happy & prosperous new year not because of anything personal but because happiness & prosperity are no longer possible in Zimbabwe due to the live coup against the will of the people!
2/24 There can't be happiness & prosperity where the will of the people is stolen & brutally crushed. While this is bad enough, it's worse when the assualt on the will of the people is cynically presented as a new dispensation & second republic amid dead silence from the people!
3/24 It is a biblical truth, supported by human experience, that where there's no vision the people perish. The new year, 2020, presents a new opportunity for Zimbabweans to find each other, speak with one voice & act together to oppose what's wrong in support of what's right!
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9 Dec 19
1/5 The demonization of @VascoDaGappah after her interview with #TrevorNcube revealed she has big issues with the same #MnangagwaRegime she was part of after the Nov 2017 coup is wrong. Sadly, the "democratic movement" in Zim is its own worst enemy with a suicidal CANCEL CULTURE!
2/5 The same demonization of @VascoDaGappah has been extended to @daddyhope by the same self righteous guardians and moral police of the "democratic movement" whose crude "bad guy versus good guy" narratives have retarded the discourse on and progress of change in Zimbabwe!
3/5 Instead of welcoming @VascoDaGappah & @daddyhope, to benefit from their experiences, first hand information & perspectives, the holier-than-thou do-gooders in "CIVIL" society have amazing if not shocking energy, time & words to demonize & CANCEL OUT real and potential allies!
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31 Oct 19
1/8 Word from @HeraldZimbabwe is that many at @Zimpapers are celebrating the fall of a dwarf in giant robes. When @TichZindoga was summoned by the Wing Commander, the Zimpapers board chair, he was told that he had been fired because he was incompetent, inexperienced & a sellout!
2/8 After telling @TichZindoga that he had been fired, Wing Commander Tommy Sithole ordered him to "take 15 minutes to clear your office. Take what is yours & never comeback. You failed to do your job". Shaken, Zindoga started crying; begging to be retained as deputy editor!
3/8 When the Wing Commander told him that he could not be retained as deputy editor, @TichZindoga begged to be demoted to his earlier position of political editor. An irritated Sithole then barked at him: "Chief you are not listening to me. You are not wanted here. Just go!"
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6 Aug 19
1/10 The facts that are tumbling out of @MthuliNcube's staggering figures, following his midterm budget speech last Thursday, reveal a daring heist he and the cabal of treasury raiders have pulled off in nine short months; to the detriment of a vulnerable nation!
2/10 First, @MthuliNcube's ZWL$18,62 billion midterm budget is a mere USD 2 billion, at the interbank rate of 1USD : 9ZWL$. This represents a sudden budgetary contraction of the economy by more than 50% in less than 12 months; from a national budget of plus USD 4 billion in 2017!
3/10 Second, the domestic debt of USD 9.5 billion on 31 Dec 2018, the hard earned US dollars borrowed by govt from the market in the multi currency period, is now just ZWL$ 8.8 billion or USD 900 million at the Interbank rate of 1USD : 9 ZWL$; while foreign debt is USD 8 billion!
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8 Jul 19
1/24 While it's bad that corruption in Zimbabwe has ravaged the economy, destroyed livelihoods & eroded society's moral fabric, what's worse is that the fight against corruption remains a corrupt fight by the most corrupt elements in the country to hide their corruption!
2/24 The economy is bleeding & dying with money losing value not because of a $12K Fruitful Communication/Zesa PR deal involving Undenge, Mazivisa & Pambuka, or Tsholotsho bicycles or a managerial appointment by Dr Parirenyatwa at National Pharmaceuticals but because of #TBgate!
3/24 #TBgate is a mega corruption scam through which billions in USDs were corruptly printed between 2013 & 2019 under a fictious 1:1 exchange rate to effectively line up the pockets of linked individuals for their personal benefit at the expense of the economy & the public good!
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5 Jul 19
1/8 The biggest heist Zimbabwe has suffered under Mnangagwa is printing of over USD9 billion in TBs at 1:1; now part of Zim's domestic debt. This CORRUPTION has decimated the economy, triggered run away hyper-inflation & destroyed livelihoods to genocidal proportions!
2/8 The #TBgate heist was accomplished by CORRUPTLY masterminding an obscure enterprise called Command Agriculture under which not less than USD 5 billion was spent in 2017/2018 to create zero grain reserves; as Zim now need to import 800,000 tonnes of grain for USD 255 million!
3/8 The #TBgate CORRUPTION is now being covered up by Mnangagwa who has gotten ZanuPF youth to muddy the waters; with the support of @MthuliNcube & @MinisterSBMoyo, minister responsible for international trade, whose wife at #Zacc has replaced Goodson Nguni as the hatchet hand!
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2 May 19
@NewZimbabweCom 2 May 2019

It is indeed true, as @nelsonchamisa is reported to have said, that there will never be peace in Zimbabwe unless & until the #gukurahundi issue is resolved!…
2/10 It is imperative to deal with the #gukurahundi issue for Zimbabwe to move on. The question is how to resolve it. Expecting or demanding an apology from Mnangagwa won't resolve #gukurahundi. What's needed and must come first is TRUTH and JUSTICE, then apologies can follow!
3/10 It's a serious matter that, whereas #gukurahundi was waged by the State from 1980 to 1987; and while some baseline information about victims has been documented, there's no official or legal record on what happened in each case, who did what and under what chain of command!
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29 Apr 19
1/6 After the @Twitter exchange I had with @ShingiMunyeza over Easter, two pages of a six-page Grand National Union concept paper I had shared with him in June 2018 and whose existence was revealed in the exchange, started circulating; sadly to disinform & mislead the public!
2/6 After @DailyNewsZim ran a story on 25 April based on the two leaked pages, I engaged colleagues with whom we drafted the Grand National Union concept. We resolved that we make public the May 2018 concept document & its June 2018 successor to promote truth in public discourse!
3/6 To shame the merchants of disinformation who have maliciously been circulating two pages of the May 2018 Grand National concept paper I shared with @ShingiMunyeza, which is among the DMs he had threatened to make public, here's the FULL DOCUMENT👇🏿!…
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9 Apr 19
1/10 Justice ministry permanent secretary, Virginia Mabhiza, gave a presser today on Matabeleland issues, including some that deeply affect victims of gukurahundi atrocities. The presser exposed Mnangagwa's dirty ploy to cover up his gukurahundi tracks!…
2/10 The minute with the matrix of actions to be taken by Home Affairs, Health & Public Service ministries is in the name of Virginia Mabhiza; a permanent secretary in a line ministry with no legal power or authority to direct other permanent secretaries, let alone any minister!
3/10 The recipient of Mabhiza's minute is something called "Matabeleland Collective". Whatever this "Collective" is; it is not a legal entity. There's no legal body out there, called "Matabeleland Collective"; with legal power to act for the State on gukurahundi or any issue!
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28 Jan 19
1/8 #TwitterLetterOne
Dear Emmerson,

This is the first of three #TwitterLettetrs I intend to send to you this week. I had meant to send them last week but I refrained from doing so after your spokesperson, #GeorgeCharamba distanced you from your @Twitter account!
2/8 I believed #Charamba, given your digital illiteracy, as per your 7 March 2018 confession, when you created #Varakashi & unleashed them on the social media to #rakasha (smear) your opponents. With poor content, I thought your account is run by your #Varakashi!
3/8 While your #Varakashi are faceless & nameless on these streets, they talk too much out there. It's now known your son, Emmerson Jr., runs your @Twitter account, assisted by pitiful wannabes on sabbatical. Helpfully, @InfoMinZW has confirmed you also have a hand!
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