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1] #MorningReflection

Fellow citizens, as we edge towards 2023, propaganda & threats such as this, will most certainly become the order of the day.

Through this statement, Mr Chinamasa has invited us into reading ZanuPF's thoughts.

However, it's just a whisper in the wind.
2] It was only a matter of time before ZanuPF removed its mask, and formally joined the demands for CCC to have "structures, constitution, and a leadership".

Away from the pretence of enhancing democracy as Mr Patrick Chinamasa claims, the important question becomes, why?
3] It's in order, recognizing & thanking Mr Chinamasa for this story in the Daily News.

Hopefully, citizens who were innocently joining this bandwagon can properly realize that there's indeed a desperate attempt by the regime to push CCC along a road full of set traps.
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1/12 The recent MID TERM BUDGET review confirms that Zimbabwe is in a serious leadership crisis and citizens are exposed to extreme poverty and suffering. I say this for the following reasons:
2/12 At a time where inflation has reached 257% in July and people in extreme poverty are 7.9 million (49%), the budget disbursements to social is extremely low, e.g., ministry health has been given 27% of the budget by June instead of a min of 50%.
3/12 When the consumer basket for a family of 5 has topped ZWL$140K, government raises salary of the lowest paid civil servants to $35K (excluding the US$175) and raise the tax free threshold to $50K, both of which are far below the consumer basket & poverty datum line;
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Hanzi vakuru vanekaDora. 😆 🤣
Hanzi vaimwa nana July Moyo 2004 pa Golden Miles. Vakapa Susan 2 million 2004 ari form 3.
1.Madharani, Mudha, Mudha ndo aitambiswa front. Susan akadziďza pa Loreto High in Silobela. Susan aiti ED sekuru. ED akapa Susan 14 million. At the farm one day Auxillia was not even happy one day when she saw her at Sherwood one of the days. Auxillia poured water to Mai Anesu.
2. Mai Anesu was a maid at ED Sherwood farm. Susan was still 16. ED those days started to date his PA from MSU. ED would come on Wednesday and sleep with Susan and I would cry but mai Anesu to keep quiet. On Friday when Auxillia came friday she would beat S & MA to tell..
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Vote counting process; s61-64

1 Vote counting must take place immediately after close of poll and in the presents of election agents, election monitors, polling officers and candidates

2 The presiding officer must, after counting, record, on the polling station return, the number of votes obtained by each candidate. Agents have the right to affix their signatures to the returns so completed.
3 Every candidate is entitled to a copy of the completed and signed returns. Insist on getting your candidate’s copy. Never leave the station without it.

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The late king of a certain community had ten wild dogs. He used them to torture and eat any of his servants who made a mistake. One of the servants gave an opinion that was wrong, and the king didn’t like it at all. So he ordered that the servant be thrown to the dogs.
The servant said, “I served you for ten years, and you do this to me? Please give me ten days before throwing me to those dogs!” The king agreed.
In those ten days, the servant went to the guard who looks after the dogs and told him he would like to serve the dogs for the next ten days.
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1] Fellow citizen, i'll do something a bit out of character, and publicly address Adv Nelson Chamisa & @CCCZimbabwe.

Adv Chamisa needs to urgently provide decisive political leadership & galvanize citizens in rejecting the nonsensical appointment of those ZEC Commissioners by ED
2] It can't be business as usual, when Mr EDM, a political competitor, appoints the daughter of his deputy, as an electoral referee.

Already, ZEC's Spokesperson, is Jaspet Mangwana, relative to Mnangagwa's Sec for Legal Affairs & Propagandist, Paul & Nick Mangwana respectively
3] It's equally troubling that the other ZEC Commissioners, Catherine Mpofu & Kudzai Shava, are allegedly related to Mnangagwa long time loyalists, Obert Mpofu & Fredrick Shava.

Add them to the list of ex-military officers currently working for the ZEC secretariat.
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1. I once tried a layers hens project with 50 hens. Good project but it needs large scale to be worthwhile. But today I want to talk about the violence of these hens. They are very rerritorial and if you place a hen in a wrong cage it will suffer. Spare a thot for @JobSikhala1
2. After nursing them in separate cages, a time came to put them in the main run. Kingpins from different cages wrestled to be the roaster of the roost. It was gruesome. I would sometimes be awoken by riotings & forced to intervene. I lost 2 birds to these brawls! @stantetwas
3. I tried several approaches to break up these horrific fights. I demarcated the run, tagged the main offenders, segregated the main victims 😤 & in the end resorted to culling off; first the aggressors, new aggressors arose. Culled victims- new came. @PoliceZimbabwe
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8. We believe that beyond the nice pictures, these events are a smokescreen and a mirage all meant to project a picture of a peaceful ZanuPf and gloss over hundreds of human rights abuses currently taking place right now.
9 @CCCZimbabwe youth leaders need to be careful, lest they be used to whitewash the bloodstained hands of the regime. Everyone ignored the illegal threats issued by chiefs all over the country last week and the arrest of CCC members in Manicaland. See. Pictures worked.
10. With the PVO Bill coming, the regime will shut down civic space and use these as proof that they never did. Let democrats not be a part of this. Maoko pa gejo!!!
#RegisterToVoteZW, mobilize for Change, defend cdes under attack and encourage peace
#ZanuPFMustGo. Enkosi
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1] When will CCC hold its inaugural Congress?

A thread....

Have noticed growing sentiments, around the inaugural Citizens Congress, both from well meaning citizens, as well as the regime counterintelligence structures.
I've decided to share some random views on the matter.
2] A few weeks ago, I wrote a (long) article, on how @nelsonchamisa's opponents had failed to understand his #plan

I equally argued that Zimbabwe isn't a normal democracy & thus CCC wouldn't survive for long, if it's leaders behaved & acted as if we were…
3] Yes, in a normal democracy, it would be ideal for CCC to go for Congress & participate in the 2023 elections with a leadership without a legitimacy question over their party positions.

However, it's important to query why ZanuPF is very vocal over the CCC Congress concern.
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Our problem,
As change agents,
Our - I'm also guilty,
Is that we are fragmented,
And thus,
Even though we want the same thing,
Our message is disjointed,
& At times contradictory.
We need to consolidate the struggle,
Find points of convergence,
& Rally around them.
We must resist the urge to turn the struggle into a battle of egos & personalities,
We must have a position as an entity that wants Zanupf to go,
We must stop converging around persons,
& Converge around ideas.
Forget WHO is saying it,
Focus on WHAT is being said.
For example,
There are people who will never ever use the #ZanuPFMustGo,
Even though they agree with it,
Because they associate the # with an individual,
And not the message or idea it represents.
They fear that converging around that idea,
Is supporting a person.🤦‍♀️
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1/5 AFTER THE FRENZY OF @HHichilema's WIN IN ZAMBIA, is the Zim Opposition, waiting for the next African election to be won by the opposition; to get excited again about voter registration for 2023? Where are the #RegisterToVoteZW, #RegisterToVote2023 and #YouthVote2023 hashtags?
2/5 The palpable lethargy about mobilizing citizens for voter registration is concerning; since @ZECzim is now in full swing with the DELIMITATION process & is planning a VOTER REGISTRATION BLITZ in December. By now one would have expected voter mobilization to be at fever pitch!
3/5 A key @ZECzim issue that's a source of rigging in Zim elections is about dead people on the voters roll. It's concerning that @ZECzim has been gazetting deceased voters, without public monitoring. It will be too late to complain in 2023, about dead people on the voters roll!
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1] Some bit of context to this....

First challenge is that some of us have always been opposed to the rule of ZanuPF, while some of them are opposed to the rule of Mnangagwa.

The fear is that, we may he pursing different types of "change"!

2] Second challenge is...

They want to exonerate their association with ZanuPF misrule for all their adult life by reminding us that "MDC supported the coup" in 2017.

In doing so, they expose their hidden anger, towards citizens & the MDC, for "aiding their fall from grace."
3] Politically, the coup became bigger than MDC.

Citizens wanted the albatross, RG gone, by means necessary or unnecessary.

Ironically, they wont admit to have played different roles in ensuring that there wouldnt be a change of government through the ballot in Zimbabwe.
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1. This man reminds me of Unoka in Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. His son Okonkwo was embarrassed by him. He was perennially in debt & didn’t care. He was lazy and constantly borrowing from friends and neighbours. He didn’t pay back. Always looking for favours.
2. One day a creditor came to collect his debt. Unoka dismissed him. “Look at that wall," Unoka said pointing to the wall of his hut. "Look at those lines of chalk". Okoye, the creditor saw groups of lines drawn in chalk.
3. Unoka took some snuff & sneezed dramatically & said, “Each group there represents a debt to someone and each stroke is one hundred cowries. You see, I owe that man a thousand cowries. But he has not come to wake me up in the morning for it. I shall pay you, but not today”
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1] Was looking forward to seeing a tweet like that one tagged below.

Will 'ZanuPF people' ever own up to their actions?

Suddenly ED's spin doctors, Nick Mangwana and Charamba must he treated as "victims" after being exposed for their senseless lies and vitriol respectively.
2] So it's okay for ED's spokesperson to insult HH using vernacular & a ghost account?

Translating & exposing this to HH and/or his officials is "gaslighting"?

You can't have your cake and eat it too.

I'm sure ZanuPF will soon criminalize this, using their proposed cyber laws
3] Again, noone provoked whoever wrote that embarrassing lie, of a whole President running around hotels looking for Mnangagwa!

It's just propaganda gone horribly wrong.

Noone should feel sad for Nick Mangwana now that the lies he shared are being exposed.
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As I promised yesterday that I will share some words of wisdom from the elders who resides in Murewa caves in Chief Mangwende's, I received brutal lashes from my fellow gender as they felt insulted. Some even went on to inquire about my status in terms of virginity
which they thought I must share online with the world. Or they thought it is going to stop me from writing the values of being virgin. I coined the term (BAZ) yesterday which is one of the insult which is waiting for non-pure who wish a Hollywood happy marriage.
Before I venture into the issue I have a question for you readers. Have you registered to vote in 2023? Kana usina kusava virgin kwe vakadzi ndokurikukutadzisa here?

Go and register to vote #RegisterToVoteZW.....
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1/7 MDCA led by @nelsonchamisa is at a better position of changing the status quo as opposed to that of MRT,coz RGM who was a towering charismatic figure who drew attention to Zim on the global stage is no longer there & ZanuPF replaced him with a Jnr who is the opposite of RGM
2/7 RGM was one of the founding fathers of the Frontline States ( FLS) he was surrounded by the longtime allies & friends who were also founders in Lesotho,Tanzania,Angola,SA, Botswana & in Malawi later he had close friend Bingu wa Mutharika & Joaquim Chissano in Mozambique
3/7 Years went by,most of his allies died or defeated in elections however Mugabe had worked with the(FLS)as leader of the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU),one of the liberation movements recognized by the FLS as the legitimate representative of the oppressed ppl of Zim
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The greatest weapon used to colonize Africa was never the Maxim gun, but religion.We have people who go buy a working factory, convert it into a church and start praying for jobs. Religion pacified people and even made some of us lazy, always waiting for someone else to save us
There is a reason why 95% of the world's poorest countries are the most religious. Religion is a tool made for controlling people. They will drill it into you that ,"blessed are the poor" , or "the rich young ruler struggled in hell and the poor Lazarus was partying in heaven"
For me, this creates a situation whereby people are content with being poor, they don't wanna even change their status quo and they are much worried about the "world to come" instead of the world they live NOW. Very few religious people want to be rich because being rich has
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1] I guess when you are fortunate enough to own and drive private vehicles, and only know about the existence of Zupco from news reports on the purchasing/donation of new busses, then the whole monopolization has worked.

If you commute daily, this claim by SK is an insult.
2] If you're part of state security, then the claim that new jobs have been created by government makes sense.

Those guys seem to be the only ones busy travelling all over, in huge numbers.

If you're a graduate or a job seeker, then this claim by SK is nonsensical!
3] What does media reform mean when:

•Gov social media platforms communicate Zanu affairs?

• State media remains ZanuPF media?

•newly licensed stations are linked to Zanu aligned institutions & individuals?

• Journalists are harassed & others are always getting arrested?
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1] #LegislationofDictatorship

When some of us tweeted against Mwonzora from 2018/19, (before it became fashionable), the accusation was that "we had picked Chamisa's faction"

It was particularly strange because "we" had no known political footprints then, in the MDC affairs.
2] It was thus strange, to be treated as supporters of one faction against the other.

Some preferred characterising the Khupe/Mwonzora-Chamisa battles as mere Tsvangirai succession, even when signs became evident, that ZanuPF had developed an interest and indeed taken over.
3] The tragedy in Zimbabwe, is that the constitution is treated as merely a political document.

It's owned & handed over to the winner of the next election, after every 5 years.

If the constitution was a baby, then in 2008 & 2013, ZanuPF had the discomfort of co-parenting.
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1] Sadly you were right Sekuru @Wamagaisa,not that it was too difficult to call, truth be told.

@OurMDCT has voted WITH ZanuPF even after that fake PR speech in Senate by VaMwonzora & the subsequent claim by @witness_dube that they wouldn't allow CAB2 to pass without amendments.
2] MDC-T has no incentive 4 opposing ZanuPF,its political blood drip.

If anything, they have many reasons to do the exact opposite.
And yes, this is "rational disputation" in motion.
Clearly, some concessions were made.

One hope what they'll get in return is worth our democracy
3] Its doesn't even need rocket science, to understand their benefits:

•A captured judicial makes favourable judgements

•A satisfied ED won't use state apparatus to descend on the "mature lot"

•Eventually, a "decimated" NC creates political space for both their existence.
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