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29 Oct 19
After seven weeks of running a communist-style, ultra-partisan effort to undo the 2016 election results under the disguise of a sham impeachment process, @SpeakerPelosi claims she wants to now add transparency to a widely discredited process. (1/4)
@SpeakerPelosi .@SpeakerPelosi needs to come clean and explain to the American people why she chooses to conduct a secret investigation that leaks cherry-picked information to the press rather than allowing every Representative to participate in this grossly flawed process. (2/4)
@SpeakerPelosi It’s too late to right this crooked ship. We can only assume @SpeakerPelosi places her extreme opposition to @realDonaldTrump over working on behalf of the American people. (3/4)
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6 Mar 19
🚨 Thoughts on #HR1 (Tweet Thread 1/7) 🚨

Do not be fooled, H.R. 1 is not a piece of legislation “for the people” as my colleagues across the aisle claim. This is nothing more than a power grab “for Democrats in Washington D.C.”
#HR1 Is Unconstitutional (2/7)

It places unprecedented limits to free speech and will subject Indiana to federal mandates that allows for illegal immigrants to vote.
#HR1 Is A Power Grab (3/7)

This bill takes decision-making power from Hoosiers and gives it to bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. It forces States to adopt online registration, same-day registration, and automatic voter registration, thus imposing a one-size-fits-all standard.
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