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24 Jun
Seems @BorisJohnson and the @Conservatives didn't want this picture of him with ex Express owner turned property developer Richard Desmond going around.

There's more than one to be fair....

Shame that......
Also seems relevant that Boris Johnson has had numerous dealings with Thorncliffe, the firm used by Phillip Desmond for the Tower Hamlets scheme.

They even wrote an article when he was running for Tory leader, complete with a with dream cabinet....
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23 Jun
May 31st: I discover Dominic Cummings hasn't obtained planning permission for his Lllockdown cottage in Durham.

June 23rd: Cummings wants to change planning laws...

What a coincidence.

Durham County Council have submitted a report to the VOA for council tax banding following a visit which found it should have been registered.

If you'd like to support my work as an independent journalist, please consider donating or sponsoring me.

I don't have big organisations backing or funding me, my readers are my shareholders.
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14 Jun
On the 14th June 2017, 72 people died in #Grenfell Tower.

3 years on and their families still don't have the full story, nor has anyone been held responsible for the death of their loved ones.

It's time for #JusticeForGrenfell 💚
2/ Mother and daughter Victoria King, 71, and Alexandra Atala, 40

3/ Ligaya Moore, 78

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26 Mar
Foodbank Study Blames Benefit System for Increase on people needing emergency food.

If only you're just discovering that Universal Credit is punitive & uncaring, here's one day of the numerous reports by @TrussellTrust highlighting why.…
Foodbanks in full Universal Credit areas see 52% increase in use and are feeling the strain.

And another report showing how Universal Credit is fuelling #foodbank use.… via @RespectIsVital
DAMNING study shows Universal Credit IS to blame for rise in poverty and foodbank use

You guessed it, ANOTHER damning report on Universal Credit.....…
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15 Feb
If you're young enough not to know why Piers Morgan shouldn't be allowed a platform, I'll explain.

On May 1st 2004, Piers Morgan as Editor of the Daily Mirror, ran this front page.

The photos are fakes, but he ran it without checking & put British Soldiers lives at risk.
2/ During the Leveson Inquiry into phone hacking, Jeremy Paxman said that Morgan told him how phones were hacked. See article

Morgan had denied it, but the report said he was lying.

The Trinity Mirror Group eventually admitted phone hacking did occur.…
3/ More recently, Morgan put on a "Chinese accent" on live TV.

He proceeded to them defend his racist trope again Chinese people. Again, @GMB did nothing.…
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18 Dec 19
I have something to share.

I was a victim of domestic & sexual abuse by a former partner over a period of 3 years.

Unfortunately, the Police have investigated and are unable to charge them despite medical records & witness statements

It leaves a hollow feeling if I'm honest.
2/ It took me a long time to face up to it because if the stigma.

I'm sharing my story in the hope that men who've been Domestic Abuse victims know that it's ok to speak up.

It's NOT an embarrassment, it's NOT your fault.

NEVER be afraid to talk about it.

You will be heard
3/ I can honestly say, although my abuser seems to have gotten away with it, it made such a difference in reporting it.

A weight was lifted and the stigma I thought it would bring, didn't happen.

Don't have to go to the Police if you aren't comfortable, but do talk to someone.
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11 Dec 19
YouGov MRP estimate for Kensington:

LAB: 38%
CON: 36%
LD: 21%
BXP: 2%
GRN: 2%

It's going to be decided by Lib Dem voters here.

@SamGyimah is too far behind now. This is a definite switch to Labour for tactical or vote swappers.

2/ Aberdeen South YouGov MRP:

Conservative: 40%
SNP: 39%
Lib Dems: 11%
Labour: 11%

Tactical vote for SNP can definitely #GTTO
3/ Moray - YouGov MRP:

Conservative: 45%
SNP: 45%
Labour: 4%
Lib Dems: 4%
UKIP: 1%

Tactical vote for SNP
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4 Dec 19
I'm a white Muslim.

I've endured;

• My house getting torched, TWICE
• Attacks in the street
• Verbal abuse
• Death threats
• Doxxing
• Getting called a "race traitor, Jihadist" & worse.

Boris Johnson has enabled the above

I am TERRIFIED of a Tory majority government.
2/ I live with daily abuse and threats just because I'm Muslim.

Journalists like @paulhutcheon gaslit me using my mental health condition, #BPD, to "infer" I'm a terrorist.

I got credible death threats due to him, yet the Daily Record DEFENDED it.

Muslims are scapegoated 3
3/ The Tories have a massive #Islamophobia problem.

Because they deflect or deny it, people think they can get away with it too.

From Truro to Inverness, Muslims are facing increased abuse.

All because the Prime Minister and his party have made Islamophobia mainstream.
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7 Nov 19
Can all my followers please retweet this.

We have 1 major hospital for the entire Highlands, have to travel hundreds of miles for specialist care & now our hospital is at capacity.

I'm not blaming anyone in particular here btw, as this is long running issue.
2/ Raigmore covers maternity services for places up to 3 hours drive away.

Earlier this year there was a set of twins born in different towns because of this.

I had to drive 3 hours to Edinburgh for a 15 minute appt.

There's NO Neonatal Intensive Care beds the Highlands
3/ NHS Highland staff do an amazing job but are being let down by corporate bosses here.

Waiting times are ridiculous, services offered are shrinking thus leaving trips to the central belt being required.

People will be suffering because of this decades long issue.
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5 Oct 19

I urge everyone make a Data Subject Access Request to the @LibDems after it has emerged that they have gathered data on EVERY registered UK voter.

It's been labelled it a legally dubious use of the political data exemption under GDPR:
2/ Background on why you should request this data:

The Lib Dems are using data to profile EVERY voter in UK - and give you a score.…
3/ If you have Facebook, I have posted these details along with a Subject Access Request (SAR) template to send to the Liberal Democrats, on my page.…
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28 Sep 19
1/ When challenged about Labour pledging to scrap Universal Credit offer an immediate £3bn package if elected, you'll likely get
a) Benefit Scrounger rhetoric
b) How do we pay for it?
c) Labour want to give immigrants everything.

2/ to answer a), 0.3%, approx £300 million (m) of the entire welfare budget is lost to fraudulent activity by claimants.

Meanwhile, £1.2 BILLION (bn) is lost in DWP clerical errors & 900m in DWP overpayments.

That answers part of b) if these can be fixed.

3/ Labour have pledged to bring all health assessments back "in-house" thus scrapping the costly outsourcing to Atos etc. Over £1bn in savings.

Assessments are to be weighted towards claimant Dr etc with less face to face assessments. Thus saving money.

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22 Sep 19
.@sussex_police have responded

They have alleged something very serious that DID NOT happen.

They say I'm March 2019 I "threatened to kill people with a handgun & my 4x4."

1st, I didn't.
2nd, I don't own a 4x4
3rd, I was never arrested
4th, I'd be in jail

I will not have this
2/ Their decision say I was visited in March 2019 regarding this allegation.

I was never at any point, visited, interviewed, arrested or questioned about this or any other offense.

They have provided no proof either.

I have *never* at any point been arrested for terrorism
3/ I have made a representation and will have a response by 12.30 tomorrow.
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4 Aug 19
My local authority - @HighlandCouncil - were told my mother needed a full time home carer.

1st they tried not to give her one at all despite the hospital asking.

They then dropped it from twice a day to once.

Now's she's back in hospital because she fell TWICE in two hours.
2/ They gave her a telecare fall alarm = useless.

If she or my very ill father use it, they tell THEM to call an ambulance.

The @Scotambservice then always put her as "low priority".

My severely disabled mother has lay waiting 3 HOURS on the floor more than once.
3/ In 2013 we told the Social Work she needed a carer. They refused.

The police had to break in to lift her up when my father was in hospital. They still refused.

Ten + calls for an ambulance because she fell. Still nothing.

It took her BREAKING her good leg to get help.
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14 Jul 19
Will be interesting to see how @tom_watson explains ignoring evidence sent to his office about bullying & intimidation by members of LAAS

Or issues raised to him by email AND post about Tim Dexter the latest whistleblower

Recorded delivery signatures were obtained by the sender
A large amount of proof of harassment by LAAS & also complaints about the latest whistleblower Tim Dexter, was sent to Tom Watson & the EHRC in April.

Below is confirmation of proof of delivery to Tom Watson's office.

Why hasn't he responded to the complainer or mentioned this?
Labour's complaints department Officer Tom Dexter dealt with some fairly serious complaints about LAAS bullying but didn't even think it was worth investigating.

Tim left Labour just after Tom Watson received a bulk delivery of documents showing Tim's inaction.
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7 Jun 19
🚨 #UniversalCredit scenario thread

You claim Universal Credit and are told by the DWP it'll be 5 weeks till you're 1st payment.

You have no money.

Do you take an advance of £317?

Majority answer determines next step. 15 minutes to vote

You take the advance.

5 weeks later you're 1st payment arrives. *Rent is covered.

It's £245.

They took £52 for the advance & £20 for old debts.

Electric = £45
Gas = £40
Broadband = £20
Water rates = £30
Bus costs to Jobcentre for month= £20

You have £90 left.

Do you;

You decide not to pay water rates and gas.

You have £140 remaining for 30 days.

How much do you spend on you're 1st food shop?

30 days until any further money remember.
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29 Apr 19
In Scotland, @policescotland tell "victims of serious crime" that "all electronic devices need to be checked to ensure there's nothing relevant missed."

How do I know?

My house was set on fire and they took my phone & another I had lying about, made me unlock it & checked it.
They then trawled my phone and started asking me questions about my social media habits/messages and, about my YouTube video watch habits.

Basically, they decided I lit the fire while I was asleep and just waited to burn alive....
The same Detective Sergeant at Alness CID also told me:

"If you play with fire you expect to get burnt," after I was targeted by the far-right online shortly before the fire. Sorry the FIRST FIRE attack.
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31 Dec 18
My New Year Honours list:

For her selfless weekly vigil outside her local jobcentre @charlotteh71 deserves much respect.

She is on the front line seeing the effects of #UniversalCredit.

Please check her blog out 👇
@MrTopple has systematically shown the utter failure of the Tories on Welfare.

His articles and now podcast, are a must read if you want the truth.

Here's a link to his all his articles and podcasts on @TheCanaryUK.…
My good friend @PeterStefanovi2 has come a long way since his time as a medical negligence lawyer.

He stood the the junior doctors, now he fights to dispell the lies put out by the MSM.

Please check his profile out, his videos are essential daily watching.
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15 Oct 18
@AlokSharma_RDG answering questions in HoC on #UniversalvCredit
Stephen Kerr MP accuses SNP and Labour of political point scoring over Citizens Advice scandal.
Alex Cunningham Labour

Asks how common people falling into debt is because of monthly payment.

Gov response;

It mirrors the world of work
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6 Oct 18
Labour's Shadow Chancellor, @johnmcdonnellMP, has released a statement regarding the sickening news that single parents and families will lose £200 per month under #UniversalCredit.
His statement is in response to this.

#DWP boss Esther McVey admits millions to lose £200 a month on #UniversalCredit

McVey has been forced to admit single parents and families face a £2400 a year benefit cut next year…
Just the day before this came out;

DAMNING study shows Universal Credit to blame for dramatic rise in foodbank use.

#UniversalCredit to blame for a rise in claimants experiencing debt & #mentalhealth issues

Not to mention a 52% increase in #foodbank use…
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2 Oct 18
💥For those calling me "fake news"

The #DWP are having to use legacy Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) for NEW claimants for a simple reason.

The High Court ruled in June it unfairly discriminated disabled claimants by removing their Severe Disability Premium (SDP)
This ruling applies to those on EITHER Personal Independence Payment (PIP) with daily living component or Disability Living Allowance (DLA) middle/high care component

If the DWP put new claimants on #UniversalCredit it would be making a two tier system for disabled claimants
They had a policy consultation until August to plan next move.

This consultation has come to the realisation it cannot put new claimants on UC as it would likely bring court action.

I was contacted by a Citizen's Advice (CAB) Manager concerned this hadn't been announced
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