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8 Nov 18
A thread on 2 recent anti Christian attacks by the same policeman of Tamil Nadu-- Superintendent of Police Sakthi Ganesan.
Attack 1: RSS members from Erode District on Sept. 2 stormed into a Sunday evening prayer service at a Christianโ€™s house in the Chennimalai area. As the Christians had just moved into their new home, the gathering also included a house-warming party.
The Christian family prepared a vegetarian meal and had invited all the neighboring families, and also their church members and relatives, over for dinner,โ€ Ponnaiyan said. โ€œAt first, the RSS members disrupted the prayer service, then they raided the kitchen.
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2 Nov 18
Zainul Ansari, an 80 yr old non hindu, hacked to death, then burned in public by the #hindutvaterrorists.
Thread on that and on the role of Sitamadi's SP Vikas Burman:
19/20 October, 2018. Sitamani, Bihar.
The police laid out all routes for the procession of Durga Pooja. But it got hacked by the #Hindutva who forcefully took it through Madhuvan, a muslim dominated area.
After the 1992 riots, few areas of Sitamani are considered extremely sensitive, and hence, taking religious processions through them is not allowed by the police. Madhuvan is one of those areas. Still, the #hindutvaterrorists forced their way in.
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