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Savarkar replies to those who believe that India was a collection of fragmented kingdoms until the British welded it into a nation. #Hindutva

From 'Hindu Rashtra Darshan' by Veer Savarkar Image
From 'Hindu Rashtra Darshan' Image
From 'Hindu Rashtra Darshan' Image
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Most Powerful Warrior Archers in Ancient Vedic Culture of India


#SanatanaDharma #Hindutva Image
1. Bhagwan Shiv
Mahadeva has used several bows.
The most prominent bow used by him is Pinaka. Hence he is also known as ‘Pinakahastaya’ ie. the weilder of Pinaka.
He had used another bow, whose name is not mentioned but Maharishi Valmiki has called it Shiv Dhanush(Shiva bow) . Image
1(a) He had used it to kill Tripurasura. It was created by Vishwarkarma ji from Mount Meru for the destruction of Tripura. Later this bow was broken by Bhagwan Sri Ram during the swayamwara of Mata Sita. Image
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Nishkam Karma - The essence of the Bhagavad Gita


#SanatanaDharma #Hindutva… Image
1. Nishkam Karma or Nishkama Karma (Devanagari: निष्काम कर्म) is the core theme of Bhagavad Gita. It is also considered the essence or the central message of the Bhagavad Gita.

#SanatanaDharma #Hindutva Image
2. The term is Nishkam Karma or निष्काम कर्म.
Nishkam/निष्काम is a sandhi of nih+kam or निः+काम. Here “nih” or “निः” means “without” and “kam/काम” means “kamna”/”कामना”, i.e. any kind of desire.
Karma/कर्म means “work”/”action”, “kri/कृ ” dhatu. Image
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1. The data of the love jihad crimes that get reported in the news.

#Love Jihad #Sanatan #Hindutva Image
2. The data of the love jihad crimes that get reported in the news.

#Love Jihad #Sanatan #Hindutva Image
3. The data of the love jihad crimes that get reported in the news.

#Love Jihad #Sanatan #Hindutva Image
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धर्म हिंसा तथैव च: l #Hindutva

From 'Six Glorious Epochs of Indian History' by Veer Savarkar. Image
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Special & continuous #Thread

Buddha and Bodhisattva with Janeu debunking left hand theory that #Buddhism is not #Hindutva

This 9th-century plaque depicts the Buddha asking the earth to witness his enlightenment

#Archaeology #Janeu
Khasarpaṇa Avalokiteśvara,
circa early 11th century, found spot: Mahākalī, Vikrampur, Dhaka district. National Museum of Bangladesh, Dhaka

#Archaeology #Hindutva #Janeu
Buddha (Enlightenment)
circa 6th century, Sarnath, buff sandstone,
senior monk Vandhugupta,
ASI Site Museum, Sarnath

#Archaeology #Hindutva #Janeu
3/ ImageEarth goddess (left), Aparā...
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Tale of forgotten "#Panchatantra Tales".

Bhartiya parents used to impart moral education to their child's very early through stories of Panchtantra, also known as the "Five Moral Conduct," is all about.
It originated in India 5000 yrs ago and spread in the world.

1/20 Image
The earliest of Panchtantra tales is found from the potteries excavated in Lothal. It has stories of crows, fox and pigeons. The potteries dates at least 4500 years old when it was baked in a kiln. It survived somehow.
#Archaeology IAR-Lothal

2/20 Image
The original Panchatantra composed in Sanskrit has been lost. The earliest written surviving Pahlavi version was composed before 570 CE, while the present translation has been reconstructed from the Arabic and Syrian version

3/20 Gazelle Becomes Friends...
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Without a thriving, practicing Hindu society; Dharma cannot flourish... #Hindutva

From 'Defence of Hindu Society' by Sitaram Goel Image
From 'Defence of Hindu Society' Image
From 'Defence of Hindu Society' Image
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Sources - Major Revolt brewing in BJP in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and UP!

Yogiji has ordered removal of Modi photographs from all Govt offices. Yogiji jockeying to replace Modi before 2024 polls.

3 way fight erupts in MP. Scindia removes BJP from Social Media Profiles. Image
Sources - @RSSorg has long been seeking to replace the #GujaratMafia. Growing feeling that the open corruption and loot by Gujarat Mafia is tarnishing #HinduRashtra and Sangh's reputation.

Growing feeling within RSS that Yogiji should take over and prepare for 2024 elections.
There is precedence.

#KeshubhaiPatel was elected CM of Gujarat. Modi was RSS pracharak.

Following Adani sponsored revolt where 40+ MLAs were flown to Khajuraho in a #JetAirways plane, Keshubhai was replaced by Modi.

Elections announced, #GujaratRiots happened and....well!
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Weshi Pundit gives a silent message to his forefathers #HindutvaTerror that the logo hasn’t changed in particular areas this disguised Indian has forgotten its stil illegally Indian Occupied Territories #IOJK A Nationally Recognised Dispute #JammuKashmir
You all failed #Kashmir for 75yrs having the positions authority you have silently ignored the genocide in the Valley today sitting in #AzaadKashmir this facilitator is working with the #HindutvaTerror under your nose @farooq_pm @sardarattiquemc @SardarTanveerIK @PMOAJK #IOK
Shocked to see in-service employees & members of the government of #AJK silently watch! while these @narendramodi @AmitShahOffice employees are working on the #Hindutva agenda who appreciate genocide in #IOK shifting soil, stones of cultural & historic ruins across #LOC 4 #BJP ImageImage
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Barbarians deserve No Mercy.

[Thread] Image
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What do you call this Eyeliner ?
Madhya Bharat, 11th century ce
34 in. (86.4 cm.) high…
#Archaeology #Hindutva #हिंदुत्व #fashionista

1/3 Image
34 in. (86.4 cm.) high…
#Archaeology #Hindutva #हिंदुत्व #fashionista

2/3 ImageImage
34 in. (86.4 cm.) high…
#Archaeology #Hindutva #हिंदुत्व #fashionista

3/3 ImageImageImageImage
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A society which ceases to be responsible for its own thoughts & convictions, commits suicide. #Hindutva

Excerpt from 'On Hinduism' by Shri Ram Swarup. Image
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IN 1965, SAVARKAR was questioned in an interview..

Q: Some think that you believe in a Hindu Nation because you are a fanatic communalist. What have you to say about it?

A: "Let us get this thing straight. People have a wrong notion of a Hindu Nation & about

A Hindu means a person who regards this land of Bharatvarsha from the Indus to
the Seas as his fatherland & holy land—the land of origin of his religion & the cradle of his
faith. Therefore, the followers of Vedism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism and all hill tribes are Hindus

The Parsees, amongst the other minorities, are by race, religion, language & culture, almost akin to the Hindus. The Christians and Jews could be politically assimilated with
the Hindus. Around this life-centre moves Hindutva—not a religious dogma or creed but the

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Bandhavgarh Madhyapradesh had a modern society 2000 years ago. Man made Water bodies besides other #Hindu Artefacts have been found.
InPic Sleeping #Vishnu
#Archaeology… Image
Varah with Conch shell
Bandhavgarh, Madhyapradesh
300-600 ce
#Archaeology #Hinduism #हिंदुत्व

/2… Image
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Google vs ChatGPT: Search vs Content. A.I. Invasion🧵
1. ChatGPT is a major threat to content creators if ignored. Can take the artist out of the art.

2. What kind of idiot wants to read books written by computer programs or watch movie reviews by A.I ? A woke nerd.
3. Content creators: Writers, movie directors, anime creators, you tubers (YTs) etc. Will AI direct movie or create Tanjore paintings in the future? Yes it can. Can AI do pottery?
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1. In the face of a fierce backlash, The Guardian has apologised and removed Martin Rowson's drawing posted on its website as it "did not meet our editorial standards".…
2. This was due to its blatant antisemitism. However it is normal for the white elite left-wing Guardian to attackgroups like Jews and Hindus. After all it has never apologised for using Hinduphobia against @pritipatel knowing cattle are venerated…
3. Until this year when a black researcher employed by the Guardian to look into slavery uncovered the newspaper itself had links to slave trade, they even justified this sordid past…
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1. The election of Narendra Modi as the choice for millions in the world’s largest democracy is a bit galling to those whose concept of ‘democratic’ resembles Lenin’s armed force against the elected government of Alexander Kerensky in revolutionary Russia.
2. Yet even before Modi’s election in what proved to be a pivotal moment in Indian democracy the anti-Hindu blood hounds were out in force. Of these Priyamvada Gopal is one the most prominent.
3. Gopal teaches English literature at the University of Cambridge but her true passion is formulating hate speech against Hindu sentiments from the pages of the notorious British anti-Hindu rag, the Guardian on 14 May 2014.
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MOPLAH HINDU GENOCIDE of 1921 wasn't the 1st massacre done by them.. !!

List of Hindu genocides done by moplahs right from 1836 ⏬

Source : The moplah rebellion,


#savarkar #moplah #HindusUnderAttack #HinduGenocide #Hindutva #Hindumassacre ImageImage
2/5 ImageImage
3/5 ImageImage
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⭐️Most Beautiful Women in Hindu Epic Literature and History
PS - This is not a ranking, but a tribute to the vedic womanhood
#Hindutva #Sanatan #Nari #Woman #Stree #Veda #Bharat #India #Vedic Image
1. The most beautiful among goddesses is Adi Shakti Jagat Janani Jagdamba Maa Durga who is Triloka Sundari Maha Tripura Sundari (most beautiful in the Tribhuvan, three worlds). Even great saint rama krishna Paramhansa did darshans of many gods and goddesses such as Krishna,…… Image
2. Mata Laxmi
Mata Lakshmi is the daughter of Maa Durga, and she is the wife of Lord Vishnu. Birth story of maa Lakshmi started when lord Indra met sage Durvasa with respect sage gave a garland of flower to lord Indra, lord Indra accepted that and put that garland of the head of……
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⭐️Seven Immortals of Hindu Vedic History


#Hindutva #Vedic #Purana #Sanatan #India
1. Maharshi Ved Vyas
A sage who narrated the Mahabharata to Lord Ganesh who wrote it. He was also sage in all the Chaturyugs.He was blessed by Lord Vishnu and was the Maharshi who parted Vedas thus the name Vedvyas. Image
2. Mahabali
Righteous demon king also known as often called King Bali who lives in patal lok and this king of the patal lok. He was sent and made the king of patal lok by the Lord Vishnu incarnation of Vaman. Image
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🔴On March 31, Madrasa Azizia was set on fire by Hindutva mob during #RamNavami celebrations in #Biharsharif, Naland. Mohammad Shahabuddin, the caretaker of the institution said that The madrasa contained more than 4,500 books which were destroyed in the fire.
“The armed men were chanting ‘#JaiShreeRam,’” said Mohan Bahadur, a guard at the madrasa. He also said the mob attacked him, but he managed to flee. The 110-year-old library was vandalized by armed mob of around 1,000 people. #rssterror #RamNavamiViolence #ModiGovt #Hindutva
The saffron mob threw petrol bombs into the mosque and the library. #MadrasaAzizia was established by Bibi Sogra in memory of her husband, Abdul Aziz, and she is recognized as one of the most respected philanthropists in the history of #BiharViolence and vandalism have marred..
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Vinayak Damodar Savarkar is one of the most complex personalities in recent history. Read this thread to know more about #Savarkar, the man, revolutionary and #Hindutva demagogue.

#thread #history #RahulGandhi #MahatmaGandhi #UddhavThackeray #RSS #ShivSena #Maharashtra #Hindu Image
Unfortunately, when the debate is polarised between the extremes of black & white, it does not do justice to the complex personality of #Savarkar as a man, revolutionary, reformer, #Hindutva ideologue & an accused in the assassination of #MahatmaGandhi.
What makes #Savarkar stand out among his contemporaries is his strong hero complex bordering on narcissism, and the extreme and often contradictory elements of his personality.
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It is claimed that #VDSavarkar had no relationship with the #RSS. But, this is not borne out of historical evidence. Read this thread to know more.

#Hindutva #SanghParivar #Hedgewar #HinduMahasabha #RahulGandhi #Congress #ShivSena #UddhavThackeray ImageImage
While in the Ratnagiri jail, where Savarkar was shifted in 1921 from the Cellular jail in the Andamans, he wrote his seminal work ‘Essentials of Hindutva,’ which laid the foundations of Hindutva as an ideology.
It laid emphasis on cultural nationalism as against a territorial one, and said that India was for the Hindus alone, and not for the Muslims or the Christians.
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