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हिंदुत्व कहीं अधिक व्यापक है और न केवल "हिंदू धर्म" शब्द को संदर्भित करता है, बल्कि यहां तक कि उनके सांस्कृतिक, भाषाई, सामाजिक, राजनीतिक पहलू को भी समझता है।

It's nearly exact translation means "Hinduness"

An extract from Dr. BR Ambedkar's book. 1/n Image
#Swarajya as per #VeerSavarkar

An extract from Dr. BR Ambedkar's book "Pakistan or INDIA's Partition. Image

"आज हम कशमीर से लेकर मद्रास और सिंधु से लेकर असम तक के हिंदुओं को खुद राष्ट्र बनना होगा।"

"यह भारतभूमि, यह हिंदुस्तान, भारत हमारी पितृभूमि और पुण्यभूमि दोनों हैं|"

An extract from Dr. BR Ambedkar's book " Pakistan or INDIA's Partition". ImageImage
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I reported this: 1 month, 3 #Punjabi pop #singers harassed by #Hindutva workers for condemning caste, religion. Punjab's Dalit population at 32% is 2x national average. Researching a film in 2016, I learnt of ongoing wave of Punjabi Dalit-pop @TheSwaddle…
These singers assert their caste by naming it in songs as pride-filled identity: subverting the abusive connotations dominant castes (DCs) had stuck on #Dalit caste names. Rajni Thakkarwal survived DC men’s attempt on her life while she was singing #ChamaarPop.
Rajni isn’t alone. “We were given a court notice for singing about Babasaheb [Ambedkar] and against Brahmanvaad, Manuvaad,” says Roop Lal Dhir, possibly first Punjabi #Ambedkarite #musician in 1986. @BawaRanjit ‘s recent song 'Mera Ki Kasoor' questioned caste and religion
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Today I'm compiling the subtle & in some cases even blatant hindu hate that I noticed in #PatalLok from @PrimeVideo
The makers have put so many subtle messages with regards to #hinduism & our culture.
#hinduphobia is these online shows is becoming too common to ignore. Here goes
One of the most common thing i noticed in this show was that almost everytime anything bad happens there's hindu gods 9r goddesses in background. Dreaded criminals are devotees of lord shiva and lord ram.
Here's one scene: Tyagi who has murdered 45 people, is a "Shiv Bhakt". Image
More such scenes:
Pic1- Tyagi is brutally killing a guy and just coincidentally a Bharat Mata painting in the background.
This coincidences turned into a pattern.
Pic2- Just some goons greeting each other with "Hail Lord Shiva". #hinduphobia
#Hinduphobic_Bollywood ImageImage
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Things Muslims talk about so often--30 days, 3 lakh mosques, anything at even one place, real, exaggerated or cooked up & the madmen on TV can give a twist, put each Muslim accountable & make every person in India, believe that it is 'they' who're responsible.
World is not perfect, one or two mistakes bound to happen. But when there are dozens of attacks on doctors but one incident where a Muslim gets in conflict with health workers is run 24/7 & shown as 'Muslims attack...', while rest ignored or 'Villagers attack' in brief in paper..
Yes, they've tasted blood*. Giving religious twist is sole agenda now. If there is a case of minor girls' rape, the ticker merely says it but if a man killed a snake & he is Muslim, then his name is instantly flashed & its lead story #Media #Journalism [*munh ko khoon lag gaya]
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A #MustRead -- A foreign government, India, and a pro-India advocacy group, Hindu American Foundation, have used intimidation, closed-doors meetings, etc. to stifle criticism from U.S. Congress amid rising anti-Muslim violence in Modi's India. A few notes:
That the Indian government is doing this is completely and totally unsurprising.

India is increasingly authoritarian, even fascist. They're turning on their own people.

What's shocking here is that US government reps are falling for propaganda (hello #Hindutva) and intimidation
Let's talk about The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) -- Those of us in the business of studying South Asia know that this group is right-wing. They have a long history of trying to intimidate scholars, for example, and censor Indian history. Consider how the article puts it:
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The Citizenship Amendment Act in #India has received much intl attention and generated heated debate and protests that provoked a police crackdown and rioting, including the recent #DelhiViolence that resulted in over 50 deaths. Why is the #CAA problematic?

A thread…
What is #CAA? It provides a fast track to Indian citizenship for specifically non-Muslim migrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan already in India; removes the illegal migrant label for specified groups; and protects them from legal action in regard to citizenship.
The government argues the #CAA’s only purpose is to protect persecuted minorities in neighboring countries, a laudable goal in of itself (and a key reason my org @USCIRF was formed), and has no impact on Indian Muslims.…
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Reports are emerging of widespread anti-#Muslim violence in Delhi, India. Mosques have been set aflame, Muslim neighborhoods attacked, and Muslim cemeteries desecrated by Hindu-nationalist mobs.

Following is a thread of news and analysis as it breaks.

When @thewire_in interviewed a pro-government #Hindutva group about the violence, they replied:

"How dare they protest like this in our country? Is it (their) country? It is our country. We will show them their place."…
Reporting for Vice, @tim_hume writes — Hindu nationalist mobs are hunting and beating #Muslims:…
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#IndianAmericansAgainstHindutva: If you are Indian or HIndu, based in the US, and disgusted by #ModiTrump and #Hindutva, don't simmer inside. It's time to take action. Here are 7 things you can do. Which action will you pick this month?
1/7 #IndianAmericansAgainstHindutva: South Asian students around the country are planning a #HoliAgainstHindutva, happening on college campuses in March. Visit to learn more, including how to organize your own event.
2/7 #IndianAmericansAgainstHindutva: Ask your local city council to pass a resolution that condemns efforts to deny rights to religious minorities and Dalits in India. Follow the lead of the Seattle & Cambridge City Councils:…
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Prompted action is required asap
News is that tractors filled with stones are arriving and the gathering is swelling by every passing moment.
Flag march in #Maujpur & adjacent area should be done before things go beyond control.

#SOSMaujpur #DelhiPolice

The gathering shouting #JaiShriRam is swelling by every passing moment.
Flag march in #Maujpur #Jaffarabad & adjacent areas is the only way for #Army before things go beyond control.

@AJENews @CNN @BBC @aajtak @ndtv
‘Get #Jaffrabad #Chandbagh road cleared or.......’ : #KapilMishra

He is the one who lead pro #CAA_NRC_NPR protesters and now the situation in #Delhi is tensed just because he threatened right in front of the nose of #DelhiPolice

Was that not instigation?
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The 1st Emperor of unified China,Qin Shi Huang(221–210 BC),sought to prevent critical comparison with pr. rulers by removing all historical & philosophical texts from private hands & placing them in the imperial library,where only officially approved scholars had access to them/1
/2-Source:"The Secret World:A History of Intelligence" by C.Andrew
Provides an indication why Nazis burnt books and took control of Universities. Also a pointer why the present #BJP Govt. is obsessed about infiltrating Universities,controlling discourse via lakhs of WhatsApp grps
/3 ...having an extremely well oiled Propaganda machine across the Media & Fourt Estate that extolls the 'virtues' of the present totalitarian regime and cast aspersions on all regimes of the past primarily Nehru's-Nehru gets attacked more than Jinnah or Yahya Khan-as we become..
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Popular Hindu Myths
1. Hindus more progressive than Muslims
2. Hindus more open to reforms
3. Hindu reforms took place under Nehru
4. Not burning widows alive a major reform
5. Pakistan wiped out its Hindu population
6. India is a secular country
7. Hindus are secular by nature
Pop Hindu Myths
8 Indian institutes protect constitution
9 Muslims live under tyranny of fatwa
10 Muslim women need Hindu saviors
11 Strict laws bring swift social reforms
12 Pak is epitome of evil
13 India is d best place for Muslim
14 There's nothing like Hindu terrorism
Popular Hindu Myths
15 Hinduism not religion but way of life
16. Caste is past
17. Hinduism is inherently tolerant
18. RSS is cultural organization
19. India overpopulated due to 15% Muslim population
20. Hindu women has more right & freedom compared to Muslim women
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Sharing because this poster -- seen at the ongoing #CAA_NRC_Protests in India -- is really upsetting some Hindu right-wingers. While others rail and scream, we analyze. So a few observations about the poster, those inspired by it, and those upset by it:
I see two posters -- one with women and words and a second with a shattered Nazi swastika. Let's start with the top one.
Three women, wearing bindis & hijab, symbols of Hinduism & Islam, respectively; w/ varying skin tones. In that, I see unity as people who differ in religion, ethnicity, region stand together.

The haters see dominance. There's little room in their worldview for unity in diversity
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1/n #SadarPranam @ShashiTharoor ji. Saw this fake table shared by @anubhavsinha & you.I chose to respond to you than former for I don’t like talking to bullies.

I have discussed myths abt “Hindutva & Hinduism” in my book #ModiAgain :An Ex-Communist’s Manifesto” too. (Pg 96-99)
2/n I start of with 1st point & trust me what it says is exactly opposite of truth. I’m surprised a language expert like you falls on this trap.

I’ll explain #Hinduism & #Hindutva one by one. But before that let’s understand the root word “Hindu” as starter. Read on👇🏼
3/n Hindu is derived from the Sanskrit word Sindhu, which means "a large body of water", covering "river, ocean".It was used as the name of the Indus river and also referred to its tributaries.
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#antihindu Muslim rulers of India, beginning with Muhammad bin Qasim, who established dominance over the Sindh region in the eighth century AD. In so doing, however, Qasim most certainly caused a great deal of destruction, with clear evidence of massive forced conversions.
in the thirteenth century, Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji destroyed the ancient university of Nalanda, killing all the Buddhist monks and nuns, taking literally three months to burn every single book in the university’s library
#antihindu #IslamExposed
Similar examples of forced conversions and brutality can be found during the reigns of Mahmud Khalji of Malwa (1436–1469 AD), Ilyas Shah (1339–1379 AD), Babur (1483–1530 AD), and Sher Shah Suri (1486–1545 AD), all of whom destroyed temples, killed non-Muslims,forced conversion
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What is special about being a #Hindu - by @fgautier26:

1) Believe in God ! - Aastik.

2) Don't believe in God ! - You're accepted as Nastik.

3) You want to worship idols - please go ahead. You are a Murti Pujak.

@DharmikSonal @uneditedIndian @rana_Rann_sa @sambhashan_in
4) You dont want to worship idols - no problem. You can focus on Nirguna Brahman.

5) You want to criticise something in our religion. Come forward. We are logical. Nyaya, Tarka etc. are core Hindu schools.

6) You want to accept beliefs as it is. Most welcome. Please go ahead.
7) You want to start your journey by reading Bhagvad Gita - Sure !

8) You want to start your journey by reading Upanishads - Go ahead

9) You want to start your journey by reading Purana - Be my guest.
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1) After Killing 100s of Hindu schools & plundering Hindu temples, @Dev_Fadnavis embarks on Hindutva pilgrimage:…
@Dev_Fadnavis 2) Learn how Good-cop @Dev_Fadnavis & Bad-cop @girishdmahajan blackmailed Hindu temples for funding irrigation schemes (note: irrigation is a very lucrative govt dept with max opportunity for corruption)…
@Dev_Fadnavis @girishdmahajan 3) Hindu Nationalism means "sacrifice hindus for non-Hindu Vishwas". Here is Hindutva icon @Dev_Fadnavis mulling Jerusalem subsidy for Christians & 50% income tax on hindu temples:…
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#India's Supreme Court clears the way for construction of #Hindu temple on site of destroyed #BabriMasjid in #Ayodhya.

I've been following this issue for 30+ years. Here's a thread analyzing the #AyodhyaJudgment:…
2/n #AyodhyaJudgment
-I first visited #Ayodhya (& #BabriMasjid) in 1990: before the masjid was destroyed, before I entered the field of #anthropology. I went there while researching my first book, "Arrow of the Blue-Skinned God": A re-tracing of the #Hindu epic #Ramayana...
3/n #AyodhyaJudgment
...In my book, I take what I hope is an even-handed approach. For what it's worth, I've received approving messages from #Hindutva activists & #secularists alike. You can judge for yourself:…
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I have received some requests to provide evidence for links between #Hindutva and #Nazism in the early 20th century.

Let me be clear that this is not my original research, and it is not an innovative argument.

Lots of scholars have made this point. A few citations:
Christophe Jaffrelot talks about this in his book, The Hindu Nationalist Movement in India. See the sections "German sources of Golwalkar's ideology" and "A Special Kind of Racism." Golwalkar was the second head of the RSS, a paramilitary organization that advocates Hindutva.
"paramilitary" is not my term, by the way. I am borrowing that from other scholars, including Jaffrelot.

Christophe Jaffrelot is one of the leading scholarly authorities on Hindu nationalism. He's written about the Nazi links in other publications also.
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Georgetown invited a leader in the ABVP - a hate group that uses violence to silence students and professors, particularly members of minorities - to speak.

Read that sentence again. It is astonishing for a university (a Jesuit one at that) to do this.…
Georgetown never publicized the event. So the university appears to have had some sense, from the get-go, that it was problematic to invite an affiliate of a paramilitary organization with a long history of anti-Muslim and anti-Christian violence to educate students.
It seems to me that Georgetown owes their students a fuller discussion about how this happened in the first place and how they're going to prevent it from happening again. Let's watch to see how this story of Hindutva at Georgetown plays out... #Hindutva #academia
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Dear twitter people, maybe you don't know much about #Kashmir, maybe you'd like to know more. I'm going to do a thread w links about why I think it's important to challenge the dominant statist narrative & move to a just peace for the #Kashmiri people.
Pls. feel free to add.
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On #ReligiousIntolerance and #violence:
A man was Lynched by a Mob in the Indian state of Jharkhand recently. His name was Ansari, that gave it way to his Hindu tormentors that he was muslim. They demanded that he chant "Jai Shree Ram!"…
Egregious examples of intolerance towards minority religions, mainly by Hindu mobs, underline the stark criticisms by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom of official apathy in the face of growing religious extremism in India.
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1/ The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (#USCIRF)is a federal Govt commission created by the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) of 1998. Commissioners are appointed by the President and the leaders of both political parties in the Senate and the House.
2/ It is mandated by the Act to produce an Annual Report on the State of Religious Freedom around the world. It names the most egregious violator countries as 'Countries of Particular Concern' (#CPC). The 2019 Report does not look good for #India, 5 years after a @BJP4India Govt.
3/ India is not a CPC-a Country of Particular Concern. It is a tier-2 country. Other than Cuba and Laos, it is the only non-Muslim-majority country in the list of tier-2 countries (Afghanistan, Malaysia, Iraq, Indonesia, Tajikstan, Bahrein, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Turkey)
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So much on #Godse, rightly so.
Now my simple questions -
1. No postmortem in Gandhi ji. Why?
2. No investigation of 4th bullet. Why?
3. Madanlal Pahwa confessed to plot to kill Gandhi ji 7-10 days earlier when he hurled crude bomb. Why no security to Gandhi ji?
-Who exploited Gandhi ji Assassin and benefitted from it? Nehru & Congress. Milking it even today.
-Who suffered most? #RSS, #Savarkar, cause of #Hindutva.
- Worse -all of this even after police, courts, enquiry commission gave clean chit to RSS,Savarkar
#Irony died 1000 deaths
Why was Gandhi ji not taken to hospital but put in a room to bleed to death?
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