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“A society must assume that it is stable, but the artist must know, and...let us know, that there is nothing stable under heaven,” - James Baldwin (he/him/his)
26 May
Republicans falsely claim Democrats are stealing milk from baby kittens.

Press reports new DOJ charges come down against some prominent Republicans steal milk from a baby kittens.

Majority of the public decries their actions.

Press now writes story about how a minority of Americans believe it's okay that the Republicans starved kittens because the Democrats either did it first or that the "real truth" is, Democrats dressed up like the prominent Republicans to frame them.

Republicans get the PR lies and framing out there in the left's trusted press sources, "validating" the lies from FOX and others by classic fascist propaganda tactic of repeating a lie until it's "absorbed as true".

The press makes money on advertising via "outrage allure".

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24 Nov 20
There's a damaging cycle in politics that hampers progress and good policy again and again.

The performative left is one of the worst contributors to this cycle, but we, as the Democratic electorate also play a big part in perpetuating it.

In general, it works something like this:

1) A goal, problem or challenge confronts the Congress and/or the President.

2) Debate about policy prescriptions, mitigation or solutions begins.

3) Political groups and factions frame the debate, benevolently or malevolently.

4) Congress and/or the President negotiate for, and/or propose actions and/or legislation.

5) Republicans either lie about the proposition, obstruct legislative action altogether, or cram damaging components into the legislation that make it "poison-pilled" or untenable.

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4 Nov 20
This take is not uncommon, but it's a rhetorical pearl formed around a white supremacist grain of sand.

Within this notion is the assumption that the democrats are failing to convince people.

This is a fallacy and a fundamental misunderstanding of the dynamics at work.

It requires that a number of facts be dismissed or diminished.

First, it is predicated on the idea that there's a "war of ideas". Ironically, it's an internalization of a neoliberal cold war and war on terror framing, albeit applied to neo-Marxist political thinking.

There is no failing on the part of the American left in delivering and gaining support for our core beliefs and propositions.

Instead, the assumption that Republicans, and "bystander" lefties and independents process politics in this way is a strategic error. They don't.

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3 Nov 20
We all need to debunk the myth that Republicans are better for the economy.

It's utterly false.

They are only better for the "economy of billionaires' wallets".

Democrats are better on #Jobs

Last 5 presidential terms:
Democrats: 37.3 million jobs
Republicans: 25.2 million jobs

[Carter, Clinton, & Obama vs. Reagan, Bush Sr., & Bush Jr.]

(not even counting Trump's -4.7 million jobs that'd make it 20.5)…

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1 Nov 20
The answer to whether Trump keeps his promise is a resounding NO.

Let's run down the promises:
1) 🚫Build a Wall and Make Mexico Pay for It
2) ✅Appoint Conservative Judges
3) 🚫Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act
4) ⁉️Cutting Taxes
5) ⁉️Renegotiate Trade Deals

1)🚫Build a Wall and Make Mexico Pay for It

16mi of new barriers built.

Only 1/6th (317mi total, 301mi rebuilt or reinforced) of the border had a fence or wall built or rebuilt.

2)✅Appoint Conservative Judges

This was a big reason "sane" Republicans voted for a nutjob like Trump.

They also knew Trump just had to rubber stamp the activist "legislate from the bench" thinktank and lobbying group, The Federalist Society and Mitch would do the rest.

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1 Nov 20
Here's the thing, they are using these exaggerated threats about that ability in order to suppress the vote.

"It’s unlikely that Trump will steal the election. But unlikely doesn’t mean impossible." - @zackbeauchamp


"Trump’s focus on mail-in ballots is pernicious, and intentional. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many, many more Americans are planning to cast their ballots by mail. And polls have shown that Democrats are likelier to vote by mail than Republicans."

#WhenWeAllVote, #WeWillWin.

"The general sense among experts on American politics is that the nightmare scenarios ... are only plausible if the election is close, and even then, they remain unlikely."

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