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#LGBTQIA friends affected by Anti-Trans legislation in red states - NY is not a perfect state, but head to #Buffalo. We have a thriving LGBTQIA community. Housing is midrange, w lots of options for older adults & those w special needs. Arts, culture, music, food, sports.
We aren't perfect. There are a lot of MAGA here, but there is also a lot of diversity & progressives trying to mend fences. If you want info about Buffalo, post below. I will do my best to answer. We can be your refuge. ❤️🫂🏳️‍⚧️ #TransRightsAreHumanRights
#Jobs in #Buffalo - Mostly education (union), manufacturing (union/midpay), restaurants (low pay) & a large medical corridor. If you work in any medical field - the best-paying option. Unions here, too. #SUNY has some of the best health insurance in the country. #TransRights
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A week ago, after hearing #ChairPowell’s testimony before Congress, all eyes were set to be on today’s #inflation data, which presumably would help market participants better understand the #FOMC’s policy reaction at its March 22nd meeting.
What a difference a week makes these days! Of course, all eyes are still on today’s data, but now there are many other things we need to consider (such as #FinancialStability concerns), when judging the reaction function of the @federalreserve.
As we have long contended, #markets tend to be fairly myopic and lacking in patience, so having to focus on more than one news item at a time causes tremendous #uncertainty and thus greater market #volatility.
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Today’s #JobsReport was very solid, but like is often the case in the movies, it’s very hard for the sequel (today’s report) to match such an unexpected hit (January’s revised 504,000 jobs gained).
Still, a nonfarm #payroll gain of 311,000 jobs is quite good and having 815,000 jobs created so far this year after the #economy has already created 12 million #jobs over the past two years is pretty amazing in its own right.
Further, the 3-month moving average of 351,000 jobs, after a 12-month moving average of 362,000 jobs gained per month is also pretty remarkable, particularly after the market-implied pricing of the terminal #FedFunds rate has move up 500 basis points (bps) in a year.
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🚨False hope sell off ahead of key data 👀

• Silvergate $SI & SVB Financial $SIVB hurt banks $XLF $FAS $KBE $KRE
• Higher-than-expected initial jobless claims
• S&P 500 $SPY $SPX breaks its 200-day moving average
• Looking ahead to Friday

#marketstoday #marketnews #stocks
📉 Bank stocks sold off sharply amid concerns of rising rates, higher deposit costs, & weaker loan demand that collided

- Silvergate Capital $SI is voluntarily liquidating Silvergate Bank
- SVB Financial $SIVB seeking to raise capital due to elevated cash burn from its clients
📊 Initial jobless claims for the week were the highest claims levels since December

That teased the prospect of some softening in the labor market, as it marked the first initial claims reading above 200,000 in eight weeks 🤔

#jobs #joblessclaims
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Making at least $500 a month is very possible in Web3.

With salaries on the increase and huge opportunities on demand,

Here are the 7 Best Platforms to Land Your First Web3 Job:
1. @cryptojoblist.

This platform currently has 9,060 jobs posted, 2226 companies hiring, and over 139,000 applications submitted today.

This is the best platform for anyone to break into the Web3 industry.
2. @Web3Career.

Web3 Career is an amazing platform to get jobs in Web3.

From Marketing, Backend, Community Management, Customer Support, DevOps to Internships, these jobs are all featured in the platform.
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AWS Graviton Weekly # 26 was out yesterday…

Let's see what happened in the last week related to AWS Graviton and @awscloud Silicon in general

#AWS #Serverless #cloud #awsgraviton #awsgravitonweekly
​🗞️ @AWS EC2 C7g instances are now available in additional regions…

#AWS #cloud #awsgraviton #awsgravitonweekly
🗞️ ​Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) adds support for MongoDB 5.0 wire protocol and client-side field-level encryption…

#AWS #cloud #awsgraviton #awsgravitonweekly
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Thanks to @GeoffCutmore & @steve_sedgwick for the chat on #SquawkBox this morning!

Short and sweet today, but I hope it was of some interest. The notes I put together ahead of time will follow in this thread...
First of all, it's #ValentinesDay and SOMEONE is going to get massacred today when the #CPI is released, so naturally:-

Roses are red, violets are blue,
JayPow doesn't know
And neither do you.

#inflation's effects are not as universal as they were, but does that mean we can all now relax?

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During his State of the Union Address, President #Biden announced his 4-part Unity Agenda. It includes “Supporting America’s Veterans and Their Families, Caregivers, and Survivors.”…) #veterans #SOTU #SOTU2023
Last year the #Biden Administration expanded benefits for #veterans, #caregivers & survivors. In 2022, @DeptVetAffairs processed an all-time record 1.7 million @VAVetBenefits claims & delivered $128 billion in earned benefits to 6.1 million veterans & survivors. #POTUS
Priorities include reducing #veteran #suicide with the following proposed actions:

•Support states and territories.
•Increase lethal means safety
•Expand outreach to #justice involved veterans.
•Expand Access to #Legal Support Services.
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Since we know that Democrats are not really all there. I will post PICTURES. Maybe its more of a visual learning thing.
Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics Databases, Tables & Calculators by Subject by year
Lay off
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In our latest #growth report for #Pakistan, we examined, among other themes, the role of #FDI in the country. How much #Pakistan attracts, how much it could attract, the impact on #productivity and on #jobs.

A short 🧵👇…
1) #FDI is a useful source of financing for #developing countries. It is stable, and typically associated w/ #export growth, #job creation and #productivity upgrading. Does that all of that apply to #FDI in #Pakistan? Let's see...
2) #Pakistan's #FDI inflows/GDP (in green below) have been historically low and declining. Image
Read 11 tweets NHS WINTER CRISIS ERUPTS AFTER 12 TORY YEARS OF INCOMPETENT TORY GOVERNMENT ‘I’m afraid A&E will collapse’: The NHS winter crisis erupts after years of warnings. EXTRACT
'Whatever happens this winter, the paramedics i spoke with hopes the public will understand why NHS staff are striking. "A year ago, we were clapping for nurses," he says.
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263,000 jobs 💪🏾🇺🇸
3.7% unemployment rate
And if you're pissed off because of this.... &*&^ off 😉🍻
10-year yield 3.61%
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MemberOwls [ An A.I Powered Membership site creator in 2 Minutes for dummies.]: What are the features of MemberOwls?…
#webdeveloper #digitalmarketingagency #digitalmarketingtips #digitalmarketer #Sales #Salesforce #marketingoptimization Image
How To Rank ANY webSite on the first page of Google Without Backlinks [Ranking Number 1 on Google Made Easy]…
#SEO #seorankjng #DigitalMarketing
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Chapter 20 is titled

“Only the Game Remains:

“Religion of Capitalism — The Game Is the One Truth Faith; The Game Is to Lie and Manipulate Without Consequence”

of *Culture War, Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema


CW22 20/1
“[*Chapter 20 text begins:*] ”Well since they believe a loving God would condemn them to endless suffering, don’t see why we can’t convince them their own biggest enemy is to be found in a mirror.”

READ BOOK… #Blue #TheGame #bankers #politics

CW22 20/2
“…since they believe a loving God would condemn them to endless suffering, don’t see why we can’t convince them their own biggest enemy is to be found in a mirror.” [What Republicans Wealthies must think about their “deplorable” followers.]”


CW22 20/3
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असे प्रश्न जे आम्ही मुलाखतकाराला विचारू नयेत...!

[ Questions that we should never ask to interviewer ]
#job #Jobs
Although it is very important to ask questions from the interviewer at the end of your interview there are some questions that we should avoid.

#InterviewTips #weareforyou365
❌ What does the job entail?

A job description is usually always provided with any job application and should outline the key responsibilities required. Asking this question suggests a lack of enthusiasm and interest in the role from not having read the job description properly.
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A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Position Yourself For Upcoming BlockChains V2

Brief Strategy On How To Navigate Your Way In These Blockchains & Earn Cool Cash
#Airdrops #jobs #Crypto

A Thread 🧵
Here Is A List Of Upcoming Blockchains You Should Be Interested In

QUAI By @QuaiNetwork
SUI By @mysten_labs
Shardeum By @shardeum
ZetaChain By @zetablockchain

Now Ride Along With Me As We Dive Into This Blockchains 🙇🏾
- Introduction
Quai is a scalable, EVM compatible network of merge-mined blockchains enabling fast, accessible, and low-cost decentralized finance.

Quai Network is a new design to create radically more efficient blockchains.
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Ch 20, “Only the Game Remains:

“Religion of Capitalism—The Game Is the One Truth Faith; The Game Is to Lie & Manipulate w/out Consequence”

Quotes/Highlights THREAD

Fr *Culture War Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by Adzema

(pub 10/22)…

CW22Q 20/1
Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022:

*Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(available on website, as wells as a free pdf file, & on Amazon in print & ebook, as of Oct 2022)

READ &/or dwnl entire BOOK free AT SITE...

CW22Q 20/2
[*Quotes/highlights:*] “…the Republicans were at one point cornered by justifiable attacks about being backed by special interests, so they concocted this idea that the Democrats were too.” []

THREAD… #Midterms Blue Wave #politics #capitalism

CW22Q 20/3
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THREAD: Sign up for our FREE @NBCUAcademy Next Level Summit on Tuesday, Oct. 18th!…


Want success in the new media landscape? @thenewsoncnbc's Shepard Smith & top @NBCUniversal leaders share tips News & Entertainment in the Digital and Streaming Age. Our p

See how new tech jobs change how we deliver the news. @AlRoker, @SteveKornacki, @EmilieIkedaNBC & @PriscillaWT show off cutting-edge tech!

@bcheungz also speaks w/ @NBCNews, @MSNBC, @CNBC & @TelemundoNews execs:…
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A Step By Step Guide On How To Position Yourself For Upcoming BlockChains

Brief Strategy On How To Navigate Your Way In These Blockchains & Earn Cool Cash
#Airdrops #jobs #Crypto

A Thread 🧵
Here Is A List Of Upcoming Blockchains You Should Be Interested In

Stark-net By @StarkWareLtd
SUI By @Mysten_Labs
APTOS By @AptosLabs

Now Ride Along With Me As We Dive Into This Blockchains 🙇🏾
Brief Highlights On This Blockchain
- Mysten Labs Creator Of The Sui Blockchain, Recently Closed A $300 million raise led by FTX, Of Which Binance Lab Also Participated
- Starknet Is Currently On Testnet, But Gives Access For Whitelisted Address To Be Deployed On Mainnet, They
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The majority of Indian IT companies are against moonlighting, and there is a lot of controversy around it, but recent advice from the GOI and advocacy for it will likely result in a shift in the present model of employment

#moonlighting #startups…
Mr. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State for Electronics and IT, argued that attempts by businesses to prohibit employees from working on their own startups or consulting for other companies "is a doomed-to-fail activity."

"This may be a new era for future employment."
In my own opinion, Mr. Chandrasekhar and those who are in favour of Moonlighting are reasonable. It's indeed acceptable as long as:

#moonlighting #startups Next👇
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Today’s #JobsReport revealed an #economy that is producing #jobs at a slower pace than it has over the prior several months.
That said, a historic number of jobs have been created in this recovery since the fall of 2020, so a slowing in the pace of #growth isn’t unexpected.
Even with today’s somewhat slower rate of #hiring at 315,000 jobs for the month of August, the 3-month and 6-month average of #payroll gains has been 378,000 and 381,000 jobs, respectively, which is clearly indicative of slowing today from a point of strength.
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Wie kann man so krass abstürzen? Ken Jepsen ca. 2011Ken Jepsen ca. 2022
Ich glaub' den muss ich mir archivieren...…
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As employment is an area where uninformed/ misinformed narratives have been endemic, creating a #thread on #jobs to #inform. Again, let us go by the complete #evidence from NSSO's PLFS, which has a very reliable survey methodology 1/9
First, academic research in @epw_in why CMIE employment data is unreliable…
Original ET article…
Mahesh Vyas's (IMO feeble) defense…
Original Authors' (IMO constructive) rejoinder… 2/9
3/9 #thread on #jobs to #inform
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1/8 What drives a toxic culture and how to stop drinking the Kool-Aid before it’s too late 🧵… #leadership
2/8 People don’t quit jobs but toxic workplaces – the number one factor driving the Great Resignation. #Jobs
3/8 Toxicity doesn’t happen overnight – it’s the result of systematic efforts between those who encourage poisonous behaviors and those who enable them. #leadership
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