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14 Dec 19
Since Labour lost the election, there has been a lot of self-pity talk about their difficult choices when it came to Brexit. With Remainers and Leavers so bitterly divided, it was impossible for Labour to find a compromise that would satisfy both sets of voters. 1/
Maybe this was true at this election. Maybe. But this isn’t some random stroke of bad luck. This polarisation has festered over years, and among the reasons for it are earlier decisions by the same Labour leadership. 2/
It was not always impossible to find a compromise that both Leavers and Remainers might be able to live with. We’ve known since before the referendum what that looks like: leave the EU but stay in the Single Market. EEA membership. Soft Brexit. The Norway option. EFTA. 3/
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2 Dec 18
This tweet is from the inventor of "Liberal Leave", who, having previously ditched Brexit, has now fully switched to Remain. It's important, because it's the first squeak I've heard from a constituency which could be decisive come a #PeoplesVote. 1/15

These are people who voted Leave, who'll never be enthusiastic converts to the pro-EU cause in the same way the wonderful #RemainerNow movement is. Rather they're folks who still think that - in principle - Brexit is a good idea, but that the government have cocked it up. 2/15
They're not anti-Brexit. They're just anti-Bad Brexit. 3/15
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28 Sep 18
This is excellent (as usual) from @sjwrenlewis and touches on a trap Labour are in danger of falling into. Thread. Labour figures keep saying that the election of a Corbyn government will "resolve" Brexit. I am unpersuaded this is true.… 1/9
If a Labour government is elected and strikes an exit deal with the EU, Labour will at the point take ownership of Brexit. Currently, Brexit is a Tory mess through and through. If Labour agrees to implement it, then it agrees to accept responsibility for its implementation. 2/9
There is no good Brexit. The choice between soft & hard is a choice of whether the damage is principally political or economic. I assume, as does @sjwrenlewis, that Labour would head for a soft Brexit. It will therefore own the political damage. 3/9
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24 Dec 17
Once, there was a boy called Union Jack, who lived with his family on their farm. They sold half their produce at the market in the nearest town, and one morning Jack was sent to pay the rent on their market stall. On his way, he met John Redwood. 1/11
“Do not waste your money on that stupid, worthless stall!” said John Redwood “Who needs a stall to sell vegetables? You can do it anywhere! Instead, buy these sovereignty beans. Plant them, wait two weeks, and a magic beanstalk will grow. It’ll solve your problems, guaranteed!” 2
“The beanstalk will fertilise your soil - your farm will become the most productive in the county! Your Grandmother is sick – beanstalk extract has the most amazing medicinal properties! You like curry? Beanstalk makes incredible curry – the very best! ” 3/11
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