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@PickardJE The issue isn't that Turkey had a stalled EU application.

No. The issue here was a simple racist, xenophobic message:

74 million turks (and 'terrorists'!) -> 🇬🇧

Using Racism & xenophobia to instil fear every step of the way.
@PickardJE Look! If Turkey joins, Syria and Iraq will be 'flooding in' too! More brown muslims! #VoteLeave and save the nation from them.
@PickardJE There was a danger people may not have spotted the inference, so they made it clearer:

Look at those red countries. Syria!! IRAQ!!!!! COMING HERE!!!!!!!

And it's going to be "a deal"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Evil EU, plotting to flood blighty with terrorists)
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THREAD: So @UKLabour think they can win back the red wall by "use of the union flag, veterans & dressing smartly?" Here's why this is ludicrous fantasy

1. You don't "use" the union flag & especially veterans. You believe in them, from the patriotic heart. Anything else is lies
2. How can Keir Starmer pretend to love the Union flag, when he knelt to BLM, who set fire to it at the Cenotaph? No way will patriots swallow this co-opting of the flag for votes

3. Labour MPs are secretly or even openly ashamed of our flag & history, esp Corbynistas
4. Labour want to win back working class voters? First, believe in Brexit. Except Starmer led Labour's #PeoplesVote movement to cancel Brexit & most Labour MPs are ardent Remainers, so there goes that one
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Who dominates the debate about #Brexit 🇪🇺 in the #UK 🇬🇧? 📢 In this new article in #PRX (@ecpr's new #OpenAccess journal) @hoennige, @dominic_nyhuis, @PhiMeyer, @SusumuShikano & I analyse visibility bias and mentions of MPs in reporting on #Brexit |… 1/7
Using automated text analysis of 58,247 newspaper articles published July 2017-March 2019, we find
1) #ConservativeParty MPs were strongly overrepresented in ALL (!) newspapers - irrespective of left/right or pro/anti-#Brexit position (71% of all MP mentions vs 48% of seats) 2/7
2) #ConservativeParty backbenchers who were part of pro-#Brexit pressure groups #LeaveMeansLeave or #EuropeanResearchGroup were overrepresented among Con backbenchers, yet the same was not true for backbench members of the anti-Brexit #PeoplesVote campaign 3/7
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Today is the last day of @FFsake_ as we know it.

Two years ago, @AmandaCC92, @Jason_Arthur & @Just_RichardB met in a pub.

None of them could've dreamed the heights that #FFS scaled from it's humble beginnings.
Our mission was simple - to mobilise the talents and passions of young people from all backgrounds, across the UK - to hold the Government to account and deliver a #FinalSay Referendum.

Ultimately, we weren't successful - but we're so proud of everything our activists achieved:
🔥 Mobilising thousands of young people to take political action.

📺Getting hundreds of diverse & under-represented voices heard in our media.

📢 Influencing every opposition political party and leading politicians to support a #FinalSay
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A thread looking back on some of the things
the @RemainerNow campaign did beyond our social media platforms in 2019. We may have failed in our battle for a
#FinalSay to #StopBrexit but we did our best and it was made possible by many
of you who supported us in many ways.

In January, just before the first vote on1May’s Withdrawal Agreement, we set up our third #RemainerNow goes to parliament event to meet cross party MPs (previous in April and October 2018). Here was @ChrisOram1990 just before we went

We spent a good couple of hours with various MPs at different times. Here was the gang with @Anna_Soubry at the end.
(although the tweet below wrongly says Dan Carden was there instead of @darrenpjones ). Thanks to all who supported

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1) Both Johnson & Corbyn spin today is to “blame Remain” - saying Labour lost because legions of its working class voters decided they wanted a hard Tory Brexit. Trouble is, this is not really true. And it is dangerous.
2) Labour defectors were much more worried about Jeremy Corbyn than about Brexit policy, according to this from @DeltapollUk published today.
3) And many of the 3 in 4 of Labour’s 2017 voters who want to stay in the EU will have thought the party’s support for a final say referendum on Brexit did not go far enough.
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Today is the most important election I can ever remember. Here is a recap of why I think it’s important to keep Boris Johnson’s Conservative party away from any more power over our lives #StopBorisJohnson #VoteNotTory #ThursdayMotivation

They have lied!
They have treated EU27 citizens like dirt! #xenophobia
They have treated Brits in the EU like dirt!
They have treated our public services like dirt!
They have treated the most unfortunate like dirt!
They have even treated business like dirt! #fuckbusiness
Here is the outcome I desire -
A minority Labour government working with the other parties on a policy by policy basis. Only a cross party approach can bring us back to a balanced and cohesive body politic! #TacticalVoting
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When you vote in #GE2019 , vote to get Brexit done RIGHT, not simply to get it done.

None of the parties' plans will make Brexit stop being an issue, so it's vital you make your voice heard on which kind of More of This Kind of Thing you get

What you've been hearing about for the past couple of years is only one part of 'Brexit'; the leaving-the-EU part

We still have to do the other part; the setting-up-a-new-relationship-with-the-EU bit

And that's much more complicated

I've put together some points here, but the general message is "if you thought it was bad so far, you're really not going to like the next phase"

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I co-authored this for @DatapraxisEU drawing on best data going
We @LibDems are not having the election we should have
But with ruthless focus and putting great local candidates front and centre, we can help deliver hung parliament and #PeoplesVote… Image
This report focuses in on the fight with Johnson's abomination of a Conservative Party in England and Wales

It looks like @libdemdaisy and @olney are in good shape to win - and join @EdwardJDavey @munirawilson @LaylaMoran @Wera_Hobhouse @timfarron in the next Parliament Image
But there are

NINE head-to-heads with Johnson's #Brexit nation-wreckers

SEVEN Brexit-divided communities (including 5 standing MPs)

And SIX three-way splits (including 3 of our biggest new names)

That are going to decide our election - and need every bit of our energy
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So why I think the #GE2019 is really not done yet. A short thread. The summary: I think a hung parliament is still a very likely and a desirable outcome for the UK. I first present some evidence on the former, and then my view on the desirability on the latter. #Brexit
1. Most opinion polls now point to a #Cons maj, including yesterday's @YouGov MRP. MRP is great in the tool box, but still relies on raw polling data. Here,, I argue here that YouGov samples for BES do appear structurally different and potentially biased
2. Opinion polls are still mostly conducted at national level, ignoring constituency-level factors. My PhD student @EleAla shows that in UK, turnout tends to be systematically lower the "safer" a seat is. And this effect is increasing in the poll national lead of the incumbent..
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#Brexit's 'nightmare alley' from 100 miles high. A 'house of horrors' story with a happy ending? But only if we vote for an end to the 'biggest heist in history'! 1/
Cameron launched his cunning plan (Bruges 2013) which only half worked? Spoiler! A cautionary tale, never to be followed! being nothing to do with improved welfare for the vast majority of Brits. 2/
Cam's plan was to kill off the Tories' @LibDems coalition partner, by secretly shafting them, while 'doing for' UKIP with the same bullet! Only the first bit worked? 3/
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I keep seeing this idea that the Lib Dems would seek a coalition with the Tories *if* there is no overall majority, and the Tories would agree to a #PeoplesVote
Cue loads of teeth gnashing about the Lib Dems and whether they would do this 😬
My reaction 🤷‍♂️
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In the grand arc of Farage's political career, today marks an important moment

Until now, a key part of his rhetoric has been based on the argument that none of the other parties offer an acceptable EU policy, tapping into wider discontents with politics and disconnection with elites

Sure, that meant a long time standing on the edge of the debate, chipping away at CON internal tensions, but ultimately it brought him to a much more consequential level of importance in the 2010s

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Are the Daily Mail, Daily Express, the Sun and the BBC going to cover this because it seems to me people blindly supporting Johnson and his crew outside Twitter need to be informed on all this and so much more ? #ReleaseTheRussiaReport
I think the media must accept some of the responsibility for just how badly informed people are. Finally we are seeing some challenges to the lies and extraordinary claims made by politicians on Brexit and the economy and the influences on the dodgy referendum of 2016.
With some notable exceptions too many political journalists have put the drama of division and cult of personality above getting sensible and accurate information out to the people of the UK. Breathless cooing over tory psychodrama has turned politics into celeb “reality”TV.
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We're having our 3rd general election in 4 years and the second general election on Brexit, because [*checks notes*] asking people a similar question twice is undemocratic.
"Implement it first"
A) We elect parties for 5-yr terms. So neither the 2015 nor 2017 elections were fully implemented.
B) Brexit is a 2-yr process at least. So that's like "We voted to build a bridge. So what if people see the bridge will be crap and want to stop construction!"
Boris Johnson is literally having an early general election because he didn't like the result of the last one.
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I have always maintained that it will be a slow decline in our industry base which will cause the real longer term problems. You cannot remove competitiveness from big employers and not expect a reaction then this leads to knock on effects in SMEs too. /thread
The way business makes decisions going forward will be affected by our country status and costs and friction in supply lines and the path of least resistance to get to their market. #stopbrexit
So every decision on leases on plant or property, renewal of financing, change in conditions, new member country regulations over which we have had no say as a third country, may not mean loss of British jobs automatically but makes us very vulnerable in any new considerations
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We have *progress* 🎉 🥳

2 Brexit outcomes eliminated from the #BrexitDiagram due to this evening's news that Johnson has written to Tusk confirming the Extension

Diagram now updated to V33.1

(Oh and 5 mins of your time on this would be better than listening to the Commons!)
In comparison to this morning
⛔️% (was negligible) No Deal 31 Oct
⛔️% (was 2%) Revoke by 31 Oct
5% ⬆️ Stalemate
⛔️% (was ⛔️) Brexit with Deal 31 Oct
71% ⬆️General Election 2019
15% ↔️ General Election 2020
9% ↔️ #PeoplesVote 2020
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1) probably shouldn't oversimplify, but I'm going to anyway

If @UKLabour don't want an election, they need to *all* get behind a Final Say 2nd ref

If they can't, they have to get behind a GE

But they have to all get behind *something* on #Brexit, and the problem is they cant
@UKLabour 2) and the reason why @UKLabour can't get behind any given position is they have a leadership out of step with most members & MPs, which *does* want #Brexit but then hopes to come into power in the chaos that follows

The membership know this really,but won't do anything about it
@UKLabour 3) *IF* Labour got fully behind a #PeoplesVote or a #FinalSayForAll it would invigorate the movement, make the public see it as a possibility and help us put an end to #Brexit

But Labour never will, because Corbyn never will

So fatigue sets in, and Johnson wins by default
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Start your week in all things #Brexit with V33 of the Brexit Diagram!

It should help you through the next few days...

Finally we are perhaps getting a little clarity?
And no, you folks over there! Wake up!

We only have 4 days to go.

Sort of.

(Source: NZZ…)
In comparison to end of last week
-% ↔️ No Deal 31 Oct
2% ↔️ Revoke by 31 Oct
4% ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Stalemate
-% ⛔️ Brexit with Deal 31 Oct
70% ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️General Election 2019
15% ⬆️ General Election 2020
9% ⬆️⬆️ #PeoplesVote 2020
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In 4 years we have had 3 prime ministers and 2 elections.If Johnson gets his way we would have 4 prime ministers and 3 elections. There have been 4 votes on some kind of #Brexit deal - all FAILED to pass /THREAD.
Yet politicians consistently refuse us a #PeoplesVote comparing the type of Brexit they want to impose against the deal we have - EU membership. Image
3.5 years after the advisory crooked lying cheating referendum, parliament cannot make its mind up on what is an acceptable #brexit for the country. You have taken up enough time and money on this nonsense. #voteleavebrokethelaw
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Yesterday's #BrexitDiagram V32 was made before it was reported DUP *will* back the Queen's Speech (I had them as against)

I still think - just - the QS vote will be against now, but this is in V32.1, as is opinion in Labour against a General Election hardening
In comparison to yesterday
-% ↔️ No Deal 31 Oct
2% ↔️ Revoke by 31 Oct
39% ⬆️⬆️ Stalemate
-% ⛔️ Brexit with Deal 31 Oct
43% ⬇️⬇️General Election 2019
13% ↔️ General Election 2020
2% ↔️ #PeoplesVote 2020
I am aware my "Stalemate" outcome needs some more work - it needs to cover how a new Programme Motion could work, and whether a 2nd Referendum might get a majority. But those are tasks for another day!
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So after yesterday's tension, today's confusion...

#BrexitDiagram V32 should help you through this!

Prepared for this evening's #UDEbrexit event with @OSchwarzUDE in Duisburg
In comparison to yesterday
-% ↔️ No Deal 31 Oct
2% ↔️ Revoke by 31 Oct
36% ⬆️⬆️ Stalemate
-% ⛔️ Brexit with Deal 31 Oct
47% ⬇️⬇️⬇️ General Election 2019
13% ⬆️⬆️ General Election 2020
2% ↔️ #PeoplesVote 2020
The ordering of this one is important.

Based on what @JenniferMerode @nick_gutteridge @BrunoBrussels and others are reporting, the EU will only decide Friday on an extension

That means a Queen's Speech vote should come first
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So it's been quite a day

2nd Reading approved
Programme Motion defeated

Which is what V31 of #BrexitDiagram this morning said would likely happen

Here's V31.1, updated in light of today
In comparison to this morning:
-% ↔️ No Deal 31 Oct
2% ↔️ Revoke by 31 Oct
30% ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ Stalemate
-% ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Brexit with Deal 31 Oct
64% ↔️ General Election 2019
2% ⬇️ General Election 2020
2% ⬇️ #PeoplesVote 2020
The problem for the Government now is - given more time - they cannot avoid the Queen's Speech issue returning, and they face the danger of a Vote of No Confidence

A General Election might well be a way out
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