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1) honest, straightforward #Brexit politics
There's now 4 major players in the Brexit debate
- Remainers
- May's Deal supporters
- Hard/No deal brexiters
- Labour Leadership

Labour Leadership are the most dishonest & duplicitous by any measure by some margin
2) Remainers - are clear on their offer and objectives. Do not pretend that a reversal would be easy but are the most clear on exactly what Remain means.
The economic impacts are most clear as well, because Remain has no negative impact in the short or mid term
3) May's deal - for all its faults May's deal is at least real & achievable. There's a level of dishonesty as to what it means & the implications, and a pretence that it's "better for the country" but in general people can assess it

Like Remain, the EU will accept it
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Blair might be perceived as toxic by some, but I don’t think that’s actually the main issue in this case. That is his pandering to Leave lies about FoM. Doing so is catastrophic. If people really still don’t see that even now ... then we might just as well stop now. 1/
I’ve said it a million times before: opposition to FoM is what delivered the result the first time round but it is *not* the actual problem. What that means is that pandering to Leave lies about it will forever provide the wrong solution. 2/
Yet that’s still what most people do. Every day this week I’ve seen prominent #PeoplesVote supporters repeat the mistakes of 2016. From a focus on London to this pandering to the arrogant assumption that a People’s Vote would be won. Keep going like that and you’ll lose. 3/
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Dear Mr Corbyn, if you love the NHS then:
Back a #PeoplesVote
Because the single greatest political threat facing our extraordinary, irreplaceable NHS is Brexit. (1/8)
The NHS, as you’ll know, is short of 42k nurses & 10k doctors – and Brexit is driving more away. All of us have wonderful EU colleagues & friends who, with a heavy heart, have quit the NHS they loved. (2/8)…
A staggering 63,000 NHS staff are EU nationals, including 10% of our doctors and 7% of our nurses. We can’t afford to lose a single one of them. (3/8)…
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1) the #Brexit 2nd ref, a possible solution to the options

As momentum builds for a #PeoplesVote there's some concern that the Leave side will pull the same tricks they pulled first time around

What if we could ensure fair, or at least fairer, play by all sides?
Here's 1 option
2) there's 2 distinct characteristics of the Leave campaign, 1 of which was arguably unique.

The first was that the offer from Vote Leave was fluid & vague. It would move from "we'll stay in the SM" to "we'll get access" to "the SM doesn't matter" and back
3) the second characteristic was even more unusual. The Vote Leave campaign, perhaps for the first time in UK history, made promises & took positions based on what a 3rd party, outside the UK, would do

Essentially Leave made promises concerning the EU they had no control over
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So it’s been one year exactly since I (Andy) started tweeting under @remainernow.

This thread will cover thank yous, some of the things the #Remainernow campaign has done over the last 12 months, what I think must happen next & how you can help.
So 1 year ago today, having spent the previous 18 months devastated about Brexit & the ramifications it looked like it was going to have for UK, I decided I had to do more & I set up a new twitter account with a simple aim & this was the 1st tweet.

I'd been following several #regretful leavers (e.g. @HughNorris7 & @timjn1) for a while on my personal twitter (now dormant) & decided that their voices (& many others like them) must be amplified & they must know others feel the same..@remainernow was the result of that.

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Graham Hughes @EveryCountry of 3 Blokes in a Pub has put out a warning. With growing possibility of a #PeoplesVote Putin's Russian #Krembots are already putting out LIES copy-pasted all over Facebook today. Here is the stuff, with rebuttals. (1/3)
The annotations in red ink are Graham's rebuttals of the Russia-generated LIES about the EU. It is the surest thing that now a new referendum looks like the most likely possibility - and even Farage is saying so - his Russian friends will be trying to swing it again. (2/3)
It's essential everyone is aware of what is happening. Please warn your friends on Facebook and retweet this. After the lies and criminal actions of the 2016 referendum (still going through the process of criminal prosecutions) we can expect a repeat in 2019. This is a war. (3/3)
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1) Thread - 2nd ref - we need to talk about appeasement

As we move towards a #PeoplesVote there's lots of talk about a "backlash" & consequences

We need to get real, all options will have similar consequences, because far right appeasement doesn't work…
2) as can be seen from Mogg's angry response to his botched coup, we're not dealing with normal politicians on the Leave side but populist thugs & agitators, who will not be placated because they are driven by dissent & disruption.

The faux posh voice is just a front
3) there's 3 options
- 2nd ref
- May's deal
- No deal

Yes, a 2nd ref and reversal will cause a backlash, but at least it would have democratic credibility, it would have been voted for and the majority, by definition, would be happy. Let's look at the other options.
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A second referendum or #PeoplesVote may be the only way out of a Parliamentary #Brexit impasse. But I do not expect it to heal divisions or, worse, provide any clarity on the way forward. /1
The main issue for me comes back to the question to be asked. All the potential options (remain v no deal; remain v May deal; May deal v no deal; choice of three) seem inadequate. /2
A choice between three options or 1st/2nd preferences (as advocated by @JustineGreening) is attractive but has the basic problem that unless one option gets 50%+ then the ‘winning’ choice will be a minority one. Dissatisfaction all round. /3
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When you travel across the EU. You can take your EHIC to ensure you can receive medical care should you be taken ill. This is a reciprocal benefit of being EU citizens. It is particularly important for people with certain kinds…
of medical conditions which they have to declare on private travel insurance policies. For example I know someone who has a minor heart issue which doctors don’t recommend having surgery on at this stage but it means extremely hefty travel insurance premiums as if it were
if it were to suddenly require emergency treatment, it would be expensive and obviously there is a higher risk. Now when she travels across the EU, there is no such worry, the EHIC covers her for any emergency that may arise. This is not a unique situation.
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1) 3 options, that's all on #Brexit
MPs are behind on this but the commentators are realising, its:
- May's deal
- No deal
- Remain
That's it, no other options for #Brexit. This gets us to a couple of points that would be a big help in moving us along
2) for programs like #politicslive, #Peston, #newsnight it would be really very helpful for the UK if you cut across any "we'd get a better deal" bullshit and simply asked "there's 3 options, no time or inclination for more negotiations, please pick one your party would support"
3) for those same programs, if you really must get Mogg, Patterson, IDS on then you could save a lot of time by saying "no deal may be as you say, but you blew your chance so if you can't get it through parliament what's the point in talking about it endlessly?"
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Okay, putting this out here now. Because it'll blow a massive hole in #PeoplesVote if it doesn't come out till later. Blair & Mandelson & Rudd - all involved with #PeoplesVote - are all compromised by their relationships with Deripaska, a central figure in Mueller's investigation
We need to talk about foreign interference, #PeoplesVote. And these are not the people to do it. Get some better spokesmen/backers/funders…
Deripaska paid Manafort (convicted) & Kliminik (accused of being Russian intelligence asset). The difference in the way he's been treated in the US & UK is hugely telling. British establishment utterly tainted by Russian money.
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Can someone - anyone! - please explain to me why this does not apply to Andrew Neil?…
Here's Arron Banks promoting Andrew Neil on @bbcthisweek last night in which three Brexit-supporting middle-aged men took on one #PeoplesVote young woman. Note: Andrew Neil helped Arron Banks fundraise for Brexit
And here's @afneil yesterday tweeting an article by the wife of the man who oversaw massive electoral fraud on behalf of the Leave campaign.
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1) long but absolutely vital speech on #Brexit by Sir Ivan Rogers

Something for everyone, especially the charlatans in the ERG & Labour's front bench…
2) for the ERG, @DavidDavisMP and others this, the central lunacy in saying WTO is fine whilst also arguing that we need to leave the EU to strike up new trade deals

It's bonkers - if WTO is OK, why do we need to leave so we can negotiate new trade deals to avoid WTO?
@DavidDavisMP 3) for @Keir_Starmer, @jeremycorbyn, @AngelaRayner and others, it's just a straight out lie to say Labour could get a better trade deal than the one EU27 have, whether it's in 3 months or 3 years so a General election is utterly pointless
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Before this week's #Brexit shenanigans, I said this:

"With May as Prime Minister there can be no Brexit deal"

I stand by that statement

I see no way that the #EUCO - ongoing as I write this thread - can give May anything that'll appease the Brexit hard liners in her party

🇪🇺 is not going to make the backstop time limited or allow 🇬🇧 to unilaterally withdraw it. So the deal on the table is essentially unchanged
The Tories reaching across the political divide to Labour still looks like a ridiculously long shot as well:…
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1) 6 pointless, time wasting exercises the Tory & Labour parties want to put the country through before we can start work on #Brexit

There are only 2 options left, May’s deal or Remain. There’s no majority for no deal and no time or appetite for a new negotiation
2) There is only 3 months left and the country is in a state of worry. Despite this, and despite the ticking clock the 2 major parties are insisting on self indulgent frippery and posturing before we can get to the real business of fixing #Brexit
3) Lets take the Tory party. Firstly, they’re about to engage in another Leadership contest. May will probably win this but even if she doesn’t it will consume weeks of time for no purpose because it won’t itself change anything in Brexit. The same issues will exist afterwards
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I know we're not meant to question the magical thoughts of the Socialist Santa but - since it's Christmas - could someone please explain how this is all meant to work. 1/
As I understand it, it is extremely bad form to suggest that Jeremy Corbyn might call a confidence vote. He's not ready. The numbers don't work. We're all foolish and impatient. 2/
This being so, how are we going to have the general election that he keeps talking about? Will it be be delivered down the chimney on Christmas night? Or what? 3/
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1) What's the point of a Vote of no confidence that can't win?

Because it's the only way to get Corbyn to support a #PeoplesVote in time before we crash out in 16 weeks or are forced to take May's #Brexit deal

A VoNC is a red herring, it will never succeed so it needs clearing
2) the Labour leadership have defined the sequence:
- vote down deal
- call for a GE (via a VoNC)
- call for #PeoplesVote
But the deal vote is postponed for 5 weeks, leaving about 10 before we leave.

The only way to "call for a GE" is via a vote of no confidence

3) and this may be difficult for some Labour supporters to accept:
- no one really believes that a Vote of No Confidence will *ever* succeed
- many do not believe Corbyn wants a #PeoplesVote

So the reason people are asking for a VoNC is simple. It's a red herring.
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NEO LONDON, England, December 2125 -- The last surviving participant of the 2016 EU Referendum died today aged 127. Emily Jackson had just turned 18 when the referendum was held, and voted to Remain. [THREAD]
To mark this historic occasion, the UK government has announced it is abandoning #Brexit and revoking Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. The UK will remain part of the EU, just as Emily and the vast majority of her generation wished.
Article 50 was first triggered in March 2017. Following the surprise result of the referendum, the government panicked and started the clock on a two-year window for the UK to negotiate a withdrawal agreement with the remaining EU member states.
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1) The BBC, @bbcnickrobinson and silencing the 48%
#Brexit is more in doubt today than it was yesterday, more in doubt last week than it was last year. Opposition to it has grown slowly but steadly

But you wouldn't think so watching the BBC…
2) The BBC's Nick Robinson put out this blog in April 2017, explaining the duty of the national broadcaster. The referendum was over, Remain was no longer an option and there was therefore no requirement for the BBC to report on anything other than variations of #Brexit
3) This judgement, that Remain was dead, was certainly suspect 18 months ago. Today, with #PeoplesVote on everyone's lips and the Brexit plan in tatters it appears to be a remarkable failure from the BBC news team, who have failed in their duty to inform in a balanced fashion
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1. .@michaelgove is saying again that #PeoplesVote campaigners are calling the electorate 'stupid' because asking them to vote again implies people didn't know what they were voting for in 2016.

Yet here is a clip of him lying directly to a woman's face in June 2016

2. With this in mind who is treating the electorate as though they are stupid? The liars like Gove or the @peoplesvote_uk team who want people to give informed consent?
3. On a more serious note @peoplesvote_uk @OFOCBrexit @BestForBritain @campbellclaret @Andrew_Adonis I hope you have all your clips of past lies ready to go so that the next time the Leave campaign wheel out this 'too stupid' trope you can shoot it down with evidence?

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#C4brexit thread
1) Labour #Brexit "policy" finally exposed, the shiniest unicorns of all

Tonight we finally saw Barry Gardiner lay out Labour brexit policy, and its nothing short of an utter and complete fantasy which makes Vote Leave's pack of lies look reasonable
2) May government is offering the deal which at least represents something concrete if compromised

Mogg - no deal, terrifying but at least a "pure" brexit

Lucas - #PeoplesVote, a chance to step back and Remain

All 3 have a vision which can be discussed and assessed

3) Labour are offering a brand new Customs Union which allows us to set our own trade deals and Veto the EUs

Full benefits of the SM but without FoM and a free pass on subsidising any industry

Why will we get this unicorn deal?

"we're the 5th largest economy"
Yes, he said that
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Canvassing whether to catch up on the #C4Brexit debate. Anything new to be learned, or are we still in CakeLand?
Ok, so first impression is that @krishgm is doing a terrific job of making people answer questions they prefer not to.

And, regardless of my own preference for a #PeoplesVote, i do think James Cleverly made a decent start, almost just by turning up to defend an unpopular deal.
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OF FOR FUCKS SAKE WHY is @BarryGardiner STILL wittering about the fantasy the @UKLabour can negotiate a Unicorn deal with ALL the benefits and NONE of the compromises? Labour just lies and disrespects voters. #c4brexit
@CarolineLucas totally nails #BarryGardiner who is lying about his unicorn, and found out, now he is losing his shit
@BarryGardiner is telling stupid lies and people know it. Either in, with benefits, our OUT with no compromises. You can’t have both
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Fool of a Took -> Let them buy Teslas! How Macron provoked an uprising -…
125,000 demonstrators gathered across the country, 500 detained, thousands of police deployed. My thoughts are with friends in France, keep safe, the images are horrendous -…
Paris descends into violence as demonstrators say ‘Macron is just part of the rich’ -…
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