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20 Oct
The Republican establishment should be ashamed of themselves. Ask yourself who in the Senate has any integrity. You can count them on 1 hand. Their lack of loyalty to this President is pathetic. Graham, Sasse, Collins , Murkowski Romney to a person should be drummed out of ...
Politics. They are not the only ones, but Americans ask yourself why are you letting these people in and not someone else? Are Americans too ignorant to see their true character? This time if Trump loses the ignorance is going to cost america. Antifa will get stronger, BLM will..
Get stronger, other militant organizations will get stronger, every middle class person will be back on part time work trying to survive as jobs start heading back overseas. Except this time they will never return...
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10 Oct
The Commission is made up of all Trump haters so is it any wonder that the moderators are some of the worst trump haters they could find. Lets take a deep dive into who picks the moderators:
1.John C. Danforthhttps://rap.wustl.edu/news/sen-danforth-on-trump-in-the-washington-post/republican
"most divisive president in history"
" wants trump to leave the Republican party"
2. Charles Gibson,called Trump's campaign "toxic"Democrat
Obama DonorABC News
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9 Oct
America is lost if the voters cannot bring themselves to vote out these criminals. If they are not smart enough to do that then they do not deserve a free country. Unfortunately everyone else suffers also. Before this is over Mexico will be safer than the US. ....
All because of the ignorance of the American electorate. It is no different than the Palestinians voting in Hamas. How did that work out for them? Or the Venezuelans voting in Chavez. You think it cannot happen here? .....
Well it is happening. Correct political establishment, massive voter fraud, out side influence in elections, breakdown of law and order. All happening in the US today. Hoax after Hoax since Trump has been put into office, and 0 accountability. Yet the FBI in record time...
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1 Oct
First I want you to know I read almost everything you write. You are one of the few that gives an honest take on some of the most important subjects facing Americans. Saying that however, your take on the first debate was astonishing. 1. Trump beat 18 other Republicans ....
In the primary debates, including the bush machine. 2. Then he went on to debate Clinton and beat the Clinton machine. This was not by random chance , but by a carefully planned debate strategy. 3. Do you think for an instant that Trump did not have a planned strategy last night?
He knew he would be up against two people and that Biden would and Wallace would have their talking point well rehearsed. Trumps strategy was prepared well in advance with Christie. If he would have taken the typical Republican approach he would have been railroaded.
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19 Sep
@CarrollQuigley1 Let me start out by saying I have the utmost Respect for RBG. We have learned in the U.S. you do not have to agree with another's political views to respect them. In addition, there have been enough 9-0 decisions against Obama in the Supreme Court and greater than 5-4 wins for ..
@CarrollQuigley1 President Trump to dispel the idea that Ginsburg was a rubber stamp. But saying that, What is the problem now with filling her seat now???  Obama appointed Garland under the exact same circumstances. The Dems in the Senate to a person were in favor of this. The only thing that...
@CarrollQuigley1 has changed is Reid opening the door for a 51 vote to stop a filibuster in the Senate. There is not one person that can say if the Dems controlled the Senate during the Garland appointment that Garland would not have been appointed. It is a virtual certainty. As Obama used ...
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13 Sep
@SidneyPowell1 @BarbaraRedgate @TomFitton @LeeSmithDC @RichardGrenell @JosephJFlynn1 @molmccann @kayleighmcenany @SaraCarterDC @GoJackFlynn @JeffLandry Unfortunately you had to pick the best of the worst scenarios after the appellate court sent it back to Sullivan. If Sullivan is indeed in the tank, there will be more chaos in this case. Notice how they have drawn out each ruling to bide for time. I doubt Sullivan is going....
@SidneyPowell1 @BarbaraRedgate @TomFitton @LeeSmithDC @RichardGrenell @JosephJFlynn1 @molmccann @kayleighmcenany @SaraCarterDC @GoJackFlynn @JeffLandry to dismiss this case without the Supreme Court instructing him to. Lawfare has control of the case at this point. This means if Trump wins eventually the case will be dismissed. If he loses in November, then its either a pardon or Flynn will be headed to prison.....
@SidneyPowell1 @BarbaraRedgate @TomFitton @LeeSmithDC @RichardGrenell @JosephJFlynn1 @molmccann @kayleighmcenany @SaraCarterDC @GoJackFlynn @JeffLandry That is how corrupt our judicial system has become. An innocent man with years of service to his country is a political prisoner whose fate hinges on the whims of political adversaries. Not exactly the way justice is supposed to work. #americafirst #flynn
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9 Sep
@julie_kelly2 Trump had no choice in the matter. In retrospect yes, it was a mistake to shut down the economy. But, he is no medical expert, and when the CDC lays out the info it did to him, what is he supposed to do? Go against the medical advice? Now, should he have cleaned up the CDC....
@julie_kelly2 the first year he was in office?  Of course, but considering he has been under constant attack 24/7 with the Senate refusing to approve cabinet appointments he has done an excellent job. The Senate has too much power. Six year terms, unlimited special interest money, No...….
@julie_kelly2 Independent oversight, absolute control over the Presidents cabinet picks. This is a recipe for disaster. You get a bunch of self dealing Senators at a level never seen before and you have essentially a constitutional crisis. Things have to change. And know you have the courts...
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28 Aug
It would be a simple task to is giving the orders and the financing for these groups. But 0 Senate hearings, Barr , Wray and Homeland security are missing in action when it comes to getting to the source of these actions. The question everyone needs to demand is why?
Are they waiting for mass casualties? Are they waiting until after the elections to get the lay of the land? Americans need to know their motives for turning a blind eye to the financiers of this violence. This should be unacceptable to every American regardless of party.
You cannot have a working Republic while allowing outside interests to finance violence in America. This should have been quashed the first week it started if not before. We are already seeing private militias step in to protect their neighborhoods. This did not have to happen
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27 Aug
Actually it is dependent on the individual. I am 72 and my mental faculties are still sharp, at least I am under the delusion that they are:) But I take 23 mb of Donepezil timed release as a prophylactic. I was a medical negligence atty for 30 years and do my own research. Also..
being from the 60s generation I am a firm believer in chemicals to improve the quality of life. The caveat however is you need to know what you are doing. I have a rare skill that way. Those that do not can find Drs. that do. But again I do not necessarily give a negative ....
give a negative connotation to people that choose to use chemicals to help ward off the decline that aging brings. This are is a science unto itself. Lot of research in this area. #AmericaFirst @TeamTrump
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27 Aug
You mean like these:
Humanitarian Award by the National Jewish Health (1976)[13]
Tree of Life Award by the Jewish National Fund (1983)[14]
President's Medal by the Freedom Foundation (Washington) for his support of youth programs (1995)[16]
Muhammad Ali Entrepreneur Award (2007)[20]
Unicorn Children's Foundation Shining Star Award (2008)[21]
Presidential Hero Award by the Lois Pope LIFE Foundation (2011)[25]
The Algemeiner Liberty Award for contributions to Israel–United States relations (2015)[28]
Marine Corps–Law Enforcement Foundation Commandant's Leadership Award (2015)[29]
Friends of Zion Award by The Friends of Zion Museum (2017)[32]
This must be what you are referring to:) #AmericaFirst @TeamTrump
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12 Aug
response to these threats has long past. Covid is the perfect example. Until the agencies like the FDA and CDC are cleaned up America's ability to deal with these threats are diminished. The U.S. let the genie out of the box when it politicized Covid treatment, now it will...
be a blueprint for the left going forward for every catastrophic even. 1. Blame conservatives 2. increase totalitarian control 3. increase regulation 4. restrict 1st amendment rights 5. bail out failed Dem cities 6. push voting systems that are susceptible to fraud....
and for good measure 7. grab guns. This is the playbook now for the left on all events going forward regardless of the effectiveness of the policy. This leaves America very week to combat these future threats. Wake up Americans. #AmericaFirst @realDonaldTrump @trish_regan
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4 Aug
VP Pence, I just wish you would do 1/10th the job President Trump as done leading this country in heading the task force. You my friend have a lot of questions to answer. 1. Why have you let liberals control the narrative? This has caused untold chaos in this country.....
How hard would it be to put apolitical physicians on the task force? To get rid of the political hacks that are there now obviously pursuing an agenda to undermine this President. I mean, how smart do you have to be to not know Fauci and Birx who are close to Clinton and ....
are solid Democrats who want to see Trump defeated in November will sway their opinions to hurt the President. They are in lockstep with the DNC. Does President Trump have to carry all the heavy lifting and take all the heat? You should have been out in front of this long ago.
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2 Aug
President Trump, with all respect you are losing control of the narrative. It all comes down to the way Pence has handled the Covid Task force. He has allowed liberals to control the narrative in the task force, liberals connected with the DNC. Very similar .....
to the way Sessions lost control of the DOJ. Pence needs to be removed from the task force. Put a leading virologist in his place that actually treats patients and is not conflicted with profits on vaccines or has a political agenda. There are many to choose from....
Professor Harvey Risch would be an option. Add to the task force front line Doctors and the fears of the public would soon calm down as reality was discussed every day rather than Fauci's inconsistent political messaging. Its gotten to the point where Fauci is causing Havoc....
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29 Jul
I have been meaning to ask you. You are head of the Task force , appointed by President Trump to take charge on the handling of Covid. But why are you sitting back and letting the President take all the heat. The heat that is caused by your letting the liberals on the task force
control the narrative. Have you been listening to the front line Drs. beg to be heard to save Americans? Have you listened to the Yale expert the begs America to change course on covid and HCQ? Yet you continue to let liberal Drs. with close ties to Obama and Clinton control..
the task force. How hard would it be to put other voices on the task force with different views. To debate and share their views with the public??? These front line Drs are saving lives. Fauci on the other hand is creating division and fear. You are failing my friend....
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24 Jul
Actually its a political disease. Nothing more. Its been used to force mail in voting and steal the 2020 elections. Not very complicated to figure out. The disease could have been mitigated easily. HCQ and protect elderly would have cut deaths by 70%. Yet the CDC and FDA, both
infiltrated with Obama Clinton supporters have decided 100,000 American lives was fine if it meant getting rid of Trump. It was a calculated decision. Hence 5 Dem governors almost at the same time sending Covid patients to nursing homes. I mean, what do they have to do, to get..
Americans to wake up??? In a normal world the FBI would have swooped on these governors offices and the DOJ would have indicted them by now. But, anything goes in this political climate. Genocide, hey the end justifies the means. The Republicans are cowering in fear hoping..
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12 Jul
There is something very wrong with Mitt : 1. There is an appeal that has a high probability of success as a result of the jury foreman covering up the fact she is a never trumper and an activist. 2. Stone is 68 years old, a first offender, yet get 40 months on a set of facts...
wher e most people would not have been charged, or would have served no time in prison. 3. The IG report shows that the Mueller investigation should have ended a week after it had begun. The evidence conclusively showed there was no predicate for a special counsel 4.
the entire charade was started as a result of a fake document paid for by political opposition 5. It is a fact that the previous administration was doing illegal spying on political opposition and leaking to the press 6.
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10 Jul
Some day someone should do a psychological study in to TDS. Of course it should include some of the contributing factors: Media influence, political leanings, education level, and other factors to try to break it down. Obsessive hate has been around for a very long time among..
humans. This is one of the first times I can recall in a very long time where so many people at one time have developed an obsessive hate like this for one political figure. Its important for future generations to understand the process of how and why this occurred....
It is normal to disagree on policy on many different issues. It is not normal to see the type of behavior we are seeing now directed against one person. It is not healthy for society and it is not healthy for the humans experiencing this obsessive hate.
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28 Jun
This is what the left and some establishment republicans want. This is what they have working toward. Eliminate the middle class in all countries, have a cabal of corrupt billionaires run the world. 1 big criminal enterprise. Except....
the best laid schemes of mice and men rule applies. Instead of that occurring what will happen is the western democracies will be weakened to an extent that bad actors like Iran, N. Korea, Russia and China will take over. After all three of those countries have nukes.
And then my friends instead of the billionaires having control, it will be the fascist governments who finally take over the world. Sounds far-fetched? Do you really think you can trust China, N Korea , Russia and Iran to play far with the wealthy western billionaires?
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1 Jun
You missed th point. Rubio has not given a strong condemnation. He merely as usual takes the middle road, and poorly, saying their were right wing rioters also. There is little to no evidence of that. So he is by doing that lessening the strong actions the president and DOJ
Are taking. We agree Rubio is better then Antifa:) But that is not saying much. Rubio is a rhino who if you want change needs to go. The purpose of his statement was to undermine the President. He is a lesser version of Romney. You keep voting these types in and you will never
Get change. They are the swamp. Now if it’s Rubio vs a Dem I would vote for Rubio. But they have this thing called a primary. That is where change needs to be made in the Republican Party. Unless you want the likes of Romney. french,and all the never Trumpers back. If that.
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15 May
Rudy you are being diplomatic:) I would have put it that the left have become domestic terrorists that will stop at nothing to destroy this country. No different at this point then ISIS, when they start sending Covid patients to nursing homes. That is about 15% of covid deaths
Then you have the deaths caused by governors restricting life saving drugs by executive order and that is another 10% at least, then the fake classifications on the death certificates, , about 15%., do not resuscitate orders 5%. Add them up at least half of the deaths ..
Were preventable, bringing the total to know more than 40,000. Then add the increased suicides , uncaught cancer and other diseases , and the pandemic turns out to be the liberal war on American lives. ISIS could not be doing a better job at killing Americans.
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15 May
@LarrySchweikart I like Hanson, and I can see the analogy his is making. But I think he starts from a false premise. The majority of his supporters are not ashamed of anything Trump has said. Most love Trump and are proud he is their President. I have no apologies for anything..
@LarrySchweikart President Trump has said or done. I believe if you ask the 95% of the Republicans that support him at least 80% will agree. So Hanson unfortunately has revealed his professorial bias. Not intentionally but as a slip in being a bit too cute with his analogy....
@LarrySchweikart And I say that not as a criticism of him as in the academic world that is how people think. I have been around academic types my entire life. I have  respect for Hanson but on this one, his analogy only applies to a very small group of people @VDHanson
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