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Sinema is the change agent that the Republican party needs now. Integrity, courage, and a desire to represent her constituents. She has no future in the Democrat party. But, If the wind blows right she could be a very popular leader on the other side. @SenatorSinema #wakeup
I could foresee her being on the national ticket on the republican side if the establishment Republicans get wiped out in the primary as they should. There are issues you may not agree with, but that is good, not bad. Provides balance. @SenatorSinema #wakeup #WakeUpEverybody
Arizona constituents would welcome her switch. A perfect opportunity for her to strengthen her position as a change agent and future national leader. Who else has shown her resolve? Her phones should be flooded 24/7 requesting the switch. @SenatorSinema @kyrstensinema #wakeup
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@JoeBiden @WhiteHouse have caused tens of thousands of healthcare workers to be FIRED or forced to quit because of your mandates, causing critical shortages in the healthcare industry, especially nurses! We are short doctors, EMT’s, firefighters, police, truckers!
This is ALL because of your mandates! YOU caused a shortage of workers by paying them to stay home, now you have caused millions to leave the workforce! YOU caused the supply chain problem! We didn’t have one before you were President! YOU
Shut down our pipeline & stopped drilling & fracking on federal lands causing oil & gas to skyrocket! Then beg our enemies for oil! YOU gave our enemy their pipeline & now want to go to war with them! All because your donors wanted the Russian pipeline not the keystone!
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The latest coordinated campaign by the #TPLF wing in the diaspora and #TPLF activities revolves around drones and with the intention of hampering Ethiopia’s defense capabilities.

a mini-thread on the build-up to impose an arms embargo against #Ethiopia.

#Knowmore say #Nomore
The #TPLF have failed to achieve their goal of overthrowing the federal government by force and returning to power, They failed not once but twice.

1st when they waged war against the government by attacking the military base of the Northern command in Tigray back in Nov 2020.
The second time, they managed to re-group, mobilize and march all the way to Debresina ( 600 KM from Tigray regional capital Mekelle) only to be pushed back to Tigray after losing 10s of thousands of Tigran youth died in vain.
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All of you need to read this and #WakeUp This is happening worldwide.
“You can check in but your can never leave”
#incentives galore at the cost of lives .
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76.5% of #Covid19 deaths in England were vaccinated between November 15th & December 12th

•Unvaccinated population = 718 deaths (23.5%)
•Partly vaccinated population = 82 deaths (2.7%)
•Triple/Double-vaccinated population = 2,259 deaths (73.8%)

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In this video, you see @fcpsnews board member Laura Jane Cohen in new shenanigans to redistrict children. She insults parents who answered a survey with answers they don’t like. Then you hear the email she just sent asking for money to fight a recall effort. More insults.
Here’s the @fcpsnews meeting from yesterday. An expensive consultant didn’t get the board the answers they wanted in their efforts to redistrict, using the excuse of “equity.” But the board is forcing costly redistricting though constituents don’t want it.
What is more insulting about Laura Jane Cohen’s comments is she assumes income + English proficiency equals wanting to keep kids at schools close to home. As if folks who make less than “$150,000” without “English proficiency” want to bus their kids an hour and a half from home.
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It always amuses me when people talk about fixing the human race. From the beginning of time until today there is no indication that the human species has the ability to learn from its mistakes. If the species were an experiment they would have ended it long ago. #wakeup
I read a book that explained this phenomenon well, A book published in 1996 "…
Hofstadter had a brilliant discussion of human's creativity on the individual level vs their flirtation with self extinction on the group level. It should be required reading for all. @TuckerCarlson #wakeup
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The U.S. has a choice to make. Either split up the country into two countries with two separate governments independent of each other, or start having equal justice under the law. Otherwise there is little doubt this country will fall. #wakeup
No country in the past has been able to survive this level of division and tribalism without massive bloodshed as the end game. When you have the media screaming for de-Ba'athification you know something is very wrong in society. The media gets their talking points from
from the political "elites". They do not make it up on the fly. This will go down as a very dark time in American history. The abuses of power unfolding with the media being the propaganda arm of the people pulling the strings is a recipe for disaster.
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Deconstructing @IdaAuken's Forbes piece here, which does what almost all leftist agitprop fails to do - take human motivation into consideration:
Thread below...…
"We have access to transportation, accommodation, food and all the things we need in our daily lives. One by one all these things became free, so it ended up not making sense for us to own much."

Things aren't "free" if they're paid for with taxes on citizens. #TANSTAAFL
"First communication became digitized and free to everyone."

You think any of that is free? You're being hunted. Your every movement & purchase is tracked. Your every word and microexpression observed and analyzed by the AI that will then use that info to manipulate you.
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CoV injection injuries #Pfizer

Leaked copy of contracts signed by nations show extreme control with large financial risk if not complied with.
Contract that requires human experiments without informed consent seems null & void to me. It is illegal if requires illegal actions.
The #WakeUp call is asked here:

How many people have to be killed before the "leaders" are stopped?

& Who are these "leaders", & why agree to such illegal contracts?
Take a step back, disengage from anything you thought you knew,

Put on your mystery investigator Colombo jacket, ask that question he always asks the murder suspect...

Are the "leaders" part of the harm? Why would ~their own leaders agree to harm their own citizens?
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For some reason, people miss that Social Security and Medicare are not entitlements. They are mandatory insurance, with the Federal government as the fiduciary is responsible for administering it. Americans paid into it their entire working lives. #WakeUp
If Americans were given an option to privately fund their retirement and medical care at age 65, the alternatives would have been substantially better resulting in a much larger return on investment and much better medical care. But the promise was that the Federal Government...
in exchange for eliminating the choice, would be a fiduciary that would guarantee the money was safe for all that paid into the system. There is no world that it is ok for the federal government to treat this as an entitlement. If anyone is getting an entitlement it is the...
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When will you see ((they)) PREY on all of us. Then ((they)) laugh at us fighting each other. #COVID #COVID19 Population estimated decrease from 300 billion to 65 billion by 2024? A thread
Rothschild editor of magazine and yes #plandemic. Varients are planned!
#Fauci pulls the fake positive PCR test during HIV outbreak. He then makes money on experimental drugs and many die. Sound familiar? Why isn't this on T.V.? Really? Who pays for shows? Commercials. How many are for big pharma drug pushing?
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Oh great benevolent leader, the Mighty Ford.

We thank you for bestowing upon us some succulent morsels of false hope & blind fantasies of freedom.

While neighboring kingdoms have all enjoyed more generous outflowings of privilege to the fullest degree...

...Tho hast stood strong against the tempest that carries upon its back the heralding of the sorcerers who beckon us to partake in full privilege & hope through proclamations of their wisdom & knowledge.

And though we are forelorn in our dreary existence...

Though your shackles & bonds hold us down...

We will wait yet another fortnight still - with the knowledge that your endless power will remain in perpetuity.

Our muzzles shall remain, our schoolhouse shuttered & our mingling a forbidden fruit.

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Since I was actually there on Jan 6, thought I’d share some things that actually happened.

1. The rally was extremely peaceful.

This was the vibe, not what you’ve seen in the news. Look at the amount of people here vs in the Capital.
2. There were people as far as the eye could see. It was like sea of Trump supporters. DC police estimates were well over a million. The media wanted to lie the numbers down and up. Down to make it seem small and up to make the “insurrection” be an “existential threat”
3. The purpose of this demonstration was never violence. It was patriotism and frustration with the government’s ceasing to be accountable to the people.
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Hey #Ontario

8 things to think about as we head into a new week:

1) Reminder: "Hospitalization", "ICU" & "Deaths" are all subsets of the total number of "Cases" - & are subject to the same case definition.

- The case definition only requires...

...a recent "positive" test result (NO symptoms required).

- This means that neither "Cases", "Hospitalizations", "ICU" nor "Deaths" require the person to actually have COVID-19 symptoms to be counted.

2) #BREAKING: Viruses do NOT care about your feelings or how important your task is (or you feel that it is).

- If a virus so contagious and/or dangerous that the only way to protect yourself is to take precautions - then the level of risk does NOT...

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Most have invoked Orwell when raging against draconian lockdowns & mask mandates.

It is easy to see the parallels:
Militaristic enforcement to ensure compliance, censorship, Newspeek, etc.

However, I think that we also need to consider Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World".
Brave New World was published 17 prior to "1984" - yet has many parallels to our current culture - and to our government's overzealous, oppressive & unscientific response to CV-19.
Beyond Huxley's brilliant portrayal of a dystopian future obsessed with sexual gratification, mindless pop-culture entertainment, & technological advancement...
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I wonder what they told it? Image
@Grady_Booch why the self declaration for OOP?
If anyone tells you that you can't ignore your problems forever, just remember that they are quitters.
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📢Creo que todo el mundo es más o menos consciente sobre el peligro de los GMO (genetically modified organism) Organismos modificados genéticamente
✔Se altera de forma artificial la perfección natural sin saber sus consecuencias
✔La empresa química ☠️
🤔Como las bakunas🤷🏻‍♂️ Image
✔En EEUU la mayoría de la remolacha, soja, algodón, maiz y colza son ya transgénicos
✔Las semillas están PATENTADAS y por supuesto son secreto industrial
✔Los efectos de su consumo a largo plazo son desconocidos
🤔Tito Bill Gates es el mayor latifundista de América 🤷🏻‍♂️
#WakeUp Image
📢Todas estas "compañias", parte de las multinacionales que explico en el hilo, se oponen a que se indique en los envases la procedencia modificada genéticamente de sus ingredientes
🤔Sería inteligente evitar esto en tu carro de la compra
👉Truco: si sale en TV, NO lo compres Image
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A word or two on the word “#woke”:

For those who follow the way of Jesus, the idea of being awakened to things of which you were heretofore unaware is at the very heart of the gospel you profess to proclaim. The old King James had a word for it - “quickened”.
Ephesians 2:5 refers to being dead/sleep in our sins - meaning completely unaware of or uninterested in their disastrous impacts personally and corporately. It then mentions being quickened/made alive/roused/awakened to those sins and their impacts.
To assuage any “Pearl clutching” at the very mention of the word “woke” and whatever that subjectively connotes, consider this history:

1850s/60s - The term “Wide Awakes” was used to describe those in Lincoln’s Republican Party (no relation) that opposed the spread of slavery
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Today $SRHI completed its move to the TSX.V and I thought I’d share some exploration and production thoughts I’ve had as I’ve gone through the technical reports and discussed the asset with my mining contacts and why I think it’s the cheapest #copper producer and explorer around
From the technical report there is in excess of 100 occurances appear similar on their land holdings #copper #exploration #10bagger
Vale was responsible for nearly all the historical drilling and it as totally concentrated on the two deposits that were quickly discovered in the very early days of Vale’s exploration of Tres Valles. #copper #buymore
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Est-ce que le crash du #MH17 de la Malaysia Airlines est relié à l’opé. #Covid_19? Explications et sources👇🏽
Au vu des infos rassemblées, toute personne sensée ne peut que se poser 🤔
Mais on m'appellera complotiste perchée 🤯😏
Le 17.07.2014
Le MH17 est abattu par un missile, tiré, d’après les MSM, par les séparatistes pro-russes
298 passagers dont + de 100 virologues et scientifiques, 1 porte-parole de l’OMS.
Ils se rendaient tous à Melbourne, pour le International AIDS 2014…
Retour en arrière
💥Article de la revue Nature
"Isolation & characterization of a bat SARS-like coronavirus that uses the ACE2 receptor"🤔
Moi ça fait "tilt"!
Pas vous?…
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Does a #SCAMDEMIC require a passport? Is this about the virus or CONTROL and DEPOPULATION of the people!!! aka #TheGreatReset?…#Agenda21
More than 70 MPs warn against domestic COVID passports - as govt considers trialling their use at UK events…
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#CovidPassport is just a code word for abject medical tyranny.

The government wants the authority to inject you annually with anything their corporate masters deem necessary.

If you say no they unplug you from society. #WakeUp
I love it when they're too stupid to realize they shouldn't be telling the truth. . .
Keep it up cops, you're about to get a taste of your own medicine when the people eventually turn on you.
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