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22 Aug

Vaccine passports have extremely dangerous historical precedent and should be strong rejected by all

Here's why they are flawed and what could happen if widely implemented

Vaccine passports have nothing to do with gold-standard infectious diseases epidemiology or public health

They are about control and compliance with government dictates

Vaccinated vs un-vaccinated is not a useful dichotomy
Rather 'protected vs 'unprotected'…
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22 Aug
You will learn more about maximizing health + longevity from @grimhood @Mangan150 @SolBrah than any doctor or dietitian. Not even close.
A medical / dietetics / nutrition degree is actually an impediment to understanding best-practice health optimization.

Most practitioners unable to question what they have been taught or come to terms with the fact that most lifestyle advice guidelines are plain wrong.
When empirical reality collides with their beliefs (say a patient reversing diabetes with animal-foods keto) too many tell the patient to STOP doing whatever worked and reduce meat/increase grains and seed oils.

An epidemic of cognitive dissonance.
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20 Aug

Medicine is broken. Corporate profit and pill prescription are prioritized over healing.

We desperately need a paradigm shift. This is how.

Thread 🧵👇 Image
#RootCauseMedicine is an attempt to reverse the modern tsunami of chronic disease by addressing and correcting its fundamental dietary and lifestyle root causes.

It is built on the following set of theses...

1. Homo sapiens, like all other living organisms, has evolved homeostatic mechanisms that naturally and spontaneously trend toward health in the absence of medical intervention or injurious environmental insult. Image
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15 Aug

Dr @malcolmken on sun exposure

'If there is one piece of mainstream medical advice that I would vote as the single most damaging, it would be the current, ever more hysterical, advice to avoid the sun.'

Short THREAD 🧵
Some of the benefits of sun exposure
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15 Aug
Any MDs that follow me. It is imperative for you to understand the degree of capture that the Pharmaceutical industry has over the govt and medicine.

Dr @malcolmken probably done more than any to call this out. His blog is must follow.…
The whole premise of Root Cause Medicine is a re-establishing gold standard, first-principles medical care free from pharma-biased intervention.

The state of metabolic health today and the response to virus illustrates how far we currently are from this goal.
The Western democracies are in the process of devolving into Bio-security Police States.

In the works is a two-tiered society based on vaccination status, a proxy for government obedience.
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11 Aug

What happened in the early 1970s to trigger the obesity and chronic disease epidemic?

A short thread Image
Change of US farm bills 👇
Rise of industrial plant agriculture (esp. corn) 👇
Marketing of nutrient poor plant foods👇
Introduction of processed additives (high fructose corn syrup) into the food chain 👇 Image
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6 Aug

Imagine the healthy development of fetus and placenta on a probabilistic slider

You can push the slider towards 'healthy (optimal)' or 'unhealthy (sub-optimal)' based on your environmental exposures

Most importantly: DIET + TOXINS

Thread 🧵
Eating for a constant micronutrient surplus shifts the probability slider towards an optimal pregnancy

By providing constant stream of essential nutrients, you reduce the chance that growth/development is hindered (by nutrient absence) at at some critical timepoint
In other words, you are reducing the number of 'rate-limiting steps' which may, in aggregate, contribute to some pregnancy complication or inadequate fetal growth
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5 Aug

The World Economic Forum @wef, a collection of unelected bureaucrats, has the stated goal of replacing the animal foods in your diet entirely with plant 'for the climate'

In the report titled '50 Future Foods For Healthier People and a Healthier Planet' they advocate for the consumption of a various range of nuts, seeds, legumes and plant matter
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22 Jul

Some parallels between today's toxic food environment, ancestral eating and the 1999 classic movie

"Wake up, Neo"

The sci-fi world of Morpheus, Neo and Trinity is dystopian future where humanity has been enslaved by an malevolent AI

Humans are farmed, physical bodies trapped in pods as their life energy is used to power the machine overlords
The machines have built a simulated computer world called the Matrix, where humanity's collective consciousness exists, imprisoned.

People are asleep, trapped in the Matrix, but the overwhelming majority don't even realize it
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21 Jul
A key facet of the argument against enforced population-based interventions (mandated vaccination, masks, lockdowns) for virus suppression is the degree to which severe disease susceptibility is influenced by individual lifestyle choices, independent of age

- Physical inactivity
- Vitamin D deficiency
- Metabolic syndrome/obesity
- Food addiction to refined oils/sugar/carbohydrates
- Avoidance of nutrient-dense animal foods

It is unethical to impose such a heavy burden of compliance to coercive and restrictive population-based interventions onto individuals whose deliberate lifestyle choices place them at low risk.

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19 Jul

An extremely toxic class of 'forever chemicals' is being added to lipsticks, mascaras and foundations in North America

Per-/polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a class of more than 4700 synthetic compounds containing chains of carbon + fluorine

Also known as perfluorochemicals (PFCs) or fluorosurfactants…
PFAS have unique chemical properties owing to the extreme strength of the carbon-fluorine bonds.

Products containing PFAS have
- oil and stain resistance
- water proof-ness
- thermal resistance
- non-stick surfaces
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2 Jul
Great progress.

Another step towards helping women + babies avoid the multi-generational consequences of pre-natal environmental toxin exposure.

Some highlights 🧵
They cover the big classes of endocrine-disrupting compounds including pesticides, organic, solvents food preparation contaminants, personal care products and mercury.
They call out the use of personal care products, which are notorious for containing xeno-estrogens in the form of synthetic fragrances.
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2 Jul
Translation: I am working with a bunch of un-elected shills of multinational Pharma & Ag companies to continue pushing the dietary dogma of past 50 yrs that advocates seed oil + grain-based harm while demonizing ancestrally appropriate animal fat and animal foods.
...and silence any dissenting views that are not supported by reams of nutritional epidemiological research funded by the entities who profit from the positive findings of these biased studies...
...I'll also turn a blind eye to the growing body of evidence showing effective, long term reversal of chronic metabolic conditions by patients following a dietary strategy which is the exact opposite of what I advocate...
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1 Jul
I suspect the direction of bias for💉 adverse event reporting (from hospitals) is towards under-reporting rather than over-reporting.

Unless a clear cut case VITT with symptomatic thrombosis, many of the mild adverse events probably not being recorded.
Elderly gentleman with minor unprovoked bruising 2 weeks post 2nd dose of AZ 💉. Otherwise well. Normal platelets & d-dimer. Discharged home.

Emergency Physician 'we only report severe adverse events'.
I don't think there is a conspiracy by clinicians on the ground. Its simply additional effort for an already busy department.
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30 Jun

Great podcast on health effects of sun exposure by @SolBrah and @thelightdiet

Some thoughts + speculation below 🧵
Sunlight exposure is an essential component of health: Vitamin D, nitric oxide, circadian regulation, etc

Despite this fact, the medical curriculum mostly demonizes sun exposure, focusing on its role as a risk factor for skin cancers...

UV radiation is a major risk factor for the development of both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers.

However that does not tell us much about the specific patients who develop skin cancer.

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23 Jun
The consequences of insufficient Vitamin K2 during gestation, infancy and childhood are visible for life

- under-developed mandible
- narrow mid face with pinched nostrils
- crowded, crooked teeth (needed orthodontic work)
Obvious corollary is that any vegetarian/vegan pregnancy/upbringing is more likely going to result in a child looking like the bottom example.

So few realize that dietary choices (as pregnant mother + family) affect the physical facial development of the children.
Not to pick on the vegans. Any diet rich in polyunsaturated vegetable oils and processed foods will reliably produce the same outcome of sub-optimal facial structure. There is an impending epidemic of poor children destined for a life of mouth breathing and orthodontic work...
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19 Jun
Listening now to the Youtube-censored interview with @BretWeinstein @RWMaloneMD @stkirsch discussing the virus, treatment and vaccines.

Ideas from the discussion, presented more or less verbatim, without comment. Fascinating stuff 🧵…
Brett = evolutionary biologist and former university professor

RW Malone = mRNA vaccine inventor, physician, molecular virologist, outbreak specialist

SKirsch = entrepreneur researching adverse vaccine events
Brett: pandemic can be ended at any time (including during the past 6 months) by using strategies and medications we currently have at hand.

RW Malone: eradication, as noble a goal, is not practically feasible and believes virus will be endemic
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18 Jun
The combined oral contraceptive pill reduces testosterone levels in women by

- inhibiting ovarian and adrenal androgen synthesis
- increasing levels of sex hormone-binding globulin…
"T deficiency is thought to be associated with a broad range of undesired effects including diminished well-being and quality of life, mood changes (depression, irritation, moodiness), loss of energy, cognitive disturbances, interference with optimal sexual function...
...declining muscle mass and strength and lowering of bone mass and bone density"

These effects are likely to be inconsistent and highly individual. Some may suffer all, some may suffer few, others may not be affected.
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15 Jun

The potential for research in #RootCauseMedicine is enormous.

We are in the process of re-discovering the health blueprint for humanity. These are the most URGENT areas of investigation.

- Case reports, cohort studies, intervention studies on reversing metabolic, autoimmune + chronic disease with carnivore and ketogenic diets (h/t @ClemensZsofia & @SBakerMD)
- True reference ranges of biochemical markers of a fully optimized, healthy population eating a animal-foods heavy, human-appropriate diet...esp. lipids (h/t @DaveKeto & @siobhan_huggins)
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15 Jun
COVID showed us how deep the corruption of medicine, healthcare and science truly goes.

A short thread
- investigation and re-purposing of safe, cheap generic meds for early treatment was forbidden

- expensive antiviral therapies of unspectacular efficacy were granted emergency use authorization (remember tamiflu?)

- the impact of major risk factors of obesity, metabolic disease and micro-nutrient deficiency were ignored

- vaccination against (what is now) a seasonal respiratory virus is framed as life-or-death for the entire population, not just those high risk of hospitalization

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6 Jun

A multi-billion dollar industry is keeping society sick.

First they sell you the poison, then they sell you the antidote.

Know your Enemy.
A thread 🧵
In 1961, U.S. President and former 5-star general Dwight D. Eisenhower warned his people of the unwelcome influence of the ‘Military-Industrial-Complex’.
He was referring to the powerful conglomeration of corporations that profited from manufacturing and industrial output the previous four decades of war.
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