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6 Apr
Just last week we were talking of the low bar Manafricanism wants us to allow it to pass as Pan-Africanism

Now I see - Akon 'unsung hero', pan-Africanist 🤣🤣🤣
They would have you think Amílcar Cabral didn't do the work on the interaction of class, production and culture.

And seriously fought for center the material welfare of impoverished on this continent! 😩🙆🏿‍♂️
"Everyone can tell you what Pan-Africanism stands for… when it is juxtaposed with the West. But no one seems to know what Pan-Africanism means when it is self-referential." - @Nanjala1
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6 Apr
Akon and his huge land acquisition moves when the natives have no land! Once again Black capitalism takes you to the same hell!!

Akon and his dreams of cities named after him on lands of people whose ancestors are buried on that land but have no land is violence!
Akon's huge land acquisitions in a country plagued by combined imperialist, capitalist, patriarchal and dictatorial plunder of communal lands leaving millions landless and in poverty is violence!
Akon cosying up with a regime that has forced millions off their lands in the name of development is violence!

From Amuru to Kalangala to Bwindi to Karamoja, there's no free land in Uganda!
Akon and the rich like him to acquire big lands rely on the violent state structure!
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29 Oct 20
How you not stan! 🤣🤷🏿
"My breasts are special. They are just loooong and ugly and fat and they have veins. And when you are angry they look angry, when you are happy they look happy. Like you know breasts but with special expressions." - @drstellanyanzi
Reminds me of a line from one of Dr Stella Nyanzi's poems in No Roses From My Mouth where she describes one women's breasts as "succulent millet brown"
We were never ready, ever! Can't wait to see her in parliament!
"I don't want your corporate nature, I don't want your diplomacy....I don't want to sanitise this process. I want you to be as dirty as the people we are speaking to because they play dirty." - Sheila Nyanzi on her sister Dr Stella Nyanzi's approach during the #Pads4UG campaign.
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29 Oct 20
Y’all need to hit pause on that motivational speech in middle of a pandemic which has left many jobless! The we-all-have-24-hours-a day stuff! Please people are struggling, stoping your mpenkoni moves beating people in a bad place already!This country had failed many way before
If you are not suffering financially and having your mental health at stake, surviving sexual abuse in workplaces, navigating political and economic patronage that defines the job sector in this country or the very least have close people trying hard to stay afloat, please rest
Some of us have worked for generations backwards because the realities of this country are harsh and grim for many.
Because surviving bad governance in a neocolonialised , capitalist and patriarchal economy is not a joke! People be the line between the whole clan making it or not
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27 Oct 20
Last night we had conversation with @AfricansRising + @AFRICTIVISTES in the wake of #Guniea's Alpha Conde claiming a third term. It's obvious elections as a marker of democratic leadership are already hijacked by men of this African continent. We have to look for alternatives
#Tanzania's sharply rising despot will take the country through this useless exercise of incumbent consolidating power by any means necessary taking away communications and information to his advantage. it's been done over and over. Museveni & others are masters ar this game
So why do we continue to buy into the illusion of liberal democracy in a formerly colonised countries which are yet to arrive at genuine power-sharing between among others gender, ethnicity and 'educated elite vs rural masses?
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7 Jun 20
Dear young African, we are born, brought up, socialized, educated in colonial constructs called countries. Most of our education refuses to carry us out of these constructs. But you are privileged To be on this app, use it before those ‘intellectual’ gimmicks on #BlackLivesMatter
Seek experiences even in your own country. Understand colonialism was white supremacy and violence, this didn’t go away when white people parked at independence only to return next day (neocolonialism). Many Black people have laboured to sort this knowledge #BlackLivesMatter
To be deeply ignorant about the experiences of your own people when there’s so much to connect you is inexcusable. You can get things wrong but without commitment to learn and unlearn you will continue to embarrass and make the journey to freedom harder! #BlackLivesMatter
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3 May 20
Make it a habit to teach a younger person some negotiation skills.

It took a woman to tell me “you are charging less than the other consultant yet you are more knowledgeable and skilled in that area”

Will never forget her or that day!
Negotiating salary, putting your foot down on the fee that is fair, esp for women (even harder for young women) takes beating these statements of “be grateful for opportunity” out of your head.

It takes someone helping you see why you must be valued.
If you have power to negotiate on their behalf never go with ‘the current rate’.

The current rate is usually based on past employers who underpaid them.

Don’t determine pay on current circumstances of the person, look at budgets of organization looking for a service.
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2 Aug 19
Stella strips in protest in Luzira prison via video link

Stella Nyanzi leaves in protest


Stella said they brought her to dock in prison to hear her sentence against her will.

Nyanzi has used nude prostest before to show her indignation. probably first time anyone has stripped in court to protest the justice system in Uganda


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1 Aug 19
I am disappointed that you don’t find me guilty of offending the president. I plan to offend Yoweri Museveni Kaguta because he has offended us. Find me guilty of offending the dictator.”

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27 Aug 18
Today @HEBobiwine together with Arua MP elect, Kassiano Wadri, Gerald Karuhanga (Ntungamo), Paul Mwiru (Jinja), form MP Mike Mabikke and 30 other Ugandans will be in court for their bail hearing.
Among the 30 other Ugandans are four women. Their names appear last on the list on the charge sheet. The story centers only prominent figures as it should but often ordinary citizens fighting along, their stories become a footnote. #FreeBobiWine.
I choose to highlight stories of these women because while ordinary people's stories get lost, women at or caught in political contestations easily vanish from our tale of the day's events. #FreeBobiWine
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