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.@sarahkendzior called it back in 2015. 'Every country that becomes a dictatorship started with a chorus of people saying, "It can't happen here." It can happen anywhere.' @AnandWrites…
'It's bizarre to me people critique "alarmism" without defining it. If you describe a threat & give evidence to support why you believe there is a threat, you are not an alarmist in a pejorative sense. You are a realist sounding the alarm.' @sarahkendzior…
'I think the fact that I got every major thing right is less interesting than the question of why all the people who got nearly everything wrong still have jobs.' @sarahkendzior @AnandWrites…
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Time for "Much More Than a First Aid Kit: Keeping Everyone Safe in the FIeld". Very excited! #TWS2020
Looks like a great panel. I don't have all their twitter handles unfortunately, but I do see @biologistimo is part of the panel! #TWS2020
Starting with Dr. Heather Bateman, 'An Academic Perspective: In the Field with Students. #TWS2020
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Pourquoi il est impossible de prêter la moindre crédibilité à ce qui est publié chez @Quillette, et par extension aux traductions de ces articles publiées chez @LePoint : un thread où on va prendre un récent article en exemple, et en décomposer les sources les plus cruciales.
L'article, d'abord. @MBlackwell27 prétend y expliquer comment les militants #BlackLivesMatter se trompent sur les brutalités policières envers les Noirs et les minorités, études sérieuses à l'appui. Nous le verrons, les études, elles, sont sérieuses.…
Objectif ? Exposer les biais des militants. "Si cela semble incroyable que le conformisme se manifeste en l'absence de preuves, le phénomène d'une croyance aussi scientifiquement infondée que massivement acceptée n'est guère nouveau", traduit Le Point.…
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El Cajon, CA #BlackLivesMatter
Patriots have arrived to the BLM event in El Cajon, CA.
El Cajon, CA
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Dear @VegNews: I am shocked that you carried the statement by the authors of #ThugKitchen announcing their name change in your 2020 holiday issue without providing any context about their racist practices and cultural appropriation over the past 8 years. 1/x
#TheBeardedVegans offered a definitive two-part series on Thug Kitchen exposing this. They explain, "Matt and Michelle, the couple behind #ThugKitchen made a habit of slyly dodging their critics & employing a litany of gaslighting techniques to explain away their behavior." 2/x
You can find the first part of #TheBeardedVegans podcast here:… 3/x
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Let’s talk about persecution, and why it animates the tyranny of Trumpism. The historic defense of violent American bigotry is a projection of persecution rooted in a violent denial of reality. 1/13
Slaveholders imagined they were being persecuted by immoral and illegal abolitionists. Read the statements of secession. White male slaveholders imagined they were being persecuted for being seduced by enslaved Black women they raped. Read their fiction. 2/13
Ku Klux Klansmen imagined White people were being persecuted by tyrannical Black politicians and voters and landowners and activists. Read the statements justifying their lynchings and massacres and whitecapping. 3/13
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Portland police beat my daughter Loba in the head with a club last night.

Hijos de la chingada.

Más información sobre la brutalidad. She ran from cops for an hour.
She’s doing okay. Bruises, bumps, and cuts, but nothing too serious.

Getting that call at 3 am, though...casi me muero de susto.

This fucking country, y’all. I swear.
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I posted a photo on FB of me with @ScottPresler, announcing the clean up done in a Detroit neighborhood.

Immediately, one of my liberal friends had something to say about my having done it with Scott.

This brings something up...

It should not matter ONE BIT who did the cleanup.

Not one bit.

It was an act of love done with a local church to prove that #BlackLivesMatter, rather than incessant virtue signaling on Social Media.

The most vocal white liberal people speaking that #BlackLivesMatter and all that, would NEVER venture into any neighborhood off Outer Drive in Detroit.


But they're ready to condemn what we did, just because someone who vocally supports the President was there.

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9/26 Press Thread:

Went to Peninsula. Then went to Delta. Now leaving Delta. @Conundrum9999 is my navigator.

#PDXprotests #PortlandProtest #BlackLivesMatter #BlackTransLivesMatter #DisabilityRights
The crowd at Irving* calls out for Black Women to be put on the mic.

The man speaking responds, "well, I can turn off the mic and you can use your megaphone. How about that?"
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At Delta Park in Portland Oregon, the Proud Boys haveing been planning a rally here for weeks. An Antifascist rally is happening at Peninsula Park. #ProudBoys #Portland #deltapark #antifa #PortlandOregon
Lots of riot cops and state troopers in the surrounding area where the Proud Boys are and another counter rally near Vanport. #ProudBoys #Portland #deltapark #antifa #PortlandOregon
At the north entrance of Delta Park. Portland Police are staged there, across the way from the Proud Boys. #ProudBoys #Portland #deltapark #antifa #PortlandOregon
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Hi there, coming at you near Delta Park, where oh boy there are sure a lot of cops and chuds everywhere

Hoping for a real boring thread today

Let's see what happens

#PortlandProtests #ProudBoys #BlackLivesMatter #PortlandRiots
I'm running with @45thabsurdist, @hungrybowtie, and @IwriteOK today. Currently getting a feel for the situation

We're seeing a ton of cops as we go in. Here's cops on riot vans at Interstate and Schmeer, near the Vanport event
Cops are manning the checkpoints to Delta Park, which are open. Reports of the Proud Boys operating an armed checkpoint inside

Is this legal? No! It is not!

Police all around the perimeter also
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1/ During the final session of the 2020 Religion News Association Annual Conference, I made this statement. What follows is my statement on the #abortion debate. #rna2020virtual
2/ Whoever builds the house sets parameters for possiblities within. Burned by gains of #CivilRights, seething from Supreme Court anti-segregation ruling (Bob Jones vs USA), southern White men constructed #abortion debate framework in 1983 as staging ground for cultural warfare.
3/ Pro-life vs Pro-choice is an inhuman frame, meant to draw battle lines, meant to set the stage for winners/losers. It is so last-century. And it is inaccurate. Those who built the pro-life frame have proven beyond a shadow of doubt, what they really cared about is white life.
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#VoteNoOn1 Why? It has fatal flaws. 1st: 4 individuals have concentrated power - the leaders from each political party in the House & Senate. This gang of 4 have their hands on every single one of the 16 commissioners - whether they’re a legislator or citizen commissioner. 1/5
The gang of 4 choose the legislators who will represent their parties on the commission, and they also choose which citizens to bring forward to the panel of judges that will select the citizen commissioners. 2/5
And 4 of the 5 judges are picked by that same gang of 4. A representative democracy shouldn’t have to depend on your access or relationship with the powerful elite. 3/5
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Led by Unite the Right attendee, Latinos for Trump director + former InfoWars 'reporter,' the Proud Boys are holding a protest in #Portland today they claim will be a "powder keg," "10 fold" the violence of previous events. An anti-racist festival is planned miles away. A thread.
The Proud Boys, led by Enrique Tarrio, who marched in Charlottesville as a member of the Proud Boys "military wing," and is the Florida Director of 'Latinos for Trump,' are planning to hold a rally today in #Portland to "End Antifa."
Tarrio is joined in the organizing of the #Portland rally by Joe "Rambo" Biggs. Biggs is known, according to @mmfa, for encouraging date rape, punching trans people, and also for posing as a "journalist" at InfoWars.…
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Albuquerque, NM a little bit ago - BLM impeding traffic and trying to block cars in. Car moves through once they start acting aggressive. #BlackLivesMatter
Here's how the "news" described the situation Albuquerque, NM
This is the post I was referring to - reporter says the car "rammed" through the protesters. First video shows BLM surrounding the car and aggressively trying to hold it hostage.
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San Diego, CA - BLM roughed up a pedestrian. "Stay down! Stay down! Do not move! Do not move!" (camera person avoided showing too much - they claim he was following them & "he brought it upon himself")
San Diego, CA
A bit ago, BLM harassing diners at outdoor dining areas and almost getting into fights - San Diego, CA
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Currently in Dallas, TX
BLM Taking over a hotel dining area now. Talking about finding room numbers and counting floors. People who see them coming gather their things to leave. Dallas, TX
They surrounded this guy and yelled in megaphones in his face while flashing strobe lights at him (the usual). He seems like he's had enough of their BS. Hotel restaurant in Dallas, TX
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Saratoga, NY - BLM group attempts to harass a group of gentlemen at an outdoor cigar room/bar. Police were actually on scene this time, and patrons in the area seem to have not put up with the intimidation.
Before that, they yelled at diners in another area "Y'all feel comfortable eating!" Diners seem to have gathered up their things to leave. Looks like there was children in the area. Saratoga, NY #BlackLivesMatter
They also apparently wanted to fight one of the patrons of the restaurant who had their child with them. They entered into the dining area to intimidate the guests. "You don't want to play me" "Come outside! Walk with us!" Saratoga, NY
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Justice For Breonna Taylor, Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York City, 8:06 PM, Friday, September 25, 2020.

This is a multiple tweet thread.

#JusticeForBreonnaTaylor #Brooklyn #NewYorkCity #NewYork #BlackLivesMatter #Nyc #ny #BLM #BarclaysCenter
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Justice For Breonna Taylor, Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York City, 7:23 PM, Friday, September 25, 2020.

This is a multiple tweet thread.

#JusticeForBreonnaTaylor #Brooklyn #NewYorkCity #NewYork #BlackLivesMatter #Nyc #ny #BLM #BarclaysCenter
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Week 17 of the downtown police station protests… Image
This talk is amazing.
"Why have we been allowing them to kill our people?!"

"Go harder for Black women because we're dying and they don't know about us! .. They're just sweeping us under the rug!"
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"Will we be president in ten years? Only if we add a couple of terms," said Trump just now in Atlanta, followed by chants of "12 more years!"
"It's worse than Afghanistan" -- Trump on cities run by Democrats
"It's really hurting the Black community" -- Trump on #BlackLivesMatter
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FBI announced that Sir Maejor Page, AKA Tyree Conyers-Page, was arrested for fraudulently using a #BLM non profit and posing as a #BlackLivesMatter leader.
The only thing is that I think the FBI posted the wrong link in their tweet. I don't see anything about this guy in that link.
Here's some more info. Page's home was raided by the FBI today & he was arrested.

He's accused of using over $200,000 of donations to his sham non profit for his own personal use.

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Dear Black people and even every people in the world look this disgusting tweet against Black people from hindutva fanatic, you should to know the Hindutva ideology and their fanatics are the biggest enemy now for the humanity.
So report massively this account pls and rt, thx
They’re racist, criminal and stand with the terrorism against muslim and other minority, they spread hatred against Muslim and Christian too because they choose to follow the Abrahamic path.
They call normally in Twitter to genocide and stand with the terrorism act, now, stop ur debate and be unite against these scum, report massively their account and share for everyone the true face of the Hindutva aka the Neonazism.
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