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Part 2

Last November, the Chicago Police Department murdered an innocent Black security guard and lied about it, again. Bodycam footage was released by February 2.

#JussieSmollett #JussieSmollettHoax
October 2018

CPD Officer defend murdering Laquan even after video evidence was released proving HE LIED and that Laquan was not a threat.…

#JussieSmollett #JussieSmollettHoax
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Woke up about a 2hrs plus ago. I need to drop this tweet, lest I forget. This tweet is a 10 step process if you will, on how to avoid infights.

We've seen it's a particular group of people that are causing all these MAJOR infights. Shall we begin then 😊 👇*RESPECT my TL.*
1. (There's always two sides)

There's 2 sides to a book, in rare case more 😉 if you see two Resisters fighting, regardless the number of follows they command don't ever get involved. Ignore them if you will or mute them if it continues, you're here to Resist & that is all.
2. (Screenshots are not always what they seem to be)

Similar to number 1. SS may appear to portray one person as a very deceitful individual. We all know in a "fit of rage" we tend to say hurtful things that might be detrimental to our cause. Avoid getting angry at all cost.
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@HorsemensWizard @BernieSanders Bernie Sanders on Communism 1985
H/T @saysdana
@HorsemensWizard @BernieSanders @SaysDana “Except Sanders and Trump—we (IRA) support them.”
OSC Indictment: U.S. v. Internet Research Agency, Feb, ‘18

@HorsemensWizard @BernieSanders @SaysDana Occupy the Party
One way would be to turn the Sanders platform into the agenda for a new, anti-corporate organization—a Tea Party of the left.…
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Twitter released the tweets of another 418 russian accounts on January 31.
I'm going to use this thread to take a look at the information they gave us about these accounts.
And talk about other bots and trolls you can find using this data.…
Of the 418 accounts 1 was a double, @CovfefeNationUS it was already included in the last batch of accounts.
One was not actually suspended until I reminded them.
2 of them had active backup accounts at the time of publication of the data.
around 320 of the accounts I had tweeted about a lot. So i'm not going to bother going back over them.
I found them right after NBC put out the 1st batch of tweets from the russian trolls.
They were bots, and most of the data about what they did is unavailable.
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Natives that keep making the comparisons between Redface and Blackface, and asking people to be equally outraged, what actions have you done for the Black community this year? When did you last show up for the Black community in a meaningful way, or call out anti-Blackness?
Are you Natives who make these comparisons actively calling out anti-Blackness within your Native communities, by your friends, by your family, and recognizing it for what it is? Are you showing up for the Black community to march on these issues putting yourself on the line?
Are you being the ally that you are demanding so hard of others and not keeping score? Because it’s easy to demand solidarity for our issues, but it’s a whole other thing to put in work for other communities as well as your own, and be open to learning & possibly being wrong.
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The Black Conservative Civil War

“There is a civil war occurring between the intellectual, solution-driven black conservatives and the fame-oriented, pseudo-intellectuals on the black right.”…

#CPAC2019 #BHM
#BlackLivesMatter #blackconservativemovement
“The most identifiable feature of fame-oriented black conservatives is their absurdist addiction to the inconsequential issue of whether or not blacks choose to identify as African American or just American. They call this the “unhyphenated American” movement.”
“While this issue is unimportant to regular people, it is deeply important to pseudo-intellectual, fame-oriented black conservatives, because it is the key issue that they use to ingratiate themselves with white conservatives.”
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Whitney Parnell: It’s been incredibly frustrating that this conversation about blackface has been turned into a discussion about how the Democratic Party can save face. We didn’t even have a moment to feel.
Parnell: I felt like I wanted to go to Richmond but I knew I needed to get to work here. Sunday night, I called my sisters here to talk about what this means here in northern Virginia.
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Been following the shit show that is Virginia leadership and just realized that the woman accusing Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax is a former political science professor of mine—Dr. Vanessa Tyson. AND WOW.
Right now, the Lt. Gov. is denying Professor Tyson’s accusation and some sources are even reporting that the Lt. Gov. recently said, “Fuck that bitch” in a meeting in response to the allegations, though Fairfax denies saying these words.
I am here to say that I wholeheartedly believe Professor Tyson. @VanessaCTyson #IBelieveVanessa #MeToo #ListenToBlackWomen
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❤️❤️ My kids' public elementary school has declared next week #BlackLivesMatter week, "an opportunity for
us to support this critical movement, as well as continue to grow
our understanding and support of equity, bias, prejudice and... +
recognizing the lived experiences of so many people in our

The schedule of the week is as follows (next tweet)
Monday- Black Lives Matter and Ethnic Studies
Tuesday- Globalism and Diversity
Wednesday- Black Identity and LGBTQ
Thursday- Intergenerational Black Families
Friday- Black Women

I am verklempt. In a good way.

Sure, should be all year, but so glad they're naming explicitly.
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Fuck this guy. Twitter, find out who he is. This racist-ass Asian cop needs to be taken off the streets immediately, suspended, and be stripped of his badge.
I’ve been hearing he’s not a cop, just some ass in a cop T-shirt
It’s looking a lot like this guy trolling #BlackLivesMatter with “white power” chants and gestures is Hank Yoo, the so-called “Asian Nazi,” who is a piece of work and a piece of shit who was supposedly in jail in Texas on multiple firearms charges.…
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RIGHT NOW: Israeli Jews of Ethiopian descent protesting in downtown Tel Aviv against police brutality and anti-black racism (photo @Ha_Matar)
Israelis of Ethiopian descent protesting right now in Tel Aviv against police brutality

1: “I’m the right color – it’s the world that’s gone crazy”

2: “Violent cops MUST be in [jail]”

3: “Police are murdering Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jews)”

4: “#BlackLivesMatter - Got justice?”
Now blocking the Ayalon Highway (photos @Ha_Matar / @OrenZiv1985)
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first of all suggesting that Kamala Harris slept her way to the top is disgusting, racist and misogynist

however simply pretending her center-right, tough-on-crime, anti-poor prosecutorial record doesn’t exist is ASTOUNDING
we’ve spent the last 5-6 years fighting against the racist, violent criminal justice system

i watched my friends get trampled at #BlackLivesMatter protests, subject to random arrests and yall suddenly get amnesia about all that when Kamala Harris decides to run???
and now Kamala Harris is running as a progressive prosecutor? that’s an oxymoron. this is surreal

to be a prosecutor is to align yourself with a state apparatus that disproportionately criminalizes poor black and brown folks
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@SenSanders Actually, none of the observers that went there, including the UN, said that the elections were fraudulent. It was the US who sent no observers and the Opposition who refused to participate who claimed that. As a matter of fact, the Opposition begged the UN not to send observers
@SenSanders What did many observers actually say about the elections in Venezuela?
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There is a myth going about. It is spoken on our news. It is taught in our schools. Liberal free thinking allies and racists alike tout it. It is an image that is much more a mirage of a colorblind hero in the body of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Gather round. #MLK2019 #MLK #MLK90
Let's jump right in with a quote from the "I Have A Dream" speech.

Dear White People,
Dr. King's mind was on a lot more than Black kids and White kids holding hands. Read this part: #MartinLutherKingJr on #PoliceBrutality. How #BlackLivesMatter of him...
Schools don't teach that #MartinLutherKing began the Poor People's Campaign, believed in Americans having a universal guaranteed income, and stood vehemently against the "evils" of capitalism and the Vietnam War. His dream went so exceedingly beyond "content of character".
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I am not questioning @shaunking’s race. I am not questioning that he has done some good work. I AM questioning how he handles critique & calls for accountability from other black activists & radicals. I AM questioning how he has decided to use his power.
I AM suspicious of his doubling down with lawyers plus screenshots plus tagging. I AM disappointed that no matter how many of us say “Hey, is this how you wanna handle this? Is this how you lead?” he has left up these tweets. He has not examined his abuse of power.
How people respond when hurt or angry or afraid reveals a lot. We are asking for humility, accountability & real leadership that doesn’t rely on silencing, domination, coercion, violence or the prison-industrial complex (including cops & lawyers).
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.@Renee_Unterman is not happy about the changes to committee chairs, including her getting stripped of her position. Talking abt lack of women leadership.… #gapol
She’s rehashing her accomplishments regarding human trafficking, opioid overdose, child abuse, as leader of Health and Human Services. #gapol
And now @elenaparent is also speaking about the lack of women on the most important committees, let alone serving in leadership roles. #gapol
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Steny Hoyer scoffs at @AOC’s proposed 70% marginal tax rates on millionaires and billionaires.

Hoyer is clearly confused about how to respond and is offering mealy mouthed Republican-lite talking points in place of a vision of Democratic governance.
Hoyer and the Democratic Party leadership's instincts were forged under the conservative backlash of the 1970s and subsequent ‘Reagan Revolution.'

For too long, Democrats thought they could win by moving towards the GOP, and giving their voters half-measures approved by donors.
.@AOC's politics were formed during a revival of grassroots social movements like Occupy and #BlackLivesMatter that learned to speak to often-neglected constituencies.

Now she's showing Dems they can fight to take money + power from the elite and give it to all working people.
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Rather than pretending Beto/Kamala/Booker/etc have an ideologically consistent track record that isn't there, why not just say 'yeah my views changed because the world changed'? It's not hard, it's honest, and it's where most people are.
There's something weird about a demand that politicians remain static in their views when the world doesn't. China is a very different problem today than it was 10 years ago. So are tech monopolists. And banks. Etc.
In 2008 the avg insured family of four paid $15k/year for health care. Last year it was $30k. It's ok to say 'I thought Obamacare was worth a shot but I realized it didn't get the job done.' The world is different. Surprise billing didn't really exist in 2008. It's ok to change.
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Reminder that this is true AND that people of color is a useful coalitinal/solidarity phrase when talking specifically about people who are harmed by white supremacy. POC makes sense to use in some places & black ppl in others.
In metaphor terms: Fruit is a collective term. Orange is more specific. If you asked for orange juice & I gave you apple juice because “fruit is fruit” you’d be like no bitch I asked for orange juice. Sometimes we’re just talking about oranges for a reason. #BlackLivesMatter
*coalitional 🙃
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My team and I have been working on a bill for about a year. We’ve kept it quiet but I like to call it the “Alderman-Ramirez Criminal Justice Act” or #ARCJA. It will be a comprehensive Criminal Justice Reform package that will include at minimum the following and @KamalaHarris...
(2)...we hope that if you do defeat us in our election in 2022 that you will consider introducing this bill;
A- Funding for bodycams for all officers in US
B- Citizen advisory boards in all departments
C- Independent investigations of all police shooting-related fatalities...
(3)...D- Financial incentives for departments to begin using #communitypolicing models such as the one overseen by @GayleforCA in her time as mayor of Richmond.
E- Funding for police outreach programs like those out on by @ClovisPolice_CA and @Visaliapd...
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So excited to hear @BarbaraRansby and several activists and scholars speak at this panel tomorrow:

"Chairman Fred Lives": The Life and Legacies of Fred Hampton, Illinois Black Panther Party Chairman"

#AHA2019 #Chicago
#LeftPOC #FredHampton
more info on this session here:…
I'm also excited to hear Beatrice Wayne (whom I interviewed for the 10th episode of the @LeftPOC podcast, which you can hear via… ) speak later today on the meaning of fashion during the Ethiopian student protests of the 1960s)
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1. As 2018 draws to a close I want to celebrate #AmazingZimbabweans who gave me courage/hope amidst the pervasive gloom/doom around us. People who spoke up/fought for their convictions. Folks whose can do attitude saw them triumph against all odds.
2. Thank you @begottensun for having the courage to launch your @FreshInABox at a time when many thought it was well-nigh impossible to do business in Zimbabwe. Proud of you. #AmazingZimbabweans
Fadzayi @advocatemahere my 13 year old daughter looks up to you. You ran a principled political campaign that inspired a whole generation. You taught us that a different value based politics is possible #AmazingZimbabweans
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1/ Why are so many people so angry? And what can we do about it? I spent much of the last year reporting a story for @theatlantic on who is to blame for all of the fury coursing through our politics and our personal lives.…
2/ The first surprise: I went into this project thinking of anger as a negative emotion. But when I looked at the social science, I learned that anger can be a powerful force for good.
3/ One @UMassAmherst psychologist conducted a study of a sleepy little Massachusetts town. He found that its residents were frequently livid—but that their anger often made things better, not worse.
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My gratitude this Thanksgiving:

women of color like @MsLaToshaBrown, @nicoleclee, @coalitionbuildr, and all the women of @NCBCP who have been fighting for generations while the rest of us didn't even know their names
woke men who walk the walk like @BetoORourke, @justinbaldoni, and @Mikel_Jollett, who hold other men to the fire and demand that they do better

icons like @GloriaSteinem @RepMaxineWaters @NancyPelosi @bellhooks @JackieSpeier who have been fighting longer than I've been alive
young warriors like @KenidraRWoods_ @cameron_kasky @davidhogg111 @Emma4Change who have looked death in the face and decided to fight not only for their own lives, but for humanity
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