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23 Nov
Fairy disingenuous to challenge people on reality—sex is reality & millions of girls are missing in India because of sex and the Dalit women are being raped because of sex—and then claim victimhood because people challenge your weak assertions.

How about not playing this game?
No man who ever raped, pimped, or tried to kill me EVER ASKED MY GENDER IDENTITY. If they did and I told them Simon Baron Cohen said women like me have an EXTREME MALE BRAIN, do you think that would have stopped them from raping and pimping and strangling me?
Do you think gender identity makes an effing wit of difference for the 49 million girls missing in India?

Ask yourself who gender identity serves.
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23 Nov
I hope we can all agree now that Maajid Nawaz isn't a credible source on anything these days.

Also I'm still puzzled that so many thought a pornographic cartoon in a classroom was appropriate free speech teaching material.

Is child safeguarding optional now?
I love the hypocrisy of "pornographic cartoons are free speech" and a movie about female adolescent sexuality is pornographic.

I find that amusing tbh.

Outrage is like a cataract—obscures vision.
And because I anticipate the outrage mob.

I actually liked Mignonnes/Cuties.

I remember being that age and having very big sexual feelings for such a young girl and feeling completely out of my league.

But we can't even talk about female sexuality w/o y'all's hangups.
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22 Nov
I'm no longer interested in secular feminism.

I'm interested in fighting #billc6 and in getting #billc16 repealed. I'm interested in stopping Mengele-like experiments on vulnerable children. I'm interested in fighting the erosion of parental rights.

Not here to man hate.
Also everyone who wants these same things is my ally, that includes men. If you don't like it, that's cool, because I never asked you. I don't ask anyone for permission to associate with anyone else.

And I sure ain't starting now.
Keep your purity tests. Keep your tribes. Keep your "group loyalty". I reject all of that.

I belong to no tribe.

I'm an aspergerian autist—i don't do or understand tribes and groups.

So don't confuse your authoritarianness with progressiveness or social justice.
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21 Nov
"Abusers choose to abuse"

No abuser of mine ever appeared to be in control of anything, least of all themselves.

That's an emotionally rhetorical statement which means very little in actual fact.

This doesn't excuse the abuse.

Nuance is a thing. Grow up and get it.
Abusers lack self control. That's the whole issue, geniuses!

When the amygdala is driving the bus, the prefrontal cortex isn't online.

Those are the facts. You don't get to choose some facts and lose others. Grow up.
You don't get to weaponise your abuse history in my presence, lol.

You ain't the only one sweetheart, ever to be abused violently by men.

Also women do abuse too.
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21 Nov
Y'all want people to grow spines and fight back against wokery. And then when people do, you say "no, not you, you can't sit with us, you're a bad person, you can't be in our club."

So, I'm calling BS because I think your stupid tribes are still more important to you than this.
So you need to decide. Because I just watch a whole lot if you trash an awareness campaign or watch while someone else did and you're all fawning and simping. So, you decide what more important.

1. Fighting wokery
2. Tribal purity

Choose one.
And if you continue to follow the dishonest megalomaniacs then you'll never crush wokery.
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21 Nov
Islam produced Shari'a scholars and jurists like Rumi, who is also the all-time best selling poet in the west.

Yeah, Rumi was a Shari'a scholar. There would be no Rumi without the Quran and Islam.
The extremist clowns whom the western oligarchs and imperialists have armed and whom Salafists and Wahabbists have brainwashed and radicalised aren't Islam. There's nothing Islam about extremism.
Maybe if the most disingenuous among you asked those of us who actively practise Islam, rather than those who no longer do and consider themselves ex Muslim—about the nature of Islam ...
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7 Nov
Total ICU capacity = 206
Total ventilators = 384

There is a limited number of staff trained to care for ventilated patients, it is a very specialised high level care requirement.

This is why the new measure.
We are entering flu season.
ICU capacity is necessary to guard for trauma and other grave conditions.
Halloween night was sh1tshow and y'all are effing lucky she didn't lock us all down for longer!
She was mad. And rightly so. People have been irresponsible and reckless and complacent.

Grow up and level up.

Put your adult game face on and get on with it.
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7 Nov
Facts about GnRHa/LHRHa aka puberty blockers—
1. Same chemicals used to chemically castrate sexual offenders
2. Chemical castration was a punishment for gays such as Turing, the effects caused him to take his life
3. Chemical castration is reversible in adults
4. Children aren't
5. Puberty isn't a Netflix show or a social media account
6. Disruption of a temporal physiologic process isn't reversible, the interruption causes permanent sequelae
6. Puberty is a necessity metamorphosis—by disrupting it we are obstructing the processes
which need to occur in order for growth and development and resolution of what is being called "gender identity disorder" or "gender dysphoria"—like eclosion for a butterfly.
7. Giving gnRHa to a child freezes the gonads.
8. Adding cross sex hormones to gnRHa will sterilise.
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7 Nov
Since 2011 GIDs have been giving Puberty Blockers to children as young as 10. Invariably they will progress to Cross Sex Hormones. They will be sterile. GIDs still haven’t published the research outcomes nearly 10 yrs later.…
I urge you to look very closely at what has happened in the UK vis à vis the Kiera Bell case as you consider #BillC6
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6 Nov
I'm flipping tired of this goddamned festival.

If you're gossiping and carrying tales and libeling then please unfollow me because that kind of toxic behaviour and energy is damaging and abusive and destroys lives.

If you ask a question then expect an honest reply from me.
I consider libel abusive. I have zero tolerance & will screenshot & block onsite.

Misandrists intent on destroying a man ruined my life because they tormented the man I was married to. His career was destroyed because of a lie told and BelieveAllWomen.
Our lives were devastated. He is dead, hung himself nearly 5 years ago. My son has no father becuz of a lie and misandry.

So I'm not going to indulge anyone's misandrist fantasies or any abusive troll's hunger for more suffering.

And I cannot trust anyone who will.
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