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The fantastic @HotchkissRhona talks to us about why placing males with vulnerable women in prison impacts on their privacy, dignity and safety


#WomensRightsNetwork #KeepPrisonsSingleSex #SaveOurSpaces #SexNotGender #NoToSelfID Image
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Before trans, height of trans, detrans

I went through a pointless process to escape myself. Transition doesn't change reality, but does make physical alterations.

I will never apologize to anyone but myself for what I did ImageImageImage
My transition had nothing to do with porn. It wasn't the result of some foaming misogynistic wet dream. I wasn't sexually interested in being a woman.

I am a gay man who never felt at home with or in himself
I was told that this was a celebration. I was told, mainly by women, that I was becoming a woman. I was applauded by family, friends, and coworkers, mostly female.

I was told that I was beautiful and brave.
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We're waiting (since April) for the @PoliceServiceNI to answer our FOI on #sexnotgender in searches & crime stats. An @ni_wrn member sent us a policy (SI0321) showing male officers who "ID as women" can strip search females. No exception made for minors.…
@PoliceServiceNI @ni_wrn After the new UK Home Office guidance that forces should record sex based on birth cert or GRC, we asked what was PSNI policy in regards to recording sex of suspects and victims, and suspects right not to be searched by an officer of the opposite sex:…
We asked whether the @PoliceServiceNI would be changing policy following the new guidance. They said no, and have now added that it is unlikely that they will. But they have not answered the specific questions regarding searches and statistics.
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WOMEN are being removed from our Maternity Protection Act 1994 via the Work Life Balance Bill, with the "replacement of “woman” with “person".
@SenatorKeogan spoke in the Seanad about the removal of Women and female.
#WeWillBeHeard #SexNotGender
The law exists in a state of flux, as do the prevailing social opinions of the people it governs. These two aspects of our shared existence act upon each other — sometimes, changes in the law affect people’s opinions — more often, legislators and government wait to see which way
the wind is blowing before making a decision.
Where this balance fails is when government and legislators are beholden, not to the prevailing, widely held opinions of the public, but to the carefully curated and concentrated views of a vocal minority who have been given powerful
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I'm reflecting on my last few years in the GC movement, starting when I had insomnia one night and encountered the term "trans widow" for the first time about a decade ago. The first story I read was still one of the ones I think would peak people, with a woman describing what
seemed like their husband trying to embody them - wearing a wig like her hair, insisting the woman be less feminine for their own "validation", pushing sexual boundaries trying to think about themselves as the woman they fetishized becoming. The woman was both an accessory
& source of validation- not a person in a realtionship with a person that saw them. Since then I've seen the GC subreddit I participated in shut down. I've seen women speaking out for their own rights and existance kicked off social media, doxxed in their home life, and silenced.
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I'm 45 yo lesbian. I left my country because of homophobia (it's not just mocking, harrasment, lesbians were/are raped in the name of "re-education"). I was told by men that I haven't met the right man yet. Now men who identify as lesbians tell me I haven't tried their girldick. Image
2)That gay man doesn't feel threatened by straight women who identify as gays & because he doesn't feel threatened he has no problem to let men in the lesbian spaces, organizations, events, groups, apps etc. He supports our erasure. The only letter in LGB he cares about is G. Image
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The other day, I was asking my grandmother about her childhood. That got me thinking - what will MY future grandchildren say when I tell them about my childhood? Thread about how I imagine this will go:

#SexMatters #SexNotGender #LetWomenSpeak #RespectMySex

Future Grandchild (FG): What was life like when you were young?

Me: Well… misogyny was celebrated, stereotypes encouraged & healthy kids embarked on lifelong medical nightmares.

FG: What? Did that actually happen?

Me: Oh, believe me, it did.

#WomenWontWheest #misogyny

FG: How?

Me: There were these men who wore dresses, liked pink and did other stereotypical feminine things. They decided they were ACTUALLY women.

FG: You’re joking!

Me: I’m not!

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Over the last few years, along with the TWAW chant, trans rights extremists have said some pretty ridiculous things! Here are some of the craziest:

#TransCult #TransActivismIsMisogyny #TranswomenAreMen #TransmenAreWomen
“Gender neutral toilets are fine. We all have them in our own homes!”
I mean, who amongst us hasn’t encountered an unknown male in our private toilet?! What a winning argument! (And they still make it. All. The. Time.🤦‍♀️)

#SexMatters #SingleSexSpaces #SexNotGender
“Nobody can tell a transwoman from a biological woman.”
Nope. Far too difficult. There is absolutely no way that I can spot the TIM here!

#WeAllKnow #MenArentWomen #WomenArentMen #WhatIsAWoman #AdultHumanFemale #SexMatters #KPSS #KeepPrisonsSingleSex #SaveWomensSports Image
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1/6 My school is fully captured by the #TransCult. As I’m able to differentiate fact from fiction, I often find myself standing alone against the madness.

#GenderWoo #GenderWooWoo #SexMatters #SexNotGender #WomenWontWheest #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #WomensRights #WeWillBeHeard
2/6 My classmates AND the teachers try to intimidate me but I refuse to be silenced. I take every chance I can to stand against the gender insanity. Case in point? A recent reading survey.

#IStandWithJKRowling #IStandWithAllisonBailey #RespectMySex
3/6 I was given a form to fill out about books & authors.

First question: “Who is your favourite author?”

Of course I put @jk_rowling not just because of her books (outstanding as they are!) but because of her amazing work standing up for the rights of women & girls.
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A short thread🧵 on why #NoToSelfID is important right now. @scotgov want to reform the Gender Recognition Act #GRA & remove the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria. To a process where people can self declare the gender they wish to live as This is Self ID /1
Self-ID allows individuals to declare themselves to be something they are not. They use the word ‘gender’, which is not adequately defined for individuals to declare whether they are a man or a woman and a boy or a girl /2
Implications for women & girls are:

👉Self ID allows any man to say he's a woman & be treated on a female hospital ward

👉Self ID allows any man to say he's a woman & play in women's sports

👉Self ID allows any man to say he's a woman & enter a rape crisis centre
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1/10 In school, there is one genderwoo-obsessed handmaiden who claims to be a lesbian. (Note that word “claims” - that bit is important.)

#SexMatters #SexNotGender #SexIsReal #WhatIsAWoman #AdultHumanFemale
2/10 Last week she insisted on asking me about my “transphobic” views. I asked her how she, as a lesbian, could support a cult that seeks to erase both women AND same-sex attraction?

#SexNotGender #BiologyIsNotBigotry #TransCult #LGBDropTheT #SexMatters #SexIsImmutable
3/10 She told me that TRAs do nothing of the sort. I pointed out that women are being kicked off lesbian dating sites, for saying they won’t date men. Which OF COURSE they won’t. These women are lesbians i.e. exclusively same-SEX attracted females.

#WeWillBeHeard #NoThankYou
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#NoToSelfID 🧵
The Scottish government @scotgov is proceeding with Gender Recognition Act Reform Bill.
They are seeking public views up to the 16 May…
have helpful information about the implications for GRA reform and have made it easy for us to contribute.
It is important that we have our say as decisions in Scotland will affect the UK & NI. /2
Over the coming days, alongside the consultation, we have a series of questions & comments in graphics to use to highlight to our politicians that this needs to be addressed. /3
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NO! to Self-ID - short🧵

WRN opposes Self-ID in Scotland.

If it succeeds, it will mean Self-ID throughout the UK by extension.


1/4 Image
For the Bill to become law, Scottish Ministers have to ask the UK Government to grant permission that a Scottish GRC is recognised outside of Scotland.

The UK Government can refuse this.

Tell the Government they must say NO! to Self-ID.

If you would like to show your support and say NO! to Self-ID, you can contact your political representatives and express your concerns.

We’ll help provide more information soon.

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1/9 🚨 Latest Update from my “Inclusive” School:

This week in SPHE (social, personal and health education) we were discussing puberty and how our bodies develop in adolescence.

#SexMatters #SexNotGender #WeWillBeHeard #IStandWithMaya #IStandWithAllisonBailey #NoThankYou
2/9 The teacher taking the class has been trying to make my life rather difficult since I started asking questions and raising the issue of women’s rights. I suspect he is a men’s rights activist and quite possibly a misogynist too.

#WomensRightsAreHumanRights #SexMatters
3/9 Anyway, during this class he asked, “Can you tell me something that boys have, that girls don’t, that grows in puberty?” “Penises!” yelled a classmate.

#WhatIsAWoman #AdultHumanFemale #WeAllKnow #BiologyIsNotBigotry #SexIsReal #SaveWomensSports #WomenWontWeesht #Biology
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1/10 Recently a teacher told my class that a baby can be “assigned” the wrong sex at birth… and that is how a man can “actually” be a woman. I rolled my eyes so much it’s a wonder they didn’t roll right out of my head! #SexIsObserved #SexMatters #SexIsReal #SexNotGender
2/10 I said, “No. Sex is observed and recorded, not assigned. If you have a penis you are a male.” It was at this point that a fellow student chipped in. #BiologyIsNotBigotry #Biology #WomenWontWheest #WeWillBeHeard #SexMatters #SexNotGender #SexIsImmutable
3/10 “Being trans is like being told you're right-handed all your life then realising you're actually left-handed,” she said. #NoThankYou #WhatIsAWoman #AdultHumanFemale #KPSS #BiologyIsNotBigotry
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1/11 Recently my entire school was given a form to fill out. It was all about preferred pronouns and inclusive language. 🙄 We’d already had a class where we spoke about “inclusive language” so I knew what they WANTED me to put. #SexMatters #SexNotGender #Biology
2/11 The first question was, “Would you ever use the phrase “hi guys”?” Seriously?!? They're trying to get you to say no because a TIM might take offence even though in Ireland we often use the word guy for boys AND girls. #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #SexIsReal #Biology
3/11 The next one, “What pronouns are YOU comfortable with when being addressed by someone else? He/She/They/One/Other.” What the hell? Who ADDRESSES someone using he or she?
#NoToStereotypes #NoToPreferredPronouns #BiologyIsNotBigotry #UseRealPronouns #FreeSpeech #WeWillBeHeard
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We are a grassroots global network of gay men concerned about the excesses of "gender identity" theory and its impact on today's society

It is our position that: /1
#SexNotGender #GayNotQueer
'Sex' must remain a protected category in the law and must not be replaced by 'gender' or 'gender identity'.

'Gender' is understood as masculinity/femininity and as the cultural constraints placed upon individuals born a certain sex in complex social dynamics. /2
Any definition of woman/man beyond a mere biological framework (sex [female; male]) reproduces sexist patterns. Therefore, we support gender non-conformity among men and women, but certainly not the conflation of sex and gender/gender identity. /3
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We have the chance to turn the pages over
We can write what we want to write
We gotta make ends meet, before we get much older
We're all someone's [a woman’s] daughter
We're all someone's [a woman’s] son
How long can we look at each other
Down the barrel of a gun.
“You're the voice, try and understand it
Make a noise and make it clear
We're not gonna sit in silence
We're not gonna live with fear
This time, we know we all can stand together
With the power to be powerful
Believing we can make it better”
#YoureTheVoice #StrongerTogether
“You're the voice, try and understand it
Make the noise and make it clear.
We're not gonna sit in silence
We're not gonna live with fear”
#YoureTheVoice #WomenWontWheest
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@ChrisMasonBBC @BBCRadio4 @BBCPolitics #bbcaq #bbcaa
Surely you must know Chris Mason, that the nub of the issue about sex and gender is the demand by @StonewallUK and their allies, for instant sex SELF-ID with no process, and no questions asked.
Providing the opportunity for ANY man for ANY reason to get immediate access to women's spaces. That's where sex really must not be superceded by gender.


Women can't identify out of our oppression as a sex class, and men cannot identify into our spaces.
It's happening already without any change in legislation, in courts, in prisons and in hospital wards.

The innocuous question about whether gender supercedes sex, allowed the panel to talk about it being right to allow those with gender dysphoria to live the life they wish...
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Could progressives who say JK doesn’t speak for them tell me why they’re ok with rapists being put in female prison and gay/autistic children being chemically castrated like Alan Turing was? My brother died of AIDS so I get to claim the rainbow for my family too, /1
my mother buried her oldest boy. And that oldest boy’s dad was a violent man who tried to kill her twice and took everything from her. Idk I’m gonna be wildly radical and say #istandwithjkrowling and #sexnotgender and being same sex attracted isn’t an identity—all of this. /2
So @jk_rowling you do absolutely speak for me, my 90 year old mother, her dead gay son who died of AIDS after a lengthy battle and who was beaten severely by his demented abusive father (not my dad btw) who destroyed our mother. /3
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1/9 Recently I got pulled out of class for a “little chat”. I was told I had been reported for making “offensive comments”. Without ascertaining my version of events or even asking if the “reports” were true, it was clear my teacher had already decided I was guilty. #SexMatters
2/9 The only thing I’m guilty of is expressing perfectly sensible and legitimate views! Plus, since when is offending someone a big deal? People take offence at all kinds of things. Such is life and we all just have to deal with it. #BiologyIsNotBigotry #SexNotGender #SexMatters
3/9 I suspect, although I still don’t know for certain, that these “offensive comments” were actually facts that I discussed with a few classmates when they asked for my opinion. #WomenWontWheesht #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #IStandWithJKRowling #WeWillBeHeard #IStandWithMaya
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Mal ein ewig langer 🧵 zum Thema Geschlecht, SelfID, schlechte Kommunikation und meinen Ansichten zu den ganzen Thematiken. Auf die Gefahr hin, dass ich später dann wieder eine TERF bin.

Antworten schalte ich frei, sobald der Thread fertig ist. Erst zuhören, dann maulen. 😘 1/X
Erst mal das Wichtigste: Reden wie über Geschlecht reden wir meist nicht über das Gleiche. Geschlecht in der deutschen Sprache kann für einiges stehen. Den Sexus, Sexualis, Gender, Geschlechtsidentität … aktuell sogar teilweise auch Genus. Letzteres ist hier nicht Thema. 2/x
Der Sexus bezieht sich hauptsächlich auf Keimdrüsen und die von ihnen produzierten Gameten. Hier sprechen wir also rein über Fortpflanzung. Es ist ein logisch binäres Geschlecht. Selbst Ovotestis stellen gleichzeitig nur entweder die eine oder die andere Keimzelle her. 3/x
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If you can't determine who a woman is and any man can legally be a woman by self declaration, with zero oversight, be he a predator or not. You have removed the provisions in the Equality Act 2010 that safeguards women and girls from predators >
Women and girls will not be able to:

! Call out or stop flashers, in changing rooms or toilets or stop boys bullying, shaming girls in school toilets
! Have privacy away from males in hospital wards
! Ask for a female for girls, elderly personal care
! Have female only crime statistics (that haven't been skewed by male crime)
! Be safeguarded in female only prisons without men (often violent sex offenders) being present
! Have female only sports (without men/boys taking podium places, records, sponsorships etc..)
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@Die_Gruenen Persönlichkeit ist nicht Geschlecht.
Man missexed Menschen nicht, denn gendern ist Stereotypdenken.
Auch ein femininer (=gender) Junge (=sex) ist ein richtiger Junge.
Vielfältigen Jungen soll nicht (wie früher) eingeredet werden, sie seien keine richtigen Jungen.
Daher #NoSelfID.
@Die_Gruenen Auch eine Frau (sex=female/vagina) mit Bart ist eine richtige Frau
mit ihrer
[maskulinen oder nichtbinären, aber nicht femininen (genders=Stereotype)]
vielfältigen Persönlichkeit,
und kein Mann. #NoSelfID #NoMissexing
@fdpbt @GrueneBundestag @spdbt
@Die_Gruenen @fdpbt @GrueneBundestag @spdbt Ihr seid regressive Irrende,hört nicht zu, lest nur in Echokammern und schadet dem Erreichten.
Wie oft wurde ich wegen langer Haare&meiner Persönlichkeit schon als Mädchen bezeichnet. Scheiß Stereotype.
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