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We are people who are attracted to others of the same sex. Some of us were involved 50 years ago in setting up groups to fight for gay & lesbian liberation. Much has been achieved: more people are out, social acceptance increased, gay civil partnerships & marriage were won./1of7
In many countries it is now easier to live as gays, lesbians & bisexuals. Some of us raise families. Many of us are out at work & in our neighborhoods. But injustice remains: 72 countries criminalize homosexuality, and homophobia persists even in the most tolerant nations./2of7
So how tragic it’s been to see the demise of the gay & lesbian rights movement. It’s become a “gender identity” campaign.The idea is that everyone has a “gender” that they determine themselves. Some of the loudest activists are heterosexual males self-defining as “lesbians”./3of7
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I decided to make a thread just to help people make up their own minds about the app @salltweets has made (@joinagiggle).

Sall in the past claimed that the app is for anyone that “presents as female” and transwomen are “1000% welcome”.

#SexNotGender #WarOnWomen
To start with, 3 days ago the giggle faq said

“Yes, Giggle welcomes transgender people”... “anyone who presents as female”.

I asked what “presents as female” means, but I got blocked by @salltweets. Many women that ask Sall questions like this get blocked.
So transmen are not welcome, presumably because they are not “female presenting”.
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A woman that has made an app described as for “girls/women/females only” has blocked me because I pointed out she was not being truthful. @salltweets can’t handle biological reality. #SexNotGender
As you can see from the app description, no where does it say that transwomen are welcome, and even says women can find roommates on the app. People seem to have been surprised to see males on the app. #SexNotGender
I was excited when I downloaded the app, gave them my info and my picture. I would not have given them this information had I known males were also going to be on the app. It’s only after that I checked their website. #SexNotGender
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“Trans rights or violence”

“We need to demand the right to legally trample on women’s rights, and continue the medical experiment on children”.…

“I want to go wherever I want to go! Female humans shouldn’t ever have any space away from male humans!”

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Why ‘cis’ in reference to humans is incorrect.

’Cis’: Latin root, meaning ‘on this side of’.
‘Trans’: Latin root, meaning ‘on the other side of’.

Example of correct use: “Ancient Cis-Alpine & Trans-Alpine Gaul were separated by the Alps.”
2/ There has to be an unchanged element (noun) in the middle for ‘cis’ and ‘trans’ to be either side of.
It is the Alps in the example given above.

‘Women’ and ‘men’ are the original nouns to which ‘trans’ is added as a prefix to define a changed state.
3/ Using the above example as reference, men and women are the Alps.
Not Cis-Alpine Gaul.

Cis does not apply to ‘women’ & ‘men’ (nouns), as they are unchanged and not ‘to the side of’ themselves.

There are no ‘cis’ women or ‘cis’ men.
There are trans women and trans men.
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Facts about sex-based oppression:

- Worldwide, up to 50 percent of sexual assaults are committed against girls under 16.

- In 2012, 70 million women aged 20-24 around the world had been married before the age of 18.

#SexNotGender #IStandWithJKR
- Child birth is the leading cause of death in girls aged 15-19 globally

- Girls aged 17 or below represent 20% of victims of human trafficking.

- Two thirds of the world's illiterate population are women and girls.
- Approximately 130 million girls and women in the world have experienced #fgm, with more than 3 million girls in Africa annually at risk of the practice

- In India, due to female infanticide, an estimated 2,000 girls are killed across the country every day
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Well, there’s one less space we women can talk about our rights. @reddit is officially a misogynist platform.

Porn? Fine, even the underage stuff.
Men’s rights? Fine.
Women’s rights? Fuck off you whiny bitches.

#WarOnWomen #SexNotGender #IStandWithJKRowling Image
Apparently some users from GenderCritical are going to spinster. Pass it on.
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June 23 is the anniversary of #TitleIX; that wonderful law un #USA 🇺🇸 that enabled me to get my scholarship & education.
To commemorate I will demonstrate the difference in argument between those who wish to usurp women’s #sports and women like me who fight to preserve it.
Usurper’s argument on the LEFT (original article)
Women’s argument on the RIGHT (track changes recommended by @coachblade )
#TitleIX anniversary June 23🎆
A call to “pause and clear your perspective”

#TitleIX anniversary June 23🎆
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Interesting links on transhealth, transcrime, transmoney, detransitioning etc. By category attached to this tweet.
On crimes by trans identified men (and by a few trans identified women) #transcrime
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Transwomen who think women are sexual objects and get their ideas about womanhood from porn; here are just a few examples.
#SexNotGender ImageImageImageImage
"Women have a 'look pretty and f*ck instinct,'" according to MTFs

Also: pregnancy fetishes rebranded as "gender dysphoria" ImageImageImageImage
"I don't think they realize how many trans people have a breeding kink"

I don't think they realize how connected porn is to the gender ideology movement's notion of womanhood ImageImageImageImage
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We received the following heartfelt DM from a gay man, which we tweet here anonymously with his consent. Messages like this strengthen our resolve. We will always stand up for the rights of people with same-sex sexual orientation. #SexNotGender. /1of8 :
“I just want to say thank you for all the work you have been doing! It is urgently important in this moment in time than ever before. Today, I had an exchange with someone who ‘transed’ Marsha. I knew that Marsha went by gay, transvestite, or drag. But never a trans woman.” /2of8
“I looked up the internet because I wanted to support my position with sound evidence. It was extremely difficult to find anything that was not trans-washed. I am not talking about Google search result websites” (those I knew were trans-ideologized already)”, / 3of8
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@EDAF2018 "the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) itself admits that “no controlled clinical trials of any feminizing/masculinizing hormone regimen have been conducted to evaluate safety or efficacy in producing physical transition.” " #SexNotGender
@EDAF2018 WPATH says  “the potential that patients undergoing medical and surgical sex reassignment may want to return to a gender identity consistent with their biological sex suggests that reassignment carries considerable psychological and physical risk.” #antiscience #notwithourchild
@EDAF2018 "Sex is not & cannot be “assigned at birth” .....The language of “assigned at birth” is purposefully misleading and would be identical to an assertion that blood type is assigned at birth. .... In fact, the sex of a child can be ascertained well before birth." #SexNotGender
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Os voy a hablar del "privilegio cis".
Privilegio cis es que las mujeres en la India se practiquen histerectomías (cirugía que consiste en extirpar el útero) de forma forzosa para no perder su puesto de trabajo porque las mujeres que menstrúan no son consideradas buenas trabajadoras.…
Privilegio cis es que en el continente africano (así como en otros lugares de Asia y Oriente Medio) más de 200 millones de niñas y adolescentes hayan sufrido la mutilación genital femenina por el hecho de ser, y nacer, mujeres.…
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I just told my hubby-an H&S Advisor-abt self ID being passed in Vic & how sexual boundaries between kids & adults are being removed by ‘queering’ kids at Pride parades etc. He taught me a Safety term; ‘The Normalisation of Deviance’. That’s the aim of Queer Theory. #SexNotGender
This is what they’ve been doing to us all. Decades of normalising deviance by teaching us that humans can ID as whatever they like & that that sense of self ID is paramount to human rights laws & how we must MAKE it intersect with others, no matter how disruptive or damaging it
may be to the lives of others. We’ve been slowly indoctrinated to believe that men can become women & vice versa, that bio sex is a social construct & that kids must learn about adult kinks, fetishes, about masturbation, porn & that they cld be ‘born in the wrong body’ at school
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The US judge who is now trying to force three girls to refer to boys in girls' sport as "females" has a history of
- leniency for child pornographers
- defended a serial murderer of girls and young women

Judge Chatigny:

"What I’m saying is you must refer to them as “transgender females” rather than as 'males.' So going forward, we will not refer to the proposed intervenors as 'males'; understood?"
1) Chatigny served as co-counsel for director Woody Allen when he unsuccessfully complained against a prosecutor who had publicly stated he had probable cause grounds for Allen's reportedly abusing a minor stepchild…
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El problema respecto al género es q no se entiende que es una estructura de opresión social, compuesta de roles y estereotipos q se asignan e imponen a cada persona al nacer, y no una "identidad" a elegir al gusto ni tampoco una personalidad a defender o con la que determinarse.
El sistema sexo-género opera, incluso, antes de nacer. Las expectativas que se crean al saber el sexo del bebé están condicionadas por una cultura social que determina nuestras vidas y nos asigna un papel a cada cual a raíz de nuestras capacidades, en este caso, la reproductiva.
A un niño que se le educa como tal por el sexo con el que ha nacido, y se espera de él una serie de comportamientos y actitudes, a raíz de una educación patriarcal, no se puede decir que es "mujer" simplemente cuando no quiere seguir esos roles. Quiere ser un niño, pero libre.
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Those who continue to attack us don’t want the public to hear our message about #SexNotGender. They don’t want the public to know that many LGB people reject gender identity theory and don’t believe in multiple “genders”./1of4
They don’t want the public to know that kids are being told online and taught at school that if they don’t conform to gender stereotypes they may have been born in the wrong body (an idea that particularly harms young people who would grow up LGB if not medicalised)./2of4
They don’t want people to know that “masculine” girls & “feminine” boys are being confused by the very organizations once set up to protect people with same-sex sexual orientation. That girls worried about their breasts are swamped with messages urging the use of binders./3of4
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We spoke to a former clinician at the Tavistock GIDS gender clinic who described the period spent working there as “traumatic”. In their exit interview they had described the clinic as “institutionally homophobic”. #SexNotGender /1of5
This clinician observed that lesbian sexuality was viewed by clients and parents alike as “the bottom of the heap” and that feelings of internalized homophobia often drove teenage girls to seek to “transition”./2of5
This clinician also stated that many of those who interviewed the young clients had no professional knowledge of sexual development and did not explore issues of sexuality or sexual attraction./3of5
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Ever since we were founded just 6 months ago there have been orchestrated attempts to misrepresent us and close us down. Luckily for us, our opponents have an infallible ability to prove our point that we, not they, are the voice of tolerance, reason and truth. #SexNotGender/1of7
Their refusal to discuss or even acknowledge problems and their unreasonable and vicious tone only end up making them look both foolish and bigoted. Each time they try to bully us into silence, our support grows, and more journalists and opinion-formers realise /2of7
that we are the ones upholding civilised liberal values of #FreeSpeech and inclusion. We understand how frustrating it has become for our opponents that every campaign they mount backfires and reveals their extremism and their deep wellsprings of misogyny./3of7
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Some of our supporters have asked us to respond to the petition launched in an attempt to block our application for charitable status. As we have said before, we prefer not to spend our energy on refuting the many bizarre charges that come our way./1of2
The notion that we have “consistently undermined the equality act” is particularly ridiculous. One of our main aims is to ensure that the Equality Act is properly enforced: that is, recognizing the protected characteristics of “sex” and “gender reassignment”, /2of3
and not “gender” & “gender identity”, as is often mis-stated”. Our supporters are welcome to complain to change dot org, which recently declined to host a petition against any changes to the definition of “woman”, but we won’t do ourselves. #SexNotGender #EnforceTheEqualityAct
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Our hugely popular and effective ads pointing out the dangers inherent in the proposed self-ID legislation in Scotland (which has since been shelved for the time being) attracted 104 complaints to the ASA.
We were pleased that the ASA found in our favour. We will always speak the truth and we will not be cowed by those who try to silence us. #FreedomOfExpression #SexNotGender #LGBIssues
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This is what StonewallUK etc understand & are doing. We have seen & are seeing unprecedented levels of state, organisational, academic & millennial capture & lobbying by, I believe, MRAs, incels, paedophiles & big parhma. We are at a “hinge” moment in history as @Glinner said 2/8
In #DarkWaters #RobertBilott says, “the system is rigged! They want us to think it’ll protect us. We protect us! We do!” Essential to protecting ourselves is our ownership & control of language. It is essential, in life & in law. & is something “they” understand & are using 3/8
@Womans_Place_UK @AllianceLGB @ForwomenScot & many others, individually & in groups, are doing amazing things. But Mhari Black is right on 1 thing, we do need to organise - separately & together, in an aligned & coordinated way - united against a common “foe.” As “they” do 1/8
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I will not support these orgs like Amnesty, UN Women & NOW that claim to speak for us but have #DroppedWomen from their focus. This #InternationalWomensDay I will celebrate those who stand up and fight back! List to follow. >>
> But first I celebrate my mother, one of a kind. She bore me -- along with so many burdens. She gave me life & she gave me tennis lessons when I was in awe of @Martina & just coming out. She eventually accepted my #lesbian life & she died very too young. I miss her. #IWD2020 >
> There are too many women to thank here. Maybe I'll add to this thread all year. Because I appreciate women every single day. We're all fighters. We're all amazing. With respect, #WomenOfTheYear @selina_todd @MForstater @jk_rowling @sueevansprotect @BluskyeAllison @Mason134211f
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Tomorrow morning I’m on @BBCLeicester radio talking about the rebranding of International Women’s Day by @LeicesterUnion
Update - tune in between 08:00 and 08:15.
Or iPlayer after the show
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