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We are getting ready now for tonight's webinar A Woman's Place is fighting for women's services. Start taking your seats. We will be tweeting using the hashtag #WPUK4WomensServices
Women joining the meeting from all over the country and greeted by lovely shout outs from panelists @VivHayes @ShonaghDillon @Mocha_Soul @benge_nicola and chair @K_IngalaSmith #WPUK4WomensServices
Introduction to the meeting from @K_IngalaSmith explaining the origin of WPUK - starting as a short campaign to make sure women's voices represented in discussion of GRA reform with five demands. #WPUK4WomensServices
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Ideological capture by gender extremism allows mis-sexing of blood and organ donors via "gender self-ID", putting patients in danger. Receiving blood and tissues from the wrong sex donor can lead to serious complications and even death. Urgent inquiry into @NHSuk needed!
"The risk of dying was about the same after getting blood from a man or a never-pregnant women, regardless of the recipient’s sex. But every unit of blood that a man got from a woman who had been pregnant raised his chance of dying 13 percent."…
Shameful misuse of word "gender" to mean sex - which has caused a catastrophe in health sciences once it intersected with gender ideology - but nonetheless, a study showing why female kidneys don't work well for male recipients #SexNotGender…
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No, Owen. Your desire to co-parent & celebrate having kids is not the issue here. There’s never anything wrong in wanting to provide a loving & stable home to a child, whether LGB or H. The issue is your objectification of women & you knowing what a woman is all of a sudden 1/
for the purposes of breeding stock. Everyone supporting you in this thread knows exactly what a woman is all of a sudden: the sex that produces large gametes, can be impregnated, gestates, gives birth & lactates. Aka: women-adult human females. You get to declare that you 2/
want to be a “Dad” without anyone checking your language & insisting you’re a “non-birthing parent” to be ‘inclusive’. There’s no mention of “hunting” for ‘CIS’ lesbians to co-parent with. You excluded transmen. Would you not consider them as a co-parenting option seeing as 3/
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I am sick of men (& some women) insisting that the result of a male’s surgically modified genitals IS a vagina.

It’s really offensive to suggest that a women’s vagina is an inverted version of a man’s penis, as well as factually incorrect. Firstly, women do not have scrotal 1/
skin inside their vagina. The vagina consists of squamous cells, skin is made of epithelial cells. They function differently. The vagina is self cleaning & self lubricating & maintains a Ph level that prevents “bad” microorganism colonisation. What happens to skin when we fold 2/
it & keep it in the dark? Yep. It sweats, festers & grows nasty bugs. Ask any woman with big breasts, or any over weight person with folds of skin what happens if they don’t keep the skin in the folds clean & dry.

The vagina is also comprised of connective tissue & muscle 3/
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Let’s hear this loud & proud from all TRAs & peak the f**k out of the entire world! #SexNotGender
The likelihood of the children who are given puberty blockers & then cross sex hormones living long & productive (& reproductive) lives is slim. Only time will tell. Just the damage to their heart & blood vessels alone...tragic. The long term implications are frightening.
& I say this as a woman who took the combined pill for 10+ yrs & is now suffering for it. Oestrogen dominance. My menopause is being made worse by years of sticking hormones into my body to prevent pregnancy & now I’m taking the risk with HRT bcoz I have to to keep my body going!
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🧵#2021thread on male bodies in female sport, following up on a similar one from last year,

Key issues and questions to address:

What is the purpose of sport?
Of rules?
Of divisions within sport?

#SexNotGender assures #FairPlayForWomen, girls.
Sport is a physical thing, historically categorized by categories such as age, location, experience level, body weight, sex and similar.

The entire history of women's sport is based on sex segregation, from 1900 Olympics through Title IX to today's professional WNBA and NWSL.
Male puberty offers permanent and irreversible advantages: longer bone length, greater muscle mass, larger organs and more. shows how male high-school students frequently outperform female Olympians, and not because Olympians are lazy.

It's just physics.
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Was talking to my Dad last night. We FaceTime almost every day. He’s in the UK, I’m in Aus. He called me because he’s upset for his best friend who has fallen out with his daughter BIG TIME. They were watching TV when it came on the news about Eddie Izard. His friend shouted 1/
“Bloody ridiculous!” at the TV at Izard’s claim that he’s now a woman. His daughter rounded on him with “That’s nasty. SHE’s a woman!” & you can imagine everything that happens next. She stormed out of his house & hasn’t called him since. She’s 50. She has a daughter. She put 2/
the thoughts, feelings & sexual fetish of a man who she’s never met & will likely never meet above the thoughts & feelings of her own father, an old man.

I went to school with her. I’m disgusted & ashamed of her. If I ever see her again I’ll tear a f**king strip off her! 2/
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Clear case of #projection going on here.

There is no bottom to the level of depravity in these people’s minds.

@AbigailShrier has my backing & that of countless other men & women out there. TRAs used this same line of filthy defamatory propaganda against JKR.

They make 1/
everything about the gender critical case for the preservation of women’s sex based rights sexual because EVERYTHING about the demands of TRAs stems from their sexual objectification of women & girls bodies & lives.

They cant think of anything in any other context but sexual 2/
Their “cause” is steeped in #misogyny #homophobia, science denial & sexual delusion. Their entire movement is pathological & harmful to society as a whole. It will eventually fail, but in the meantime we have to suffer attempts to destroy the loudest, most credible GC voices 3/
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Ripassiamo ancora, bambini. "#Omosessuale" è chi è attratto esclusivamente dal proprio sesso. Chi è attratto in modo non esclusivo, chiamasi infatti "#bisessuale" (e "raddoppia le possibilità di cuccare quando esce la sera").
Escludere è dunque parte della #sceltadoggetto. 1.
ne è la base stessa.
Ciò implica che le persone, sia #eterosessuali che omosessuali, escludano chi sta fuori dalla loro scelta esclusiva. Questo avviene perché ciò che è esclusivo, per definizione, esclude.

L'attrazione sessuale è il meccanismo di progressiva esclusione 2.
di sette miliardi di esseri umani eccetto uno (o due, o tre) con cui vi accoppierete (o cercherete invano di farlo se questo individuo vi escluderà).

Questo meccanismo funziona a blocchi: inizia escludendo in blocco il #sesso (dal latino "seco": "divido", "separo") che non ci 3
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Hardly a victory @stellacreasy. Amendment 87B NOT in the Domestic Abuse Bill and as the Hansard record of Baroness Williams of Trafford's Speech in the House of Lords today shows... 1/
"While the amendment is not needed, as the necessary powers are already in place to require forces to provide information of this kind, we agree that data can be helpful and we know that some police forces like Nottingham are already collecting it. I advise the House..2/
..that, on an experimental basis, we will ask police forces to identify and record any crimes of violence against the person, including stalking and harassment, as well as sexual offences where the victim perceives it to have been motivated by a hostility based on their SEX... 3/
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Dros yr wythnos ddiwethaf rydym wedi tynnu sylw at rai o’r gwahanol ffyrdd gall Deddf Cydraddoldeb 2010 amddiffyn hawliau menywod a merched i fannau, cyfleusterau, chwaraeon a gwasanaethau un rhyw a pham mae diogelu’r gwasanaethau hynny yn bwysig. Mae amddiffyn diogelwch, >
> preifatrwydd ac urddas menywod yn eu galluogi i gyrchu cyfleoedd a goresgyn rhwystrau sy'n bodoli oherwydd eu #RhywNidRhywedd. Mae hefyd yn ymateb i drais yn erbyn menywod sy’n bodoli o fewn cymdeithas.

Mae trais yn erbyn menywod yn y newyddion ar hyn o bryd ond mae'n >
> effeithio ar filiynau o ferched ledled y byd hyd yn oed pan nad yw'n dominyddu’r penawdau. Mae trais yn erbyn menywod yn achos ac yn ganlyniad i anghydraddoldeb rhywiol menywod a merched ac er mwyn mynd i’r afael â gormes menywod mae angen i ni gydnabod bod rhyw a rhywiaeth >
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Over the last week we’ve highlighted some of the different ways the Equality Act 2010 can protect women and girls’ rights to single-sex spaces, facilities, sports and services and why safeguarding those services is important. Protecting women’s safety, privacy and dignity >
> enables them to access opportunities and overcome barriers that exist because of their #SexNotGender and is also a response to endemic Violence Against Women (VAW).

VAW is currently in the news but it affects millions of women and girls throughout the world even when it >
> isn’t dominating headlines. Violence against women is both a cause and a consequence of women and girl’s sex-based inequality and to tackle women’s oppression we need to acknowledge that sex and sexism exist. VAW includes domestic abuse, sexual harassment, rape and sexual >
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Roedd darparu wardiau un rhyw mewn ysbytai yn uchel ar yr agenda wleidyddol yng Nghymru ac ar draws y DU am nifer o flynyddoedd. Adlewyrchwyd hyn yn y gyfraith a pholisi. Tra ein bod yn yr ysbyty, rydym yn sâl, yn aml ar ein mwyaf agored i niwed: mewn cyflwr o ddadwisgo, >
> efallai ag angen cefnogaeth ychwanegol gyda materion corfforol personol, yn teimlo'n ofnus ac yn ddryslyd ac yn methu ag amddiffyn ein hunain pe bai'r angen yn codi.

Mae'r Nodiadau Esboniadol sy'n cyd-fynd â Deddf Cydraddoldeb 2010 yn nodi’n benodol y gellir darparu >
> gwasanaethau un rhyw a ddarperir mewn ysbyty neu fan arall lle mae angen gofal arbennig, goruchwyliaeth neu sylw ar ddefnyddwyr. Yr enghraifft benodol a roddir yw wardiau ysbyty ar wahân I ddynion a menywod. Mae'r Cod Statudol ar gyfer Gwasanaethau, Swyddogaethau Cyhoeddus a >
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Providing single-sex wards in hospitals was high on the political agenda in Wales and across the UK for many years. This was reflected in law and policy. While we’re in hospital we’re unwell, often at our most vulnerable: in a state of undress, we may need additional support >
> with bodily functions, feel scared and confused and be unable to defend ourselves should the need arise.

The Explanatory Notes that accompany the Equality Act 2010 specifically state that single-sex services provided in a hospital or other place where users need special >
> care, supervision or attention can be lawfully provided. The specific example given is of separate male and female hospital wards. The Statutory Code for Services, Public Functions and Associations also mentions single-sex wards in hospitals, mental health facilities and >
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Mae'r Rheoliadau adeiladu ar gyfer ysgolion yng Nghymru yn nodi’n glir bod yn rhaid i blant dros 8 oed gael cyfleusterau un rhyw ar wahân. Serch hynny, mae pryderon bod llawer o ysgolion newydd yn cael eu cynllunio o’r cychwyn cyntaf gyda thoiledau rhyw-cymysg neu mae toiledau > Image
> presennol yn cael eu hail-ddynodi’n ‘niwtral o ran rhywedd’ mewn ymgais gyfeiliornus i fod yn fwy cynhwysol. Mae'r datblygiad hwn yn aml yn cael ei yrru gan gost neu ddyluniad ac mae'n ymddangos nad oes unrhyw ymchwil neu dystiolaeth yn ategu honiadau bod cyfleusterau >
> trawiadol o'r fath yn lleihau bwlio.

Gwnaethom ymchwil anffurfiol i'r duedd hon ddwy flynedd yn ôl a chawsom ein synnu gan yr hyn glywon ni. Mae nifer o fechgyn yn anhapus gyda thoiledau rhyw-cymysg, ond mae'r effaith ar ferched yn llawer mwy. Clywsom am ddysgwyr yn cyfyngu >
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The Regulations for school buildings in Wales specify clearly that children over the age of 8 must have separate single-sex facilities. Nevertheless, there are concerns that many new build schools are planned from the outset with mixed-sex toilets or existing toilets are > Image
> redesignated as ‘gender-neutral’ in a misguided attempt to be more inclusive. This development is often cost or design-driven & claims that such swish facilities reduce bullying don’t seem to be backed up by any research or evidence.

We conducted informal research into this >
> trend two years ago and were shocked by what we heard. Many boys are unhappy with mixed-sex toilets, but the impact on girls is far greater. We heard of learners restricting fluids, holding on all day or avoiding school altogether because of anxiety over period-shaming and >
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The Equality Act 2010 specifically recognises the need for single-sex prisons – they are lawful on the basis of #SexNotGender. Female prisoners are among the most vulnerable groups in society: over 60% have experienced domestic or sexual violence; around 65% have traumatic > Image
> brain injury as a result of this abuse, and over 50% have mental health problems.

Yet there is a current Judicial Review in the High Court challenging the Ministry of Justice’s policy of housing males who identify as women in women’s prisons. Despite the legal framework >
> that allows for male-born prisoners to be excluded from women’s prisons, regardless of their transgender status they are not doing so. The prisoners concerned don’t need to have undergone surgery, medical treatment or have a Gender Recognition Certificate. The case has been >
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Cydnabuwyd ers amser maith yr angen am wasanaethau un rhyw i gefnogi menywod sydd wedi profi cam-drin domestig a thrais rhywiol, neu i ddarparu lloches iddynt. Mae eithriadau penodol yn Neddf Cydraddoldeb 2010 sy'n golygu ei fod yn gyfreithlon darparu gwasanaethau o'r fath i > Image
> ferched yn unig, ar sail #RhywNidRhywedd, ac i staff benywaidd gael eu cyflogi ynddynt. Noda arbenigydd yn y maes bod "Gwasanaethau arbenigol i ferched a phlant sy'n cael eu heffeithio gan drais dynion yn cael eu peryglu gan gamddehongliad o’r Ddeddf Cydraddoldeb. Mae >
> cyllidwyr yn mynnu traws-gynhwysiant ac yn gorfodi llochesau a gwasanaethau i dderbyn dynion sy'n uniaethu fel menywod, waeth beth yw anghenion y menywod eu hunain. Mae hyn yn digwydd yng Nghymru nawr, ac mae gwasanaethau menywod yn unig yn rhy ofnus i godi llais, gan ofni >
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The need for single-sex services to support women who have experienced domestic abuse and sexual violence, or to provide them with refuge has long been recognised. There are specific exemptions in the Equality Act 2010 which mean that it is lawful to provide such services for > Image
> women only, on the basis of #SexNotGender, and for female staff to be employed in them.

A expert in the field states that "Specialist services for women and children affected by male violence are being jeopardised by the misinterpretation of the Equality Act. Funders >
> increasingly insist on trans inclusivity and are forcing much needed refuges and services to accept men who identify as women, regardless of the needs of the women themselves. This is happening in Wales now, and women-only services are too scared to speak out, fearful of >
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Domestic abuse and sexual violence are endemic in our society and the lock-down has exacerbated the problem. The UK saw a rise of 49% in the number of calls to domestic abuse services and the number of deaths trebled in 2020 compared to 2019 figures. 1/10
There was already a serious shortfall in refuge spaces: six families are turned away for every four who are offered a place. The overwhelming majority of victims are female, the perpetrators are overwhelmingly male. 2/10
Unsurprisingly, therefore, single-sex refuges are considered ‘a proportionate means to achieve a legitimate aim’ under the Equality Act. 3/10
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The single-sex exemptions in the Equality Act 2010 mean that it is lawful to have sports teams and categories that are for women & girls only. However, there is increasing pressure on female sports to allow males to compete in female categories at all levels if they identify as >
> women or girls. This is despite scientific evidence that even from childhood there are physiological differences which make it not only unfair, but unsafe, for boys and girls or men and women to compete in some sports together. If someone has experienced male puberty the >
> physical differences are even greater, even if testosterone is later suppressed. Many prominent sportswomen (and some men) have spoken out on this issue, including @Martina Navratilova, @Tanni_GT and @Sharron62 Davies. Many girls and women are turned off participating because >
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The Equality Act 2010 single-sex exemptions mean that it’s lawful to provide changing rooms for women & girls only – on the basis or #SexNotGender. These used to be the norm in shops, swimming pools & sports centres. But in an attempt to save building costs or due to pressure > Image
> to be progressive & “inclusive” many are quietly being re-labelled as gender-neutral or unisex. Far from being inclusive, mixed-sex changing rooms mean that many women will self-exclude; sometimes because of religious reasons, but often because of concerns about safety, >
> privacy, dignity and voyeurism. Women’s rights and needs matter too. Single-sex changing rooms are a proportionate way of ensuring our privacy and dignity – and it’s lawful to have them. #SexNotGender #RhywNidRhywedd
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Across the UK, female changing rooms in shops, gyms, swimming pools and sports centres, are being quietly relabelled as gender-neutral or unisex.

In the name of inclusivity, female changing rooms are increasingly open to men who identify as women, just on their say-so. 1/6 Image
Setting aside the fact that mixed-sex spaces will automatically exclude many religious women, research from 2018 revealed that 'two-thirds of all sexual attacks at leisure centres and public swimming pools take place in unisex changing rooms’ > 2/6
and 90% of complaints of sexual assault, voyeurism and harassment relate to unisex facilities.

Equally worrying is the rise in spy-cam porn: in 2018 in Seoul there were 6000 cases of women and girls recorded without their knowledge. > 3/6
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We are unable to live tweet the debate this afternoon but we will bring you updates as and when we are able.
3.05pm start…
Lord True for the government outlining the terms of the bill: 'women' mentioned at least 6 times in the first couple of minutes.....
Currently explaining lots of technical details.
@1SVN giving a brilliant speech in the @UKHouseofLords . We will post the clip as soon as it is available, too many brilliant points to include!
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