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SERAP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, legal & advocacy org. devoted to promoting transparency, accountability & respect for socio-economic rights in Nigeria.
28 Jun 20
BREAKING: We’ve filed a lawsuit asking the Federal High Court, Abuja to order the Minister @FMHDSD & @cenbank to publicly identify & name Nigerians who have benefited from any cash payments, cash transfers, food distribution, other reliefs during the lockdown because of COVID-19.
The suit no: FHC/ABJ/CS/657/2020 filed last week, read: "SERAP & the public have a legitimate interest in ascertaining & scrutinizing the veracity of the claims of how the COVID-19 funds & donations have been spent & to know that the beneficiaries actually received any benefits.
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31 May 20
SERAP has sent a Freedom of Information request to President @MBuhari requesting him to use his leadership position to provide spending details of all loans obtained by the government since May 29, 2015, including details & locations of projects on which the loans have been spent
We're also urging him to set up an independent audit of all loans to resolve any allegations of mismanagement and corruption, and to publish spending details of loans obtained by successive administrations since 1999,...
...list of countries & bodies that have given the loans & specific repayment conditions.
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31 May 20
BREAKING: $5.513bn loan: We’ve asked President Buhari to send us spending details of loans by his government since 2015, list of projects; amount of loans since 1999; repayment conditions; & to audit all the loans. This would remove opacity, improve transparency & public trust.
The FoI request sent yesterday, read: “While governments since 1999 have borrowed money in the name of Nigeria and its citizens, much of the funds have reportedly been mismanaged, stolen or squandered, leaving the citizens with the burden of having to repay these loans."
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22 May 20
BREAKING: We're calling on President Buhari to immediately obey the rule of law and enforce court judgments, including:

*The judgment by Justice M. Idris ordering his government to publish spending details of stolen funds recovered by governments since 1999
@MBuhari @MalamiSan
*The judgment by Justice Oguntoyinbo ordering the FG to recover pensions collected by former governors now serving as ministers and members of @nassnigeria and directing AGF to challenge the legality of states’ pension laws permitting ex-governors, etc to collect such pensions.
*The judgment by Justice Mohammed Idris ordering the prosecution of senior lawmakers suspected of padding and stealing N481 billion from the 2016 budget; and the publication of the report of investigations into the alleged padding of the 2016 budget
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4 May 20
BREAKING: The House of Representatives is reportedly set to pass the Infectious Disease bill tomorrow, despite the @NCDCgov saying that there is no need for this.

Mandatory vaccination violates human rights.

The speed at which this bill is being passed is unusual.
The 2005 UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights in art 6 states:

(...) Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information.
The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.

The provision means that no interference in the human body must be undertaken without the permission of the person.
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5 Apr 20
BREAKING: We’ve asked the Fed. Govt. & CBN to provide spending details on COVID-19 relief funds, donations & on school feeding, including updated list of beneficiaries of cash payments, cash transfers in Lagos, Ogun & Abuja; & to stop cash payments & pay people through the BVNs.
We said in two FoI requests sent yesterday: "Providing socio-economic benefits to the country’s poorest esp. at this time of COVID-19 is a matter of human rights & not charity. It’s critical to keeping people alive, addressing inequalities, improving public trust & integrity."
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29 Mar 20
BREAKING: We’ve asked the Minister of Health & DG NCDC to publish weekly spending details of funds to combat coronavirus in Nigeria; disclose the nos of tests for politicians compared with tests for the poorest & the level of enforcement for home quarantine system for politicians
In our FoI requests, we said: "Disclose whether spot checks are carried out to ensure strict compliance by politicians in home quarantine."

"Transparency in the use of funds & operations of the Ministry of Health & NCDC would help to build trust, engage Nigerians & safe lives."
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17 Jan 20
Amotekun is absolutely constitutional and legal. Amotekun is a regional security outfit, formed by states in the South-west geopolitical zone of Nigeria to reinforce the Nigeria Police, with the stated aim of improving security of life and property of Nigerians.
Nigerian Constitution of 1999 (as amended) makes clear the inviolability of the right to life, which is to be enjoyed by ‘every human being’.
The right to life can appropriately be described as the ‘mother’ of all human rights, given that other rights including socio-economic rights, depend on the existence of life, which is mankind’s most valuable asset from which all other human possibilities arise.
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5 Jan 20
SERAP has sent FOI requests to @MBuhari, @ProfOsinbajo , 36 state governors & their deputies, urging them to provide information on summary of the assets, specifically property & income, contained in their asset declaration forms submitted to the CCB since assumption of office.
We are also asking them to clarify within 7 days of the receipt and/or publication of this letter, if they have had any reason to review and update the asset declarations submitted to the CCB, ...
...and to provide the summary of any such review; failing which we will take all appropriate legal action to compel them to comply with our request.
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15 Dec 19
There is prospect Nigerians keen on knowing details of spending of the $460 million loan obtained in 2010 from China to fund the apparently failed Abuja CCTV project,the names of contractors who collected money, & why Nigeria is re-paying the loan, may soon have some answers, .. we've won the latest round in the legal battle to compel @NigeriaGov to disclose these details.
Justice Anwuri Ichegbuo Chikere of the Federal High Court, Abuja last week granted leave clearing the way for SERAP to advance its case to compel @ZShamsuna , Minister @FinMinNigeria to disclose details of payment of the $460 Chinese loan to contractors, ..
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13 Dec 19
Our reaction to the take-over of Sowore's case by the AGF--by Femi Falana, SAN

It is not a take over because it was the AGF that filed the Sowore's case and farmed it out to Dr. Hassan Liman SAN.
But in view of the violent invasion of the court by armed operatives of the SSS the AGF has decided to sack the prosecution team and have the case prosecuted by the DPP.
Having been advised that Sowore cannot be convicted on the basis of the proof of evidence filed in court the sss has refused to make the statements of the prosecution witnesses available to the defendants as ordered by the trial court.
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8 Dec 19
Our attention has been drawn to the self contradictory press release of the SSS in which an unsuccessful attempt was made to absolve itself of responsibility for the armed invasion of the Federal High Court, Abuja
And the desecration of Court No 7 of Hon. Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu in particular as well as the illegal rearrest of Omoyele Sowore. First, The DSS is pretending to forget that the abominable desecration of the Federal High Court was covered live by international media outfits.
Many journalists were also direct victims of the gangsterism, barbarism and brutalisation displayed by officers of the Service on the 6th day of December 2019.
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1 Dec 19
SERAP has filed a lawsuit against @Zshamsuna ,Minister of @FinMinNigeria over failure to disclose information &specific documents on total amount of money paid to contractors from the $460 million loan obtained in 2010 from China to fund the apparently failed Abuja CCTV project..
..and failure to name the contractors involved and explain why the government has continued to re-pay the loan
In the suit number FHC/ABJ/CS/1447/2019 filed last week at the Federal High Court, Abuja, we are seeking an order for leave to apply for judicial review and an order of mandamus to direct and/or compel the Minister of Finance to disclose the details of local companies ...
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19 Nov 19
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Revd Justin Portal Welby @JustinWelby has responded to an open letter SERAP urging him to use his good offices and leadership and his friendship with President @MBuhari to prevail on him to obey court orders...
....most recently involving activists Omoyele Sowore and Olawale Bakare who remain in arbitrary detention despite a court order for their release.
SERAP had in the letter to Archbishop Welby expressed serious concerns about the disturbing trends by state governments and federal government to use the court as a tool to suppress citizens’ human rights.
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13 Nov 19

On 6/11/19, the Bailiff of the federal high court wanted to serve the order of the federal high court for the immediate release of Messrs Omoyele Sowore and Adebayo Bakare on the State Security Service.
Under the pretext that the management had closed for the day the Court Bailiff was asked to serve the order at 10 am on 7/11/19. In the company of four members of the defence team the Court Bailiff served the order on 7/11/19.
On 6/11/19, the Bailiff of the federal high court wanted to serve the order of the federal high court for the immediate release of Messrs Omoyele Sowore and Adebayo Bakare on the State Security Service.
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6 Nov 19
Dear @DrAhmadLawan Nigerians urge you to immediately withdraw the repressive social media bill which @NGRSenate is rushing to pass. We’ll vigorously challenge this illegality nationally and internationally if the Senate ever goes ahead with this regressive bill.
This bill is a blatant assault on citizens’ right to freedom of expression and is aimed to stop them from holding the Senate and other high-ranking public officials/governmental institutions to account.
@UNHumanRights @UN_SPExperts @davidakaye
The bill, if passed into law would undermine the constitutionally and internationally recognized right to freedom of expression and press freedom on the internet in the country.
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4 Nov 19
UPDATES: The N5.5 billion ‘luxury cars’ suit against @NGRSenate & others came up today for the hearing of our exparte application before Hon. Justice Aikawa, Federal High Court, Lagos.

But the Court did not sit; so, the matter has now been adjourned to 17 December 2019.
The suit initially came up during court vacation on Monday, 9th September, 2019 before Hon. Justice Oweibo, the vacation Judge at the time.

But the Judge didn’t hear us, stating that vacation was almost ending.

The case file was returned to the Registry for reassignment.
The suit number FHC/L/CS/1511/2019 was filed in September by 6,721 Nigerians, @SERAPNigeria @BudgITng @EiENigeria

The suit is seeking to stop the Senate from purchasing N5.5bn luxury vehicles for its principal members.
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31 Oct 19
Femi Falana, SAN wants court to stop planned nationwide operation identification
See summary of suit number FHC/L/CS/1939/19, below:
AN ORDER OF INJUNCTION restraining the Nigerian Army from embarking on the nationwide operation scheduled for Nov. 1, 2019 to Dec 23rd 2019
By virtue of Section 215 (3) of the Constitution, 1999 as amended, the Nigeria police force has been conferred with the exclusive power to maintain law and order and secure public safety and public order in the country.
Section 217 (1) of the Constitution empowers the president to deploy the armed forces for the suppression of insurrection and acting in aid of civil authorities to restore law & order, but the power cannot be exercised until there is an insurrection which police can't contain
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30 Oct 19
SERAP has sent an open letter to @realDonaldTrump asking him to exercise his constitutional powers pursuant to the Presidential Proclamations 7750 and 8697 to instruct the US Secretary of State and US Ambassador in Nigeria to temporarily ban Nigerian state governors ...
..and other senior public officials misusing the criminal justice system to jail journalists, bloggers and activists reporting on allegations of corruption from entering the US.
SERAP also urges @realDonaldTrump to use Presidential Proclamation 8697 (which allows the US Department of State to deny visas to foreign officials, their families and friends) who participate in serious human rights violations ...
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1 Sep 19
So-called 'treason' charges against Agba Jalingo journalist for criticising Governor of Cross River State, Ben Ayade
Count One: "acts of treason, treasonable felony, and threatening through various publications on and social media, using malicious publications, instigating the people of Nigeria to stage protest for the removal of the Governor of Cross River State"
Count Two: “That you, Agba Jalingo, ‘M’ on or about the 2ndof July 2019, at about 10am at No. 2, Marian Road, Calabar, within the jurisdiction of this honourable court, did make and publish false statement on and
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12 Aug 19
Justice Emmanuel Agim, Court of Appeal, Abuja: "The fact that elected public office holders and political appointees are paid huge amounts of money as monthly salaries and other forms of allowances while in office is common knowledge in Nigeria"
“It is also common knowledge that many of them after an office tenure of between three to eight years become stupendously wealthy, exhibiting mind-blowing opulence and splendor. Yet these office holders insist on being paid severance allowance for holding such offices."
“Meanwhile career civil servants who have served this country or their states or local governments all their life can hardly collect their pensions and gratuity when retired."
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