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Gladstone Professor of Government, Oxford
4 Oct 19
Παραθέτω ορισμένες επιγραμματικές παρατηρήσεις που άκουσα στο εξαιρετικό συνέδριο του Ιστορικού Αρχείου της Alpha Bank με θέμα "Πολιτική και Κράτος κατά τον 20ο και 21ο αιώνα" που γίνεται αυτές τις μέρες στο Ναύπλιο 1/
Πάνος Τσακλόγλου: "Κευνσιανισμός είναι η αντικυκλική πολιτική, δεν είναι η αέναη επεκτατική πολιτική" 2/
Μάνος Ματσαγγάνης: "Η κρίση του ασφαλιστικού (και κατ' επέκταση η Κρίση" ήταν μια συνωμοσία των παρόντων ενατνίον των απόντων" 3/
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27 May 19
Short thread to summarize yesterday's remarkable election outcome in #Greece 1/
The size of SYRIZA defeat was underestimated by most surveys and exit polls. In the end, SYRIZA got 23.83% compared to New Democracy's 33.24%, a whopping 9.4 percentage point difference. It was this difference that forced Tsipras to call a snap election, expected for June 30th 2/
SYRIZA did even worse in the prefectural and municipal elections and will likely have very few elected local leaders 3/
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16 Feb 17
Lessons I learned from Greece #1: abysmal incompetence of populist government leads many to mistaken belief it will be over quickly
Lessons I learned from Greece #2: for a long time you think you've seen the worst, but you haven't seen anything yet
Lessons I learned from Greece #3: the things that strike you as utterly shocking are applauded by others, perhaps even the majority
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