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JUST IN: Turkey’s state-run agency cited military sources and reported on Sunday that Greece has “unlawfully” deployed armored vehicles to the Aegean Islands. This claim was backed by drone footage, which shows the vehicles being unloaded from a Greek landing vessel.
The source reports that Athens has sent 23 unspecified “military vehicles donated by the US” to the Aegean Islands of Lesbos (known in Turkey as Midilli) and 18 vehicles to Samos (Sisam). These vehicles were delivered in batches over the past week.
Source reports that “The alleged deployment is in violation of the demilitarized status of the island. Greece does not even attend the meetings despite invitations and makes such provocations show who increases the tension, who is irreconcilable, aggressive, and unlawful.
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The Turkish propaganda continues, the treaty of Lausanne never said that our islands should be demilitarized only that no naval bases should exist on them.
On the other hand that was the case for the Asian Minor Aegean coast, now turkey has stationed there...
...entire armies and invasion forces which are targeting the Greek Islands. Erdogan and his ministers launch on a daily bases threats against Greece going as far as to openly question the legitimacy of the Greek Islands in a style that would even impress Joseph Goebbels himself
What turkey also never mentions is that the treaty of Lausanne have autonomous status to the islands of Imvros and Tenedos where Greeks were the majority and also protected the Greek minority of Constantinople, today the Greek minority of the city numbers less that 1000...
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The entry point to the Acropolis through the Propylaeum controls your first view of the Parthenon.
Everyone's first view of the Parthenon (up close) is this one. This was how it was designed to be seen.
#Parthenon #Acropolis #Athens #Greece #parthenonmarbles #greekarchitecture Image
The positioning of the buildings on the Acropolis may be less haphazard, than it first appears.
The three primary buildings (Propylaeum, Parthenon & Erechtheion) are arranged based on a system of rays giving an optimum view of the façade of the Parthenon. Image
From this vantage-point, the outermost limits of the other two buildings form an angle of 60 degrees, and the three points form an equilateral triangle, a geometric form that is also associated with Athena.
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The Propylaeum forms a grand monumental gateway onto the Acropolis. Because it funnels people through a relatively narrow route, it almost always feels like the most crowded part of the site.
#propylaeum #Acropolis #parthenon #Athens #Greece
There are other Propylaea, but the one on the Athenian Acropolis is seen as the prototypical example of such monumental gateways.
The Greek Revival Brandenburg Gate of Berlin (below) & the Propylaea in Munich were both designed to evoke the middle portion of the Athens propylaea.
Built between 437 and 432 BCE as a part of the Periklean Building Program, it was the last in a series of gatehouses built on the citadel. Its architect was Mnesikles (according to Plutarch), his only known building.
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Built in 420BC, the Tetrastyle (4 columned) Ionic Temple of Athena Nike, jointly dedicated to these two goddesses is one of the most prominent as you ascend the Athenian Acropolis.
#athenanike #Acropolis #Athens #Greece #ionicarchitecture #greekarchitecture
To people visiting the Acropolis today, it may come as a surprise to discover that this temple's position is not as permanent as it now appears.
It has in fact disappeared and reappeared multiple times in recent history.
The first was before the 1687 siege of the Acropolis by the Francesco Morosini's Venetian army, when Turkish defenders dismantled the temple & used its fabric to reinforce the bastion, fortifications in front of the Propylaia, and convert them into cannon emplacements.
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Forget maps drawn and trashed by others.

Gümülcine, İskeçe, Selanik and the islands are Turkish territory. Even if you try to destroy Turkish artifacts, you cannot destroy Turkish traces.

Project states will surely collapse. You know this and you are afraid. Image
Those who repeat "Hellenic" lies like a parrot will be disappointed, but;
There were nearly 900 Greek place names in Turkey!
The names of 4,413 settlements in Greece have been legally changed. It entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette. Image
The regional distribution of renames is as follows:Macedonia: 1,805 renames;Morea:827 renames; Central Greece:519 renames; Thessaly:487 renames; Epirus:454 renames;Thrace: 98 renames;Crete:97 renames; Aegean Islands: 79 renames; Ionian Islands: 47 renames….
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He tweeted closed to comments because he lied... Pathetic Turk enemies...

Regardless, propaganda should not be interrupted...🤦‍♂️🇬🇷

Dictator? Let's see. Let's examine the "unique" democracy demonstrations of the #Greek regime...

Let's see who is the dictator? #Greece
Dutch journalist Ingeborg Beuchel, who criticized Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis when she made a statement about immigrants in #Greece, announced that she had decided to leave #Greece. In her statement,
Beuchel stated that she was attacked with a stone on her head and said, "I am returning to the Netherlands, I was advised to leave #Greece as soon as possible, they started a witch hunt on my name." Image
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The Greek regime and the Greek Security Forces":On June 18, 1943, it set up Nazi battalions and started hunting anti-Nazis,Jews and Gypsies in #Greece.

No European country is innocent in WW II.
The usual tactics of the Europeans; "Blame someone else to cover up your own guilt". Image
PM Ioannis Rallis wrote a letter to Nazi General Hans.
Speidel (20/121943):"You know, Your Excellency,my government has valiantly undertaken the fight against the communist movement. My constant efforts to recruit and equip the loyal security forces are also known to you"#Greece Image
The head of the "battalions" was Waffen SS Lieutenant General Walter Simana. Simana,in his report to the SS General Staff (2.11.44),
Battalions were "valuable auxiliary units"of the Wehrmacht, but also received congratulations from the chief-Nazi criminal and SS leader Himmler. Image
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#Turkiye / #Greece: THREAD

As you all know the disputes between Turkiye and Greece are reaching new heights slowly over the Aegean Islands.

There are many verbal exchanges of blows between the 2 states quite recently which are ringing my alarm bells.

Turkiye for many years warned Greece to not arm the Aegean Islands which have a demilitarized status since signing international treaties but yet they (Greece) proceeded to arm them in that case.

@AnatoliaIntel has published their work on identifying;

3x Greek Air Bases
8x Greek Naval Bases
5x Greek Military Radar Stations
~ 70 Greek Military Baes along with 86 Military Stations

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This Week | On Our Radar 🧵

#BurkinaFaso 🇧🇫

An improvised explosive device killed at least 35 civilians on Monday.

@mathpellerin says this attack stands out because it specifically targeted civilians as opposed to the army.
#Haiti 🇭🇹

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Port-au-Prince & other cities on Wednesday to demand de facto Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s resignation.

@renaticas says this might indicate the reversal of a downward trend in the number of protests over the past year.
#Türkiye 🇹🇷 - #Greece 🇬🇷

President Erdoğan accused Athens of militarising what should be demilitarised Eastern Aegean islands, threatening to “do what was necessary”.

@nigargoksel says the war of words between both sides has been escalating for several months.
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WATCH: Greek coast guard has opened fire on a Turkish vessel. The Turkish cargo vessel had tussled with a Greek coast guard patrol off Turkey’s Aegean coast on Saturday.

🎥 : @anadoluajansi
Turkey’s Ministry of Interior said the cargo vessel came under “harassment fire” from the Greek coast guard, as it was sailing off the Turkish island of Bozcaada in international waters.
Greek coast guard claimed, the ‘Anatolian’ was found moving “suspiciously” in the northwest of Lesbos, a large Greek island near the Turkish coast. Turkey claims that its ship came under “harassment fire”.
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‘Caravan of Light’: Mass Movement From Turkey to Europe

More than 100,000 migrants are ready to leave Turkey for Europe.

For the past few days I spent infiltrating what appears to be an organised network of smuggler Telegram channels, and here is what I’ve learned:
Due to “unbearable racism” and lack of financial support, many migrants are attempting to cross from Turkey into Europe.

A handful of these Telegram channels which I subscribed to encourage and provide useful information.
One channel with more than 72k members provide directions and contacts of smugglers in Cyprus, Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Austria, Italy and Lithuania who can help them get into those countries.

They also provide information about how to apply for asylum and destroy IDs.
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The electoral law in #Greece & why changing it (again!) now would be another hit to the already suffering #democracy 🧵

Greece does not have a stable electoral system enshrined in its constitution. This means that electoral laws can & do change from time to time. 1/
Since the 1974 restoration of democracy, Greece has mostly used a so-called ‘reinforced proportionality’ system that is proportional only in name, as it tends to disproportionately benefit the largest party & excludes smaller ones due to a 3% threshold for entering parliament. 2/
The long-established parties of the post-authoritarian era (ND & PASOK) have historically tended to tweak or change the electoral law with the aim to undermine opponents & benefit themselves. 3/
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I'm content with that offer. USA should vet the roots of tension. How did it start? Why did #Greece's Russian made s300 locked onto Turkish airforce in a Nato exercise? Why does 🇬🇷 threaten the Nato not to use FIR against #Russia ?We need answers! And not to forget👇
@SecBlinken Image
Since the beginning of Ukrainian War, Athens has intensified her violations in Turkish airspace but each retaliation is depicted as a "threat". But it's all about dirty oil transaction on the Aegean. #Turkish drones might scrutinise the Russian- Greek oil trade.
Wiretapping scandal and the expat committee's duplicity to sweep state conspiracy under the rug on behalf of #Greek government. It's revealed that the government spied on thousands of citizens. It's needed to find a pretext- people might forget in the course of time:🦃
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The so-called "decline" of the #RomanEmpire - a thread 🧵

Many imagine the decline of the Roman Empire as this image of the ruined Roman Forum, the grandiose structures in ruin or disrepair, and cows and chickens walking around the site...but it is more complex... /1
Let's consider the Roman urban culture. Inherited from #Greece, curia ruled Rome and other cities. Those were the wealthy citizens that financed most of the buildings, repaired existing ones, and ran the daily affairs of the city.

In the East, the assembly was called boulē /2
It is easy to assume that the curiales, i.e, the wealthy and influential citizens preferred to build new monuments and structures, as it brought them considerable political capital.

After all, each citizen could see who built his favorite baths or library. Or market. /3
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1/14 Greek-Turkish tension has gone under the radar in Western media but is building up dangerously. #Greece has responded forcefully and eloquently to recent #Turkish provocations in letters to UNSG @antonioguterres and NATO SG @jensstoltenberg
2/14 TR pres. RTErdogan said in a campaign rally on 29.8, "Greece, your occupation of the islands is not our concern. When the time comes, we will do what is necessary. As we say, all of a sudden, we can come overnight.”
3/14 Greece “occupies” no islands. It has respected the territorial delimitations reached in the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923. This also allows a limited military presence on the islands for defensive purposes. Yet last year TR disputed GR sovereignty over its east Aegean islands.
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2 children on the boat have died in recent days -- and the health of others are deteriorating.

To ignore such a tragedy, just off #Malta's coast, represents an unspeakable lack of humanity.

Time for someone to step up, @MaltaGov.
@MaltaGov That Syrians are still fleeing for #Europe is no surprise, particularly those in #Lebanon where authorities are preparing to *illegally force* them back to #Syria.

5+ million #Syria refugees remain in neighboring states & polling suggests ~0.5% would consider an eventual return.
@MaltaGov Why do almost all #Syria refugees refuse to consider any future return to #Syria?

The answer is obvious when you glance across basic facts -- see this thread from last week:

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On August 13th 2022 the HUMAN RIGHTS LEGAL PROJECT are celebrating one year after our first successful intervention to stop #Pushbacks in #Samos.
This is a small thread of how a small number of people can stop the illegalities of the government:
In April 2020 the Greek Government began its systematic and brutal pushbacks against refugees.
For a year, due to the pandemic restrictions, their actions went almost unnoticed.
@ABoatReport was trying to reveal what was happening but no one on the ground could do anything.
We were witnessing his posts feeling incapable of intervening: to protect both #AsylumSeekers and the #RuleOfLaw and #HumanRights.
On the 21st April 2021 another pushback took place in Marathokampos, Sámos. 4 days later one Palestinian woman with her three kids came to our
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#BREAKING: Up to 50 people are missing after a boat carrying over 80 migrants sank off the Greek island of Karpathos in the Aegean Sea, a coastguard official told @AFP

#BreakingNews #Refugees #Greece #Turkey…
Meanwhile, there are reports that a group of migrants are again stuck in an islet in river Evros very close to the Greek boarder

A week ago, @Amnesty issued an urgent action re 50 people seeking safety, having rptdly been pushed back to Turkey from Evros👉…
A five-year-old Syrian girl has rptdly died on a Greek islet on the Evros River

Her parents have submerged the girl’s body in river water in an attempt to keep it cool, as authorities try to locate them

A 9-year-old has rptdly been stung by a scorpion…
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On this day in 1913, the Treaty of Bucharest was signed by delegates of #Bulgaria, #Romania, #Serbia, #Montenegro, and #Greece, ending the Second Balkan War. This conflict was another example of Balkan instability due to unsolved border disputes and Great Power politics. Image
After centuries of presence of the #OttomanEmpire in the Balkans, it began to weaken in 19th century. The Balkan nations were also aware of this. In 1912 four Balkan kingdoms - Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Montenegro - created the Balkan League to liberate its territories. Image
Soon after, the Ottomans began to mobilize their army. This was also done by the Balkan kingdoms. The great powers have warned that they don’t support border changes in the Balkans. However, Montenegro was first to attack in October 1912, which started the First Balkan War. Image
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@tanjil_rashid_ @ZareerMasani @saliltripathi 1. #Partition1947 counterfactuals aren't counterintuitive. #Partition ended a zero sum game among the same stale set of interlocutors conducting a dialogue of the deaf #Simla, June '45 onwards. #CabinetMissionPlan's devolution did NOT solve #India's impasse.
@tanjil_rashid_ @ZareerMasani @saliltripathi 2. #Jinnah accepted the #CabinetMissionPlan for an embryonic #Pakistan was assured, and permitted to secede, come 1957, if the #confederation was not to the #MuslimLeague's liking. Routinely overlooked by #Nehru's #Indian and #Pakistani baiters.
@tanjil_rashid_ @ZareerMasani @saliltripathi 3. To iterate: #CabinetMissionPlan was a pilot project to be reviewed decadally. Just how was #India and #Nehru to embark on #economic #planning and consolidate a #democratic #union of disparate elements riven by #regionalism, #casteism and #sectarianism?
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Η προσπάθεια αποσταθεροποίησης των ΔΒ, υποκινούμενη από τις δικτατορίες της Ασίας, θα πρέπει να βρει ως απάντηση μία αστραπιαία, χειμαρρώδη και τόσο πρωτοφανή, από την 🇬🇷, αντίδραση, που να μην αφήνει περιθώρια για εφαρμογή Plan B
#Σερβια #Kosovo #Balkans…
Η αδράνεια στην δεκαετία του 20′, θα αντιμετωπιστεί από τους ιστορικούς του μέλλοντος σαν προδοσία!

#Σερβια #Taiwan #Balkans #Albania #Greece #NATO #Χο_Τσι_Μινχ #AlQaeda
Η Ελλάδα είναι η μόνη χώρα που διαθέτει όλα εκείνα τα απαραίτητα εργαλεία/μέσα ώστε να τραβήξει τις χώρες των Δυτικών Βαλκανίων «πίσω» στην Ευρώπη, σε αντίθεση με γεωπολιτικούς μας ανταγωνιστές, που μόνο κοντύτερα στον αυταρχισμό της Ασίας μπορεί να τα φέρει.
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🧵 1/51

This thread has very revealing data showing that mRNA-vaccinations create majority of the covid cases. Largest covid waves come always after the booster rounds. Not before. AFTER.

🧵 2/51

Isn't it weird coincidence that the EU suffered the most largest covid wave right after the boosting started?

Ofcourse this can be coincidence but with
what possibility the very same thing happened also in every EU memeber country? Keep reading...

#EU #COVID Image
🧵3/51 - Norway.

#Norway #COVID19 #CovidVaccine #Facts Image
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Another day, another flood (bad pun intended) of #wildfire- & #Forestfire-images.

As I'm lying in bed with a bad stomach, I'm putting together a thread of the world burning, 1 acre of forest at a time. Feel free to add (to my despair). #climatemergency

Below: East London. 1/x

An apocalyptic driveby on a Highway near the central German town of Kassel:


Then there's #Greece, which last year already saw some of their fames tourist islands literally go up in flames:

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