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THREAD: 1/5 I met a group of ~10 women from #Somalia, most who travelled to #Greece alone. They’ve been sleeping outside on the ground for up to a week in #Moria camp on #Lesvos island. Single women should be given space in an enclosed section, but they are told it is full. @hrw
2/5 They have been given only thin mats to sleep on, and sleeping bags - single women don’t get tents since they are supposed to be inside the section for women alone. But #Moria is so overcrowded that people needing special protection aren’t getting it. So they sleep on this:
3/5 This woman has a problem with her kidneys and needs to go to the hospital for dialysis 3x a week. She sleeps on the ground between metal bars meant to contain lines of people. “We heard sometimes [an NGO] takes some women & puts them in tents but our turn hasn’t come.”
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Jetzt #Schattenmacht #BlackRock im #ZDF.
Um 00:45 morgens.
Werden sicher wenige sehen.
#Merz & die 1% wird es freuen!
2. #BlackRock currently has just under US$7 trillion under management & with #Vanguard they control two thirds of all #ETFs.

Now if BlackRock decides to sell a bigger share because the market turns you can quickly get a "run for the exit", A RUN!

#Markets #Stocks #Merz
3. #BlackRock has major shareholdings in many of the global Top 500 companies.

In Germany BlackRock is a major shareholder in ALL #DAX-companies!

#Stocks #Markets #Merz #CDU
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1/9 There is something off about the #KurdishBetrayal narrative being used to describe US actions in Syria. My feed is full of hashtags denouncing the fact that #TrumpBetrayedKurds by withdrawing US troops based in #NorthEasternSyria
2/9 To be betrayed implies that there were grounds for trust to begin with.
Yes, Kurdish and US forces were briefly allied against the common enemy of the #IslamicState. But that was an enemy in part created by a catastrophic US foreign policy in the Middle East
3/9 The US are now doing what they have always done - including when they implemented policies that gave rise to IS - acting in their own self interest, without any foresight beyond election cycles, & without concern for the implications for people fleeing their burning homes
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I want to highlight a story from #Greece, gather round. Last week, the parliamentary watchdog @vouliwatch revealed that New Democracy - the governing party - had used taxpayer money it had received for research purposes to repay part of their huge pile of outstanding loans. 1/?
@vouliwatch Specifically, Vouliwatch found that "received nearly 1 million Euros (875.941 euros to be precise) for research/educational purposes and it used this sum to repay part of its debts towards banks (New Democracy owes 142.100.000 euros)"
@vouliwatch Vouliwatch also found that "Nearly all parties instead of returning (as they should have) the amounts received from public funding, which they hadn’t spent, decided to keep it for future use."
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Just watched @PrimeministerGR interview with @NYTimesCohen. Some remarks: 1⃣@kmitsotakis is a mission-driven CEO -I'd love to work with him-, funny, well-spoken but has no idea of politics that benefit, us, the real everyday folks. He understands politics in his very own way.
@PrimeministerGR @NYTimesCohen @kmitsotakis 2⃣He is a big believer in Democracy but he confuses democracy with capitalism. And in this misconception is exactly where the spine of his neo-liberal agenda lays.
@PrimeministerGR @NYTimesCohen @kmitsotakis 3⃣@kmitsotakis criticized publically @EmmanuelMacron on #AthensDemocracyForum for imposing a luxury tax on the rich French because "it's a political tax", while he boasted for horizontal taxation that's coming in #Greece. You see why we can't achieve 4% growth rates, right?
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45. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria
#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1 to 20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
21 to 40. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼…
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A year [Delta] 4 Oct 2018
#POTUS or Q+ is telling us, we need to have MEMES ready.
The #POTUS even tweeted with MEMES.
Q+ is ready
Anons ready?
Memes ready?
Are you ready to see arrests?
Are you ready to see PAIN?
Are you ready to be part of history?
#POTUS is giving us examples of MEMES. WE must be ready with MEMES!
The President of The U.S. tweeted 2 memes 4 Oct, 2019
Liddle Schiff is next.
Are you ready for arrests?
Is Liddle Schiff ready for arrest?
@realDonaldTrump 4 Oct 2019 - 8:55:23 PM
Capital letters from #POTUS tweet APAOCDND = 58
[1.29] Delta
JG: DOD 58
SG: Hammer 58
Black Hat 58
#QPost 855, 129 & 290
What is Pompeo doing in the Vatican?
#Pompeo @Pontifex #QAnon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #Trump #FactsMatter #hammertime
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👉🏻#Ukraine👈🏻 in This Thread, I will Attempt to explain how #Migration & #WorkVisa’s are used by Globalists to enslave “Women & Children” into “Organized” International #SexTrafficking Rings #Biden #Burisma #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani
2/ This Study on #Ukraine’s #SexTrafficking issue is one of the most accurate breakdowns I have ever read... I will be using this report as a guideline... I highly recommend reading it, in full...
h/t @FederalistNo78 #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
3/ For Organized International #HumanTrafficking Rings to remain Fully operational, Corrupt Officials are used to help orchestrate ways that enable & cover-up these horrendous “Crimes Against Humanity”. Before we take a look at #Ukraine, let us first look at a similar scenario...
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5 year old #refugeesGR child dead in Moria after truck hit a cardboard box he was playing in.…
Moria is not a place for people. It is overcrowded and doesn't have proper infrastructure. How many children will have to die for #Greece and the #EU to realise that neither the #EUTurkeyDeal works nor the hotspot approach?
I've been reporting on #refugeesGR since Jan 2015 - a little less than 5 years and we've reached to a point, 5 years later that we're still talking about the same things. The conditions in Moria, the winterisation of the camps in the mainland. The lack of capacity in the country.
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3 deaths in Pittsburgh 32, 32, 38 & 26th street lead map ordinates to Cyprus Island #ExxonMobil Found more gas places off the shores of Island #Turkey #Erdohan #Greece #Israel @realDonaldTrump @madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q
little thread read research…
Gov of PA Tom Wolf
reductions in property taxes and the corporate tax, and a new severance tax on natural gas
Cyprus Island and USA connections
Cyprus–United States relations are bilateral relations between the Republic of Cyprus and the United States of America.…
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"Lebanese journalist" arrested in Greece via @dailystarleb

There's so much to this story. The so-called journalist is veteran Hizbullah terrorist, accomplice to worst terrorists in last 50 yrs, Imad Mughniyah. They tortured a US sailor & shot him.
Sailor Robert Stethem killed by Hizb terrorists in 1985 in Beirut.
Like Taylor Force, a US army vet, killed in Tel Aviv by Palestinian terrorist in 2016. That terrorist was killed, but Stethem's murderer must be extradited to US for trial.
Terrorist Mohammed Ali Hammadi, who was arrested in Frankfurt in 1987 and convicted in Germany for the plane hijacking and Stethem’s slaying. He's no journalist. Sentenced to life. Germans caved to Hizb threats & released him.
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#Breaking: Yesterday on a Friday over 600 illegal migrants entered #Greece sovereign waters from over #Turkey, the migrants where with in total of 16 rubber powered with engines. Turkish port authorities knew they were travelling and let them pass, breaking European cooperation.
#Update: All of these 600+ illegal migrant went to the island of #Lesvos in #Greece. They all arrived in a span of one hour on the island from #Turkey, turkey deneis any knowledge of the boats been bought and used in the country to help these migrants cross over.
#Update: A picture taken by a Greek border patrol helicopter at the shores of #Lesvos in #Greece shows lots of rubber boats and illegal immigrants in the area coming from #Turkey.
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Mainstream media isn't covering it but the #MigrationCrisis has started in #Greece again.

Yesterday, 13 boats with 600 migrants arrived in a span of just 30 minutes to the Greek island #Lesvos from #Turkey

They are almost all from Afghanistan

Turkish coastguard let's them pass
Yesterday's mass landing is the largest since the Migration Crisis of 2015

And it isn't just a case of yesterday & Lesvos.

The number of new arrivals at the five largest Greek islands has skyrocket in July & August.

Migrants camps are overcrowded & the government is paralyzed
It isn't all.

Yesterday, another 122 migrants arrived by boat in 2 other locations too

The islands of #Lesvos, #Chios, #Samos, #leros & #Kos host 24,000 migrants.

The government will hold a crisis meeting today.

The EU will try quota system again...…
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European Region loses ground in effort to eliminate #measles.

#Albania 🇦🇱
#CzechRepublic 🇨🇿
#Greece 🇬🇷
#UnitedKingdom 🇬🇧
have lost their measles elimination status.
@WHO_Europe @WHO_Europe_DE @WHO_Europe_RU Re-establishment of #measles transmission threatens progress to eliminate this highly contagious disease. High immunization coverage must be sustained in every community to break the chain of transmission.
@WHO_Europe @WHO_Europe_DE @WHO_Europe_RU #Austria 🇦🇹 and #Switzerland 🇨🇭 attained #measles elimination status, having interrupted continuous transmission of the disease for at least 36 months.

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Just got a proposal to film a new series for “Bridge The Gap with Sibel Edmonds” in #Greece. So very tempting. I love Greece- Pretty much everything #Greek: Food, Culture, Music, People ... So very tempting.
Maybe starting in June 2020- End of school year for my daughter in #Turkey? By then she’ll be 100% fluent in Turkish. Then We’ll have a year in #Greece? All possible. I have to finish my book 2 (Gladio Series) by May 2020. I think I can work this out!
Can you imagine an “objective” comparison & contrast of two so similar yet competitive countries: #Greece & #Turkey? I already have a list of 8 major differences- + & - for both sides. Oh boy, that may be more tense than soccer matches between the two!
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A Tiny Island of 300 in Northern #Dodocanese islands Chain #Greece: Heaven
When it comes to #Octopus: #Greeks Know Best. Three days Sun-Dried, then Simply Grilled on Charcoal with Light Brushing of #EVOO & Sprinkle of Sea-Salt. Add dry #Ouzo ... Can’t think of anything else needed.
Early Morning Swim & peace.
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#Russia- The Bastion Of Democracy😉 Interesting to observe the tone difference between this one and the State Media outlets such as RT. - - - “Activists: 1370 arrests at rally in… via @CRYPTO
For some of the domestic news like this on #Russia I scan the news from the West. For the ones on #USA abuses I tune into Russia media. For the general #MiddleEast I scan both camps’ outlets. For #Turkey, currently, there exists “None.” Every single side: filled W/spins & Lies😉
My old-age reading glass keeps changing-every 6 months! Too much reading. Too much writing. Looking forward to my mini break hopping through 5 islands in 8 days in #Greece.
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#Geopolitical Code “Red”:1- No coverage of #Jeffrey Meeting in #Turkey Today; 2- No official response from #Turkey on recent rumors re: #Erdogan Heart-Attack;3- Sudden Anti-#Russia media reports in Turkey on #Idlib #Syria; 4-Increased media PsyOp on Turkey by #Israel #UAE #Saudis
Those of you who’ve been following my long-Pinned thread covering #Turkey #Russia #S400 #Idlib #USA know about my Warning re: “The Calm Before the Storm” in the last week or so. Strange developments & activities have picked in the last 24 hrs. All eyes on #Turkey #Idlib #Russia
Also, those of you who followed my #Turkey #Coup warnings 6-8 months prior to the #AttemptedCoup: Eyes on Turkey. As in earthquake-watch System I’ve been tracking all note-worthy Activities & Developments On The Ground In Turkey. Peak activities & signs in the last 24 hrs.
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New thread starting ready for 26 Aug @NationalDogDay! 'Irish Dogs, Myths, Saints & Other Interesting Facts!' Suggestions welcome (you might think of something I haven't)! @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans #FolkloreThursday #dogsoftwitter #NationalDogDay #InternationalDogDay! 🐶🐕🐩🐾
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans Irish Wolfhound, symbol of #Ireland! Wolfhounds one of the oldest breeds of dogs recorded in world! Its impossible to know for sure, but skeletal remains suggest they arrived c 8,000 BC! 📷: Aella Grace, with owner Rebecca at neolithic Newgrange, Co Meath (younger; c 3200 BC)! 🐾
@NationalDogDay @MagicalEurope @CruftsFans 279 BC when Celts sacked Delphi📷 #Greece, survivors left accounts of fierce Celts & huge dogs who fought with them & at their side. No doubt Wolfhounds! PS-Ancient Greeks considered the @UNESCO Delphi the centre of the world, marked by the omphalos📷stone! #FolkloreThursday
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#Breaking: Just in The European Union will impose measures (Sanction) on #Turkey, over Turkish ships who are illegally drilling for oil and gas on the waters of occupied #Cyprus. #EU #Greece
#Breaking: Just in - The European Union will announce multiple Political and Monetary Sanctions on #Turkey as early as this week in a press conference, says we encourage Turkey to stop illegally drilling for oil and gas on the waters of occupied #Cyprus. #EU #Greece
#Update: Read the announcement of the European Union who will impose multiple Political and Monetary Sanctions on #Turkey, who are illegally drilling for oil and gas on the waters of occupied #Cyprus. #EU #Greece…
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#Breaking: Just in - The political party New Democracy is on it's way to a landslide victory according to first exit poll suggest... #greekelections2019 #Greece #Election
#Breaking: Just in - Anarchists in #Exarchia in #Greece have reportedly stolen two ballot boxes from the polling station. #greekelections2019 #Greece #Election #Antifa
#Breaking: Just in - Greek anti-riot police will be mobilized all across #Athens today after center-right conservative party, New Democracy is winning in a landslide victory in this flash #election. #greekelections2019 #Greece
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#Breaking: Turkish F-16 fighter jet hovering over a Turkish warship while guiding a illegal Turkish oil drilling ship off coast of #Antalya this early afternoon. Gaol is to go and illegally drill oil of the coast from Cypriot occupation waters violating international law #Cyprus.
#Update: These 2 spots what you see in the distance are oil drilling ships, one a drilling ship, the other a oil collecting platform. These are suggested to leave today to go on drill illegally oil from national Cypriot waters. #Cyprus #Turkey #Greece
#Update: However prime minster of #Greece Alexis #Tsipras has been clear, we will sink these Turkish ships if we see them illegally drilling for oil of the national occupational waters of #Cyprus.
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A Thread on "Trade Relations between Tamil Nadu and South East Asia as Gleaned from Inscriptions...!"

The Commercial and Cultural contacts between Tamil Nadu and South East Asian Countries seem to have existed even from the beginning of the Christian era!
#Sangam Literatures say that the import & export of articles between these countries had happened in great vigour through the ports located on the Coromandal coast, viz #Kollam, #Eyilpattinam, #Kaviripumpattinam, #Tondi, #Marungurpattinam (#Alagankulam), #Korkai and #Kanyakumari!
The author of the Periplus of the Erythrean Sea describes the ports of the Coromandal coast as follows. “Among the market-towns of these countries and harbour where the ships put in from Damirica and from the north, the most important are, in order as they lie, first Camara...1/2
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With this from yesterday )See here: “How Greece Became One of America’s—and Israel’s—Closest Allies”…) what do U expect?! #Turkey #Greece #EastMedDrill - - - ”Is U.S. Ambassador to Greece Faithfully Conveying Trump Admin Policy?…
#Turkey under siege from multi fronts- Testing Times 4 endurance: 1- #EastMedDrill tensions;2- #Idlib #Syria Escalations;3- #USA #S400 #F35 Threats-Pressure; 4- #Saudi #UAE Fallout; 5- #Libya #Hafar Under-The-Radar Developments;6- #Economy #Currency Turmoil. Remain Tall & Strong
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