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#Turkey #Greece #Cyprus #Ankara #Medeteraniansea

Turkey announced that it had extended the seismic survey work of its ship Oruc Reis in the disputed area of the eastern Mediterranean until 4 November, taking a step towards increasing the region's tensions.
NATO members Turkey and Greece are locked in a dispute over the size of their continental shelves and competing claims in the eastern Mediterranean for hydrocarbon resources. When Turkey sent Oruc Reis into waters also claimed by Greece and Cyprus, the row erupted in August.
Together with two other ships, Ataman and Cengiz Han, Oruc Reis will continue to operate until Nov. 4 in the region south of the Greek island of Rhodes, a Turkish naval maritime notice said late on Saturday. A prior notice scheduled survey work until Oct. 27 in the region.
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#Greece #Athen #Coronavirus #CURFEW

In view of the increasing number of infections, the Greek government has announced curfews for the cities of Athens, Thessaloniki and other corona hotspots.
"We want to restrict traffic and nightly meetings that encourage the spread of the virus," said Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Thursday evening in a televised address.
From Saturday, residents in the affected cities will no longer be allowed to leave their homes between 0.30 a.m. and 5.00 a.m. Mitsotakis said that a mask should apply there both indoors and outdoors. "The mask is the vaccine before there is a vaccine," he added.
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#Germany #Greece #Hannover #Refugees

Another plane with refugees from Greece arrived in Hanover today. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, there are 104 people: 27 unaccompanied minors and sick children with their parents and siblings.
The 17 families are to be admitted to Berlin, Baden-Württemberg, Saxony-Anhalt, Bavaria, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Thuringia. The minors are also distributed to different federal states.
A week ago a plane with 26 refugee families from Greece had already arrived. The 40 adults and 61 children on board this machine formed the first contingent of a total of 1,553 migrants whose admission the federal government had already decided a month ago.
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"Bury me beneath the willow
‘Neath that weeping willow tree
When he comes he’ll find me sleeping
Then perhaps he’ll think of me

It's many a night while you’re sleeping
Sleeping in your sleeping clothes
I’m a poor girl, broken hearted
Listenin to the wind that blows"
"Bury me beneath the willow
‘Neath that weeping willow tree
When he comes he’ll find me sleeping
Then perhaps he’ll think of me

Tomorrow was to be our wedding
God, oh Lord, where can he be
He has gone to find another
He no longer cares for me"
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#BREAKING: Egyptian President @AlsisiOfficial discussed with Cypriot President @AnastasiadesCY efforts to settle the region's crises: Egyptian Presidency
#BREAKING: The international community must do more to combat extremism, says Cypriot president @AnastasiadesCY
#BREAKING: We are working to strengthen cooperation with #Greece and #Cyprus, says Egyptian President @AlsisiOfficial Image
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#Greece #Turkey #Athen #Border #Refugees


Greece is strengthening the security systems at the land and sea borders with Turkey. Behind this is probably the fear of a new influx of migrants. Five meters high, 27 kilometers long, 63 million euros expensive:
Greece is arming itself with massive barriers on the Evros river against the feared new migrant flows from Turkey. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis inspected the construction work over the weekend.
The Greek land border with Turkey is 206 kilometers long. For the most part, but not continuously, it follows the course of the Evros River (Turkish: Meric). The Evros was the scene of a week-long trial of strength in the spring:
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#Greece #Athen #Strike

Travel warnings, bans on accommodation, rapidly increasing numbers of corona cases: Many people who want to travel do not know shortly beforehand whether something will actually come of their trip.
If you want to fly to Greece, you will now also have to deal with air traffic strikes. Greece holidaymakers who want to fly back to their home country must also expect major problems:
several unions have called the air traffic controllers and civil aviation employees to go on strike tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. They demand more money and the hiring of additional staff. Numerous flights have already been canceled at Athens Airport.
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#Austria #Turkey #Vienna #Medeteraniansea #Sanctions #Greece #Cyprus

Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has accused Turkey of provocations in the gas dispute in the eastern Mediterranean and threatened European sanctions.
"I am glad that those who traditionally show a great deal of understanding towards Turkey were also prepared to clearly recognize that one provocation follows the next in Turkey," said Kurz after the EU summit in Brussels.
It was once again made clear that a response would have to be made with sanctions if Turkey did not stop these provocations.
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I’m here on the beautiful island of #kastellorizo, the frontline of the #easternmed crisis - reporting for @TheCriticMag.
The island is the easternmost inhabited part of #Greece. It’s almost 600km from Athens but only a few km from #turkey. The population here feels that they are in the frontlines - and they show it. Greek flags painted into almost all the surrounding hills. #easternmed
We love our Turkish neighbours,” people here tell me. We have great relations with Kas just across the water. If there was no #COVID__19 things would be almost as normal.

But times are tense: “drones buzz overhead; planes dogfight in the sky; Turkish ships appear.” #easternmed
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In this thread we shall examine what @RTErdogan is really about.

In a nutshell he is all about business, spends a bit of his free time "running #Turkey", whatever that means these days

He has placed his immediate and extended family all around
critical business positions
the #Ceyhan #Baku pipeline is practically a family business.

The #Azerbaijan end is run directly by the #Aliyef presidential family (no companies, no straw men, directly, like its their personal property)

The #Turkey end (port, logistics) owned by Bilal & Necmetin #Erdogan
#Israel has realised that #Turkey is a mortal danger, comparable to #Iran

#Israel's reliance on the #Ceyhan pipeline is placing the country in a serious disadvantage

The strong relations with #Azerbaijan go through #Ankara
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#Shaking detected

5.3MB #Magnitude #Earthquake reported

#AegeanSea #Crete, #Greece
5KM deep

10/12/2020 | 04:11:28 (UTC)
GPS: 35.62, 26.26

reported by #emsc_Seismicportal

👉A few hours earlyer the same are was hit by a 5.1 Earthquake at 0:30 UTC. Swarm building can be seen.
Data plotted for time range:
03:26:00 (UTC) to 04:26:59 (UTC)

from Seismograph HL-ARG (Greece)
This plot shows 1 hour of data from the nearest available seismic station in the Global Seismographic Network.

#Kabul, #Afghanistan IU-KBL (34.5408° N x 69.0432° E)

#Greece #Earthquake
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1/ Another article on the legal action against the four NGOs in #Greece. In this one, a 🇬🇷 govt source states that since the March events in #Evros 'some NGOs acted almost like a branch of the Erdogan government, reproducing his propaganda, or even like agents provocateurs.
2/This is when the Greek authorities decided to control the role of NGOs, because there were indications that they might serve other interests and use the refugee issue as a pretext. the decisions the Greek government took annoyed, apart from Erdogan, the global networks that
3/ profit from the refugee issues and that are often interconnected'. The govt believes, acc. to the article, that 'many publications in foreign media, claims regarding dead migrants at the 🇬🇷borders and provocative actions in reception centres were 'strikes' with a message, so
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LIVE UPDATES | Yerevan says #Stepanakert hit by Azerbaijani rockets overnight
UPDATE: Azerbaijani Defence Ministry accuses Armenia of shelling settlements, civilian casualties

MORE: Russian PM to arrive in Armenia for EAEU Intergovernmental Council meeting

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After 5 years, a court in Athens will deliver its verdict against #GoldenDawn trial suspects, for their role in the murders of Pavlos Fyssas and Shehzad Luqman, and numerous brutal attacks against migrants & refugees.

I'm available for comment.

#GDtrial #Greece Image
Proud to know that @hrw 2012 report “Hate on the Streets: Xenophobic Violence in Greece” documenting how gangs of Greeks regularly attacked migrants and asylum seekers across #Greece contributed to the fight against #GoldenDawn and to this trial.… Image
For our 2012 report on racist violence in #Greece, my colleague @sunderland_jude and I met with the leader of #GoldenDawn - here’s what he said to us. ImageImage
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#Greece #Athen #Refugees #smuglers #Spys

The government in Athens has accused dozens of members of non-governmental organizations of spying and assisting smugglers. The Greek secret service (EYP) determined this.
"It is an espionage case involving non-governmental organizations," said Greek civil protection vice minister, Lefteris Oikonomou, to the Athens newspaper "To Proto Thema". Last week the Greek police had accused 35 NGO members of acting as smugglers and spies.
A corresponding report was sent to the judiciary. Those concerned are said to have passed information on the positions of the Greek coast guard and coordinates of possible landing sections off the island of Lesbos to smugglers in Turkey.
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Air siren wailing in #Stepanakert. Video taken from the open-air cafe, I always go when visiting #Karabakh.
Streets empty, people are in basements under air strike.
This woman's father, husband, brother and son are at front line. They are safe and brave. It's a war. We are going to win like in previous war, she says.

After another shelling of #Stepanakert by #Azerbaijan army.

#AzerbaijanWarCrimes ImageImageImageImage
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Aν κρίνω από ανεξάρτητo visual confirmation δράσης των τουρκικών drones στο #NagornoKarabagh η #Armenia έχει χάσει 35 άρματα μάχης (main battle tanks). Αν όντως έχει 130 άρματα (open source πηγές) αυτό σημαίνει πως σε μια εβδομάδα μαχών έχει χάσει το 1/4 των βαρέων όπλων της 1/1
Μόνοι οι εν λόγω απώλειες αρματιστών (δεν αναφέρομαι καν σε ΚΙΑ μεταξύ των) είναι 105 άτομα. Για μια χώρα battle proven που πολεμάει 3 δεκαετίες και δεν έχει ιδιαίτερο, μάλιστα, πολιτικό κόστος εσωτερικά 2/2
Η #Turkey ξεκίνησε το 2016 επιχειρήσεις στη #Syria και το 2019-2020 στη #Libya. Kερδίζοντας πολύτιμη εμπειρία στο drones warfare. Η συνδρομή της στο πλευρό του #Azerbajian στον #Caucasus δείχνει να είναι καθοριστική σε αυτό το επίπεδο 3/3
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THREAD: #Russia-#Turkey interaction over #NagornoKarabakh getting uneasy. After #Moscow turned down #Ankara’s proposal to set up #Syria-type format for Karabakh (#KarabakhAstana) @MevlutCavusoglu told #Lavrov cease-fire not gonna happen until #Armenia leaves occupied Azeri areas Image
Earlier, I forecasted 👇 that #Turkey's ultimate goal in this war was not to fight anyone but get a new deal with #Russia. It was obvious from @RTErdogan's criticism of Minsk OSCE group performance on #Karabakh. Bu the devil is in details & here they are
1.#Turkey's position - to support #Azerbaijan - meant to disguise its interest - to extend its influence in #Caucasus.
Turkey hopscotching crises -#Greece/#Cyprus,#Libya,#Syria now Karabakh to increase its capitalization in the market of regional powers w/ great power ambitions
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Below is the thread for day 5 of the #Armenian #Azerbaijani war for Nagorno-Karabakh.

Today the Vardenis-Sotk highway (A section of the M11) was attacked by Azerbaijani forces according to the Armenian Defense MInistry.

#Azerbaijan #Armenia #Artsakh
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