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8 Aug
U.S GEC Special Report: Russia’s Pillars of Disinformation and Propaganda The Kremlin bears direct responsibility for cultivating these tactics and platforms as part of its approach to using information as a weapon.…
The ecosystem consists of five main pillars:
🚩official government communications,
🚩state-funded global messaging,
🚩cultivation of proxy sources,
🚩weaponization of social media, and
🚩cyber-enabled disinformation.
Russia's Kremlin "invests massively in its propaganda channels, its intelligence services and its proxies to conduct malicious cyber activity to support their disinformation efforts, and it leverages outlets that masquerade as news sites or "
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15 Feb
Sept 2019 The American Prospect article: "40 Year War"

1982 Attny William Barr was one in fringe group of Lawyers working in Reagan 40 and Bush 41 Administrations with views of Presidential Powers #BuryBarr
Aug 1985 – Mar 1987 Iran–Contra affair
Dec 1992 AG William P. Barr Advised Pres H. W. Bush on Pardons, especially that of Caspar Weinberger. #BuryBarr
1992 Barr said that “people in this Iran-Contra matter have been prosecuted for the kind of conduct that would not have been considered criminal or prosecutable by the Justice Department.” #BuryBarr
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6 Jan
John Schindler Contributor
@20committee @thespybrief…
Russian Strategic Intention
May 2019 White Paper
Strategic Multilayer Assessment (SMA)…
III. What Gray Zone Actions Are Russian Undertakings Across the Globe?
Russian Activities Across Europe (A Contrarian Assessment)
By John Schindler
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3 Jan
Jan 3, 2020 Breaking
Deutsche Bank Loans to Donald Trump were backed by Russia.
Jan 3, 2020 Forensic News Reports
Russian's VTB ▶️ Deutsche Bank ▶️ Trump Loans
Example of Money Laundering /1
Russian's VTB ▶️ Deutsche Bank ▶️ Trump Loans
Example of Money Laundering /2
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19 Dec 19
CONGRESS has I M P E A C H E D Donald J. Trump
Dec 18, 2019 Washington DC 🇺🇲 U.S. House of Representatives
Agreed to The Impeachment Resolution Article I of the 45th U.S. PRESIDENT H RES 755.
After Hours of 'Debate' between U.S. House of Representatives by both Democrats & Republicans, it was sad to watch the partisanship by the Republicans who all mostly used Trump & FOX talking pnts, not based in facts presented in both Intelligence & Judicial Committee Reports.
Congresswoman Demings
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3 Nov 19
2/14/ 2018 Stephen K. Bannon FBI INTERVIEW
June 2016 Trump Tower
Mark Corallo, who was being considered for Communications Director told Bannon about Don Jr. Jared Kushner Meeting with Russians and the email from Don Jr.
Marc Kasowitz had email from a server that was now public
2/14/ 2018 Stephen K. Bannon FBI INTERVIEW w A Weisman (caught Sater $ laundering)
Jared & Ivanka on vacation in Croatia w Wendi Deng(frmr wife of R. Murdock) (Putin gf?), a RU billionaire (Putin?) Bannon wanted Kushner back to fire Manafort [Sater & Kushner link in Guardian]
2/14/2018 Bannon INTERVIEW
2010 Bannon 1st met Trump w David Bossie & discussed Trump was thinking of running for President in 2012.
Bannon asked "which country?" Was it Rebekah Mercer who Bannon called who also worried about Breitbart future if Trump lost? Flynn & Keith Kellogg
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22 Oct 19
A Nothing Burger took Down Hillary Rodham Clinton run for the presidency And gave us over 1000 days of Trump hell!
Russian“Specialists (IRA trolls) were instructed to post content that focused on ‘politics in USA’ & to ‘use any opportunity to criticize Hillary & the rest (except ➡️ Sanders & Trump – we support them),’” per the Mueller indictment.
H/T @karolcummins
Hillary Clinton's Character Restored Publicly by @nytimes
With 🎊No Fanfare 📯No Trumpets, just quietly on last Friday night
Oct 21, 2019
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22 Oct 19
After 4 years the American People have been subjected to hearing after another hearing about Hillary Clinton's damn emails that the GOP & Fox have been obsessed over.
The Political Attacks -The #LockHerUp chants
GOP lead Congress, the FBI, the State Dept each had separate investigations into Clinton emails.
The investigation covered 33,000 emails that Clinton turned over for review after her use of the private email account became public.
Now We Have The results in a 9 page Report of the last and final Investigation by the State Dept. buried in the Friday night NYT edition
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21 Oct 19
"Twenty prisoners live in one small room. They are handcuffed, their heads shaved, every move is monitored by ceiling cameras. A bucket in the corner of the room is their toilet. The daily routine begins at 6 A.M. They are learning Chinese, memorizing propaganda songs and "
"confessing to invented sins. They range in age from teenagers to elderly. Their meals are meager: cloudy soup and a slice of bread."
"Torture – metal nails, fingernails pulled out, electric shocks – takes place in the “black room.” Punishment is a constant. The prisoners are forced to take pills and get injections. It’s for disease prevention, the staff tell them, but in reality they are the human subjects "
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17 Oct 19
Oct 16, 2019 WTH! Talk about Violation of Norms, #MoscowMitch! Why have You blocked over 200 House passed Bills in the last 1000 days!
You are like Trump, Anti-Governance And 'All your roads lead to Putin' as The Hon Speaker Pelosi has said.@senatemajldr YOU NEED TO RETIRE!
#MoscowMitch is an Obstructionist to Governance
200 plus U.S. House Bills in the last 1000 days are sitting on Mitch McConnell Desk waiting for him to move them through the U.S. Senate as he is responsible to do as U.S. Senate Majority Leader
Senate Majority Leader Responsibilities as stated on U.S. Government Website
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16 Oct 19
Wed Oct 16, 2016 marks
1000 DAYS that Trump has Proven to be the Worst
President of the United States in American History.
(Not including the Campaign and Transition period)
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10 Oct 19
FOUR at least National Security Officials
Brought concerns to WH lawyers
after Trump Zelensky call 7/25
Was it then the WH Lawyers thought they better bury the actual 7/25 call Transcriptions in high Security server?
A former Justice Dept official, Eisenberg has served as top legal adviser to Nat Security Council since start of Trump admin, a tenure that encompasses numerous legal crises, including FBI investigation of former NSA Mike Flynn & Mueller probe of RU interference in 2016 election.
Eisenberg likely would also have played a leading role in the White House efforts to prevent the nation’s intelligence director from turning over a whistleblower complaint about Trump’s Ukraine call to lawmakers.
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10 Oct 19
Mark Zuckerberg with Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg
April 30, 2017 FACEBOOK Founder Mark Zuckerberg, who went to Harvard at the same time as Mayor of South Bend IN, Pete Buttigieg, toured South Bend.
Pete with his husband Chasten, a School Teacher.
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1 Oct 19
INTERNET RESEARCH AGENCY 9/30/19 Treasury is targeting the private planes, yacht, and associated front companies of Yevgeniy Prigozhin, the Russian financier behind the Internet Research Agency and its attempts to subvert American democratic processes.…
Treasury Department is also imposing sanctions on six members of the Internet Research Agency for their efforts in furthering the objectives of the organization.  As of 2018, Dzheykhun Nasimi Ogly Aslanov (Aslanov), Mikhail Leonidovich Burchik (Burchik),
Vadim Vladimirovich Podkopaev (Podkopaev), Vladimir Dmitriyevich Venkov (Venkov), Igor Vladimirovich Nesterov (Nesterov), and Denis Igorevich Kuzmin (Kuzmin) were all members of the Internet Research Agency involved in attempting to interfere in U.S. elections.
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1 Oct 19
T I M E L I N E cont. Trump Impeachment Probe
Sept 27, 2019
▪️Trump reported to have told RU Amb Kislyak on 5/10/2017 in Oval Office [Trump] 'Wasn't Concerned about RU Involvement in '16 Election' the day after firing Comey
🔹️Sept 27
▪️Trump WH Cover-up by denying access to HS Server on Saudi & RU call Transcriptions
▪️Pompeo Subpoenaed by House Dems
▪️Kurt Volker Resigned as Trump's Ukraine Envoy.
Aug 29 asked whatsup w Giuliani & will b able to testify Oct 3 as private citizen. He's a McCain guy
🔹️Sept 28 Sat
▪️Trump on Attack, Tweets over 75 Tweets in some 72 hrs Twìtter Frenzy, Promoting a Civil War if he was Impeached, charging Schiff of Treason, Dems r Savages instead of doing Country's Business
▪️Trump Adm attempting to reopen, yrs ended, probe of H Clinton emails
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30 Sep 19
The presiding judge said that the verdict turned on the “predictability” of the massive tsunami that swamped the nuclear plant in March 2011 after a 9.0-magnitude undersea earthquake.…
No one was killed in the nuclear meltdown, but the tsunami left 18,500 dead or missing.
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30 Sep 19
Remain Calm ➡️ Carry On. 🇺🇲 Democrats, Independents would be Wise to follow leads of Speaker Pelosi & Impeachment Inquiry Chair, Rep. Schiff going determinedly & focused forward.
✔One precise step at a time.
✔Keeping cynicism restrained.
✔Not Counting chicks before hatched.
David Ignatius said that as this gets more serious, Trump as his own one man war room while Speaker Pelosi's Tone is more sorrow than anger, that the contrast of a White House in a Fever and Democrats trying to keep the fever down is one thing we should keep our eye on.
✔Hold celebration till Completely Across Finish Line.
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30 Sep 19
Did Guiliani work with Attorneys DiGenova and Toensing who have been staunch supporters of President Trump, and were close to joining Trump's legal team during Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation?…
Trump Attorneys?: Rudy Giuliani Joe Digenova Victoria Toensing
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27 Sep 19
If someone was Proven to have covered up info for personal gain in Bush admin, they would be
💥Frog Marched Out the Building That Day
💥Stripped of Clearance That Day
💥Into the arms of an FBI Agent.
Even the President IS REQUIRED to adhere to Exec Branch Rules. #JoelBrenner
When you have a nasty scandal, you will have to ask,
where were the Lawyers? In this case if that Complaint proves out, we've got WH lawyers participating in a criminal conspiracy.
Tonight the White House lawyers maybe getting lawyers!
Day 980 of Trump Administration and all hell is breaking loose.
White House is in 'Total Panic' as shell-shocked staffers struggles to find Impeachment footing. Ground is moving under their feet.
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