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I've watching events in our neighborhood since BD was born.
I've to add context to what Elizabeth has witnessed & narrates.
1. @INCIndia accepted partition of India but tried to overplay by saying
2 Nation Theory
is wrong.
2. Birth of BD simultaneously gave birth
to global Jihad.
3. Kissinger retailed defeat of Pakistan as insult to Islam.
4. OPEC was made to cartelize crude prices to generate petro-dollars for jihad.
5. Dollar became legal tender for global Trade.
6. Kashmir was flooded with Maududi literature in '72.
7. Clergy were globally tasked to arrange HR to carry Wahhabism to fight socialist winds blowing in #Afghanistan
8. Bhutto was traded against Zia ul Haq. Pakistan was made to embrace Puritanisim.
9. Taraki land reforms became trigger which gave respite to India, but
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#British tanks gifted to #Ukraine will come equipped with controversial depleted uranium rounds, it has emerged.…
Russia's #Putin blasts #UK move to send ammo with depleted uranium to #Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned British plans to send tank ammunition that contains depleted uranium to Ukraine, saying Moscow would be forced to respond accordingly…
Speaking in London on Monday, Minister of State for Defence Annabel Goldie said some of the ammunition for the Challenger 2 battle tanks that Britain is sending to Ukraine includes armour piercing rounds which contain depleted uranium.…
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" Exploratory Data Analysis on Terrorism "

We are performed Exploratory Data Analysis on terrorism #dataset to find out the hot zone of #terrorism. #EDA nothing but #analyzing the given data & finding the #trends, patterns & making some assumptions. #DataVisualization #DataScience #MachineLearning
In this #dataset, there are many features including countries, states, regions, gang names, weapon types, target types, years, months, days, and many more features.
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Russia and China were masterfully wedged by the Nixon Admin and Kissinger with the help of Pakistan, which was then led by Gen Yahya.
Now, history has brought the two Cold War Rivals closer.
This will create new Geopolitical, Geoeconomics and Geostrategic risks for the USA.
The biggest foreign policy and strategic failure of the USA has been that it didn't see the thaw between Iran and KSA coming
The entire Muslim world is now bifurcated into Russian & Chinese Camps
Hardly any Muslim nation will back America if a war breaks out between larger powers
Pakistan, the only Moslem Power with nuclear weapons, is the closest Chinese Ally not just in South Asia but the whole world.
It's akin to Italy under the Axis Power cosigned Pact of Steel or how Austro Hungarian Empire was buttressing the Kaiser.
BRI's epicentre is Gawadar.
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🚨🚨 HELP Syria 🚨🚨
Russian Intelligence Service: #US uses #terrorist groups to undermine situation in #Syria
Russian Foreign Intelligence Service has announced that the #US continues to use #terrorist groups in #Syria to undermine positions of the Syrian government.
“The Central Command of the #US forces is planning to form battalions of terrorists to carry out hostile acts against the legitimate #Syrian government”
-Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergey Naryshkin-
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Petit message de service à l'attention du ministre de la @Sante_Gouv et de la #prévention @FrcsBraun - 👋 @olivierveran #quisait, @MartinotPauline @Seb_Delescluse @cedricarcos @aur_rousseau
Les citoyens du monde concernés ne peuvent être les seuls à se relever les manches et
à porter des messages de prévention qui ne sont plus suivis d'aucun effet parce que vous avez tout de même réussi le tour de force de faire passer le port du masque pour une mesure contraignante là où il aurait permis de patienter jusqu'au fameux mais non moins nécessaire
grand plan pour la qualité de l'air intérieur promis par le candidat @EmmanuelMacron lors du meeting d'entre-deux tours de Marseille ().
Avec la banalisation du nombre de décès dont désormais chacun s'accommode (plutôt) bien et surtout le travail de fond
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Distract and divert: How Tony Blair screens his role in Iraq War

20 years on, #Blair lashes out at #Putin to divert public attention from the atrocities he was behind in #Iraq, not to mention his role in the #Afghanistan war.
This month, twenty years ago, the #UnitedStates initiated a large military invasion of #Iraq alongside its ally, the #UK, without a @UN mandate and in defiance of some of the biggest demonstrations ever seen in Britain.
It was the start of an eight-year occupation that resulted in the deaths of more than one million Iraqi.
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La @BBCNews sta di nuovo ricevendo molte critiche nel Regno Unito, stavolta per un'inchiesta che ha denunciato come diverse calciatrici afgane arrivate nel paese in fuga dai talebani non sarebbero in realtà giocatrici di calcio.

Nel novembre 2021, 35 calciatrici afgane e le loro famiglie (130 persone in tutto) sono state accolte nel Regno Unito, dopo essere scappate dal loro paese in Pakistan, da cui poi hanno ottenuto rifugio in UK.

Ma secondo la testata britannica, 13 di esse non sarebbero in realtà state giocatrici del Herat Youth Team, come dichiarato nella domanda per il visto d'ingresso in UK. La domanda legittima è: fa differenza se fossero o no giocatrici di calcio?

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Bier-Affäre in Afghanistan - Untersuchungsausschuss klärt auf! Ein #Thread. (…)
Von vielen vergessen & trotzdem wichtig. Heute tagt im Bundestag seit Stunden wieder der #Untersuchungsausschuss zu #Afghanistan. Ich will Euch zwei Geschichten daraus erzählen. Eine lustige - und eine traurige. Erst die lustige. (…)
In #Afghanistan hatten die deutschen Soldaten zeitweise sehr, sehr, sehr viel Bier, Wein, Alkohol. 23.000 Liter. Dabei galt - formell - zunächst die Zwei-Dosen-Regelung: Zwei Dosen pro Soldat pro Tag. Jedenfalls theoretisch. Dann wurde das einem General zu viel. (…)
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"Je ne renverrai pas mon fils là-bas (NDR: en #Afghanistan) pour risquer sa vie au profit des droits des femmes. Ca ne marchera pas, nous ne sommes pas là-bas pour ça" (Joe #Biden, alors VP d'Obama à Richard Holbrooke en 2010)
2. On ne le répétera jamais assez mais la présidence #Biden et le président lui-même étaient très conscients de ce qu'il adviendrait des droits des femmes avec les #Talibans au pouvoir en Afghanistan. Mais pour lui cela ne justifiait pas une présence militaire US aussi longue... si le retrait US avait été décidé par #Trump puis par #Biden avec l'illusion du maintien d'un gouvernement non taliban à Kaboul qui s'effondre juste avant le départ des soldats étasuniens...
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Rep. Rosa DeLauro expresses concern about Russell Vought's proposal to zero budget USAGM because of alleged "woke" policies.

"It would be catastrophic for the United States and the world," responds USAGM CEO Amanda Bennett. ImageImage
Even some democracies, such as #Brazil and #Philippines, "are going to increasingly require our support," says USAGM CEO Bennett before House Appropiations Foreign Affairs subcommittee.
Rep. Guy Reschenthaler is accusing USAGM of not responding to the House regarding a personnel issue with a former director of VOA's Farsi Service.

"I had nothing to do with those decisions," responds Bennett. But USAGM has responded "many, many times," according to the (1/2)
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#Afghanistan #AfghanWomen #woman_life_freedom #JinJiyanAzadi #altrevite

Pubblichiamo una riflessione della scrittrice e giornalista Marina Terragni, femminista e autrice di numerosi saggi sulle donne. Per il suo contributo alla campagna
#avvenireperdonneafghane, Terragni si è ispirata al ritratto di una sfollata della provincia di Herat, della fotografa romana Laura Salvinelli. La giovane vive in un campo nel mezzo di un deserto di sabbia e pietra senza nessuna assistenza da parte del governo afghano...
ragazza sembra una piccola regina che forse venderebbe il suo regno per una scuola. Ricordo bene cos’è stata la scuola, la maestra con il grembiule chiazzato di gesso che mi ha aiutato a capire chi avrei voluto essere. Nel campo dove la ragazza vive, sfollata in mezzo un deserto
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Taliban's Balkh province governor Muhammad Dawood Muzamil has been assassinated in his office this morning in a suicide bombing.

#Afghanistan ImageImage
Taliban's spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid:

"With great sadness we received the news that Balkh Governor Alhaji Mullah Mohammad Daud Muzamal was martyred in an explosion by the enemies of Islam.
An investigation into the incident is underway." Image
Footage from inside Taliban's Balkh governor's office where he was assassinated in a suicide bombing. #Afghanistan
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#Afghanistan: 2nd explosion of the day. This time in Mazār-e-Sharīf city, Balkh province.
The blast occurred near the Ṭālibān's governor's office for Balkh province. #Afghanistan #Balkh
5 people have been injured in a blast that occurred within the premises of the office of Ṭālibān's governor for Balkh province in Mazār-e-Sharīf city.
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#Afghanistan: Explosion reported in PD-05, in the west of Kabul city.
The blast occurred in Khushaal Khan area, in PD-05, west of Kabul city.
The explosion occurred at Char Rahi Qambar and it was an IED/MIED attack.
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#Afghanistan: Islamic State Wilāyah Khorāsān claims to have attacked a bus that was carrying an Afghān Ṭālibān official with machine guns in Herāt city. The said official was killed, along with 2 of his companions, and 4 others suffered injuries.
The last attack (a suicide attack to be more precise) by the Islamic State - Khorāsān Province (ISKP) in Afghānistān was almost 2 months ago.
#UPDATE: This week's an-Nabaʾ magazine provides some details about the attack:

A source told an-Nabaʾ that the attack was carried out by an Inghimāsī of the ISKP. The source revealed to an-Nabaʾ that the ISKP assailant appeared in a broad daylight...
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Happening now: US Senate's Annual Worldwide Threats with:

@ODNIgov Dir Avril Haines
@CIA Dir William Burns
@DefenseIntel Dir LtGen Scott Berrier
@CYBERCOM_DIRNSA Gen Paul Nakasone
@FBI Dir Christopher Wray…
"We are increasingly seeing rising competition in the technology space with authoritarian regimes that are challenging democratic norms at home & around the world," per Senate Intel Committee chair @MarkWarner
#China's communist party "is now a near-peer competitor with the United States in its economy, technology & military capabilities" per @MarkWarner
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Today, @HouseForeign & @HouseForeignGOP's "During and After the Fall of Kabul" hearing will focus on our withdrawal from #Afghanistan.

Veterans know that we have a long way to go to ensure the U.S. keeps our promise & protects our #Afghan allies.

Follow along with us here ⤵️🧵
Background: After 20 years in #Afghanistan, the U.S. ended our military presence in August 2021. The Taliban quickly took over the country & rapidly eroded gains made by the Western-backed #Afghan government in the past twenty years. 82,000 #Afghans were evacuated into the U.S.
Today, we’ll hear from veterans @PeterLucier from @teamamrelief, @FQhoang from @AlliedAirlift21, Aidan Gunderson, Sgt Tyler Vargas-Andrews, and @RooftopLeader from @TForcePineapple, as well as immigration expert @cmackler from @immigrantarc.
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In occasione dell'#8Marzo, la Giornata internazionale dei diritti delle donne, ecco un breve thread con alcuni contenuti di Pallonate in Faccia sulle donne nel calcio e i loro diritti.

👇 Image
Un viaggio all'origine del calcio femminile, a partire dal movimento suffragista britannico fino alle operaie durante la Grande Guerra.

Un altro contenuto storico dal podcast: l'esperimento della prima squadra femminile di calcio in Italia, che lottò contro l'idea della donna in epoca fascista.

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On #IWD2023, I share 3 Fact Sheets on #GenderApartheid I wrote w @UMichLaw student Amulya Vadapalli based on

1)What is Gender Apartheid (GA)?
2)Added Value of Apartheid Approach
3) GA in #Afghanistan

Stand w #Afghan Women
1/11 Image
"#GenderApartheid is the systematic segregation of the sexes imposed through law & policy as a governing ideology. In this construct, segregation may be accompanied by the total exclusion of women as in Taliban #Afghanistan, the
paradigmatic example of gender apartheid"
"The apartheid framework highlights the duty of the international community and of other states to take concerted, effective action to terminate the


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1⃣La #Cina avvisa gli Stati Uniti che il loro approccio condurrà ad un “conflitto inevitabile“.
2⃣Lo speaker della Camera #USA, Kevin #McCarthy, non rinuncia ad incontrare la presidente di #Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen. Appuntamento in California.
3⃣Ipotesi: Pechino rifornisce Mosca
di armi letali nella guerra in #Ucraina.
4⃣Rischio: Vladimir #Putin punta a ricreare il nucleo delle “terre storiche” russe ben oltre il #Donbas.
5⃣Fatti: massiccio aumento della spesa militare cinese per il 2023.

Cinque punti annotati sul taccuino nel giro di pochi giorni.
Come interpretarli?

🅰️ La Storia divora oggi pagine che un tempo avrebbe consumato nel giro di molti anni.
🅱️ La netta percezione di trovarsi alle porte di un cambio di fase nella competizione – eufemismo – tra potenze.

Flashback. Primavera 2018. Clint Hinote, tenente
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#Russia #cyber ops in the war on #Ukraine - "We continue full spectrum operations w/a series of partners to include Ukraine to provide them assistance as they battle the Russians" @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA Gen Paul Nakasone tells lawmakers
#Russia "a very capable [#cyber] adversary" per @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA "We continue to work very tightly w/our other partners within the US gvt -CISA, @FBI- to ensure our US critical infrastructure is protected, and @NATO in general"

“If the conflict continues to not go well for #Russia, there is some chance that Russia will be increasingly brazen in its cyberattacks” an NSA spox told @VOANews “...will increasingly look outside of Ukraine's territorial borders"…
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#Afghanistan | 🧵

1/ On the evening of Feb 8, at least several hundred people gathered at #Kabul International Airport after rumours circulated of flights to Turkey being arranged for Afghans to support the earthquake relief effort, with all visa requirements being waived. Image
2/ On Feb 19, the Taliban’s GDI released a video showing the ‘confession’ of two #Afghan satirists, Imran Ahmadzai and Sadullah Didan, who were accused of spreading the rumours of the flights to #Turkey, as well as anti-regime propaganda. Image
3/ AW found three posts by Ahmadzai on Feb 8, when the rush to the airport was underway, and he pretended to be among the crowds. All the posts generated a reasonable level of engagement but not at a level likely to have been a major catalyst to the rumours of flights to #Turkey.
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Hot off the press: The Second Edition of our #Afghanistan Monitor! We keep an eye on what’s happening in Pakistan’s neighboring country. /1
The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan has worsened drastically. Especially in the harsh winter, shortcomings in social protection, food insecurity, and economic instability are bringing Afghanistan in a difficult position. /2
The international community has reacted with harsh criticism to the ban of women from universities and local and international organizations. The latter prompted some INGOs to suspend their humanitarian work. /3
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