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Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Northern Virginia is a chapter of a national network of groups and individuals organizing white people for racial justice.
9 Feb 19
Whitney Parnell: It’s been incredibly frustrating that this conversation about blackface has been turned into a discussion about how the Democratic Party can save face. We didn’t even have a moment to feel.
Parnell: I felt like I wanted to go to Richmond but I knew I needed to get to work here. Sunday night, I called my sisters here to talk about what this means here in northern Virginia.
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19 Jul 18
We’re at the SRO (school resource officer) review committee meeting. The committee meeting Monday was cancelled. Superintendent & FCPD Chief Roessler rejected the proposal to edit line by line & are presenting a new draft of the Memorandum of Understanding they edited themselves.
@nakasec already told us almost all of their comments/edits were rejected in this draft. Other committee members are frustrated that they’ve participated in this show but weren’t really listened to in the process. It’s a sham they call this community engagement. #NoCopsInSchools
Shirley Ginwright thanks committee members for their 52 pages of comments and edits. Says this meeting will be a walkthrough of the entire draft and then they will hear comments at the end of the meeting. #NoCopsInSchools
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