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I can’t say often or enough how fucking racist & wrong local @WiStateJournal political cartoonist @PhilHands is. It’s appalling how he presents the most backwards, harmful takes on critical issues in this city. I’m sure he takes critiques as signs he’s being “edgy” though. 🙄
From the cartoon on the #NoCopsAtPride protests, to the one representing members of Freedom Inc., to the most recent one comparing black queer woman school board member to Trump based on a deliberate misreading of a Facebook post she wrote, there are two consistent themes:
1. The misrepresentation of radical queer and black activists as bullies with equal ability to do harm as those in power.
2. A strong hatred for anyone critiquing or protesting the role of cops and the prison industrial complex in Madison.
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Hey @futuristfarmgrl, local feminist to local feminist, can we talk about this article?…
For me, your dismissal of #fatphobia as less important/impactful here than #racism was an unnecessary, unhelpful rhetorical move promoting a hierarchy of oppression that’s the opposite of @Sonyareneepoet’s amazing work.
You talk about @hulu’s Shrill (which I’ve watched & enjoyed) but fat acceptance & the radical self love Taylor promotes seems to be missing from your piece. I appreciate the attempt to connect the show & The Body Is Not An Apology to local issues, but I think you missed the mark.
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#DisabilityJustice Twitter please uplift this story. A white male principal push & tore the braids out of an 11 year old black disabled girl’s head after she told him to not touch her as he was removing her from class for spraying perfume. Dane Co. DA is not pressing charges.
Here is the parent reaction. During the investigation the DA tried to get Child Protective Service records suggesting the mother abused her child.…
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#MadisonWI: Contact Ismael Ozanne, Dane County DA, about Robert Mueller-Owens, the principal who should be charged for inflicting physical harm & emotional trauma on an 11-year-old black girl at Whitehorse School.
Phone: (608) 266 4211
The police have concluded their investigation (including video of part of the attack) & its up to the DA to press charges now. Mueller-Owens is currently on paid leave. Stories linked below. This has made some national outlets please keep sharing & circulating! #BlackLivesMatter
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If they don’t press charges on this man for ripping braids out of an 11 year old girl’s head for spraying perfume I swear... #MadisonWI #ProtectOurKids…
Also, hey that’s me in the pink dress on the left in the image. Even those of us without kids need to be showing up for #NoCopsInSchools.
hey @DaneDAOzanne, we demand you press charges. We demand you protect our children.
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So angry. @MMSDschools continues to fail black, brown & disabled youth. Despite multiple recent incidents of racial violence against kids as young as 11, they just approved “random” metal detector screenings. Guess who is most likely to be targeted? 🤔…
Black kids. Brown kids. Disabled kids. Poor kids. Kids already being harassed by cops in schools will be furthered targeted based on appearance alone. We demand #NoCopsInSchools! We will fight to #ProtectOurKids in @CityofMadison.
There is a meeting tonight to build our local capacity to respond to these incidents & make long term plans to protect marginalized youth at the Boys & Girl’s Club of Madison (Taft St) at 6pm.
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We’re at the SRO (school resource officer) review committee meeting. The committee meeting Monday was cancelled. Superintendent & FCPD Chief Roessler rejected the proposal to edit line by line & are presenting a new draft of the Memorandum of Understanding they edited themselves.
@nakasec already told us almost all of their comments/edits were rejected in this draft. Other committee members are frustrated that they’ve participated in this show but weren’t really listened to in the process. It’s a sham they call this community engagement. #NoCopsInSchools
Shirley Ginwright thanks committee members for their 52 pages of comments and edits. Says this meeting will be a walkthrough of the entire draft and then they will hear comments at the end of the meeting. #NoCopsInSchools
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