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Life ❤ is the most precious thing...but can be all too short...and must be lived to the fullest...inspired by the hope of each new day! #FBSI #FBPE #RejoinEU
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May 27 21 tweets 20 min read
@chalemedia @acgrayling Ukrainians are focused solely on survival. @chalemedia @acgrayling I share your concerns and thought you might be interested to see this article, published well before war in Ukraine.

War has focused attention on what they need to survive and understandably so.
May 16 5 tweets 2 min read
The article, now deleted, in this thread before the link to the,, article 👇……
May 16 14 tweets 3 min read
"As the virus accelerates it evolution, the humans capitulate. For two and a half years, the virus has been outrunning our response, getting progressively more and more transmissible, reaching a level of infectiousness that few pathogens have ever attained." "Instead of taking a stance of getting ahead of the virus, and out-smarting it, people have succumbed."

Some may think humans are an infinite resource, i.e. plenty more where they come from.

However, it takes many years/cost for each new life to reach maturity/productivity.
May 14 8 tweets 2 min read
May 14 10 tweets 2 min read
"Britain is doing the right things by Ukraine, but we should never forget that it is not our people who are fighting and dying." "In the eyes of Conservatives, there is still a pragmatic case for retaining Johnson. Yet if the future of Britain and public faith in our politicians are to count for anything, the alternative principled case for removing him must be recognised as imperative."
Apr 6 215 tweets 41 min read
"Britain is a nation that’s changed night and day since 2016. It was a quiet, prosperous nation that became a haven for Right-wing populists, a breeding ground for racism, and a hub for misinformation. None of which is a coincidence." "It’s the byproduct of nationalism, racism, and demagoguery. And if it sounds similar to post-2016 America, that’s because it is. Both countries began their ascent down the black hole of authoritarianism at the same time for a reason."
Mar 22 4 tweets 2 min read
@MarinaHyde Mebbe, there are those that invested so much personally in the fantastical notion of 'Taking Back Control' that on delivery of Brexit and the realisation that they have even less control and have literally, physically and mentally LOST IT! 🤪… Above article 👆
Mar 20 14 tweets 10 min read
@PeterStefanovi2 @cachatburn1 UNLESS UK Government FACE FACTS and acknowledge the REALITY of the damage done to UK Economy by #Tories' pet projects: Austerity and Brexit to name but two, UK Government don't have a cat in hell's chance of addressing the FALLOUT and ensuing INFLATION and POVERTY. @PeterStefanovi2 @cachatburn1 If only UK population could overlook yet another 'photo-op' from an inconsequential apology for a man, and perceive instead an individual that places no higher regard for anyone or anything else but, his own survival & self-entitlement!

The world laughs!…
Mar 20 5 tweets 2 min read
"Asked if he agreed that the people of the UK, like those in Ukraine, would “choose freedom, every time”, Sunak replied: “I do think people in this country prize their freedom. Of course they do." " "And there’s lots of different ways they express that, whether it’s through elections, through referendums, and other democratic means.”"
Mar 18 11 tweets 3 min read
"SUSPENDING work on an independence referendum because of the invasion of Ukraine would be like handing Putin “an effective veto over democracy in Scotland”, an SNP MSP said." "It comes as a poll by Savanta ComRes found that 59% of respondents felt talks on the timing of a second referendum should stop during the war, compared to 29% who believed they should continue."

And what did other pollsters find?
Feb 19 262 tweets 44 min read
@chrisriddell50 My first thought when I saw this today was whether your colleague @MartinRowson might regard these events as, 'a storm in a fur cup'!

...evidently, there are agendas but, some are too quick to impose their interpretation on events - they hear but don't LISTEN! Image "In the last few weeks, the benefits to Russia from its sabre-rattling must have far exceeded the Kremlin’s expectations. It has produced a traffic jam of presidents, prime minister and ministers making their way to Moscow."
Feb 16 48 tweets 10 min read
"YOU can practically smell the panic from die-hard opponents of Scottish independence as they realise that Theresa May's "precious Union" is about to crumble to dust, ..." "...thanks largely to the arrogance and contempt of those self-same Anglo-British nationalists who claim to love Scotland and this so-called Union."
Feb 13 40 tweets 10 min read
"The growth of UK betting sector since then has created billionaires, such as Bet365’s Denise Coates and Betfred’s Done brothers. At the other end of the scale, what starts out as a harmless flutter has driven countless customers into financial ruin, family breakups, and worse." "The betting industry promotes its wares predominantly through advertising on TV, social media or via wall-to-wall sponsorship of football clubs."

Propaganda uses the same media and targets people in a similar manner!
Feb 12 4 tweets 1 min read
"Climate change is terrifying, so why don’t we do more to stop it? Read any headline on the climate crisis, and it seems unbelievable that we’re not all chaining ourselves to the headquarters of oil and gas companies, or at least hammering on MPs’ office doors. But we’re not." "Even if this were “just” about future generations, they matter too. Because they are our children and grandchildren, and because they are people. Take the least controversial moral rule you’re likely to find: don’t seriously harm other people."
Feb 11 14 tweets 3 min read
"Omicron is not the same disease as Delta and Alpha. While it is unbelievably infectious – just look at how many of your family and friends will have had it recently – it is not as dangerous now. That is not to say it can be trivialised, however." "If you have not been vaccinated, you will still be at risk; severe Covid pneumonia in healthy people remains primarily a disease of the unvaccinated."
Jan 25 32 tweets 32 min read
@Haggis_UK As always...#LiarJohnson muddies water with obfuscation and evasion...aimed to confuse/brainwash members of the public including MPs of ALL parties - political, if any clarification is needed!

#OfficeGSBrown "this a moral issue" is root of the crisis at heart of UK Government! @Haggis_UK With all due respect, does @CrispinBlunt seek to trivialise and deflect attention from the central rot at heart of UK Government under direction of #LiarJohnson?
Jan 25 11 tweets 2 min read
"Boris Johnson suffered another major blow to his authority on Monday after a Treasury minister staged a dramatic public resignation over the government’s decision to write off £4.3bn in fraudulent Covid loans." "Theodore Agnew, a Treasury and Cabinet Office minister, called the oversight of the scheme “nothing less than woeful” and accused officials of “schoolboy errors” on multiple fronts."
Jan 24 15 tweets 4 min read
"Officials working in No 10 claim they have held back information from Sue Gray’s investigation into the partygate scandal due to a “culture of fear” surrounding the probe." "Three sources told The Independent they have not divulged messages and pictures on their phones after a senior member of staff told them to remove anything that could fuel speculation in the wake of the first party revelations."
Jan 23 38 tweets 9 min read
"There is no obvious way out for the prime minister. It was not a one-off, it was not an ambiguous situation, it definitely happened. That hasn’t stopped him trying all of those excuses, it has just meant each time one fell down marked another full news cycle of the scandal." "Johnson’s personal ratings are in the toilet, his party now lags hugely behind in the polls, and just like phone hacking the scandal stretches beyond just government. The Sun faces questions having had its deputy editor, James Slack, as the central figure of one of the parties."
Jan 23 7 tweets 2 min read
"Britain’s welfare system is “unfit for purpose” and in urgent need of reform, experts warned on Sunday amid fears that millions more families will struggle to make ends meet amid the dual pressures of the pandemic and the spiralling cost-of-living crisis." "The soaring price of food and rent, along with energy bills – which are expected to more than double in April when the price cap is lifted, bringing the number of households under “fuel stress” to at least 6 million –"
Jan 23 15 tweets 4 min read
"The longer this corrupt and hypocritical government limps on, the greater the risk it does long-term damage to public trust in the institutions of democracy." "How can citizens trust a government to act in their interest while it wheels out ludicrous announcements that serve no purpose other than attempting to bolster a prime minister mired in crisis after crisis?"