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Old Labour Oxford Economist Martin #Summers talks about what he believes was a secret and highly illegal nuclear arms deal involving a young and ambitious David #Cameron as well as Doctor David #Kelly. Done behind the back of Nelson #Mandela and the ANC,
designed to raise £17.8m #Tory funding for the 1992 General Election Campaign
-- Origins of Mystery Donation of £17.8 millions: If we can recall HANSARD 22nd June 1993 we can find the following:
Mr. #Hoyle: If the hon. Gentleman will allow me, I shall tell him what information is now given to us. We understand the expenditure and what #Tory central office receives. In 1992, central office received £20.7 million. When we asked about that and about company donations,
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Trickett tables Early Day Motion against Tories' disastrous NHS White Paper - tell your MP to sign… via @skwawkbox
Back bench MP continues to show party leader what opposition looks like
Labour MP Jon #Trickett has again shown Labour ‘leader’ Keir #Starmer what opposition looks like. While front-benchers have said little about – or even welcomed – the Tories’ plans
to complete the privatisation of the #NHS, the #Yorkshire back-bencher has tabled an Early Day Motion highlighting the damage the ‘#NHS White Paper’ will do and demanding a u-turn.
The motion reads:
That this House expresses dismay at the Govt’s White Paper,
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Almost all local authorities in the #UK outsource #postal vote counting to a company with links to the #Tories, gas, oil, and (possibly) Russia.
The electoral commission and local authorities don’t really know how the counting software works and whether the process is fair
or transparent. Postal vote turnout appears high in some Tory/Labour marginals in England and dozens of seats were won with less than a few thousand votes.
Who built #IDOX systems, maybe they’ll give us some reassurance? #McLaren software is the likely candidate as they are a software company owned by #IDOX. McLaren list one of their major partners on their website as ‘CROC’, a huge #Russian IT company
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"Curtice said: “The thing that clearly comes out of this forecast is we are talking about a situation where roughly half of Scotland has voted for a pro-independence party and roughly half has voted for a pro-Unionist party, ..."
" this election has very clearly underlined the sharp division, even division, between Unionism and support for independence in Scotland.”
"He said that, unless the polls shift, this means that a second independence referendum would be a huge gamble for either side and that no-one can know how Scotland would vote."
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@glasgowcathcart @stevelonie @Dorokusai_tweet @indywolf72 I agree with you!

There are far too many current references in that bigoted attempt to distort the truth - Scotland, like all other nations but for the existence of tin-pot dictators worldwide and in Westminster, has the right of self-determination.
@glasgowcathcart @stevelonie @Dorokusai_tweet @indywolf72 Furthermore, the author deliberately incorrectly apportions the blame for the political game playing by the #Tories onto @SNP.

@NicolaSturgeon acknowledges there are things that could have been done differently and maybe better and commits to doing better if given the chance.
@glasgowcathcart @stevelonie @Dorokusai_tweet @indywolf72 @snp @NicolaSturgeon Opposition parties in Holyrood are wholly responsible for limiting the achievements of @scotgov with their partisan politicking and need to promote themselves continually because they want to be @ScotGovFM and @scotgov !!
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@Jacqui_C_ @Channel4News Heavy #Tory bias in media prevents people from forming their own opinions on events 'reported' and I use the term 'reported' very loosely given the extent of 'brainwashing' from some media owners that act to serve their own interests.

Truth is distorted for personal gain. 🤑
@Jacqui_C_ @Channel4News @Keir_Starmer faces an uphill battle to address media bias that prevents his message from even being heard by voters.

COVID pandemic restrictions have limited opportunities for face-to-face campaigning that could circumvent media bias although the wall of bias is constant.
@Jacqui_C_ @Channel4News @Keir_Starmer “People don’t really know what we stand for, so we’re having to fall back on the time-honoured tradition of anti-Tory sentiment,” complained another MP.

This plays into hands of corrupt and biased media since this comes across as criticism of #LiarJohnson and therefore negative.
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@STVNews "He also argued that Scotland was a “stronger nation” because it was part of the United Kingdom."

I do wish they, being the corrupt cabal misrepresenting UK Government, would make up their minds!!
@STVNews The financial status of Scotland is frequently misrepresented in GERS but only serves to illustrate the case for #ScottishIndependence 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿.

Scotland would evidently be much better off OUT of the failed union that was once the UK!
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Latest projection

in 7 out of 8 regions

#theSNP 2nd votes get 0 seats.

But lots of unionists sneaking in as a result of wasted SNP votes.

@AlbaParty for a #Supermajority

Prevent unionists benefiting from wasted votes
and dictating debate in Parliament.

1 #SNP

SNP 1&2


Richard Leonard
Monica Lennon
Mark Griffin
Monique McAdams

Stephen Kerr
Graham Simpson
Meghan Gallagher


1 #SNP

@AlbaParty can replace unionists with

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh
Lynne Anderson
Dr Jim Walker
Margaret Lynch



Pauline McNeill
Anas Sarwar
Paul Sweeney
Pam Duncan-Clancy

Annie Wells
Sandesh Gulhane

Patrick Harvie


1 #SNP

@AlbaParty can replace unionists with

Michelle Fearns
Ailsa Gray
Shahid Farooq
Lynn McMahon
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"All in it together" - Yeah right!…
Remember the Free School Meal fiasco?!?

Many accuse #Tories of being out of touch with reality and people's everyday lives BUT the reality is that #LiarJohnson and his cabal in UK Government are from another planet!!…
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"Perhaps stealing public money to pay political party supporters, promising to boost national affluence and the economy but blocking exports and impoverishing the poor, or breaking international law, might bring on resignation."

Look no further than UK Government for evidence!⚖️
"But confusion over the date a leader heard about allegations of their predecessor being accused of inappropriate sexual harassment? How can that lead to resignation? How can that equate to breaching a Ministerial Code?"
"The call for her resignation was simply devised and leaked by the political opponents taking part in the Holyrood Harassment inquiry’s committee. They feel it might give them a little more chance to win more seats in the May election."

Rather suggests they have no credibility!
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Jeremy Corbyn
What we need is real security - my statement on today's announcement 👇
Real security will be provided by working co-operatively internationally to tackle the major challenges of our time - from climate catastrophe to global poverty, to the international refugee
crisis to health pandemics.
In contrast to this, today’s defence and security review shows Boris Johnson’s #Tories are intent on an increasingly #militaristic and #belligerent agenda.
Lifting the cap on the number of #Trident nuclear warheads the UK can stockpile
by more than 40% to 260 is totally wrong.
It is in conflict with our legal obligations under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and is at odds with the new #UN Treaty to ban all nuclear weapons globally. It also runs counter to the example set by President Biden
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“Taking Back Control!”
So what was that all about?
A few tycoons and Old Etonians getting more control over the rest of us?
Hedge funders escaping higher EU taxes?
Foreign corporations given the freedom to asset-strip the UK?

Let’s take a look.

04 MAR 2019
Now the UK is flying solo, its companies have low valuations, becoming rich pickings for foreign owned vulture funds.
“For the average firm, Brexit is associated with a value loss of 16.4 per cent against a hypothetical no-Brexit scenario.”…
08 OCT 2019
UK companies are weighed down by additional red-tape which makes it difficult to compete unless they move to an EU base.…

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Crisi #PD e dimissioni di #zingaretti. Parliamo di #Bonaccini, l'uomo che piace ai poteri forti, che gode di ottima stampa, che cinguetta con Salvini e Zaia, che ha sempre polemizzato con #Conte. Durante la pandemia, dove l' #EmiliaRomagna e' stata seconda solo alla Lombardia 1n
per numero di morti e gestione "approssimativa" dell'emergenza, #bonaccini si e' distinto per voler tenere aperte le discoteche e aprire stadi e palazzi dello sport (i casi erano bassi, chi ci crede alla seconda ondata?); ultimamente, avendo imparato poco dagli sbagli 2n
ha chiesto che si aprissero i ristoranti (i casi erano in calo, chi ci crede alla terza ondata?). Non proprio l'esempio di un fact-based approach alla crisi, quanto piuttosto facendo il verso ai vari populisti, da #renzi a #salvini, che volevano aprire tutto 3n
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#Tory election & #postal vote fraud continues !!!!!!

A letter from @michaelgove was delivered to many of his constituents today. It encourages them to fill out a Postal Vote registration form - and to return that form to the local #Tory office ?????????:
instead of the official #Council Election officer.
It also give an unidentified gmail address (presumably managed by Surrey Heath #Tories) if you want to request Postal Voting forms - rather than the official council email address. @michaelgove did you authorise this letter?
Do you have any comment, #Surrey Heath #Conservatives? Since it's your constituency address on the Freepost evelope send to constituents?
Replying to
I had the same request in #Haslemere from Jeremy Hunt’s office
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Greens move into third in the polls as Labour left move out It comes amid signs that Sir Keir #Starmer is looking to park his tank on the #Tories' lawn.

Jack Peat by Jack Peat February 8, 2021in Politics
The Green Party has moved ahead of the Liberal Democrats into third place in the polls amid signs that the #Labour left could be deserting the party.

New Ipsos MORI research for the Evening Standard shows the party lead by Jonathan Bartley and Siân Berry has picked up
three percentage points from Sir Keir #Starmer’s Labour, which has been accused of parroting the #Tories of late in a bid to win back Red Wall seats.

This weekend a leaked email from Claire Ainsley, #Starmer’s director of policy,
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Lynn Gunnigle
And the boarders are still open and unchecked TODAY the #Tories are literally killing us. Whist you all turned a blind eye for the past decade as this #government culled our sick ,disabled and vulnerable in plain sight, you knew ,we all knew ,
we walked past them on the streets and left them to FREEZE TO DEATH in good old Blighty.
These people did not just die they suffered long distressing painful deaths of starvation and hypothermia
and for those with foresight suicide.
A guesstimated 440,000 DEAD BRITISH SUBJECTS culled by their own government( 2010 /2020 ) YOU the public DID NOTHING .
The Killer Cons have simply ramped up the cull under the cover of #covid and once again and even after 100,000 DEATHS.
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Angela Pezzack
The #Tories said"they wanted to take back control" most knew they never had any intention of using that for our benefit. We now have a Tory government with a big majority but, much worse than that, they have managed to ensure the rest of Parliament can't stop them!
Update from the Good law Project: Full email below.
"Section 31 of the Act gives a Minister power to “make such provision as [he] considers appropriate to implement… or otherwise for the purposes of dealing with matters arising out of, or related to,
the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.” These are incredibly broad powers – given to a Minister not Parliament – to reshape every aspect of national life the EU previously touched on and it is all but certain that Government will misuse these powers"
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#Attention #UK #British #Public !!!
Andrew Bryant
Nearly 5 years ago, Jeremy #Corbyn pushed open the doors into the spacious and airy Offices of the Leader of the Opposition, overlooking the River Thames on Victoria Embankment. He already had some suspicions at this point,
but he could never have fully comprehended what was being plotted against him less than half a mile away at Labour's headquarters on Victoria Street.
Today is the deadline for submissions to the internal Labour inquiry, chaired by Martin Forde QC,
which is examining the past behaviour of former senior party staff. I've just written to the inquiry and these were my experiences.
As one of the first staff appointments in the office of the former Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, I worked on the same corridor as #Corbyn's
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The position today ..
Not enough #Vaccines ordered to give everyone in the #UK the 1st dose ...& #Aged people who have had the 1st dose will not get a 2nd dose within the correct timeframe ..
if ever ?
Even worse ?
After have the 1st jab ...& No 2nd jab ?
This virus can mutate meantime into a completely new virus which no present #vaccine can recognise ...

Do You #TRUST the #Tories ?
#Lab rats ? #Cull the #Aged ? #Eugenics at work ?
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Revealed: The links between #Tory MPs and the people profiting from #NHS privatisation
Rich privateers with their eyes on our National Health Service donate to #Conservative MPs.

The Register of Members’ Financial Interests 2019-21
The Register reveals that many #Tory MPs have direct investments in firms profiting from private healthcare. Others have received donations The consequences are clear The govt used its massive majority in Parliament to vote against protecting the #NHS in international trade deals
. Former Tory PM, John Major, who introduced private finance initiatives, said that under Boris #Johnson and Michael #Gove: “The NHS is about as safe … as a pet hamster would be with a hungry python.”
What is the N.H.S?
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Jon Danzig
→ British exceptionalism is a destructive illusion
Is there really something so exceptional and special about Britain that makes the requirements of our country so different to all the other countries of Europe?
British newspapers have today referred to the
gap between the UK and the EU, mostly relating to the issue of sovereignty. But really, this is not about a gap between us and them. That’s an illusion.
If sovereignty is the real issue, why doesn’t Germany, France or Belgium bellyache about their sovereignty?
Are those countries so different to ours that something that seems so important to us is not important to them?
No. The issue isn’t really about our sovereignty. It’s about the power of the people who now govern the United Kingdom.
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The London Economic
Home Politics
How the Tories normalised corruption – report

In the past, corruption brought down politicians. But today, it’s a business model.
T.J. Coles by T.J. Coles

Corruption used to be scandalous. Then it became par for the course:
the #Expenses Scandal (2009), LIBOR (2012), the #Panama Papers (2016), FinCEN (2020) etcetera.

But this time, it’s different. We’re in a #pandemic and lives are at stake. Instead of awarding contracts to experienced and reliable public companies,
the #Tory #government is looting the #Treasury and awarding its donors. It is doing so with almost no accountability or oversight. Tory-linked corporations

In 2009, #Labour established a #PPE stockpiling system, but the #Tories left it to rot.
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Lynn Heatley
£Billions that should have gone to L.A's - public health teams / local surgeries which were already set up with the information - logistics - to run track and trace!
This would have been - Easily much more efficient and SUCCESSFUL -
as opposed to the 'Pigs-Ears of a Mess' that Private Companies #SERCO have made of TT&T to date!
Then the rest could be given to public services that have been Deliberately Starved of funds and bled DRY! Stage!
It could also towards awarding pay rises for carers a #NHS staff and teachers, to name but a few. No these CONselfserving CAPITALISTS would rather pump FUNDS from the PUBLIC PURSE into their Cronies and (as Part-Owners or Share-Holders or 'Advisors / Pimps?')
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Loking at recent events in UK and US leads me to conclude
"who will you vote for" is,

at least for the all important swing voter

no longer a predictor of
who they will vote for

Anyone struggling with counter intuitive outcomes see #Brexit is reducing UK sovereignty.

Expect very soon to see 1000s of "The Polls Got It Wrong" threads.

This is NOT one of those threads. It's more "NRA" than that.

Polls don't get it wrong, politicians who use polls get it wrong.
For those open to counterintuition, this is a trend.

In 2007 Black Swan author, Nassim Taleb argued the death of models because we humans are (simplified) bad at spotting unlikely things.

The turgid book should have failed, but in landing with 2008's crash proved its point
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