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25 Mar
#EUCO but it’s Star Wars

From a summit far, far away...
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25 Mar
🌱 EU court dismisses an appeal that sought to annul the current 2030 emissions target, on the grounds that it was not ambitious enough. Families from the EU, Kenya and Fiji said that the efforts would not be enough to protect them from the impacts of climate change
But the court dismissed the appeal, saying there was no grounds to uphold it. Essentially, the general application nature of an EU target rules out the legal grounds needed to say there is a breach of fundamental rights
A rare loss for these types of cases. Remember the landmark Dutch case that ended up forcing the government to ratchet up its climate policies? It even led to a reduced speed limit on motorways
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16 Feb
💉 BREAKING - EU medicines agency is assessing the J&J single-dose COVID vax, after pharma firm applied for approval. Decision due mid-March under "accelerated timetable"
Commission has 200m doses on order, with option for 200m more. Latest data from US trials shows 72% efficacy vs moderate/severe infection, 85% vs hospitalisation/death
Could be a real game-changer this one. Touted as a covid-manager rather than covid-tamer. Lower efficacy but easier to get people jabbed due to the single-dose

Something to be happy about
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11 Jan
EU border force @Frontex have new uniforms. I decided they need a theme tune too. Voila, #Thundertex
H/t @BeaRios_
This is your fault
That wasn't good enough for @bearios_ aPpArEnTlY

Here's: Frontex Academy 7: Mediterranean Mission, instead
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11 Jan
🇮🇪 News for language nerds (the best kind of people)

Big case this week at European Court of Justice. 🧵:
The court will on Thursday hear its first case ever filed in the Irish language. It’s to do with labelling of veterinary medicines, but could signal a bigger shift in proceedings than that suggests /.
Cases can be filed in any of the EU’s 24 official languages. Irish has had that status since Ireland joined in 1973, but no plaintiffs have availed themselves of that option. Until now.../
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10 Dec 20
#EUCO but it’s Harry Potter

Feat. the entire EU wizarding world
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9 Dec 20
Absolute slap in the face to @Eurostar as Boris Johnson heads to Brussels by plane
*and the climate, obvz

Reminder that Eurostar is in trouble. Massively scaled back services because of travel restrictions and pure lack of demand. It's on the ropes. Doubt Boris cares
'Oh the 8 o'clock train was too early for him, wah'
Get stuffed
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9 Dec 20
🌱 Latest raft of #EUCO conclusions include the 55% emissions target. LOADS of language on member states being at different starting points, having the exclusive right to decide on energy mixes and preserving competitiveness
If there's a budget compromise, there will be a climate deal. (neck on block time). There was just about enough for a deal in October and enough massaging has been done now for it to get over the line if the MFF/RoL are sorted
ETS expansion, carbon border tax and a green finance bond standard also get a look-in. These are in-depth conclusions, not just a "the Council agrees to 55%."
Evidence tat it's going/gone mainstream (imho)
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9 Dec 20
#EUCO preparation list:

- Look up 'fudge' in the Hungarian and Polish dictionaries;
- Decide whether this is a red wine or hard spirits occasion;
- Download plenty of pictures of leaders for no particular reason, mind your own business 👀
*it's 'koholmány' and 'banialuki' apparently
You're a multilingual lot.
1) are those two translations good?
2) any decent words for 'crap compromise' that also has a culinary double-meaning in your languages?
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8 Dec 20
🚂 Big night-train news. New services linking Vienna, Zurich, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Barcelona and more due to start launching in late 2021. More details on @EURACTIV…
FAO of downcast Brits: "The UK will be linked to the network at Brussels and Paris by the cross-Channel Eurostar - should it survive a period of immense uncertainty triggered by the pandemic and Brexit - as trains need to be specially designed to run through the undersea tunnel."
Scandinavians? Worry not. Your gateway will be via Hamburg and Brussels (eventually)…
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1 Oct 20
#EUCO but it’s The Simpsons
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23 Sep 20
So with China aiming for carbon-neutrality by 2060, there’s a number of things to unpack here 1./…
It vindicates EU policy decisions on its own 2050 net-zero pledge. Back in 2018, the Commission was torn between 80%-90% emission cuts and going all in on net-zero…
More progressive officials won that battle, arguing that the likes of China, India would be unlikely to be spurred into action by a policy that closely resembled business as usual
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23 Sep 20
💰 Five Horizon Europe missions for the next decade were handed to the EU Commission. Here's a summary:

🌊 Restore Europe's seas and oceans by 2030. Set up a hydrosphere agency, virtually map bodies of water, ban single-use plastics, green fishing & ferries;
🧪 Beat cancer. Focus on diagnostics, prevention, treatment and patient quality of life. Will closely mirror the Commission's own health plan;
🌡️ Climate resilience. The project will work with 200 communities to help them adapt to climate disruption. Former EU climate chief Connie Hedegaard is in charge;
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21 Sep 20
✈️ MORE on @Airbus hydrogen news:

Ground demonstrator to launch in 2021;
Flight demo in 2025;
Entry-into-service 2035

Storage tank design and integration cited as huge challenge. Hydrogen cryogenics, handling the fuel also a big issue
Hydrogen takes up 4x the space as kerosene. On the turbofan concept, that entire part in the red is reserved for fuel tank Image
Top engineer says hydrogen is perfectly safe for use in aviation. Cites work done to make kerosene - a flammable fuel - as comparison
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21 Sep 20
🚨 Airbus reveals plan to build zero-emission airliners, based on using hydrogen tech. Plans unveiled today show three different options on the table, with 2035 suggested as the entry-into-service:
Option 1: turbofan, 200 passengers, using liquid hydrogen stored in tanks Image
Option 2: propellors, 100 passengers Image
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18 Sep 20
🌱 As climate was very much the flavour of the week, maybe now is a good time to have a look at where the real problems are when it comes to curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Especially since the EU is ratcheting its target up from 40% by 2030 to 55% (probably). Thread./
🚧 Cement. Manufacturing produces 8% of global emissions. EIGHT-PER-CENT. That's only a little less than the EU's total contribution. Heidelberg Cement is aiming to reduce its output to "just" 500kg of CO2 per tonne produced by 2030. These are big numbers, needless to say
🏠 Buildings. 36% of EU emissions come from them. New rules on new builds will ramp up efficiency but old buildings need renovating. That is costly and inconvenient for most people. A real public awareness boost is needed to increase rates to their required level
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17 Sep 20
🌱 Here's the Commission impact assessment on the 2030 climate target update:…
Comm will update everything by June 2021 in order to reach 55% says @TimmermansEU
The plan is to make the same amount of emissions cuts this decade as the total made over the last 25 years
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16 Sep 20
#SOTEU: It often takes a good lunch to digest EU blah blah, so here we go
There was substance, on health especially. Any push by the Commission to wrest away national powers is notable. Von der Leyen was explicit: dealing with future crises will need the EU empowered more
On that same note, mention of 'own resources' revenues was notable in its absence. The Commission is not banging the drum for tax-collecting power yet, while the EP is desperate for it. UVDL mentioned the possible sources (border tax etc) but not that explicit link
Climate, of course, got a target: 55%. More meat on the bones tomorrow on how to achieve that, so best to hold off until there's official confirmation of what the Comm plan is. UVDL says 55% is 1.5 degrees Paris-compliant, while others will tell you it is not
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15 Sep 20
As expected MEPs support plan to push the shipping sector into the EU carbon market for the first time, masterminded by Greens @JuttaPaulusRLP

Background here on the vote…
Shippers will also have to meet strict efficiency improvement targets and not produce emissions when docked by 2030

Now, we wait on what details @vonderleyen will give during tomorrow's #SOTEU. Good intentions have been the limit so far.
Final vote on the text is tomorrow. Of interest will be what the Commission do next. MEPs are calling for an impact assessment by end of 2020 and for the ETS to be up and running by 2022. Preferred timeline is therefore quite clear
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14 Sep 20
💰Nixing free allowances for the EU's polluting industries will be crucial to setting up a carbon border tax, @VDombrovskis says. Mi @europressos reports on how free perks cannot coexist with tariffs on imports…
✈️Very low-hanging fruit can be found in aviation, where airlines still get free permits for their intra-EU flights (international are still excluded). Poland is leading the charge to phase out, reduce or even eliminate those perks…
🚢The Commission will also have to think whether to give maritime any free allowances if the sector is enveloped by the carbon market. MEPs vote tomorrow on this very issue…
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10 Sep 20
MEPs on @EP_Environment also confirmed that the 2050 climate neutrality goal should be country-by-country not a collective average benchmark

Huge difference between those two readings
Important to remember that some MS only signed up to 2050 because the collective element was implied
If Finland achieves net-zero by 2035, that creates wiggle-room for others to overshoot 2050, for example
Poland refused to endorse it even with this implication on the table and is only just now suggesting willingness to come on board
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