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🚨Breaking 🚨

The EU Commission proposes - for the 1st time in its history - to suspend the disbursement of 65% of EU funds due to #Hungary in effort to protect #ruleoflaw (loopholes remain)

Now EU-26 must approve it at QMV (unlike under Art 7 #Poland can’t veto it)
Why does the EU suddenly threaten #Hungary with (partial) suspension of EU funds?

(Spoiler: To save everyone’s face)

1. EU leaders show to the public to remain in control vis-à-vis autocratic #Hungary

2. to then approve #Hungary recovery plan (only remaining unapproved)
Today’s EU Commission proposal to suspend EU funds to #hungary originates in #EUCO back in Dec ‘20 that broke deal re: #NextGenerationEU

That ‘deal with the Devil’ put EU into a bind : gaining the power to formally suspend funds meant to turn a blind eye to major breaches
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BREAKING: #Ukraine has just been given EU candidate status
President #Zelensky’s reaction to #Ukraine being given 🇪🇺 candidate status:
Following the approval of candidacy status, President Zelensky has just dialed in to speak to the 27 EU leaders by video at #EUCO.

He is speaking to them now.
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Agreement. #EUCO has just decided EU candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova.

A historic moment.

Today marks a crucial step on your path towards the EU.

Congratulations @ZelenskyyUa and @sandumaiamd and the people of Ukraine 🇺🇦 and 🇲🇩

Our future is together.
Погоджено! #EUCO щойно ухвалила рішення про надання статусу кандидата до ЄС Україні та Молдові.

Історичний момент!

Сьогодні – віховий крок на вашому шляху до ЄС.

Вітаю @ZelenskyyUa і @sandumaiamd, а також народи України🇺🇦 і Молдови🇲🇩

Наше майбутнє – разом!
Am căzut de acord. Consiliul European tocmai a decis să acorde statut de candidat 🇺🇦 şi 🇲🇩.

Un moment istoric.

Este un pas extrem de important pe drumul vostru către UE.

Felicitări @ZelenskyyUa şi @sandumaiamd, precum şi popoarelor 🇺🇦 şi 🇲🇩

Viitorul nostru este împreună.
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It appears leaders weren't able to convince 🇧🇬#Bulgaria's PM Kiril Petkov (whose government just collapsed) to end his veto on starting 🇲🇰#NorthMacedonia's 🇪🇺 accession talks this morning

The Western Balkan applicants almost boycotted this morning's meeting over lack of progress
The rumour going around is that the Western Balkan leaders are very unhappy with how this morning’s mini-summit went. Several EU leaders didn’t even bother to show up.

The press conference by VDL, Michel & Macron has been cancelled, Weatern Balkan leaders about to hold their own
This would be a pretty bad result considering the main point of this morning’s Western Balkans leaders meeting was to smooth over anger about Ukraine & Moldova being given fast-track candidate status while W Balkans have had every conceivable roadblock thrown in front of them
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A quick run-through on our new @UACES @UKandEU report on "The state of the EU"

On this 6th anniversary of #EURef, @anandMenon1 and I thought it'd be good to reflect on the EU side of things, especially in light of the invasion of Ukraine

Our authors point up the wide-ranging impacts of that war, in addition to the other challenges facing the EU

As you'll see from our contents page, we've covered a huge range of topics, bringing experts from across the Continent to the discussion

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The European Council looks set to breach its treaty obligations. On 9 June @Europarl_EN made a formal proposal to revise Article 48(7) TEU so that the famous ‘passerelle’ clause will in future be triggered by QMV not unanimity. 1/…
Everyone knows that the best way to have more voting and less vetoing in the Council is through use of the passerelle. Indeed, this is openly admitted by the Council in its reaction to the conclusions of the #CoFoE… 2/
What the Council don’t say is that because of the national veto the existing passerelle clause is inoperable.
Under Article 48(3) #EUCO must now decide whether to examine Parliament’s proposal. That decision is taken by simple majority. What the leaders cannot do is nothing. 3/
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🇩🇪 will support EU candidate status for 🇺🇦 in upcoming #EUCO summit but will demand EU structural reforms to make 🇪🇺 ready! So far, so good. But let’s look at what #scholz German gov see as key points of this reform. Longish 🧵/ rant! Take a deep breath……
According to @SZ the first proposal from the chancellor’s office is the abolishment of vetos — particularly in foreign policy. Why is foreign policy mentioned? Because in most areas vetos actually don’t exist anymore. EU takes about 85-90% of legislative decisions by majority…
Most of the remaining areas are „sensitive“. States have decided to not move to majority voting bc they fear vital national interests could be compromised. Key areas beyond foreign policy are indirect taxation and justice & home affairs. Why should states feel differently now?…
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The outcome of the French parliamentary elections is highly consequential for both France’s and Europe’s future. Here’s why 🧵

SPOILER: Macron will eventually have to pick either the left or the right!

#electionslegislatives2022 #France #ElectionsLegislatives
1. Macron’s presidential coalition (Ensemble!) came out on top and remains the largest parliamentary force in parliament, BUT lost its absolute majority
2. This leaves us with unprecedented degree of fragmentation and division in the National Assembly, with both the left wing coalition and the far right largely over-performing and squeezing the centre.

Parliamentary power is back! #Elections2022
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‼️ The EU Commission paves the way for #Ukraine to gain (conditional) candidate status in record time‼️

Yet that recognition of candidate status may be more symbolic than structural: it may never lead to full membership.

Here’s why 🧵 Image
Today is a moment of truth one for Ukraine, which has invested so much of its political future on a closer relationship with Europe.

There’s political momentum to have #EUCO uniting behind the recognition of candidate status
Despite the lack of a fast track procedure, the EU Commission delivered in record time a positive opinion on 🇺🇦 swift submission to candidate status, in unprecedented conditions (candidate country is at war)
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📖 New publication 📖
It's been almost 100 days since Russia invaded 🇺🇦. In this new paper, @IlkeToygur & I look back at the EU's "modus operandi". We advocate for a more ambitious EU, rather than one that will put unity above everything else./1…
The last #EUCO summit was a wonderful example of how in the EU unity prevails over ambition. After weeks of blockage, we finally have an oil embargo, but only for 75% of Russian oil, and with a temporary exemption for pipeline oil./2
We start on a positive note: Both the COVID-19 pandemic & the Russian invasion revealed that the EU institutions & leaders are capable of managing crises swiftly and decisively. The EU could use this moment of change to increase its ambition & move European integration forward./3
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Leaving #EUCO summit, 🇫🇷President #Macron tells journalists the exemptions for 🇭🇺🇸🇰🇨🇿 in the 🇪🇺ban on #RussianOil agreed last night are minimal.

He vows the exemptions will be time limited. But there is no such time limit in the deal. Leaders expected to revisit next month.
Macron says he doesn't rule out 🇪🇺 following up with a #RussianGas ban. “We have to keep credibility and this strategic ambiguity is also useful”

But privately energy industry insiders & EU sources tell me at this time there is almost no chance of an EU embargo on Russian gas.
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EU deal on Russian oil embargo🛢️The deal reached by #EUCO is far from ideal, but it does represent an important step in the right direction. Quick 🧵 1/
The major weakness of the deal is timing. This will really be effective by end-2022, while we would need to cut Russian energy rent ASAP to weaken its economy and its military potential. 2/
The EU embargo is going to be a major blow to Russia, which will be forced to find new routes for its oil and to sell it at substantial discount. The USD 23 billion a month that Europe pays for Russian oil will not be easily substituted. Russia will see a fraction of that. 3/
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This is a compromise that will only ban #RussianOil imports by ship, but keep imports via pipeline. That was the only way they could overcome the veto from Hungary's Viktor #Orban.

It is a political agreement, it will still need to be translated into a legal text in coming days.
Breaking the impasse on the #OilEmbargo means that the entire sixth package of 🇪🇺sanctions against Russia can now be adopted.

It includes a #SWIFT ban on Sbrebank, banning 3 Russian broadcasters and new sanctions on individual Russians.
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Leaders now arriving for the #EUCO summit in Brussels.

The big question journalists will be asking: are we really close to a Russian #OilEmbargo agreement today, and what are the details of this compromise?
Entering #EUCO, 🇪🇺President @VonDerLeyen pours cold water on the rumours we are close to a #RussianOil ban deal.

"My expectations are low that it will be solved in the next 48 hours, but I'm confident that thereafter there will be a possibility."
Now entering: the man of the hour.

Will #Orban drop his veto on the EU's #RussianOil embargo today?
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BREAKING: We are close to an agreement on an 🇪🇺 ban on #RussianOil, and the aim is now to adopt this embargo at today's #EUCO summit, according to an EU official. Now added to agenda.

But we could still be in for some fireworks as Orban may hold out a veto on political agreement
This last-minute compromise understanding reached by national diplomats just now would exempt all Russian oil imports that come via pipeline. The ban would only apply to seaborne Russian oil (2/3 of Russian imports).

It also includes some additional temporary exemptions.
It's important to point out that this agreement among diplomats at technical level doesn't necessarily mean we'll have an agreement at political level among prime ministers and presidents at #EUCO today.

We could be in for some last-minute surprises.
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (Día 96) - Comenzamos aquí, como cada mañana, nuestro #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 Gracias por compartir🙏
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (Día 96) - Aquí podemos ver a un grupo de militares ucranianos entrenando con los Wolfhound cedidos por el 🇬🇧 #ReinoUnido.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (Día 96) - 300 voluntarios procedentes del Krai de Primorie, en el Extremo Oriente ruso, se preparan para ir a luchar al Donbás, según se recoge en este vídeo.
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Did the Conference on the Future of Europe succeed?

It depends very much on how you measure success.

For me it worked beyond expectations.

Here’s why 🧵 #CoFoE #FutureOfEurope
1 If you belong to those who expected #CoFoE to magically deliver a re-opening of the Treaty, you may be disappointed. No majority exists to endorse EP’s demand. That might never materialize. Wait for June #EUCO but it might not be the point…
2 If instead you valued #CoFoE as an open-ended (not outcome-bound) process, you may be satisfied. Not only a permanent mechanism of citizen deliberation in EU decision-making is foreseen, but that can be done without treaty change. But there’s more.…
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#Macron has taken the floor after receiving the recommendations of the citizens’ #CoFoE conference, including a call for treaty change.

He says Europe must unite, including in defence, in order to protect member countries from the Russian threat.
Macron says the conference’s proposals will be evaluated in September and then acted upon [possibly with a convention drawing up treaty change, for instance].

He says the conference will not be just a talking shop. He promises EU reform.
And here it is, the big announcement:

#Macron says, in English, 🇪🇺 must do “whatever it takes” (quoting 🇮🇹PM #Draghi) to become sovereign & efficient.

That will mean reforming treaties, and he will discuss this with other leaders at the June #EUCO summit.
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As the Conference on the Future of Europe comes to an end, what can we reasonably expect?

(Spoiler: a fight over whether, how, and on what to re-open the Treaties NOW)

🧵 #CoFoE
2 Originally promised by @vonderleyen in the aftermath of her rocambolesque appointment, the Conference is the first attempt at institutional reform since 2007.

It didn’t look promising in its early days, but the context has changed.… #CoFoE
3 Amid lack of clear majority among Member States & disagreements among EU institutions, #CoFoE was postponed to May 9, 2021 by invoking the pandemic as the official excuse for the delay
This turned out to be a bless as led to redesigning it from scratch…
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Some more comparative data on speed of EU accession

tl;dr speed now for UKR probably means delays later


As graph shows, EU accession has never been fast

Finland is currently record-holder, at 2yrs, 10mths: and that for a country with robust political institutions, comparable GDP/capita, and completed negotiations on heart of then-activity (via EEA)

In short, very well-placed

So Finland can be our benchmark for procedural speed

But UKR isn't Finland, so important to look at enlargements since then

And that's less promising

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It’s really feeling like the 🇩🇪🇦🇹 position against an 🇪🇺ban on #RussianOil is no longer tenable, and they know it.

Feeling in Brussels right now is: these two demanded drastic sacrifice in 🇵🇹🇮🇪🇬🇷🇪🇸 after mistakes were made there. 🇩🇪🇦🇹 must make sacrifices now for greater good.
The counter-argument is that the negative economic effects of an oil embargo wouldn’t just effect 🇩🇪🇦🇹, they would effect all of 🇪🇺 by destabilising the economy and causing energy prices to surge.

But you can understand why 🇵🇹🇮🇪🇬🇷🇪🇸 are sceptical of such contagion arguments.
Even if 🇩🇪🇦🇹 agree a #RussianOil ban (which would necessarily need to have a long phase-in) the remaining question is 🇭🇺.

#Orban still says he’ll veto any ban on 🇷🇺 oil or gas. Would he risk destroying his alliance with 🇵🇱 for that? Would 🇩🇪🇦🇹 be happy to hide behind his veto?
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After the massacre in #Bucha nobody can say that they didn’t know.

Therefore I call for a special meeting of the European Council to take new decisive measures against Putin’s criminal regime 👇🧵 1/4
We urge @eucopresident @vonderleyen @JosepBorrellF to immediately convene #EUCO meeting to impose :
⛽ A full oil, gas & coal embargo;
⛴️The closure of all ports to 🇷🇺 vessels;
🏦Disconnection of all 🇷🇺 banks from SWIFT;
💰Extension of sanctions to names provided by @navalny 2/4
As Putin concentrates his brutal aggression on the East & South of Ukraine & attacks Odessa, there is an urgent need to send weaponry & military equipment including tanks, armored vehicles, heavy artillery, anti-ship missiles & sophisticated anti-aircraft protection systems 3/4
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Abro hilo "histórico" sobre el acuerdo de ayer en el #EUCO ya que hay mucho cuñadismo ilustrado.Empieza en junio de 2021 con la vicepresidenta @Teresaribera ,es un poco largo pero va a quedar clarito.
En junio de 2021 el Gobierno @Teresaribera toma la iniciativa de pedir a la Comisión “repensar” el diseño del mercado eléctrico ante la alarmante subida de los precios:…
Parece que queda lejos pero en agosto de 2021 la Vicepresidenta ya apuntaba una de las principales causas de las subidas del precio del gas y electricidad, que por desgracia se confirmó el pasado 24 de febrero PUTIN:…
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At today’s European Council #EUCO, Zagreb racked up another success in pushing its aggressive agenda for #Bosnia and Herzegovina. Based on the information presently available, the following reference to #BiH will appear in the Conclusions:
“The European Council discussed the prolonged political crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The European Union reiterates its commitment to the European perspective of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans…
Leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina need to demonstrate a strong commitment to finalise swiftly the constitutional and electoral reform vital for stability and full functionality of the country, …
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