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Angela #Merkel confirms at her closing #EUCO press conference that part of her reason for wanting an EU summit with Putin was for EU sovereignty, to show #Biden’s summit wasn’t speaking for the EU.
Merkel asked other leaders thinking inviting Putin for a summit would be an undeserved reward.

Merkel notes that #Biden had a summit and “I did not have the impression it was a reward”

“It isn’t enough from European perspective to be debriefed about such talks by US President”
Merkel raises a good point.

It was expected these Eastern European leaders would loudly complain about #Biden’s summit at this month’s #NATO gathering. They didn’t, though they privately grumbled.

But when it comes to an EU-Putin summit, they were very vocally opposed. Why?
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"Everybody had tears in their eyes"

Dutch PM Mark Rutte told reporters about the emotional moment last night when Luxembourg's openly gay PM Xavier Bettel implored Viktor #Orban to think about the people he's hurting with his anti-LGBT law.…
Rutte confirmed that he invited #Orbán to take #Hungary out of the EU if the country doesn't want to conform to EU values.

He said there was "broad" and "fierce" criticism of Orban by other PMs, the most "forceful" internal condemnation he'd ever seen at an #EUCO summit.
Strikingly, #Orbán does not appear to have received support during the discussion from the Eastern European countries who declined to sign Tuesday's letter condemning the law.

They were quiet, with only #Poland and #Slovenia expressing support.
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🏳️‍🌈 🇳🇱 Real leadership in Europe: Netherlands Prime Minister says Hungary should no longer be in the EU following its anti-LGBT law

Mark Rutte: "For me, Hungary has no place in the EU anymore”
Rutte if they refuse to withdraw the legislation: “then as far as I am concerned, then there is nothing left for them in the EU”

“This is such a fundamental point, that if we let that go, we are nothing more than a trading block and a currency”
🇪🇺 The EU is split on the issue- along broadly east/west and social conservative/liberal lines

As Rutte says: "But I'm not the only one to decide this: there are 26 other (EU countries). This has to be done step by step”
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Entering #EUCO summit, #Orban is asked by reporters about #Hungary's law forbidding mentioning homosexuality to people under 18.

"We don't have that kind of law, we have the law on defending the rights of the kids and the parents."

"It's not about homosexuality".
"I am a fighter for [#LGBT] rights," #Orban insists. "I was a freedom fighter in the Communist regime."

"Homosexuality was punished, and I fought for their freedom and their rights. So I am defending the rights of the homosexual guys. But this law is not about that."
Asked if he would withdraw the law, #Orban says, "the law is published, it's done".

Asked whether he will defend the law at this summit he says, "it's not on the agenda". Reminded that it will be brought up, he says he's ready to defend it to the other EU leaders.
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Following yesterday's letter signed by Europe ministers asking the Commission to take legal action against #Hungary's anti-LGBT law, 16 prime ministers and presidents will sign a similar letter this morning ahead of today's #EUCO discussion on the matter.…
“We have to be intolerant to intolerance," Luxembourg's openly gay prime minister Xavier Bettel told Politico.

"A member state makes laws that stigmatize a sexual minority and that mix up pedophilia and homosexuality — you can’t let that pass."
Politico reports the letter has been signed by:

Merkel 🇩🇪, Macron 🇫🇷, Draghi 🇮🇹, Sánchez 🇪🇸, Bettel 🇱🇺, De Croo 🇧🇪, Rutte 🇳🇱, Marin 🇫🇮, Löfven 🇸🇪, Frederiksen 🇩🇰, Kallas 🇪🇪, Kariņš 🇱🇻, Martin 🇮🇪, Mitsotakis 🇬🇷, Anastasiades 🇨🇾, and Abela 🇲🇹.

Missing: Kurz 🇦🇹, Nausėda 🇱🇹.
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Commission President @VonDerLeyen has responded to the 14 (rumoured to soon be 15) EU countries asking for legal action against #Hungary for its anti-LGBT law.

But she doesn't say whether Charter of Fundamental Rights could be the basis.
What made the difference to push the Commission toward legal action? Two things, I think:

🇮🇹 Italy changing its mind and signing the statement
😲 Shock at some of the things said by the Hungarian justice minister yesterday
Not to be outdone, President Michel will put the issue of Hungary's anti-LGBT law on the agenda of tomorrow's #EUCO summit of prime ministers and presidents in Brussels, according to an EU official.
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The outcome of the #ClimateChange discussion at #EUCO summit is frankly a disgrace.

Absolutely no progress. Poland's demand to dilute EU targets with burden-sharing based on GDP just kicked into the long grass. Whole paragraphs on non-ETS sectors dropped from draft conclusions.
In place of the deleted climate text in the conclusions, this has been added:

"The European Council will revert to the matter at an appropriate time after the Commission’s proposals have been submitted.”

But this discussion was supposed to guide the Commission's proposals.
It's clear that the #Belarus situation hijacked this #EUCO summit. The planned robust debate on EU climate policy didn't happen.

And this keeps happening, over and over. There will always be something more immediate and pressing that kicks climate off the agenda.
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Réaction des ONG du @RAC - Sommet européen #EUCO

Aujourd’hui, les chefs d’Etats et de gouv 🇪🇺 n’ont pas pris de décision sur le plan d’action pour atteindre -55% d’émission en 2030 en Europe.
Explications : un thread 👇

@greenpeacefr @WWF_Pol @VMalingre
Cela signifie que la Commission 🇪🇺 a les mains libres pour proposer son plan #Fitfor55. Elle doit :
✅ accélérer la transition pour dépasser les 55 %
❌ éviter les solutions injustes socialement
Nous comptons sur elle.
⚠ Mais pas de consensus aujourd’hui = aucune proposition néfaste pour le #Climat écartée

Les États doivent rester au cœur du plan d’action 🇪🇺

❌ La création d’un marché CO2 pour les transports routiers et les bâtiments ne doit pas se substituer à leurs actions.
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#euco discussion on climate ongoing for a few hours. Some highlights:
- 🇵🇱 reject draft conclusions, demanding removal of reference to carbon pricing. Poles pushing for € to compensate for expanded ETS
- 🇪🇺 VdL confirms cars & buildings will be gradually introduced to ETS
- Polish PM tells #euco Poland faces additional cost of €4bn under new ETS
- 🇷🇴🇧🇬🇱🇻 also warn against steep rise in their national emissions targets if Commission tweaks effort sharing criteria
- Merkel 🇩🇪 and other richer countries want east and others to suck it up on ESR
Predominantly poorer MS that want to use #euco conclusions to reflect concern that headlong rush to net zero will hurt their most vulnerable households. They are unlikely to win which means we're more likely to end up with no conclusions at all
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#EUCO leaders acted forcefully in response to the outrageous actions of the Belarus regime.

We are closing our airspace to planes from Belarus & call on EU airlines not to fly over the country.

Further economic sanctions will be presented soon.…
Lukashenka and his regime will face severe consequences.

We will keep pressure on the regime until it respects media freedom and freedom of opinion.

Roman Pratasevich & Sofia Sapega must be released immediately.

Belarus authorities are entirely responsible for their health.
The EU has been consistent in its approach towards Russia, who continues to challenge our interests & values.

The @EU_Commission will present a report at the June #EUCO on the state of our relations with Russia.
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Irish PM Micheál Martin calls #Belarus actions "appalling and reckless" as he enters #EUCO summit in Brussels.

"We from an Irish perspective will be calling for a very firm and strong response to this action.” Image
As she enters #EUCO, Germany's Angela Merkel says the Belarusian government's explanations for why the plane was forced to land are "completely implausible".

She says at minimum the leaders will put in place targeted sanctions, and they'll also consider blocking Belavia from EU. Image
Greek PM Mitsotakis is leading the charge for #EUCO to adopt both an overflight restriction over Belarus and a ban on Belavia entering EU airspace.

They have drafted the text for that which will be debated tonight by the 27 prime ministers and presidents. Image
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EU leaders prepare to talk Belarus at #euco tonight. MS like Poland and others want to consider sweeping economic sanctions against Lukashenko regime but that is unlikely to win favour with 🇫🇷🇩🇪. More viable option at this stage are targeted measures against 🇧🇾 individuals/biz
Lithuania's Gitanas Nauseda arrives at #euco calling on EU to embrace three decisions tonight against Belarus
- closing of Belarusian airspace to EU airlines
- declaration of Belarusian airspace as "unsafe" for civil flights
- extension of framework against sanctions
Latest version of #euco draft conclusions call for extension of sanctions regime against 🇧🇾 and banning of Belarusian Airlines flights at EU airports
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Whatever they decide at tonight's #EUCO summit in Brussels, Latvia-based airBaltic has already stopped flying over #Belarus airspace.
This bit of airspace, the only land crossing connecting the Baltics to the rest of the EU, is about to become very important. Image
What if reticence to fly over #Belarus air space extended to #Russia as well? Some suggested this after the downing of MH17.

Would take Europe back to pre-'91 situation, when flights were forbidden over USSR. Here's a video about the crazy flight routes:
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Lufthansa flight from Minsk to Frankfurt looks to have been grounded hours ahead of an EU summit where leaders are due to discuss possibility of banning Belarus flights from landing in the EU. Possible sign of tit-for-tat to come #EUCO
EU has summoned Belarus's ambassador this afternoon #euco
Lithuanian government announces that from tomorrow it will prevent flights coming in and out of the country from flying over Belarus' airspace. All EU countries have the right to do the same if they wish #euco
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Das Spiel mit Schuldzuweisungen von Sebastian Kurz rund um die Impfstoffbeschaffung ist gestern Nacht beim EU-Gipfel (#EUCO) hart auf Eis gelaufen. Auch nach bürgerlichen Kriterien hat Kurz völlig versagt (Thread).
Am greifbarsten wird das, wenn man dem bürgerlichen Premierminister Rutte hört, den Kurz oft als seine Verbündeten ausgibt: Ö sei in der Ausrollung der Impfungen "nicht schlecht unterwegs", so Rutte gestern, daher müsse es Priorität für Bulgarien, Kroatien und Lettland geben.
Denn während Kurz sich noch vor wenigen Tagen als Schutzherr dieser Länder aufgespielt hat, will er ihnen nun einen Teil der zusätzlichen 10 Millionen Dosen von Biontech abzwacken. Denn der Vorschlag der andern EUCO-Mitglieder war, die nachhinkenden Länder zu bevorzugen.
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Thread : « Nous avons eu raison de ne pas confiner la France le 29 janvier. Nous n'avons pas eu l'explosion annoncée. Je n'ai pas de Mea culpa à faire" @EmmanuelMacron #EUCO
La situation actuelle est née de votre incapacité à agir.
Vous courrez derriere le 🦠 il donne le rythme
Depuis fevrier 2020 vous courrez derriere le 🦠 ! Jamais vous ne l’avez dépassé , jamais vous n’avez pris la main! Pas une fois en 1 an ! Et ce soir, vous érigé en dogme, « l’adaptation » cette fumisterie qui n’a qu’une realité: l’incapacité à mener la lutte contre ce fléau
Vous n’avez pas su proteger vos soignants qd il le fallait , pas su mettre en place une politique de test efficace : tester, tracer, isoler qui en parle aujourd’hui? Vous avez multiplié les tests jusqu’à l’absurde, sans tracer, sans isoler! Mais nous etions ce qui testent le plus
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#EUCO but it’s Star Wars

From a summit far, far away...
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Alors qu'un sommet UE débute, la pression monte pour que UE & Etats-membres, dont France, acceptent d'enfin lever les brevets sur les vaccins et médicaments #COVID19 au sein de l'#OMC, comme le demandent les pays du Sud

(en rouge, ceux qui refusent)

#EUCO #TripsWaiver Image
Ce mardi, ce sont plus de 275 parlementaires européens et nationaux, dont plus de 60 français.e.s qui ont publié un appel conjoint en ce sens : @eucopresident @vonderleyen @EmmanuelMacron & co vont-ils enfin les entendre ?

A lire ici…

#EUCO #TRIPSwaiver Image
En octobre 2020, Inde & Afrique du Sud ont porté une demande devant #OMC : que les règles de protection des brevets soient allégées, comme prévues par l'accord #ADPIC en cas de pandémie

Soutenue par le Sud (vert et jaune)
Rejetée par le Nord (rouge)

#EUCO #TRIPSwaiver Image
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I think last night's joint UK&EC statement is being misinterpreted in UK as some kind of peace in our time declaration.

It's a positive sign, but really it just said they were throwing in the towel for the night on negotiations for a vaccine-sharing deal to avoid an export ban.
The statement contained reassuring language showing both sides are trying to reduce the temperature. But the EU threat of an export ban is still very much on the table until a vaccine-sharing deal is agreed.

For that, "We will continue our discussions". But time is running out.
A deal with reciprocity in exports needs to be reached by start of #EUCO summit at 1pm today in order to take export ban threat off the table.

If not, EU PMs and presidents could today back the export ban idea in their conclusions. Frantic London-Brussels negotiations continue.
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Thread: Today the Commission will pre-empt tomorrow's #EUCO summit and expand EU vaccine export mechanism so it can block exports because they're going to countries that aren't exporting back.

Up till now the only way to block was if company hasn't met EU delivery commitments.
"After all the discussions the president had with leaders of member states, I see no reason not to move forward now," an EU official says.

In other words, majority support from national capitals already seems assured.
The other big change is EU's neighbours (Switzerland, Serbia, Israel, etc) will no longer be exempt from export declarations (but developing COVAX countries will be).

"With a strengthened system, there is always the risk of circumvention." Designed to stop vaccines sneaking out.
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New thread:

There's 2 different types of vaccine export bans being discussed in Brussels: targeting a company, or targeting a country.

The 1st can be done using existing export transparency mechanism. The 2nd would need a new mechanism agreed by EU leaders at Thursday's summit
If AstraZeneca tries to send doses from its EU plants to the UK, to make up for the India delivery shortfall, the existing mechanism can be used on the basis of AZ falling short of its dosage delivery promises to the EU.

Such a block is almost guaranteed to happen if AZ tries it
But to block exports of Pfizer, which is meeting its delivery promises to EU, a new mechanism would be needed.

That mechanism would target countries rather than companies, saying doses can't go to vaccine-producing countries that don't reciprocate, perhaps using Article 122.
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BREAKING: President @VonDerLeyen announces EU will use 'all tools at its disposal' to convince US and UK to start exporting vaccines produced in their territory.

"We will reflect on whether exports to countries that have higher vaccination rates than us are still proportionate"
VDL notes vaccines made in EU are exported, but none from US&UK

"We need to ensure that there is reciprocity and proportionality. If the situation does not change we will have to reflect on how to make exports to vaccine-producing countries dependent on their level of openness"
VDL notes UK has received most vaccines made in EU of any country: 10m since 31 Jan. EU getting no doses from 2 UK AZ plants in EU contract because of UK-first Oxford contract.

"This is an invitation to be open, so we also see exports for those countries coming back to the EU"
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Will a Draghi-led government affect the EU?

Despite all the buzz, #Draghi’s mandate - by finding its legitimacy in multiple sanitary, economic & democratic emergencies affecting the country - is set to confine his action to Italy (spoiler)

A thread 🧵 Image
Contrary to conventional wisdom, #Draghi’s government is not technocratic but hybrid in nature with a surprisingly low-profile team, made of 2nd/3rd tier politicians and few technocrats without EU experience

This won’t help Mario in Brussels. Image
To see Draghi play some role in #euco need to wait few months, with Italian action plan submitted &validated, Covid-19 brought under control...

Ultimately, #draghi’s projection into EU conditional on his ability to make his incompatible supporting parties speak with 1 voice Image
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Mario Draghi’s influence on the EU project - as a PM sitting in #EUCO - might potentially be consequential

This will however highly contingent on the NATURE of his government

THREAD #Draghi
The first round of consultations suggests that a Draghi’s government might be:

1. Technocratic (made of independent experts of his will): LEAST likely

2. Hybrid (experts + political figures): MORE likely

3. Political (political figures picked by supporting parties)
By kicking off on a narrow initial majority, Draghi’s government set to rely on ‘variable majorities’:

on each file it will have to find a different constellation of support 3/
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