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Americans hv become shallow, hypnotized,DistractionAddicts.If Conservs were as skilled @ waking them up,as TheLeft is @ manipulating them,we wdn't B in ThisMess
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Dec 18, 2017 23 tweets 9 min read
Here is a classic example of a tactic the sexual deviancy normalization movement has used to advance their agenda, proven to be very effective on the suggestible and malleable.

Agenda promotion packaged with unassailable opposition to inarguable evil.
Dec 17, 2017 5 tweets 2 min read
I got a Gab account at startup. Haven't been active. I like Twitter because it's a mix of the wise, the foolish, & people across the political & non political spectrum. So far, that's not Gab.
But, if Twitter bans me tomorrow☛ gab.ai/Erasmus-Longfe…

threadreaderapp.com/thread/9424528… My opinion of Gab is mixed.
On the positive side; No "like" option! If a post is worthy, you RT it, if not you move on. That's how it should be here.

On the negative: Gab seems to have attracted a lot of racists--white ones. Haven't seen any black ones there yet.
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Been looking forward to this.
Becca Loeb (@rloeb829) live in studio on #LivePD
So many questions.

Becca reads Miranda:
"You have the right to speak to me before speaking to me".
#LadyLEOLawyer #PinkHandcuffs

#LadiesOfLivePD #LivePD
[original photo via @LakeCoILSheriff] #LadyLEOLawyer #PinkHandcuffs

#LadiesOfLivePD #LivePD
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Sadly, it seems that the mostly excellent @prageru has decided to join the "Conservatives have to abandon moral values to reach the youth" movement.

Libertarians got nowhere as libertarians so they've corrupted conservatism, & it's been way too easy. Scientologists are now cool. .@prageru have lost their minds, not to mention their conservative values and principles. They've hooked up with Scientologist Joy Villa. Scientology is cool now.