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A short time ago people wanted bodycams. We got them. Very soon and very quickly nobody wanted to be filmed by us. As many of you saw various people saying on #LivePD. In alot and most of these instances people began to see what "we" go through. Because before that it was a lie.
And very soon bad cops were exposed by their own agencies and ousted. Overwhelmingly many false complaints by the citizen being arrested or encountered we debunked. But no repercussions for filing a false complaint was turned on to the citizen.
It was thought widely by Law Enforcement that it would reduce complaints about wrong doing or injustice. And it did do that for awhile. Point is the people wanted the body cam, spending millions in the technology. Ot changed policing for the better and force accountability.
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Video: Here's a snippet of the pathetic and insulting attack on #LivePD on CNN earlier today by Brianna Keilar. She smiled as she bashed the show, mocked @DanAbrams, & dismissed any of the many positives the show brought. It takes a lot to insult me, but this did #LivePDNation
There were so many things wrong with this segment. It was clear that either Brianna and her staff have never watched an episode of the show before or they purposefully chose to mislead viewers with their distorted view of the show.

I'll have a piece later tonight on @NewsBusters
Here's another truly insane edition of kangaroo court on CNN convicting and sentencing of #LivePD.

It's quite something to see the network that's tried to ruin Nick Sandmann, a random Reddit user, and a grandma sharing FB memes concerned about people being on camera
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Silent World War III. #Anon This is not nice. πŸ‘‡This is not about winning a free car. Organizers use x and xx. Find them on IG, see them on the streets. Super charged cars, #MadMax style coming to Canada, USA, and a Country near you. #QAons #WWG1WGA #NASCAR #UnitedNotDivided 1776
Some player are #TheRock, #FreeMan #RyanRyan, #RyanGosling, Rust Valley Restorers, #MikeMyers and more. SP intentional. More players at the end. Who attended #Trudeau's State Dinner at the #WhiteHouse in 2016 with #Obama? Is there a silent war? #MadMaxFuryRoad #QAnon #QAnons
Win a free car or 50K cash? Looks violent?! An employment ad? Warn #FireDepartment. Locations might be:

πŸ‘‰1 #SanDiego πŸ‘‰2 #UAE πŸ‘‰3 #Texas πŸ‘‰4 #Australia 5πŸ‘‰#BritishColumbia (#Tappen, #HyasLake, #PondLake).

#QAnons #QAnon #Countdown will update
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More to come as I process...but I'll say this for now.

Live PD acted as a vehicle to deliver to the masses a lot of the good in law enforcement that you simply don't see elsewhere. You saw civil, respectful, sometimes fun interactions between law enforcement & the public. (1/6)
(2/6)There was transparency, humanization, not to mention countless instances where missing children were returned home, crimes solved & families given closure because of the show and it's supportive viewers. A real sense of community, unlike any other show I've personally seen..
(3/6)It's a damn shame in a time where many could benefit seeing what a good cop looks like, what respectful policing looks like, what transparency looks like..that A&E decided to pull the plug. I understand the immediate break with what is going on in these tough & awful times..
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Cops pursued this mother & her baby after she sped away from a traffic stop where police arrested her boyfriend. She had done nothing wrong. When cops pull her out of the car at gunpoint at the end, her baby is terrified.

But read the comments from #LivePD fans - unbelievable.
The police KNOW she has a baby in the car but they CHOOSE to engage in a high speed pursuit. They pull her out of the car at the end, throw her to the ground at gunpoint and cuff her. Her baby is screaming and terrified. The cops cause that extra trauma to her baby.
Let's think for a minute why she might have fled that traffic stop. She tells the cop she just wanted to get her baby to her grandmother's. Maybe she was afraid she was going to get arrested & someone was going to take her baby. Maybe she was scared she was going to be killed.
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#LivePD #LiveEMS #LiveRescue @LivePDPundit @LivePdFans
PLEASE READ & RT (I apologize for the long thread)
Tonight was one of my toughest calls in my career. We had a gentlemen who was truly ill and needed to be sent to a major facility that could handle his needs. As my crew and
I took care of him, waiting on in the incoming Evac, the pt had a moment in which he passed out. When he awoke, he had a wild look in his eyes. He then began yelling "Look, look they're over running the wire". My crew (in their 20's) looked confused.... I understand completely...
He twisted, became unsettled. I asked him. Where are you right now..He replied sharply "quang tri". What yr is it? (I already knew the answer before he replied, I bowed my head as he answered)..."1968". My crew looked even more confused now. He was becoming more restless, I then
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Been looking forward to this.
Becca Loeb (@rloeb829) live in studio on #LivePD
So many questions.

Becca reads Miranda:
"You have the right to speak to me before speaking to me".
#LadyLEOLawyer #PinkHandcuffs

#LadiesOfLivePD #LivePD
[original photo via @LakeCoILSheriff]
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