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29 Jul
1) ‘The Capitol,’ the ‘Hunger Games,’ Bill Gates, China, &...NASA?

Heaven’s Mercy...
2) ‘The Hunger Games’ is an incredibly disturbing story, but it was pumped everywhere. After the last 3 years, I don’t trust any entertainment that’s pushed like crazy, so I started to casually look into it...
3) The author, Suzanne Collins, has one of those ‘immediately successful’ writer bios that makes you search for the asterisk in the story. The first book series she did sounds like a MK Ultra nightmare sponsored by rats, complete w/a reference to A in W for her idea:
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17 Jul
1) “A Thousand Points of Light”

Mothers of Darkness & the Chateu Amerois castle in Belgium with its dome that has “a thousand points of light”

I heard a mention that #jennabush would be giving out the service award for Bush Sr.’s ‘non profit’, ‘A Thousand Points of Light’.
2) I think the existence of this castle & its significance has been conveniently lost in the mountain of ick the world is waking up to. Fritz Springmeier mentions the castle in one of his books.

This isn’t my article, but has some info on its history:
3) Some ppl can’t handle hearing about the nobility that held hunting parties, the alleged depravity, and I completely understand, and I’ll leave further research into how it was exposed to you if you want to know.
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16 Jul
+#ghislainemaxwell’s #venezuela ‘Friend’+

I didn’t post my research for a really long time. I kept it to myself bc I know I don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers, so my work won’t be ‘seen’. But...
2) I think this is important. I think a lot of what smaller, unknown accounts find together is important:
3) Luciana found this (with Frank Guistra pictured with her), when I searched the mystery woman with #ghislaine:
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16 Jul
1) Y’ALL.

I’m actually kind of in awe...

What do Trump, Pablo Escobar, the Cali Cartel, & #NAFTA have to do with Pepe the Frog?!

Presenting one of the most elaborate troll jobs, and why Clinton *actually* loathed Pepe: an accidental hypothesis.
2) In a previous thread I mentioned that Pablo Escobar was ‘permanently retired’ in ‘93 bc the Clinton’s didn’t need him anymore with #NAFTA coming up:
3) We’ve learned that Trump plans, plots, and he has no problem waiting until the perfect time for a pressure point.
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13 Jul
1) Probably nothing, I’m sure...

Two days ago there was a post that went up on an account that had very few likes/interactions on any past tweets. We’ll get to that.

Yesterday, this came out in the news:…
2) The article is more about Lisa than her son. Constant mention of different dates relevant to Lisa. Mentions her marriage to MJ, ‘The King of Pop’. Her father, Elvis ‘The King’. Tells us her son’s bday- makes sense. “He was born in Florida” is oddly thrown in.
3) She was his mom & famous, sure, but wasn’t this about her son? They followed it almost immediately with an article talking about her life of heartache. Death of ‘The King’, life w/‘King of Pop’.…
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12 Jul
1) I’ve been researching the sketchiness of Bravo housewives, Carole in particular bc she’s friends w/#GhislaineMaxwell & was JFK jr’s cousin in law. There was a model/actress I hadn’t heard of that knew all the sketch ppl..& she’s from Venezuela..👀 @Lucianadr @9kwiz
Her foundation has the pedo symbol (& CuCu is from Cuba🧐)... Image
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7 Jul
Incredible...esp considering Courtney’s very real, very public upbringing in an ‘LSD test zone’ for the CIA, & a band so wildly connected that they were not only invited to, but performed at, #Bohemiangrove.
I began looking into her more when I started questioning why she was in Epstein’s ‘Black Book.’ It’s not like he was a fan of Hole, & her behavior was, to put it lightly, consistently embarrassing. Yet somehow, she’s always been ‘invited to the party’ & still is.
Courtney’s father was a road manager & heavily involved with The Grateful Dead. They quite literally did shows in Masonic temples, and a band member was said to be a Master Mason. I didn’t anticipate starting this thread yet, so I’ll slowly add to it.
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3 Jul
1) #ghislanemaxwell’s indictment focuses on the years “1994-1997”- WHY?


We know she was involved w/#Epstein past that, so why make ‘94-‘97 charges the first to be unsealed? I was just a kid, so I did a little dig...-woah- #Clinton #Impeachment #FBIfiles #NAFTA
2) #ghislanemaxwell & #Epstein were literal partners in crime, clearly. While ppl focus on Epstein, she’s the real Oz behind the curtain. Her father was allegedly a triple spy for MI6, Mossad, & Russia. She had the global elite & royalty connections…
3) What was occurring in 1992? Just a couple of months before the Clinton vs Bush Sr election, #Epstein was ranch shopping in New Mexico. Just 4 hours south, and connected to a back highway that goes through the desert, is Juarez Mexico. Perfect for their #ChildTrafficking
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22 Jun
1)Billie Eilish, heavy is the crown.

Each facet began to unravel so extensively that it still doesn’t seem complete... but those parts aren’t usually meant for us, right?

I made a thread for each focus I highlight since it was becoming a mammoth from the jump.
2) We woke up, & she was everywhere. They told us “she’s the next big thing”...bc that was their agreement. Media components, advertising partnerships, digital plans, festivals, & celebrity endorsements...the machine was ready.
3) She came from a quirky suburban family, right? It’s strange that they leave out the political, science, lawyer, & Ivy League family tree. Oh, & that Billie flirted with modeling, managed by a Roth...
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22 Jun
Splinters: It’s time to find the pieces that escaped the facade. She’s a human being loved by Jesus, always. I know she was built to sell their narrative, & there’s a lot of unsettling stuff, but I’m going to play some ‘Daughter’ & thread this up.
1) during her EP release and the beginning of 2019, she’s repeatedly said that she was suicidal, depressed, anxious, crying on the floor, never wanted to be left alone...
2) She says her depression began around 13, when she hurt her hip. “It sent me down a hole. I went through a whole self-harming phase — we don’t have to go into it. But the gist of it was, I felt like I deserved to be in pain.”…
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22 Jun
SOCIAL MEDIA: *Finstas* & “the devil’s in the details.”

Prepare yourselves...grab a snack and some pearls to clutch.

*side note: I feel for her, & we’ve all been young... & uncensored when we shouldn’t be. I won’t be posting everything bc she deserves a break w/some of it.
2) This thread will be a combo of public interactions, both on her verified account & finstas that are now deleted. Idk how her managers have jobs still with all that was posted.
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22 Jun
Billie & Occult Photo Imagery:
It’s everywhere. That’s it, that’s the only tweet of this sub thread. Kidding (but tired). Let’s go...
1) Ah yes... here’s a sweet start🤍 Image
2) Let’s kick it off with the single tear. A single tear can symbolize either the final tear of death (when a person knows death is imminent, a weird phenomenon happens where a huge percentage of people have a single tear fall right before/as they pass), or, most likely, it’s... Image
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21 Jun
Billie's music & media: Her music videos are startling love notes to mind control, the occult, and demonic nightmares.
2) Let’s hit the songs first, bc she’s a ‘singer,’ right? Handlers, demonic oppression, owing a debt that can only be paid with a life..a living nightmare. “Bury a Friend” is broken down here:…
3) When Billie performs “Bury a Friend” live, she does the ‘Arch of Hysteria’ which is used to represent demonic possession. Unsurprisingly, a creepy artist that will be relevant later as well, made it into an ‘art sculpture‘ owned by Podesta… Image
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20 Jun
Billie's family & other ties: "A suburban homeschool girl from a 'broke' family finds accidental global success! But first, yet another entertainer has been found in blackface- who will we decide to ignore, and who will we ruin? Gov. Northam weighs in, next!"
2) I know, I too was shocked to learn that a 'family with no money or connections' could afford a prestigious dance school, the LA Children's Choir, 4 in-vitro attempts, and a house in LA. Somehow, it gets even crazier than that...
3) Her parents did bit roles here and there, and both the parents and Billie regularly say they never had money. In Billie's words: "I grew up with no money at all, I grew up poor. I had one pair of shoes and a shirt"…
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20 Jun
Billie Career Launch/1: What's the official story? It depends on the interview you watch/read. Collectively, it supposedly boils down to a series of impossible chances aligning, omitted connections, & insane luck for a 'broke' homeschool fan in the suburbs.
2) In one version, her brother wrote it as a song for his band, and found it suited her better.…
3) In an amended version, her dance teacher asked them to write a song for him to choreograph a dance to. After uploading it to Sound Cloud it just ‘blew up.’…
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